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WTA Chapter 2

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Li Shuo has never slept soundly. He was confused. He heard the broadcast in the cabin. The plane was about to descend.

He fumbled for the blindfold. He wanted to take it off. A large hand held his hand gently. A magnetic voice rang in his ears: “The lights just turned on in the cabin. Very bright.”

Li Shuo woke up from the confusion. He suddenly remembered that this was Zhao Jinxin’s voice.

He closed his eyes and took off the blindfold. He waited until his eyes were almost able to adapt to the light. Then he slowly opened it.

What caught his eyes was a handsome face with a bright smile. That face was really beautiful. Especially the pair of peach blossom eyes full of autumn water. When Li Shuo was gazed affectionately, it made his heart tremble. There was no concentration. This smile can made people threw away their helmets and abandon their armors. Although this man is young, he is a veteran of love. He should not be underestimated. But he also loses at a young age. Li Shuo thinks that he wants to confuse him. He gently pushed away Zhao Jinxin. He said softly, “Thank you.”

“You were sleeping just now. I didn’t ask you to eat. I left you some.” Zhao Jinxin pointed to the food on his desk: “We will land in a while. Have something to eat. Sweet shrimp salad tastes good. “

“I’m not hungry.”

“Then drink some water.” Zhao Jinxin handed him the mineral water. “Or a cup of coffee?”

Li Shuo took the water: “Water will do.”

Zhao Jinxin looked at him with a smile on his face. As if watching a piece of porcelain, he needed to calm down and try to figure it out carefully. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Li Shuo has realized of his sexuality since his adolescent. A lot of people had pursued him in the past and those who has shown goodwill or a clear pursuit to him can fill this Boeing 747. There are black, white, yellow, brown and other races. Among them, there are many who are bolder than Zhao Jinxin, that’s true. But few people are as confident as Zhao Jinxin. It’s really uncomfortable. But it’s also really new.

After drinking the water, Li Shuo planned to go to the bathroom to wash his face. When he closed the door, he subconsciously looked behind him, lest Zhao Jinxin would squeeze in again. Looking at the obviously tired face in the mirror, he confirmed his condition for a few seconds. He couldn’t help laughing. On this trip, he got a surprise full of freshness. It made the originally long flight not boring at all. So, there should not be anything to be so angry about. He opened the bathroom door. At a glance, he saw Zhao Jinxin sitting in his seat. He was looking at him with his chin leaned on his head. It seemed that he was waiting for the moment when he opened the door. He smiled at him.

Li Shuo seemed to be laughing. He then sat back in his seat. He had already figured out that if Zhao Jinxin insisted on his asking for his phone number, he will refuse politely and firmly. But Zhao Jinxin just chatted with him about the weather.

The plane landed.

Until the two of them walked out of the cabin door, Zhao Jinxin didn’t anything strange anymore. In the arrival hall, Zhao Jinxin reached out to him: “Meeting is destiny. Goodbye.”

Li Shuo also shook hands with him generously: “All the best.”

Zhao Jinxin walked backwards for two steps. Then he grinned: “I will see you again.” The smile was sly and stubborn. It looked as if it could light the surrounding air.

Li Shuo smiled lightly. He didn’t take it seriously. The driver of his household had been waiting at the airport early. Li Shuo saw the old man who was always clean and tidy and kind-hearted. He felt warm in his heart: “Uncle Guang.”

“Lambert.” Uncle Guang’s face was full of smiles. “The plane already landed…”

Li Shuo gave him a hug. He smiled and said, “Why are you still surprised? Do you particularly like to wait for me?”

“Who likes to wait for you…” Uncle Guang pretended to be angry. “Only come back once or twice a year. Who wants to wait for you?”

Li Shuo laughed aloud: “My fault then. I will definitely come back more. Let’s go home.”

On the way. Li Shuo called home to report safety. Uncle Guang glanced at him from the rearview mirror: “I really want to come back more in the future. Master and Madam always talk about you. They are old already. I’m afraid they are lonely.”

“Sure.” Li Shuo remembered the reason why his dad called him back. Somewhat a mystery. It was not clear on the phone. He said that it was related to Ennan Group.

His dad used to be one of the directors of the third-largest accounting firm in the United States. Later he retired early due to heart problems. He was rehired as financial advisor by his friend, the chairman of Ennan Group. Ennan Group is a large US-China import and export trade carrier-level company. The chairman is also a Chinese. He and his dad have been friends for many years. His dad can’t help himself. But his body can’t handle high-pressure work. Live a half-retired and half-worked life. Think about it. Do you want him to take over again?

He clearly refused to enter his father’s office when he was in college. Now he has his own business in the China, it is even more impossible to return. Li Shuo couldn’t guess. So he no longer try to guess.

He looked at the scenery outside the window as the car passes. He felt familiar but also unfamiliar. He left the United States after graduating from college. He only returned two or three times a year. He has loved numbers since he was a child. So he studied accounting. But he feels that the city is too saturated. All the big companies have close ties with major firms. He wants to start a business. This made him feel bored. So he returned to China. He was also very thankful for his original decision. He now has his own world. Li Shuo looked at the mobile phone. It is still midnight in China. That person usually gets up at seven. Very punctual. He smiled. He sent a text message: Little Chengxiu. I got home. When you got up, text me. I want you to chat with my mother.

If these two people are talking, it must be a passionate one. Li Shuo chuckles just thinking about the picture. He couldn’t help but laugh.

Suddenly, his phone beeps twice. Li Shuo is quite surprised. Isn’t Li Chengxiu still asleep at this time? Could it be that he waited for him to land? He turned on his phone expectantly. He found a message from an unfamiliar number instead. He opened the text message curiously.

A naked chest appeared on the screen. The screen was intercepted above the waist and below the neck. The man seemed to had just finished bathing. Clear water drops is spread all over the smooth skin. That figure is absolutely amazing. The pectoral muscles are sturdy and full of elasticity. The abdomen is like a brick with eight hard abdominal muscles. The mermaid line stretches to the bottom of the picture with the thin waist before it disappears. It is infinitely attractive.

Beyond imagination. Li Shuo’s throat knot slipped. He stared at the photo for a few more seconds. He thought of his familiar friends. Everyone knows that he likes the little rabbits type. Slender and weak. This type makes him have a strong desire to protect them. But him being a man. Despite him liking the gentle and cute type, his dick is still functional. Who does not dislike hot, spicy and sexy stunner. For example, this photo in front of him gave him a strong visual impact. He smiled. He saved the photo into the album. But he didn’t reply to the message. He thought that maybe someone got the wrong number.

After a while, his phone rang again. It was the same number as before. He sent a text message: don’t like it?

Li Shuo raised his eyebrows. He returned a question: who r u?

The unknown number: I’ll show u something hotter

Li Shuo thought for a while. This person is probably a friend who knew that he had returned to the United States and just wanted to tease him. He returned a text with bunch of xxxxxxxxxxx.

Soon, the text message came again. Li Shuo quickly opened it. The other party really sent a more explosive photo. This time it was below the waist. Only a pair of underwear photos. The thigh muscles are tight. Pure black boxers with a small hill bag bulged pulled down a little. Slender fingers were still pulling the edges of the underwear down. He could faintly see some wet pubic hair. So much so that Li Shuo was a little less calm. He coughed slightly. He dragged his hand uncomfortably and pull at the neckline slightly, fanning himself.

Uncle Guang looked at him from the rearview mirror: “What’s wrong? Is it hot?”

“Oh, no.” Li Shuo’s fingers quickly typed on the screen. “Who the hell r u?!” He wonders if the man in the photo is some of his model friends. But the skin color is Asian. Then his friends must really understand his aesthetic.

After sending the text message, he thought about it for a while. He simply dialed the phone. The phone rang and was hung up by the other party.

Soon. The text message came: “like it or not? Baby, I can do way better.” Li Shuo chuckled. He didn’t care about this mischievous friend who made this mysterious prank. Let’s see who could not hold his breath first. He waited for about ten minutes.

Li Shuo repeatedly looked at the two photos several times. It was really imaginative. People are very strange animals. Even if you don’t spend a penny now, you can see all kinds of naked pictures on the Internet. But the half-covered and half-covered ones can arouse people ‘s curiosity. He is curious now. How about the face of the person who owns such figure? With such a good figure, he think it will not disappointing. He keeps thinking about who is the person who sent him the photo until the car reached home.

His feet had just touched the ground when his parents come to greet him. His phone rang. He finally couldn’t restrain his curiosity. He greeted his parents and turned on his mobile phone at almost the same time. The bright smile on the screen made him almost vomit blood. Zhao Jinxin?!

“Little Shuo.” Mrs. Li already hugged him happily. “Are you tired?”

“Not tired. Mom. Your new hairstyle is so beautiful …” The expression on Li Shuo’s face was too late to adjust. It was a little embarrassing. He quickly put his phone into his pocket.

Mrs. Li smiled and gathered her hair. “What’s wrong? Panicked?” She looked at her son, who was always steady.

“Nothing’s wrong” He replied. “Dad.” Li Shuo put his arm around Mr. Li’s shoulder. He laughed aloud. “Dad you are fat.”

Mr. Li laughed and said, “I’m not fat. I’m working out recently. I’m stronger.”

“It’s fitness, I see. Let’s go inside the house.” Li Shuo secretly thinks of how this kid Zhao Jinxin get his number? He also sent those extremely teasing photos to tease him. He was actually fooled. It was really maddening.

After entering the house, Li Shuo was still a little absent-minded. He thought of how arrogant and funny that kid is to take advantage of the chat animosity. He put that number into the blacklist.

He doesn’t like strong people, especially in this kind of thing. Once he becomes passive, he will feel uncomfortable. He has always planned his life in an orderly manner, advancing and retreating. Everything is under control. Just as he likes the clarity of numbers and strict logic.

This time he was in a hurry to return home so he didn’t bring much. But he also asked the assistant to pick a bunch of gifts temporarily, especially for his parents. Mrs. Li grew up with respect. She married Mr. Li, a poor boy. No one was optimistic. But she was spoiled by her husband. She gave birth to her son and was spoiled by her son.

Li Shuo is happy to give her a piece of jewelry for this important woman in his life. He also gave her a basket of fruits. There is always a smile on her face. She look at the gifts brought by Li Shuo one by one. Then she said with expectation: “Little Shuo. What about your boyfriend’s photo? Show us quickly.”

Li Shuo smiled. He took out his phone and opened the album. He wanted to find a photo of Li Chengxiu. The first photo he jumped out was the semi-nude photo of Zhao Jinxin he had just saved! He shook his hands in shock. It was too late to withdraw. Mrs. Li’s eyes were sharp. He grabbed his wrist and said, “Wow. The figure is so good!”

“No, it’s not. This is not.” Li Shuo’s face was a little hot. He quickly slipped the photo away. “This is online, wallpaper.” He couldn’t help but slander Zhao Jinxin. As a model son from a child to adult, he can’t remember the last time he was so embarrassed in front of my parents. What a shame.

Mr. Li sat across from the sofa. He could probably guess what happened. He smiled narrowly. Mrs. Li can’t help but to notice Li Shuo’s embarrassment. She poked Li Shuo’s face with her finger: “Ouch. It’s rare to see you shy.”

Li Shuo coughed. He quickly found Li Chengxiu’s photo and handed it to his mother.

A fair and delicate face appeared on the screen of the phone. The eyes were black and clear. The nose was a little round. The jaw line was very moist. The soft hair was against the cheek. There was a refreshing smile on the face. This face is not that amazing. But it is very comfort to look at and attractive. The first impression it gives is gentleness and harmlessness. Mrs. Li’s eyes lit up: “It’s a good-tempered person at first sight.”

“Yes. Very gentle. His cooking is delicious. He will take care of people in particular.” Li Shuo was heartily happy. From the first time he met him, he knew that Li Chengxiu met his expectation of at least 80% of the other half. And it happened to be at the age where he wanted to settle down. It was the so-called “right time and right person”. So he did something against his principles-he snatched Li Chengxiu from another person. Although this caused some trouble, he had balanced the gains and losses. He did not regret it. He likes Li Chengxiu. He not only wins the person he likes to himself, but also saves Li Chengxiu from that person.

“Why didn’t you bring him back to visit this time?” Mr. Li asked.

“He’s working. And you’re so eager to call me back. Where can he find the time to get a visa…” Speaking of this, Li Shuo wondered. “Dad. What do you call me back for this time? It was in such a hurry. Does it have anything to do with Ennan Group? ”


*Translator Note: Chinese would call people dear to them using the title ‘Little’ which is ‘Xiao’ in Chinese. It’s just a way of calling someone dear to them.

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