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WTA Chapter 14

Hot Kiss and Hot Pot

After waiting for a day and a night, there was still no news of Li Chengxiu. Li Shuo began to suspect that Li Chengxiu did not go by himself. Instead, he might be kidnapped by Shao Qun. He shut himself in the room. After thinking for a long time, he asked the assistant to check Shao Qun’s phone number. He was fully psychologically prepared. So he dialed it.

After the call was connected, both of them were silent for a while. Presumably the other person also guessed who was calling through the area code. Li Shuo tried his best to restrain his disgust: “I am Li Shuo.”

A breathing voice came from the microphone. Then, a young but arrogant voice almost shouted and asked, “Where is Li Chengxiu?”

Li Shuo’s heart was instantly cold. Shao Qun didn’t seem to be pretending. He suddenly couldn’t hold back. Coldly said: “You dare to ask me? I still want to ask you!”

The anti-choke full of gunpowder that Li Shuo had expected did not appear. The voice suddenly burst into relief and vanished: “He is gone …”

“Shao Qun, you brute! Now you’re fucking happy!” Li Shuo was very good at self-cultivation but this time, he can’t say anything about self-cultivation. He had never been so disgusted by someone. He is so disgusted even thinking of the name ‘Shao Qun’. He was trembling in anger. As if everything related to this person, they all represent filth and intolerance.

Shao Qun obviously has no energy to make unnecessary arguments with Li Shuo. He just said huskyly, “Where might he go …”

“How would I know. He said he went to a relative. But I never heard him mention any relative.”

Shao Qun choked: “He has no relatives …”

Li Shuo said cruelly: “Shao Qun, Cheng Xiu doesn’t have much money. His condition is also very poor. He is unaccompanied. If something goes wrong with him, I will definitely not let you go!”

Shao Qun didn’t speak. Li Shuo felt uncomfortable saying any more to him: “Take away all your messy things. Don’t think that you can trap me here. I’m going back only sooner or later and I will find him!” The phone hung up. Li Shuo grabbed the phone and threw to the ground.

He grasped his hair with both hands, using the sting of the hair root to relieve the emotion that seemed to explode. It is really strange. From when he was child to now being an adult, he is always surrounded by many people. But in the end, he found out that no one really belongs to him. This is nothing. He is a man who is ashamed of his heart. But he will never let go of the villain who comes first.

The vacation is over. Li Shuo packed his luggage and ready to return to New York. He took things and walked out the door. He saw the housekeeper was arguing with Zhao Jinxin about carrying his suitcase. “Young Master, let me take this. Your hands are not good.”

“My left hand is good.” Zhao Jinxin smiled without letting go.

“Young Master …”

“I’ll bring it.” Li Shuo took Zhao Jinxin’s suitcase and let the old housekeeper carry another box downstairs. He was really worried about the accident.

Zhao Jinxin flew a kiss to Li Shuo: “It hurts me so much.” That slanted squint in his eyes is almost full of style. Li Shuo was startled. He glanced at the housekeeper. Sure enough, the housekeeper’s expression was flustered.

Zhao Jinxin bent over and kissed the housekeeper’s cheek: “Uncle Si, you have worked hard these days… Don’t tell my parents.”

“Yeah.” The housekeeper nodded again and again. “Be careful on your way.”

As they were going downstairs, Li Shuo lowered his voice and asked, “What did you just do?”

“When I came out of your room in the morning, I just happened to stumble upon Uncle Si.” Zhao Jinxin shrugged. “Relax. He doesn’t chew on his tongue.”

Li Shuo was relieved. Just like Zhao Jinxin said, the current relationship between the two, it’s just a game – they did not even really do anything. Zhao Jinxin likes him. He truly believes that. But there are many kinds of ‘likes’. He doesn’t want to bear the risk of being discovered by the elders. Zhao Jinxin’s expression was all over his eyes.

When they got on the plane, the elders were still discussing about the vacation. Obviously they are still not satisfied with the limited time they were there.

Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin were sitting still in the last row. Zhao Jinxin quietly dragged Li Shuo’s little thumb from time to time. A few times later. Li Shuo couldn’t help him being so entangled. So he grabbed his hand away from him and pressed it under his own thigh. Now he can be good.

Li Shuo was a little bit emotional as he remembered that a few days ago, they were sitting in the same plane and in the same seat. He was also quite prepared to deal Zhao Jinxin.

Now, the two of them are ambiguous. Zhao Jinxin does have the means on his hand. The change is due to Li Chengxiu’s leaving him. Li Shuo felt a sense of destiny that made him feel both like crying and laughing. He already sensed that it was not going to work out when he won Li Chengxiu to himself back then but it was just that Li Chengxiu had met all his expectations for a boyfriend.

He had done many unwise things. As for the current situation, perhaps Shao Qun should not be entirely blamed for it. He was also wrong on certain things. But because of this, he still felt that he had a responsibility for Li Chengxiu.

As they got back in New York, they got down and busy with business. Li Shuo helped Zhao Jinxin and the chief financial officer who will be sent to China to establish a financial system that is more in line with local conditions and can improve audit efficiency for the branch. Of course, Li Shuo should not be worried. But due to the relationship of Zhao Rongtian and his father, the duty to help him is necessary.

The branch company in Beijing now has several employees. They are still hiring and preparing. The first time the two met on the plane, it was because Zhao Jinxin returned to China for inspection. Although Li Shuo always pays attention to the domestic situation regarding his trouble and Li Chengxiu, he also tries his best to put himself into the work at hand. Otherwise, he will be unable to control his thoughts. It’s just another person. But what is missing is his weak and honest character, and his little ego. As for that person, he dare not ask for anything now, he just hopes Li Chengxiu is safe.

On this day, the three of them were in Zhao Jinxin’s office. They discussed all afternoon about which financial software was used. Chief Financial Officer Han hopes that the software is compatible with the head office and that it can be connected to the Internet.

However, Li Shuo suggested that they should just go to the country and just use the most commonly used software in China. Whether it is for domestic financial personnel or auditors, it is more convenient and efficient. Zhao Jinxin did not express his own position for a while. At the end of the discussion, in fact, both have their own pros and cons.

Seeing the sun going down, all three of them felt a little tired. Zhao Jinxin said: “I’ll think about this matter. Let’s stop here today.”

“OK. President Zhao, President Li, may I invite you two to have a meal?”

Zhao Jinxin glanced at Li Shuo. He then smiled and said, “We have something to discuss. Maybe next time.”

President Han nodded: “Okay. Then I’ll go back first.” Mr. Han packed his things and left.

Li Shuo leaned back on the chair and raised his arms. He stretched his waist hard. His back neck protruded from his throat. The line on the side was full of male strength and beauty.

Zhao Jinxin stood up and went to close the blinds. Li Shuo froze in his movement. He slowly lowered his arms and looked at him fixedly. Zhao Jinxin smiled. He came over and sat across Li Shuo’s lap face to face: “Tired?”

“Oh. It’s heavy enough.” Li Shuo hasn’t been pressed on his thighs by someone who is this heavy in his life before. “But I’m fine. Are you tired?”

“I’m not tired. It was so boring. Obviously what you said makes sense. That Han President is worried about changing the financial will increase the difficulty of the head office personnel assessment of his KPI. The first year of assignment and a heavy duty is being delegated to him. The pressure must be great for him so it is understandable. “

Li Shuo raised an eyebrow: “Yes. You see it.”

Zhao Jinxin hooked on his neck and place Li Shuo’s forehead on his forehead: “Uncle Li, you look down on people. Do I look stupid?”

“You are just too young. It will be inevitable to be inexperienced.”

“What experience are you talking about?” Zhao Jinxin moved his lips to cover Li Shuo’s nose and gently took a bite. He then went down and sucked on Li Shuo’s soft lips.

The heat between lips and teeth makes them feel like a horse. Li Shuo’s hand caressed Zhao Jinxin’s back: “Want to eat?”

“I want to eat you.” The tip of Zhao Jinxin’s tongue licked Li Shuo’s lip line. Then, he reached into his slightly open mouth, hooking his hot tongue. Li Shuo unconsciously hugged Zhao Jinxin’s waist in response to the eager kiss. The kiss skills of both of them are remarkable. They kissed each other with dazzling skills to test whose better in the field. The simple kiss made it erotic for them. The sound of water stains caused by the intertwining of lips and teeth is bashful.

The two separated breathlessly. The corners of their mouths were wet, and their eyes became deep. Li Shuo felt that their trousers were a little tight. He said softly, “Be good. Get up. I will take you to eat delicious food.”

“Actually, I really want to do it in the office.” Zhao Jinxin suddenly said against Li Shuo’s ear. “Not only the office. There are many exciting places. Do you want to know?”

Li Shuo’s gulped slightly but he quickly fixed his mind. He grabbed Zhao Jinxin’s waist and lifted the person up, putting him back to the ground: “OK. I’m hungry if you are not hungry. What do you want to eat?”

Zhao Jinxin pouted: “Okay. You decide.”

“Um … want to eat hot pot? There is an old hot pot place where our family often eat at. It’s very tasty.”


Li Shuo took his things. He opened the door for Zhao Jinxin, waiting for him to go first. Zhao Jinxin walked to the door. Then, behind the cover of the door, he quickly kissed Li Shuo and walked out of the office with a smile. The outside of the office is full of people. Li Shuo was a little shocked, but also experienced some other kind of stimulation.

The two drove to Brooklyn’s Chinatown. It was lively as always. When Li Shuo stopped at the parking lot, Zhao Jinxin looked left and right: “I rarely come here. It’s so lively. They sell everything.”

“Yeah. You were born and raised in the United States. I came to the United States when I was ten years old. The cultural foundation and emotions are different. So when I used to go out for dinner, most of them will be chosen here.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “I have been studying in Beijing for three years in high school. It’s not that much different from you.”

“Really? Why did you go back to school at that time?”

“My dad thinks my Chinese writings are ugly. They were afraid I will forget my ancestors.”

Li Shuo laughed: “Uncle really has a good vision.”

“I will go back to China soon. You have to take me out often to find good food and fun.”

“Of course.” Li Shuo opened the door and got off the car. “I promised your parents I will take good care of you.”

Zhao Jinxin went around to his side and put one hand on the car’s door. Li Shuo trapped between his tall body and the car. He then said with a smile: “Except for my parents?”

Li Shuo blinked: “For my parents?”

Zhao Jinxin squeezed Li Shuo’s chin. With his unique domineering manner and flirtatious tone, he said, “Say nice things to coax me. Otherwise I will kiss you here.”

Li Shuo looked around. Two big men stood on the street in such an ambiguous posture, it was enough to attract attention. He really didn’t want to continue to be watched. He had to say in a slightly indulgent tone: “You can rest assured… I will take care of you. “

Zhao Jinxin showed a big smile and kissed Li Shuo quickly.

“You …” Li Shuo frowned. He pretended to be angry. “What can I say anyway. Are young people so unruly now?”

Zhao Jinxin said with a grin: “If I didn’t kiss you in such a good atmosphere just now, it would not be called unruly.” The smile was a bit childish.

Li Shuo’s heart trembles. He has never seen anyone like Zhao Jinxin. He is always unexpectedly provocative. Every moment goes by as he gets along, he makes him keep on guessing at the next second, what kind of moth will this person make… It is shocking and heart-blowing. Yes. His heart is still swaying.

A person like Zhao Jinxin… is really suitable for dating. He has the best conditions a lover can have. He is always making all the romance, sweetness, surprises and excitement needed for love. At his age, with this terrible skill, only shows that he is a natural flirt master. He takes hormones with every breath. “Just this, Uncle Li?” Zhao Jinxin pulled his sleeve naturally. He acts like a child. It made people unconsciously put their guards down.

“Well. Would you like to leave your coat in the car? Otherwise, it will be smoked and smell like hot pot.”

“No.” Zhao Jinxin said expectantly. “This is the first time you have invited me to dinner. The first date with me in New York. The first time to come to Chinatown together. The first time to eat hot pot. Such an important day, I want to seal this smelly dress and keep it forever. “

In Li Shuo’s heart, there was a burst of sweet stuff. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but smile. “Just do whatever you want.”

The two walked side by side into the hot pot restaurant. The boss knew Li Shuo. When he saw him, he assigned them a seat by the window. The business of the shop was so good. It was full of people. The spicy smell made people wants to indulge…

The menu is presented on just a piece of printing paper where they need to tick to choose by themselves. It is the same as many hot pot restaurants in China. The table for the two is not big. As they were looking down the menu, their heads were very close together. Zhao Jinxin lightly bumped Li Shuo’s head twice and then he laughed.

Li Shuo said helplessly: “You are not a child…”

“Don’t you think I’m particularly cute?” Zhao Jinxin raised his eyebrows. He made a funny expression.

Li Shuo laughed loudly and tapped his head with a pencil. Zhao Jinxin … is very cute. Sexy and cute. Just like a fairy.

At this moment, someone passed by and spoke with a sigh: “Hey? Jinxin?”

The two looked up together. Two men stood in the aisle. Both were of Chinese descent. They were about the same age as Zhao Jinxin.

“What a coincidence.” Zhao Jinxin stood up. He smiled and shook hands with them. Li Shuo also stood up politely and nodded at them.

“Wow.” One of the them looked at Li Shuo up and down. His eyes were quite obvious. Li Shuo still smiled decently even though the eyes of these two people were very rude and it made him uncomfortable. But he would not give up his self-cultivation for this matter.

“Don’t get it in your head.” Zhao Jinxin said half-jokingly and half-seriously. “He is the eldest son of my dad’s friend.”

“Don’t pretend. We just saw your heads up and down.” The man snickered. “Don’t you always like older men…”

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes slightly: “Oh. How did you know?” There’s a smile on his face but his tone had grown cold. His eyes became a little gloomy.

Li Shuo was shocked. He had never seen such a side to Zhao Jinxin. The sudden cold drop was really scary. The man’s lips shook. His face changed slightly. He was speechless.

The other one quickly went to the round: “Hey Jinxin, didn’t you say you would come back at the end of the month? We’re looking for you. You said that there is something important happened that you can’t come back. You’re here now is interesting.”

“I’ll be back when there is something wrong at home.” Zhao Jinxin said with a smile. “The aisle is so narrow. Don’t block others. Let’s talk about it another day.”

“Okay, okay.”

After the two had left, Zhao Jinxin explained: “They are my former classmates and are not very familiar to me. Don’t mind them.”

Li Shuo waved his hand, beckoning “It’s okay”. He then asked, “Are you supposed to come back at the end of the month?”

Zhao Jinxin said with a smile: “Yes. But isn’t it our fate to meet for the first time?”

“It’s fate.” Li Shuo bowed his head. He chose the dishes one by one. Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo. He rubbed his fingers gently. His eyes flashed. Li Shuo handed the menu to the waiter.

Then he said casually, “So, have you always liked older men?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “I like mature men. People always have a favorite type.”

“Hmm.” Li Shuo smiled gently. “It seems that you have quite a deal with ‘mature’ men. After all, you are experienced.” He used to think that Zhao Jinxin was simply complimenting him, but he did not expect Zhao Jinxin to really like the men of his age. This is a big deal. This now may explain why Zhao Jinxin dared to flirt with him. He is not lack in experience and concentration and this will only go with his meaning. Zhao Jinxin can master the initiative in a large proportion. It turns out that he had practiced this on many older men before.

Li Shuo can’t say what’s in his heart. He just thinks that if Zhao Jinxin’s pursuing him is intentional, it’ll be quite frustrating. After all, he really eats this set. Most men can’t bear it since the kid is so flirtatious. But this is not a bad thing. He once enjoyed it. He couldn’t tell clearly how to explain this discomfort in his heart.

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