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TWE Chapter 14

Allen watched Zhuo Yang flip through the radical comments made by Zhuo Yu fans on the network, defending him. Out of understanding of his friend, he realized that Zhuo Yang was planning to do something on the spot.

“Hey, what are you planning to do, big beauty?” Allen’s gaze fell on the innuendos Zhuo Yu’s fans were spreading about Zhuo Yang.

There was free speech in the interstellar era, and the government did not control the people’s right to free speech. Thus, people are more aggressive when facing public figures and when making comments online, make plenty of demands and giving pointers.

But it does not represent a bad social ethos and their deep opinions.

Many people’s random evaluations of famous public figures are just pretending to follow the trend.

Zhuo Yang tapped his index finger on the table and smiled. “I am a person who always repays the good with virtue, and the bad with grievance. Zhuo Yu stepped on me before. At this time, how can I be worthy of myself if I don’t step back?”

Allen took a breath and whistled silently, and immediately understood what Zhuo Yang meant.

Although this guy kept saying that he was taking care of the overall situation and was willing to sacrifice for the reputation of the Zhuo family, in the eyes of others, he was just the most obedient puppet in the eyes of Patriarch Zhuo.

But in fact, Zhuo Yang hoped that Zhuo’s reputation would be completely destroyed more than anyone else, and even hoped the Zhuo family would not exist anymore.

Zhuo Yang’s rank1As in level, grade of intelligence and character was much higher than Zhuo Yu’s, and he would never do such a stupid thing of wading in and trampling people personally. He first contacted Queen Catherine and the Zhuo family’s opponents, and some forces who did not want to see resurrection of the Zhuo family. He expressed that he could not bear such false rumors and wanted to retaliate against his half-brother since he was a child. Very soon, he received a response from them willing to help.

Zhuo Yang knew that he must be an idiot in their eyes, and he was just an object that could be used, just as stupid as the Zhuo Yu of his family and relatives.

And they are also willing to help him, this idiot, step on his family and relatives.

However, it doesn’t matter, what Zhuo Yang wants now is exactly this result. In this period of dormancy, he is not afraid that anyone will look down at him and think he is stupid. He is only afraid that others will look at him highly and treat him as an opponent; that would make him feel bad.

The image he is now trying to create for himself in the aristocratic circle is an empty and beautiful vase that is as stupid as a pig.

Many families don’t want to see the Zhuo family’s resurrection and hope of being lifted to the sky. But they are not as glorious as the crown prince and Queen Catherine. All of them are gentle on the surface and snickered in the heart  as they agreed to help the pitiful crown princess seek justice and expose the truth.

As for those forces who refused Zhuo Yang, although they did not agree, they did not get in the way but chose to sit and wait with melon seeds to watch the show.

The only Zhuo family guides of this generation are both such stupid idiots who drag the family back. In their opinion, the Zhuo family is finished, and it is impossible to regain its strength again.

With the help of these ghosts, almost overnight, news that “Zhuo Yang was actually fulfilling the marriage contract with the royal family, Zhuo Yu was actually engaged to the royal family, and Zhuo Yang’s fiancé was Lin Xuan. Zhuo Yu eloped with Lin Xuan, and Zhuo Yang had to perform the marriage contract on behalf of Zhuo Yu. Zhuo Yu robbed Zhuo Yang’s fiancé, and had a combination fever with Lin Xuan before marriage.” spread all over the star network.

When the news first came out, many netizens were confused. “No way, is this true or false?”

“How can such a fake news be true? Who is it that hacked our Xiaoyu?” Zhuo Yu’s fans also tried their best to clarify the relationship, unwilling to accept such incredible, and seemingly at first glance, black gossip.

“Impossible, I don’t believe it…”

“This is a marriage contract with the royal family. How can anyone dare to escape the marriage and let his brother replace it… Moreover, the crown prince is still a national hero, and the Zhuo family is also a long-standing aristocratic family. Such a thing… won’t the Zhuo family know about it? Zhuo Yu can’t be that stupid, and do such a brainless thing, right?”

Few people are willing to believe this kind of unfounded gossip.

However, at this time, the amazing beauty Zhuo Yang was on the cusp of his marriage with the crown prince, and enthusiasm was the highest. Even if the news about him was fake, fans would be willing to verify and investigate.

In addition, other forces and the royal family’s support behind the scenes deliberately led the way.

Not long after, some fans picked up a press release published by Zhuo’s two years ago that was not very eye-catching. It clearly stated that the grandson Zhuo Yang would fulfill the marriage contract with the Lin’s family on behalf of the Zhuo family, and the little grandson Zhuo Yu will fulfill the marriage contract between the Zhuo family and the royal family.

As soon as the real evidence was picked up, with the crown prince’s name being so widespread in the empire, there was almost no one that was calm on the star network.

Fans of the crown prince swarmed to Zhuo Yu’s Weibo to scold.

“Zhuo Yu, come out, come out and explain clearly, what the hell is going on. Did you really choose to escape marriage because of the physical condition of His Royal Highness? Let your brother replace you, and rob your brother’s fiancé?”

“Come out, and explain clearly. We found the previous press release of the Zhuo family. You come make it clear whether this is true or not.”

“If it is true, this Zhuo Yu would be too disgusting, right? He used mental power to snatch his brother’s fiancé, and let his brother perform the marriage contract that should belong to him on his behalf. Not only that, he still has the face to step on his brother when other unknown people blackened him.”

“Zhuo Yu, come out, come out and explain clearly…”

Zhuo Yu’s personal Weibo was filled with voices asking him to come out and explain clearly. It scared the Zhuo Yu and Xia Xiuzhi pair, who thought the matter was behind them and were excitedly preparing the marriage, so much they could not even pee.

Some radicals on the network even went to Lin Xuan’s Weibo to scold him.

No one thought that this kind of change would happen. No one thought of how this happened. Zhuo Yu, Lin Xuan, and Xia Xiuzhi were at a loss as to what to do.

Only Zhuo Yu’s fans were still struggling: “Calm down, everyone, don’t just believe the gossip. Wait for Xiaoyu and the Zhuo family to explain it. Although it was written like that on the news at the time, it could also be written wrong. After two years, what happened is not necessarily like that.”

“Don’t be misled by sunspots and public opinion, but believe that Xiaoyu is not such a person.”

“Zhuo Yu and Lin Xuan don’t have any interaction and walk sideways.2Sideways as in their paths don’t cross. How could they be fiancés? It must be that the original press release was wrong. Besides, if Zhuo Yu dared to escape the royal marriage, would the royal family let him go, and let Zhuo Yang replace him?”

They desperately washed the ground for Zhuo Yu.

Xia Xiuzhi and Zhuo Yu calmed down, expecting that the Zhuo family would definitely take care of the scandal. Immediately after communicating with the public relations team, they immediately issued a statement claiming that all the rumors were untrue. Someone was deliberately working to discredit the Zhuo family, and Zhuo Yu and Lin Xuan were engaged from the beginning, while Zhuo Yang was engaged to the royal family. That the press release was accidentally miswritten by the PR staff previously.

No one thought that in such an interstellar age of information and openness, the Zhuo family, as a veteran nobleman, would still be able to use his brother to escape the marriage and let him replace him to fulfill the ridiculous engagement.

But the people who knew it were silent, and no one jumped into the water to support those online.

Therefore, as soon as Zhuo Yu’s statement came out, many people actually believed his words.

“I say, the Zhuo family won’t be that insane. The royal family would not let them do such outrageous things. It is obviously premeditated black rumors. Well, you can still not believe me.”

“Fully blackened, both the older and younger brother. Both guides from the Zhuo family have been hacked, and the people behind the scenes really have ulterior motives.”

“You’re even willing to accept this little gossip? Are you mentally retarded?”

Almost everyone believed in this explanation.

Xia Xiuzhi and Zhuo Yu finally let out a sigh of relief. At this moment, a person who claimed to be Zhuo’s servant claimed that he could never stand Zhuo Yu two-faced, three-bladed nature.3As in Zhuo Yu is dual-faced, and also will metaphorically stab, or harm, people multiple times or in different ways. Often saying one thing, and doing another. He often pretended to be noble, bullying the servants and their children, and mocked Young Master Zhuo Yang. Such a disgusting guide, the true face of Zhuo Yu, the so-called noble-born guide, should be exposed online.

They were full of malice and released of a lot of black material about Zhuo Yu.

At first, only a few people on the network questioned the words of a precious S-level spiritual aristocratic guide because of this groundless black material, treating it as a brainless rumor monger again.

However, what immediately followed was that this person directly released a video from their personal space that they secretly shot as a servant to prove Zhuo Yu’s inferior character.

The video was shot at the time around the official announcement of Zhuo Yang’s identity as the crown princess. The content of the video was Zhuo Yu, who has always been well-behaved and cute in the public, actually arrogantly provoking his half-brother Zhuo Yang with harsh words. He looked completely different at home, and was completely vicious.

And, Zhuo Yang, who was previously hacked by Zhuo Yu fans, was actually passive and the provocative one–

It was a completely reversal from the previously rumored situation of Zhuo Yang being mean to and bullying Zhuo Yu.

Zhuo Yu became the one who bullied his elder brother, while Zhuo Yang became the bullied.

Not only that, the sound captured in the video was also very clear. People can click on the video to hear Zhuo Yu’s extremely vicious voice mocking his unfavored half-brother, and personally saying that he and Zhuo Yang have exchanged marriage by chance. Lin Xuan was Zhuo Yang’s fiancé, but he had sex with him. He even provocatively mocked the ugly appearance of the crown prince, saying he looked like a vicious ghost, and cursed Zhuo Yang to have nightmares every day after marriage.

And Zhuo Yang, who was bullied by him, replied neither humbly nor arrogantly: “What is appearance? It’s just a layer of flesh. No matter how good one’s appearance is, it is not as valuable as a beautiful heart.”

“Lin Xuan can elope with you today. But who knows, maybe he can elope with a Zhang Yu or a Wang Yu tomorrow.” He also sharply satirized the self-contented and self-satisfied Zhuo Yu.

As soon as the video came out, the entire Interstellar network exploded.

Knowledgeable experts first confirmed the authenticity of the video, and determined that the video was not forged, but true… then the entire star network and the crown prince’s fans and followers completely blew up all at once.


Zhuo Yang is a ‘pig’ alright. A pig eating a tiger!

Sometimes it’s hard to say if I like the MC or ML more. MC is cunning and clever. Many BLs have a shou with weak personality and character, but Zhuo Yang is the opposite. He’s quite similar to the MC in QWFOD. Really a pig eating a tiger…

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  • 1
    As in level, grade of intelligence and character
  • 2
    Sideways as in their paths don’t cross.
  • 3
    As in Zhuo Yu is dual-faced, and also will metaphorically stab, or harm, people multiple times or in different ways.
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Zhuo Yang is a fantastic main character! There are a lot of fics out there where the MC is just a means to show off how fantastic the ML is (which is really like every other self insert theme you run into such as in otome games). He can play the damsel in distress if it suits him, but don’t actually mistake him as one or he’ll take full advantage of it!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      In some ways, as you’ll see soon, the MC’s character is closer to a ‘top’ in some novels with how straightforward he is.

  2. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    i love Zhou Yang!!! hahahahaha such a good plan <3 thank u for the chapter~

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