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TWE Chapter 13

Moodys had no idea that he hadn’t held a wedding yet, but people were already ready to pursue his guide after he died. At this moment, after finishing the press conference, he was a little tired and left the palace hall with Zhuo Yang in the spacecraft.

He fixedly looked at Zhuo Yang’s exquisite side face that was almost a piece of artwork, and couldn’t help affirm his speculation again.

The sentinel that Zhuo Yang likes must be a married man. Otherwise, with Zhuo Yang’s appearance, even if his mental power is low, who can refuse him?

“Cough cough…” Moodys’s body was very poor, he was only let go for a moment when looking at Zhuo Yang, and coughed again.

Zhuo Yang immediately got up with quick hands and eyes, and patted Moodys’ back, to soothe his body that couldn’t stop coughing.

Moodys looked at him in surprise, but he didn’t expect Zhuo Yang to do this… Although they are already husbands in the legal sense, they are still just strangers after all. Aren’t they?

Not only was Moodys stunned, even Edna, Moody’s caretaker, was also stunned. But after hesitating for a long time, she considered that the other party was the crown princess, and did not step forward to take over the work that belonged to her.

It seems that this crown princess is not very bad to Their Highness… Edna, who knew that Zhuo Yang had talked with Moodys back then, thought about it.

Zhuo Yang never answered their doubts. He kept patting Moodys on the back until his cough eased. Then he frowned and poured a glass of water for him, and handed it to the other party: “Your Highness, please drink some water.”

Finally, he can stand by this person openly. Worry about him. And take care of everything about him.

Moodys took the water, raised his head and drank it. It took a long time to revitalize himself, before he weakly, but politely thanked Zhuo Yang, “Thank you.”

“His Royal Highness, you don’t need to thank me. Don’t forget, we are legal spouses now.” Zhuo Yang said with a smile on the corner of his mouth, very formulaically.

The voice fell, and there was no words for a long time.

Too dry.1T/N: I’m guessing it’s a metaphor for the atmosphere being too dry or awkward.

They don’t know what to say to each other.

Zhuo Yang fixedly looked at Moodys’s profile wearing a half-mask for a long time, and suddenly opened his mouth, breaking the silence: “His Royal Highness, why?”

“What why?” Moodys was taken aback.

Zhuo Yang unconsciously squeezed his hand: “In fact, today’s press conference… Your body does not need to be present. Why? Why did you decide to attend on the spot?”

The original press conference should be held the day after tomorrow. No crown prince was planned.

But Moodys came…

It was his own decision. Although he didn’t say much and acted as an audience, showing a gesture of supporting Zhuo Yang to the end to reporters, the largest reason the press conference was a success, the biggest reason why Zhuo Yang’s reputation has been subverted and reversed…

The power of the crown prince’s fans cannot be understated. Only the prince’s attitude can influence and determine their attitude towards Zhuo Yang in such a manner.

Things that other people or public relations say can’t affect them.

“Someone deliberately hacked you because you married me. Since I chose to marry you, I should be with you when you come forward to clarify, and stand on your side.” Moodys also knows that his presence will have a huge impact on Zhuo Yang’s future reputation.

He doesn’t care if anyone uses him, he just hopes that others can be more open when using him, just like Zhuo Yang, and let him make his own choice.

Zhuo Yang understood his meaning and praised sincerely: “His Royal Highness, you are such a good person.”

“Heh, are you sending me a good person card?” Moodys chuckled.

The corners of Zhuo Yang’s lips rose upward. “No, you can take it as a compliment.”

“No matter good or not,” Moodys said in a hoarse and solemn voice, “You also said that we are married in the legal sense. As spouses, many things don’t have to be thanking this and that. It should be my part, as a spouse, to attend this press conference with you.”

Although it is only a nominal contract marriage, but for Moodys…this will most likely be the only marriage in his life…

So, he still hopes that he and Zhuo Yang can get along with each other more happily.

Zhuo Yang smiled, and did not speak any more.

Edna looked at Zhuo Yang’s smiling face, but couldn’t help thinking, wondering whether the royal prince marrying such an almost enchanting beauty is a blessing or a curse?

“Cough, cough–”

But as her thoughts turned, she heard Moodys’ cough and Zhuo Yang taking care of him again. She thought again, no matter if it’s a blessing or a curse, with such a person like Zhuo Yang by his side, now that I’m afraid His Highness’ body can’t last, he can at least be happy for a while.




Right after the press conference ended, the clothing and accessories Zhuo Yang wore at the press conference immediately become a hit in the empire, and were swept off the shelves.

And Zhuo Yang himself has attracted a large wave of fans, both his own fans, and Crown Prince’s CP fans.

And as a guide with fans, it has always been inevitable for fans to tear themselves up with other famous guide fans on the Internet…

Zhuo Yang’s first public appearance in front of the media, plus an empire’s most popular crown prince husband and his sky-defying face value are very strong and attracted a large wave of fans. The fans were also super passionate and motivated, as if injected by chicken blood, when Zhuo Yang was spontaneously recognized as Osphia’s first beauty, and want to tear up an opponent.

As for, who to tear?

The fans of the crown prince and princess rushed to tear up Zhuo Yang’s half-brother Zhuo Yu for blackening him, following the water navy’s footsteps, and spreading specious proof of false rumors.

“Zhuo Yu is too disgusting. At that time, he actually joined the water army to prove his own brother’s false black material. He is simply a green tea bitch.”

“Even if he doesn’t like our crown prince, he has to consider his family’s reputation and feelings of the crown prince. I have never seen such a foolish guide with aristocratic origin.”

“Zhuo Yang may not like him much, and was even stepped on by him, but in front of the media, he took care of the overall situation. He didn’t say anything bad about Zhuo Yu either. Just look at this character, tsk tsk!”

“I really don’t understand what kind of hatred he and the peerless Zhuo Yang beauty have?”

At the beginning, Zhuo Yu’s personal Weibo was almost overwhelmed by the cursing of Zhuo Yang’s fans. However, Zhuo Yu, as one of the several well-known S-level spiritual guides in the imperial capital circle, plus the good image Xia Xiuzhi and Zhuo Hengyuan deliberately created for him over the years, also had a group of stubborn fans.

Zhuo Yu’s fans recovered and immediately fought back: “Our Xiaoyu is green tea bitch? I think Zhuo Yang is the real green tea bitch. Look at him at the press conference. Our Xiaoyu obviously showed his true temperament, and accidentally leaked the truth. A mother who cheated and was caught on the bed, what good thing can be worthy of your support?”

“Who hasn’t heard Zhuo Yang’s father comment on him as ‘beautiful, without a soul’? Maybe, he is not born to the Zhuo family, but a product of infidelity? Otherwise, how could his father treat him like this?”

“Maybe this is how he hooked up with the crown prince? There is a marriage contract, but the crown prince never wanted to get married before? His mother cheated and is mentally ill, and with his beautiful…I will wait for Zhuo Yang to learn to cheat. It just happens that the prince’s health is not good. Wait to watch these crown prince fans who helped Zhuo Yang speak not able to even cry later.”

“Zhuo Yu is jealous of Zhuo Yang? So, he is arrogant and often seeks to provoke his elder brother and explode his elder brother’s black material. What a big joke. Why would our S-level guide be jealous of the B-level Zhuo Yang?”

Zhuo Yang’s fans immediately countered: “Nonsense, of course he’s jealous of his beauty. Zhuo Yang’s beauty is simply rare in the world. Your Zhuo Yu has defects everywhere, as well as a history of plastic surgery, and can only barely be called cute. Of course he is jealous of him.”

“Hehe, what use are good looks? Can it be eaten? Our Xiaoyu is an S-level spiritual guide. What about Zhuo Yang?”

“Besides, haven’t you heard that beautiful catastrophes and femme fatale are catastrophes both described as beauties?” 2They’re calling out 2 idioms about catastrophies relating to beauty.

They are obviously brothers of the same surname, but the fans of both sides have torn apart on the network, fighting like fire and water.

At the same time, the Zhuo family quickly began to refute the rumors, and attributed the grievances between Zhuo Yu and Zhuo Yang, and Zhuo Yu’s previous bad remarks  to the disharmony between brothers. A certificate was issued from the hospital, proving that Zhuo Yang’s mental condition was very normal. They would even take those who spread such rumors to court, and directly issued a legal letter to the poster who secretly blackened Zhuo Yang.

Patriarch Zhuo said that he wanted to give up Zhuo Yu and protect Zhuo Yang, but he still hoped that the reputation of the two grandsons would be preserved.

Therefore, the invited navy also desperately splashed the ground, following the line of fan disputes, saying that the two grandsons of Zhuo’s family were always at odds because of their half-parents. One relied on his grandfather’s favor, and the other relied on his father’s favor. They also released a lot of small materials to say that Zhuo Yu is arrogant and self-willed.

The plan was that the two guide grandsons each received 50 big planks3As in ‘spanked’ or brought down a few steps. It’s referring to the ancient Chinese punishment of being hit by wooden planks, and calmed things down.

At most, there was only a report of Zhuo Yu who was self-willed, regardless of the importance of the family, and acted recklessly in spite of the family’s reputation.

And Zhuo Yu, as a victim of the family after the incident. Under the persecution of his parents, this was the first time he openly accepted interviews and paid the price for what he did, openly and publicly apologizing to Zhuo Yang. He explained everything as being the disharmony between half-brothers, accidentally complaining about Zhuo Yang, and the unconfirmed rumors on the network were all false.

It stands to reason that after such a disposal plan, although the fans on both sides were already incompatible and fighting endlessly, the matter would calm down like what Mr. Zhuo intended, and no longer mentioned in the public.

However, Zhuo Yang didn’t want to see this ending…


Hang tight! MC’s mom’s backstory will be revealed before they get married; in the next couple chapters. It’s a tear-jerker.


T/N: Updates this month may be more than normal as I’m on unpaid work leave for personal reasons. Your support and understanding is appreciated~

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  • 1
    T/N: I’m guessing it’s a metaphor for the atmosphere being too dry or awkward.
  • 2
    They’re calling out 2 idioms about catastrophies relating to beauty.
  • 3
    As in ‘spanked’ or brought down a few steps. It’s referring to the ancient Chinese punishment of being hit by wooden planks
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I hope the situation with your work resolves itself well! Best of luck! Take whatever time you need for your own needs as well!

    I was about to hehehe at the end of this chapter with Zhuo Yang, but now I have to steel my heart for his poor mother. Considering what’s been revealed so far it couldn’t be anything but a heartbreaker!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Aw, thank you. I will. 💛 Translating is kind of relaxing and distracts from less fun thoughts, which is why I’ll increase the amount I TL. Procrastination at it’s finest, so to speak….

      There is quite a bit of back and forth around chapters 10-15, but it’ll resolve itself. The wedding itself is a few chapters, from which I find the story really picks up.

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