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Who says the path to the Leader is not easy?

The Medic Apprentice, He Zheng Yu

Chapter 1 : The Medic Apprentice, He Zheng Yu


Author : LittleYen


This morning, He Zheng Yu woke up from his sleep, almost falling out of his bed. Temporarily, he lived with his Xiao Shi Fu in ‘Lily Pavilion’, a section located in ‘Lotus Manor’ where they put the doctors and medicinal things there. He Zheng Yu scratched his head in daze, not completely recovered from his sleepiness.


He hadn’t seen anyone else besides Li Ran, Chen Zihao and some maidservants since he came here with Yan Qing. Yan Qing told him several times,never go too far from their residence if needed. If he wanted to order something or ran out of stock, he could just tell her or Li Ran.


Li Ran and He Zheng Yu interacted easily, without any barriers and difficulties. Basically their personalities were kind of similar, Li Ran also the types that mature but childish at the same time, despite being one year younger than He Zheng Yu, he was a capable young lad, every staff member in ‘Lily Pavilion’ was under his supervision. As he, himself, needed to report everything to His Shi Xiong, Chen Zihao who worked as his superior, there was no need for him to report it directly to the leader regarding Lily Pavilion’s matter.


As a number one rookie of ‘Silver Wind’, fighting using two swords was his specialty. Chen Zihao who named his own swords as ‘Twin Jade’ was so far ranked number four in strength.


Number one is none other than their leader Jiang Feng Xin, number two is their vice-leader, Feng Delun. Number three is Li Fan Yun, their chief executor who deals with the organization’s traitors and prisoners.


(Yup, Li Fan Yun is the guy that tries to hit on Xiao Zheng Yu and invites him for a one night stand.)


He Zheng Yu never met the Master of Lotus Manor himself. His Shifu met him but didn’t bring him along at that time. He only heard that the Leader was someone eccentric, good looking guy with silver hair and very powerful.


“Zheng Yu, let me introduce you, this is Xu Yong Jun. He is also one of my subordinates. Recently, he broke his hand on the mission. So I need someone to take care of him. This guy… really such a troublesome guy. Sometimes, he forgot to drink his medicine. Look at him, how is it possible for him to recover if he tends to ignore his injury like this?”


As Li Ran was complaining, Xu Yong jun just responded with “Tch!”


“Hi, my name is He Zheng Yu. From now on, I’ll take care of your injury until you have recovered. I’ll ask for your cooperation.”


He Zheng Yu’s task was simple yet troublesome, from preparing and collecting the herbs, cooking the medicine,applying and treating the injury, changing the bandage, reminding him to drink the medicine and also bringing him to his Shifu for check up. Sometimes when needed, he would help him clean his room.


Xu Yong Jun was an awkward man. He never intended to ask He Zeng Yu to help him clean his room. If possible, he didn’t even want to trouble others. But as Li Ran said, if no one was there to take care of him, he tended to forget to drink his medicine especially after coming back from training. With one hand, it was difficult for him to change his bandage by himself or to apply medicine by himself. Go to check up? He was even reluctant to go since he heard the new doctor was a woman. Not that he was afraid of them.


Yes!!! He was afraid of them.


“Pfft!!!” Finally, He Zheng Yu couldn’t hold his laughter anymore. He just brought him here to Lily Pavilion to have a check up with his Xiao Shifu.


“You don’t have to be so tense! Xiao Shifu won’t eat you. Why are you sweating so much like that?”




Xu Yong jun could only curse. His face blushed so much as he tried to hide his embarrassment.


“You must be a virgin.” He Zheng Yu dared to tease him because they got quite close since he took care of him and met him almost everyday.


“So what? You dare to tease me? Weren’t you also a virgin yourself? ”


“Different case.”

‘Since I would not be able to get it up for a girl’, He Zheng Yu added in his heart.


“Well, at least, I will not immediately freeze the moment some girl approaches me.”


“Not always.”


“He he! ” He Zheng Yu laughed at his stiff expression. Since Xu Yong Jun won’t admit defeat, He Zheng Yu could only stop his teasing for a moment.


At first, they didn’t talk much. It was almost silent everytime they crossed paths. So silent that it suffocated him to start a conversation. Yet, Xu Yong Jun only talked when it was necessary.


One day, He Zheng Yu found out that many maid servants tried to get close to Xu Yong Jun. Some of them secretly sent him food such as pastries, fruits or mantou. The brave one even dared to offer herself to warm up his bed at night, waiting for him in front of his room. From the story he heard, several girls even tried to climb up his bed at night but were refused by him immediately at the spot.


“Do you need me to help you out?”

He Zheng Yu asked him when he saw that Xu Yong Jun didn’t dare to enter his own room. Unlike him, martial artists such as Xu Yong Jun could immediately tell that there was someone in his room without even entering the room. Indeed he initially didn’t know there was someone in his room but he could guess from his reactions.


“En… please!”


“You wait here! I will go inside.”


“Thank you. ”


“You’re welcome.”


These kinds of things happened randomly in the Lotus Manor especially to those with higher status and reputation. Including Li Ran, he once told him that some girls tried to seduce him several times despite the fact he already stated that he was not interested. He clearly declared that if he ever needed one he could look it up by himself.


After that, Xu Yong Jun would come to him, asked him to help him to send the girls out politely. He even let He Zheng Yu scold him if he didn’t finish his medicine immediately. It never happened before, because usually he would give the doctors or the medic assistants a scary glare.


“Congratulations!” Li Ran said.


“For what? ” He Zheng Yu was confused at the moment.


“You got Yong Jun Ge’s approval. Now, he regards you as his friend.”


“I also thought so.”


He Zheng Yu also thought of him as a friend, an awkward and talk-less friend, just like he used to be in the past.


This muscular and rough-faced guy was actually a very polite and softhearted man. Despites of being scared of girls who approach him, he never said harsh words and refused them ruthlessly.


Xu Yong Jun was part of a special forces section. If he went on a mission, the mission he received would be either protecting someone who hired them or a special mission given by the Leader himself.


“So what causes you to injure yourself like this?”


“Protecting the daughter of the general. The assassin hired was too ruthless. They didn’t even give us time to rest. Every single attack comes one after one. I got one of my hands broken because of my own carelessness.”


“Yong Jun Ge is really a gentleman. That Young lady from the Sun family can’t help but worry about him. She even writes him a letter after we finish the mission.”


“Hmm…” He Zheng Yu looked at Xu Yong Jun mysteriously.


“What’s with that look?” Xu Yong Jun couldn’t stand the pressure.


“You like her.”


“What?” Li Ran was shocked by the statement. He never thought about the possibility of this.




Xu Yong Jun kept silent.


“See? Like I said… ” He Zheng Yu’s smile was so bright that Xu Yong Jun got a headache from it.


“Yong Jun Ge, is that right?”




“Zheng Yu, how do you know?”


“Because he is easy to read.”


He Zheng Yu, Li Ran and Xu Yong Jun often met like this after they finished their work. Sometimes, they just chat around without any direction (of course,mostly dominated by Li Ran and He Zheng Yu, Xu Yong Jun would add some if he was in the mood). Sometimes, they would just drink and eat dinner together. Sometimes, Chen Zihao would also join in.


He Zheng Yu couldn’t help but feel happy. In the past, He Zheng Yu was a lonely child. Born as the child of a concubine, he was rarely able to communicate with others. His mom was also the weird one, she was somehow reluctant to let him play with the other kids. She preferred him to be skillful in many kinds of fields such as in martial arts, horse riding, archery, literature, and so on, rather than let him play with his other kids or his siblings. That’s why his relationship with his siblings in the He Family was also really distant.


Xu Yong Jun’s hand was still not completely recovered. Not given any mission and work, he was bored and preferred to spend his time to accompany his friend, the Medic Apprentice, He Zheng Yu to collect some herbs and plants on the mountain.


The way to the mountain was near the prison, of course only Xu Yong Jun was aware of this. He Zheng Yu is a newbie here so he was as clueless as ever.


The next day,


“Huh?” He Zheng Yu was so dumbfounded when he saw the face of Li Fan Yun in his Shifu’s office. He was just going to send some bottles of medicine he just made to Yan Qing.


Never comes to his mind that he will meet this person again, at least not inside the Lotus Manor, that’s what he thought.


“What’s wrong? You know him?” Yan qing puzzled over his stunned expression. His disciple looked so cute and silly with this kind of expression.


“Yo, we meet again!”

Li Fan Yun’s smile was very annoyingly bright, He Zheng Yu was almost going blind by this smile. Indeed he was handsome and domineering, the virgin He Zheng Yu might be tempted if he saw him again but for now logically thinking, he must not. They did not even know each other very well. If he was going to have a relationship, he would like to take it slowly to get to know each other first.


“No, not exactly.” He Zheng Yu answered Yan Qing’s question first.


“???” Yan Qing was surprised that they knew each other.


“Why are you here?”


“I’m asking for some medicine on behalf of my subordinates and medicine stocks for external injuries.”


Of course, he was lying. Usually he would not come by himself to pick up some medicines but his underlings would do it for him. Yesterday, he saw He Zheng Yu walking together with Xu Yong Jun from the special forces. Soon he asked one of his subordinates if he knew who was the guy that walked beside Xu Yong Jun. His subordinates answered that it was probably the newcomer Medic team. The one that just joined them was only Yan Qing so He Zheng Yu was probably her apprentice.


Li Fan Yun was so eager to come and check it himself if He Zheng Yu was really here that he snatched his underling’s work. His underlings could only guess in their heart. The last time they saw him like this was either when he was in the middle of hunting his prey or when he found a new plaything.





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