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Who says the path to the Leader is not easy?

The Missing Case

Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? 

Chapter 2: Missing Case

Author: LittleYen

Of course,Li Fan Yun won’t let this chance go away just like that. Before he left Yan Qing’s office, he gave He Zheng Yu a secret signal telling him to follow him. He got something that he wanted to say to him. He Zheng Yu wanted to ignore him but the situation was not going well if he kept avoiding him.


“I’m waiting for you but you didn’t come.” Li Fan Yun smiled faintly, acting as if he was hurt by the rejection. At the same time he convinced himself that it was impossible for He Zheng Yu to reject him.


“We are not considered to know each other at all, so why should I come?” He Zheng Yu couldn’t stand being too close to him so he pushed Lu Fan Yun away. This time he didn’t act gentle or timid anymore in order not to keep him from misunderstanding.


“Hmm… is that so? Why don’t we try to get to know each other from now on?”


Li Fan Yun acted shameless again. He Zheng Yu looked at him in amusement. How could such a person exist in this world? At least,if it exists, why should he have to handle such a person?


“I’m not interested.”


“Are you sure?”




Li Fan Yun looked at him as if he wanted to eat him right now too. Push him down and force his way on him. At this moment, He Zheng Yu couldn’t help but shivered in embarrassment. He might not be able to read people’s minds but at the moment, somehow he knew what this guy was thinking about.


“Don’t you dare… ”


“Your resistance only excites me.”


“You…?!!! ” However, before He Zheng Yu could continue his rejection,Li Fan Yun already knocked him out. Using his hand, with just one hit on his shoulder, the lively person suddenly became silent.



He didn’t know how many hours had passed since Li Fan Yun kidnapped him. That psycho man brought him to his personal chamber. No one knew where he was right now since no one saw him being brought here.


After being unconscious for several hours, He Zheng Yu finally woke up. He was dumbfounded when he found out that he was already naked. Moreover,he couldn’t move at all since both of his hands and his legs were tied into one by some belts made of cloth material.


“Shit! That pervert… ”


He Zheng Yu looked at his surroundings. He didn’t know where he was right now. The room was kinda dark so the only light that brightened up the room only came from these several candles.


Fortunately,the person who kidnapped him was not here right now.


But unfortunately, it would be unlikely for him to be able to escape from here by himself. Except someone soon realized that he went missing.



At the moment, Xu Yong Jun was practicing martial arts with his junior in the training hall. Since he couldn’t use one of his hands, he used his legs more either to kick or to defend from his opponent’s attack. Although he should be at a disadvantage, Xu Yong Jun did not look like he would lose at all.


Li Ran was standing not far from them, watching the fight. He nodded several times, admiring Xu Yong Jun’s ruthless kick. It must be hard to avoid these attacks of his. Despites the fact that he was not in his best condition, his every movement and attacks were very smooth. He must admit that Xu Yong Jun was a good fighter, it seemed to be, everyone from special forces was uniquely strong.


“Li Ran!”


Chen Zi hao and Yan Qing came into the training hall searching for him. They looked around before asking him.


“Did you see Xiao Yu today?” Yan Qing asked slowly but there was a tone of impatience in her voice.


“No. I haven’t seen him since this morning.” Li Ran answered her sincerely.


“Yong Jun Ge, did Zheng Yu come to your place today?”


Xu Yong Jun stopped his training immediately after Li Ran asked him this question. He pondered about it, also feeling weird. Usually He Zheng Yu would come really early in the morning to prepare for his medication but today he indeed didn’t come.


“No. He didn’t come.”


“Then why don’t you tell me earlier about this?”


“I thought he was probably busy, so he didn’t come today.”


Li Ran shaked his head upon hearing this answer. Could you care more about this new friend of yours? Also, please do not assume things using your unreliable imagination!


“What happened?”

Xu Yong Jun couldn’t help but ask after looking at their serious expressions.


“He can’t leave Lotus Manor by himself so it’s impossible for him to go back to his family even if he wants to. He is not in his room nor any other rooms in Lily Pavilion. I’m afraid something bad must have happened to him.”


“Senior Yan, are you sure you have checked it everywhere?”


“Of course I am.”

Yan Qing told the truth since she indeed searched every corner at Lily Pavilion but couldn’t find him at all. She also asked everyone in Lily Pavilion if they knew where he was but no one knew and the last time they saw him was also the same with Yan Qing. But how could it be possible that He Zheng Yu suddenly disappeared from inside the Medicine Hall?


The conclusion was simple: He Zheng Yu didn’t leave Lotus Manor but he was also no longer inside the Lily Pavilion. He was either still alive or ended up dead somewhere inside the Lotus Manor.


However Yan Qing didn’t have the authorities to check on every other place outside the Lily Pavilion so she must report this case to Li Ran first.


She met Chen Zihao on the way to the Training Hall. That was why she ended up telling him first before Li Ran.


“I need to ask Lin Yu first.” Li Ran said.


Lin Yu was the person in charge of creating the barrier. The people outside couldn’t enter the Lotus Manor without his permission or breaking his barrier. As the Gatekeeper, Lin Yu was also responsible for keeping the records; everyone that went inside and outside the Lotus Manor were known by him.


“If Lin Yu said that he indeed didn’t leave the Lotus Manor then I have to report this matter to Leader Jiang.” Chen Zihao took a glance at Yan Qing. This case would definitely become a complicated matter,no matter what the result would be, whether He Zheng Yu was alive or not. Most likely the culprit would be one of their members.


Looking for him in Lotus Manor means that you have to search every place and residences inside including Leader’s palace. The investigation should be done carefully. The most important thing was not to offend someone you should not be offended.


Character 📝:

He Zheng Yu level up progress:

Level 1: Abandoned and wasted young master

Level 2 : Little disciple of Doctor Yan

Level 3: Medic Apprentice

Status: currently missing

[~Help!!! ~]

Next Level:

Level 4: Medic Assistant

And so on.

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