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TVLMS Chapter 20

The villain is the scheming boss (20)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian sat in the coffee shop all afternoon until Ji Zixuan called Cheng Qianqian back to work overtime with him. She then left with an apology.

“Where did you go?”

As soon as he returned to the apartment, he received a question from Ji Chen.

The heating temperature at home was just right. Ji Chen is rarely free from business works. He was wearing a set of casual clothes and was sitting on the sofa. News interviews of celebrities were being shown on TV.

Gu Xiyu closed the door and replied: “I went to meet Cheng Qianqian to give her something.”

When he finished speaking and looked up, he found Ji Chen’s dark eyes staring straight at him.

“What did you give her?”

Gu Xiyu put on slippers: “The clothes you had stupidly bought for me that day when we were in country F.”

Those clothes were actually bought by Ji Chen. After meeting a client one day, he happened to pass by a clothing store with a good reputation and felt that the clothes in it were quite suitable for Gu Xiyu. So he had bought a lot of them. When they went back to the hotel to sort them out, they realized that there were a few of them which were women’s clothing. They were not suitable for Gu Xiyu at all.

Ji Chen had ridiculed at that time: “You are too skinny. I thought the smaller one will fit you, so I had bought them. I didn’t expect it to be female wear.”

Gu Xiyu walked to the sofa with his mobile phone. He opened the payment software and showed Ji Chen the screen: “She feels that those clothes were too expensive and was embarrassed to accept them directly. So she insisted on transferring the money to me. That money, I’ll transfer to you later.”

Ji Chen raised his eyes and glanced, not paying much attention: “No, my money is yours. You can just spend whatever I give you.”

Gu Xiyu: “…”

After putting away his mobile phone, he asked: “Last time you had said that the company will give out the results of the investigation in about two weeks. Has the result come out?”

Ji Chen didn’t look at him: “I had asked the Supervising Department. They said that your matter is more complicated and it will take a few more days. Don’t worry.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t say anything. Ji Chen might be afraid that he would be upset, so he stood up and said to him: “The person you had asked me to check has already been found. I asked Jin Ke to send some of his information to your mailbox. You can go and take a look.”

“You can print it out if you need it,” Ji Chen paused for a while before continuing, “Show it to your parents.”

There is no doubt that Ji Chen must have clearly investigated and known well about him….no it should be more correct to say about the original owner. So he knows that the relationship between the original owner and his family is not good because of his dead brother and that fraud fortune teller that had ruined the original owner’s life through his fake words.

“Last year, that person was brought to court for his fraudulent crimes. He was found guilty and he is now living in jail. If you want to take your parents to confront him, I can arrange for you.” Ji Chen said again.

“Okay, thank you.” Gu Xiyu said seriously.

As soon as Gu Xiyu went back to the room and turned on the laptop, the email prompt popped out. He thought it was the information that Jin Ke had sent him, but he didn’t expect to click in to see another spam advertisement.

He glanced at it casually and deleted it after seeing nothing worthy of attention. He then found that the file that had been sent by Jin Ke was sent about an hour ago. Inside was the personal information of that fucker fraud including his family background and all his life experiences before he went to prison. It also included the people and their cases that he had defrauded, all of which were thoroughly investigated.

Gu Xiyu couldn’t help feeling that Ji Chen and his staff were indeed very efficient. No wonder, Ji Zixuan’s life challenges were extremely difficult.

A few days later, with the help of Ji Chen, he brought his parents who had not seen or contacted him for a while to the place where that fraud was being held.

Gu Xun’s leg injury had healed a lot, but he still needed to rely on crutches to walk.

The two people were taken all the way to the prison. The expressions on their faces were extremely nervous and dazed.

Gu Xun asked him, “Ah yu, why did you want to bring us here?”

“To let you guys see someone.”

While they were talking, a skeletal-like skinny man was brought in by the prison guard. His black and white hair had grown to the shoulders, the beard on his face hadn’t been cleaned up, and his whole person looked very sloppy.

“Who is this?” Xu Caiting and Gu Xun did not recognize this fraud. They even frowned in disgust when they saw his appearance.

Gu Xiyu looked at the man with the same inexplicable expression and walked over to the other side of the table to sit down. He then replied: “He is the guy who had told you back then that I was born to kill my father, my mother, my siblings, and also my future partner. He is also the same fortune-teller who had told you guys that my whole existence was a huge mistake.”

When Gu Xun and Xu Caiting heard this, their expressions were shocked. Their gaze shifted from Gu Xiyu to the dirty imprisoner. They then looked at Gu Xiyu again, with shock and surprise written in their eyes.

“He is a professional cheater. He has been wandering around the country for nearly 30 years, swindling and deceiving. The total amount of money he has defrauded has exceeded one million. Later, everything was exposed after he was accused in court. Then he was locked up.” Gu Xiyu said. He handed the documents that he had brought in in front of Gu Xun and Xu Caiting.

Xu Caiting grabbed the information and looked through it with Gu Xun. The sound of the turning pages became faster and faster. The faster they turned the pages, the firmly they believed that the things they had done in the past two decades have completely destroyed their lives. The paths and choices they had made over the years all were based on this person’s guidance. But now……….all of this person’s ”guidance” turned out to be fake.

Gu Xun’s crutches slipped from between his arms. He could only stumble against the wall and barely support his body. Xu Caiting didn’t even bother to help him pick up the fallen crutches. She rushed to the table and patted the table again, shocking the man on the opposite side.

She tried to violently lift that fucker who had only bones left in his body: “You! Do you remember me? Twenty years ago, we had met in front of a Taoist temple in City C. I was carrying two children! You said that the one I was holding with my right hand was a child with an extremely powerful and bright fate. If he can grow up safely, he will definitely be a talented person with a bright future! You also said that the child I was holding with my left hand was an evil child. If something bad happened to any of us in the future, he will be the cause of that…”

The fraud bony man on the other side of the table was stunned for a long time. He mockingly said: “Auntie, are you asking me about things more than 20 years ago? HAHA I don’t remember that at all?”

“Furthermore, even if it is true, those words of mine were complete nonsense.” It might be because the person now was already locked up in jail, his response was frank and arrogant.

“‘AN EVIL CHILD’, you should have known that these words were false, right?? How could anyone take these words seriously?”

“I had taken it seriously!” That bony man had just finished speaking when he was frightened by Xu Caiting’s increased voice.

She was so angry that her eyes were red and her face was extremely dark: “Because of you, we have believed this for more than 20 years! My son…my eldest son passed away just a few years after meeting you. We have always felt that it was our youngest son’s fault that he passed away from a serious illness. It was his birth that took away the smart and happy child’s life…”

As Xu Caiting said this, she suddenly collapsed to the ground with her face covered, with a clear cry at the end of the sentence.

Regardless of the presence of other people around, she cried out almost to her death.

The ”truth” that they had believed in the past two decades turned out to be fake at this moment. The net that had enveloped her and Gu Xun was ruthlessly torn apart and now they had to face the cruel truth.

After all, she and Gu Xun had just wanted to find someone who could carry the blame for something they didn’t want to admit. It was she and Gu Xun who hadn’t paid attention to take good care of their child. It was them who had discovered his serious condition so late, which made him unable to survive his death. They didn’t want to admit that it was their own negligence that had caused their child’s death. Then they happened to remember the things that the fortune-teller had told them. So they found a good excuse to cover the death of their child and for all the dissatisfaction and failures in their lives.

Thinking about this, Xu Caiting looked up at the boy who was only a few steps away from her.

The chandelier hanging on the ceiling in the small room shook slightly. Its bright light was too dazzling, blurring the face of the tall and thin figure, making it impossible for her to see his appearance.

She didn’t know why, but tears that should have been relieved a little, suddenly couldn’t stop rushing out of her eye sockets, bringing a kind of unbreathable soreness to her heart.

It is obvious that her child is still alive and standing beside her. It isn’t too late to make up for their mistakes and treat him nicely from now on. But at the moment when the truth was confirmed from the mouth of that fraud, her heartfelt a sense of frustration with extreme regret.

It seemed as if even though he was still alive, it was too late for them to regret it. They not only lost their beloved eldest son but also their youngest son who was caring and sensible when he was a child.

Until Gu Xiyu, Gu Xun and Xu Caiting walked to the parking place outside, the expressions on Gu Xun and Xu Caiting’s faces remained sluggish. They didn’t say a word to him on the road. He personally drove them back to their recently rented house and gave them some time to calm down.

Gu Xun and Xu Caiting were sitting in the back seat, occasionally looking up at the boy in the driver’s seat. They also tried to speak to him, but they found that they were so strange to him that they had nothing to say.

“You guys can take this card.”

They arrived at that rented house. When Gu Xiyu returned the car keys to them, he handed over the bank card that Ji Chen had given him that day too.

Facing Gu Xun’s stunned gaze, he whispered softly: “Ji Chen said this is the dowry he gave to me. There are tens of millions in it. It may not be too much for you, but it should be enough to help ease the company’s situation. .”

“You haven’t paid much attention to me all these years. I relied on the money that I had earned myself for eating food, clothing, housing, and transportation. So I haven’t been able to save much. This is the last thing I can give you. No matter how much it is, there will be no more.”

It was unknown which point of this sentence had touched Xu Caiting, she covered her mouth again and began to cry.

After leaving the police station, Gu Xun recalled his life that was full of failures. He stared at Gu Xiyu’s hand for a long time, and finally only took the car key. He pushed the card back and shook his head, saying, “The company… In order to make money, I have done a lot of things that can’t be said in pure words. Even if I’ll directly ask Ji Chen for help, I am afraid I can’t make it back. I have already planned to give up.

“Ji Chen is an understanding person. Although he is perfect, most of the time such a person is very self-confident and unsure. He says that he loves you now but he might love someone new in the next few years.”

“I have seen a lot of things like this in both upper and lower class people. You should keep this money for yourself. If anything happens in the future, you can have something to rely on.”

Gu Xiyu held the card and looked down without moving.

A hand suddenly stretched out from behind him. That hand took the card away and forced it into Gu Xun’s hand firmly.

Gu Xiyu was taken by someone to a somewhat sturdy arm. Ji Chen’s casual voice sounded beside him: “No need. I will support him for the rest of my life.”

After seeing that bony man, Ji Chen had sent a message asking where he was. At that time, he had said that he would send his parents back first and then leave by car.

Ji Chen didn’t reply to him later. He didn’t expect that he would come to pick him up in person.

Gu Xiyu was picked up by Ji Chen under the eyes of Gu Xun and Xu Caiting. They went back to the apartment after having dinner outside.

After a short break, Ji Chen walked into the study to continue his work after answering a phone call and it was not over until he was about to sleep. Gu Xiyu realized that he might have deliberately put down his work halfway and came to pick him up home.

The days in the next few days were fairly calm. Ji Chen was so busy that sometimes he stayed at the company and didn’t go home. They were currently preparing for the launch of a new series of products. Ji Chen controls everything under Fengming very strictly and personally supervises and reviews them.

This afternoon, Gu Xiyu was sitting in the living room looking through information when a courier box came to the apartment suddenly.

The box was full of debris. Although most of the things were still intact, they still had a little burnt smell. When he opened it, there was a piece of paper on it. On the paper were some words that were written by Xu Caiting, saying that these were the items that belonged to him that she had picked up after the fire in the villa was extinguished.

Gu Xiyu stood by the box and sorted it out. He found the diary that only had the cover and the corners slightly burnt. The rest of the diary was intact.

He flipped through it again and it was full of content related to Fu Nian.

Until he accidentally saw a page of a diary with cake stickers.

Summer of 2013, May 14

Today is Fu Nian’s birthday, and I finally managed to convince my classmates to prepare to surprise him, this special student…

Gu Xiyu was holding the diary. His eyes stayed for a long time at the date on it.

He squeezed the diary page with his fingers and gently rubbed it a few times. He then turned his head to look at the USB flash drive that was still plugged into the laptop port.

Fu Nian’s birthday date, he hasn’t tried it as a password to open that drive yet.

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