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Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? (Chapter 3)

Definitely scary!!!


Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? 

Chapter 3: Definitely Scary!!! 

POV (Point of View) :

Su Bing Wen

Author: LittleYen

My name is Su Bing Wen. This year I am 22 years old. Currently I’m working under Chief Executor, Li Fan Yun. That’s right! You could say that I’m his most trusted subordinate. Whenever our Chief Executor goes, usually I also follow him around. Not that I want it to be like that, it’s just my troublesome job. Li Fan Yun treats us (his underlings) fairly and quite generous sometimes. So no one is complaining about how capable he is or how efficient his work is.I mean, only a sadist will know the best how to torture a prisoner and a traitor. So he is definitely very suitable for this kind of work. At least, if you know only what it is on the surface, you should be okay. But if you know too much. I guarantee you, you will like me, wipe your sweat in silence, even sometimes you will just wish that you want to disappear. 


Hiks… ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽


Okay, this disaster all started from the beginning of their first meeting. Of course, when our Chief was hitting on this young good-looking but delicate poor man called He Zheng Yu, I’m also by his side and witnessed this event. That’s right, when his close friend,Shen YiChen,the one who called him ‘Yun Ge’, was urging him to leave early and not to mess around, I was also there nodding my head in agreement, in silence. 


It will be okay if it is just his ‘as usual’ one night stand or if Our Chief is so horny, he should just go to the brothel to relieve. Who knows, not long after their first meeting, comes the second one. At first, I did not realize there was something odd about him. 




“What?Where did he go?”


Do you mean, our Chief went to Lily Pavilion to pick up some medicine? It’s nothing unusual for him to go. Let him be ba! It’s definitely not weird at all. 


Eh? Seriously?


No, I mean it is definitely weird and not natural at all. How could it be possible for someone as lazy as him to do such unimportant tasks that usually he wouldn’t be bothered at all. Something fishy about this. 


My intuition tells me that something is definitely not right about our chief. He wouldn’t even be bothered to bring me along. He rarely goes out by himself except when he is going to sleep around.I know too much about him that I would rather choose not to know ah!!! 


Suddenly, that night, our chief and all other members were called by our Big Boss, Leader Jiang to attend a short meeting where he stated that our Special Forces Chief, Zhao Ye Chen would be the one, he appointed to investigate the missing case of He Zheng Yu so everyone in Lotus Manor was given the obligation to cooperate well with Zhao Ye Chen. No matter what, everyone should let Zhao Ye Chen look through their residences,up and down according to the procedures. 


So here we go, although I do not see it myself that our Chief kidnapped that young poor man, but by all means, how could I not see his sparkling eyes after he came back from the medicinal hall this morning. Am I blind? No, of course not. Our Chief is giving this creepy smile that only I know what it means. Even his happy face did not change at all after he attended that short meeting. 


I only hope that this case will be solved immediately. 


“Chief, Zhao Ye Chen is here.”


“Owh, already?”


“What should we do? I mean…”


“Let him check! It doesn’t matter.”


Soon after, the capable Chief Zhao finally stared at me as he entered our Chief’s personal room. I am afraid that he will see through what is hidden there. I couldn’t hide my trembled eyes although I wanted to, I was just scared that our Chief would be found out. He might not be punished to death but who does not know that the punishment given directly by Leader Jiang is 100% damn scary and painful? 


“Is there any hidden room here?” 


Zhao Ye Chen asked our Chief this question but I don’t know why he kept looking at me. 


“Huh? If there is a hidden room here, why should I tell you?”


“So there is one here.”


No… o(╥﹏╥)!!! I know this will happen. 


“Is here?”


Please don’t let him find out!!! 


“Oh it’s here!”


After Chief Zhao pressed down the mechanical button, a hidden room was exposed to the air. What is hidden there is none other than He Zheng Yu. 


The appearance of this pitiful young and handsome man is something that I don’t want to explain. He…is almost the same as being naked, only wearing transparent robes that couldn’t hide anything. 




Our Chief immediately stood behind He Zheng Yu, blocking Chief Zhao from moving forward. I wish I could just disappear so I don’t have to explain it later to Leader Jiang.


“Who is this?”


“My lover.”


“Hm…mn… ” (This is He Zheng Yu’s voice as he struggled from being tied and wanted to talk, but he couldn’t because some cloth was being put on his mouth, prevent him from talking) 


What happened next is something rare to be witnessed, our Chief executor, Li Fan Yun fighting with the special forces chief, Zhao Ye Chen. Although Our Chief is ranked number three and Chief Zhao ranked five, supposedly weaker than our Chief, Chief Zhao doesn’t seem like he would lose at any moment. He is very calm at the moment, meanwhile he keeps avoiding our Chief’s attack. 


Fortunately, Chen Zihao is able to stop them from fighting any further. Yes, before they destroyed the entire room into a mess. 


In the end, He Zheng Yu is released. This matter is also solved for a moment. Our Chief only received light punishment from Leader Jiang which is a relief for me. 


“Next time, don’t reveal any weakness!”


“Chief… what do you mean…?”


Did he mean that he will not give up and will try again? 


“If not because you waver a little, how could it be possible for that Zhao Ye Chen to find out?”


“… “


“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you before! He he he…even though I don’t like straight guys, I am still able to mess you up a little if I want.”




Help..(┬┬_┬┬)This is definitely scary!!! 

Author’s Note :

This is just a quick retell from Su Bing Wen’s perspective. Chapter 4 will tell more about He Zheng Yu, Zhao Ye Chen and Li Fan Yun’s perspective.


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