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TVLMS Chapter 21

The villain is the scheming boss (21)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

F0514N. (Fu may 14th nian)

Gu Xiyu tried several different combinations on Fu Nian’s birthday. He finally successfully unlocked the folder after putting in this password. Inside it was full of documents, all named with abbreviations and numbers.

He stared at the full screen of documents for a few seconds, then clicked on one that began with ‘FM’. Various other data sheets immediately jumped into his sight. There were contract informations of all branches and industries under Fengming, and the quarterly earnings and market analysis of those company branches in the past two years.

He clicked on several other documents marked with the same letter and found that there was detailed information about all Fengming’s products and companies, including some development plans, development projects, and new products that have not yet been made public… They were all private informations that only a few people could know.

There were even records of what Ji Chen has done in the market over the past few years or what things he has done by both legitimate or relatively insidious means. There were not only records of Fengming but also Jishi Group, Liyang Group, LS Company operated by Lei family, Tianhai, Fu family… These records more or less all had relevant data and dark history that couldn’t be disclosed to the outside world.

Gu Xiyu was dumbfounded. As long as any company mentioned in the USB flash drive can obtain this information, they can easily ruin the other companies and stay on the top.

No wonder that Lan Yue did not hesitate once to kill others to get these things in his hands.

With the background of the original owner and the Liyang Group, even if they were capable, they might not be able to find so much information. Except for the cultivation world of 1385, mission holders must have come to all of the other worlds. The timeline they transmigrate in the same world is different. Could this USB flash drive be left behind by a mission performer who was ahead of his timeline?

Gu Xiyu’s gaze swept over the names of those companies one by one. He then flipped through them one by one.

The more he looked, the more he realized how lonely Ji Chen’s company seemed under the pressure of other giant companies. Although these companies were all pawns under Lan Yue’s malicious game that he just abandons after he gets what he wants but at least they have a very unified attitude in dealing with Fengming.

Ji Chen was originally positioned as a villain in this small world. It would be impossible for him to be innocent and have clean hands when he has been in this dirty business world for years. Fengming has always been the target of other people who want to ruin Ji Chen and all his things. If the methods he had used in his early struggle days of the business were not ruthless, Feng Ming would have been completely suppressed.

Looking back seriously, those were the people who had used every illegal and bloody means to destroy Ji Chen and Feng Ming. Fengming was just fighting back. But those who just want to join in the fun will not care how much you worked hard or how many difficulties you endured. If you’re wrong, then you’re wrong. You will only be strongly attacked in the end.

He dragged the mouse and clicked on the report of Fu Jia Enterprise. (Fu Nian’s family company)

As a company of Chinese descent who had had difficulty in developing abroad, there was a lot of black history that was concealed by the Grandpa of Fu Nian when he had run the company in the early stage. This might be the thing that Lan Yue later intended to use to threaten Fu Nian in exchange for benefits.

On the surface, Fu Nian and Ji Chen have no hatred. Fu Nian shouldn’t have participated in or even be a part of Lan Yue’s plan.

Gu Xiyu thought about it and opened the browser that was narrowed down to the bottom. The first page was a report about the Fu family.

Fu Nian’s grandfather, Fu Xuan, had passed away in a car accident three years ago. At that time, the case was closed stating that the accident was due to a brake failure. But this accident occurred with a giant business tycoon like grandpa Fu. No matter how you think about it, it seemed a bit mysterious.

Coincidentally, a few weeks before Fu Xuan’s accident, there was a news report mentioning that the Fu family had cut the deal with Feng Ming. The number of page views of this report was not high, but the amount of information was huge. It also mentioned the grievances between Ji Chen and Fu Xuan in the early years. It was said that Fu Xuan extremely admired Ji Chen’s eldest brother Ji Ran. However, when Ji Ran could only lie in the hospital for a lifetime because of injuries that Ji Chen had ”gifted” him, Fu Xuan became crazy about this and went against Ji Chen even more.

Gu Xiyu looked at the content of the news report and shouted: “System!”


“I’m investigating about the Fu family. Was Fu Xuan’s and Ji Ran’s relationship really that good?”

The system probably didn’t expect him to ask about this suddenly. It only replied after a while: 「It was extremely good. It was so good that Fu Xuan did everything he could do to find a way to make Ji Ran a qualified successor to the Ji family. Before Ji Chen had graduated from the University, he and Ji Ran together had set up a trap to kidnap Ji Chen. They had tried every possible means to destroy Ji Chen’s chance to be the heir of the Ji family. They had him removed from the Ji family tree by Ji Yan and they almost killed him in the sea abroad.」

The rattling sound of the mouse in the living room suddenly disappeared. The white cat lying on the carpet next to Gu Xiyu looked up at him suspiciously. After making a meow sound, it rubbed its leg as if to soothe it.

Gu Xiyu smoothly touched Xixi’s head. He then asked after returning to his senses: “Then is Fu Xuan’s death really related to Ji Chen?”

“Maybe. They all think so.”

After the system gave this ambiguous answer, it didn’t speak anymore. Gu Xiyu called up the task panel and opened a large section of the description under the main task.

In the original plot, the villain’s and Ji Zixuan’s feud in the later stage was affected by the relevant factors of these companies. Ji Chen’s career fell so badly from a height that he almost came to a desperate situation. Under such pressure, his mentality and spirit collapsed and he started to do things to hurt others frantically. He even planned to plant explosives on the engagement banquet of Ji Zixuan and Cheng Qianqian. He wanted to kill everyone in the venue. It’s a pity that he unintentionally exposed his flaws and was discovered by the protagonist group. So his plans ultimately failed.

Gu Xiyu’s hand holding the mouse tightened slightly.

As long as he hands over the USB flash drive, Ji Chen, who was unprepared, would definitely be unable to resist it. If Fengming, which he manages by himself, is forced to fall into a situation where he can’t save it, will he be like the villain in the plot and do terrible things with the mentality of ruining everyone?

He was thinking about how to deal with this matter when the door opened from the hallway.

Ji Chen came back a bit late today. After he left the company in the afternoon, he went to talk about the business. When he walked in, he saw Gu Xiyu holding Xixi and looking at him. The scene looked very harmonious.

The cartoon movie on the TV was halfway through. When Gu Xiyu got up, he moved the battery-charged laptop beside him from the way.

He was wearing a light blue sweater today, with a high collar covering his neck. But Ji Chen still imagined the beautiful lines underneath.

He watched Gu Xiyu walk in his direction and stop after a few steps. Gu Xiyu frowned and asked him, “Did you drink?”

“Your nose works so well?” Ji Chen’s reaction was a second slower than usual. “I met a few seniors. So I drank a few glasses before I came back.”

After experiencing the last incident(hotel incident), Gu Xiyu has now become more repulsive of alcohol, which could affect people’s mentality. So he is particularly sensitive to the alcohols’ smell.

He thought to himself that the alcohol’s smell on Ji Chen’s body was so heavy that it didn’t look like he had just drunk a ”few glasses”.

Ji Chen’s alcohol volume was probably very good. His mental state still seemed to be sober.

He thought so before Ji Chen walked to him and stretched out his hand to hug him.

The warm breath leaped on the back of his neck. Gu Xiyu’s body felt slightly numb for a moment.

Xixi, who was in his arms, was caught off guard and turned into the meat like in the middle of the hamburger. He gave Ji Chen a paw in disgust struggling to jump to the floor. When it looked back, it saw that the two men were getting closer without its hindrance.

“Don’t move. I’m a little tired. Let me rest a bit.” Ji Chen whispered. His tone sounded like he was in a bad mood.

At first, Gu Xiyu thought that Ji Chen must be sad because his business was not going well until Ji Chen let him go and said: “People say that people who are not recognized by the family will have nowhere to return their souls after death. They can only wander around in this vast world.”

“Do you think I will become a lonely ghost after death?” Ji Chen’s tone was light as if he was just asking casually.

It might be because he had just heard something about Ji Chen from the system in the afternoon. So, he quickly linked the other party’s question to the fact that he was removed from the family tree.

It turned out this is the legendary ”worrying about life” and ”criticizing the world” session of Ji Chen after drinking.

Gu Xiyu patted him on the shoulder and replied earnestly: “Don’t worry. You will have your home.”

The prison of the Time and Space Administration has been waiting for this great Buddha for a long time. Once captured, his soul cannot be exiled in any way.

But he didn’t know what Ji Chen was thinking in his heart. It seemed that Ji Chen was successfully pleased by his words. Ji Chen raised his hand and tapped his(GXY) lower lip with his thumb a few times: “On Valentine’s Day, I had said I had something to try.”

Gu Xiyu widened his eyes. After the pressure on his lips from Ji Chen’s thumb disappeared, another softer thing with the same temperature pressed down his lips again.

The strength used was more gentle than expected. Ji Chen seemed to be just testing something and soon separated from him. He stared at Gu Xiyu with a trace of drunkenness.

“It’s really soft.”

Before Gu Xiyu had recovered from the sudden kiss, Ji Chen bowed his head again. Compared with the simple kiss before, this time it was really full of strong emotions. It was not only a lot rougher but also domineering. Their tongues tangled.

Gu Xiyu didn’t refuse and resist. He even slightly raised his head to co-operate with the person who pushed him onto the sofa.

For him, no matter what requirements the goal has, as long as it doesn’t affect the task, he can cooperate with everything that does not exceed his bottom line.

This kissing ”game” was more like a confrontation between two souls with strong affection. They were strong and eager to win. No one was willing to bow their heads to surrender. They just wanted to do their best to win and enjoy.

When Ji Chen let go of Gu Xiyu, he still pinched his chin and looked down at him. He saw that Gu Xiyu had misty eyes that were only clear and dull, without any desire|hope. Such eyes formed a great visual conflict with his honest face and body changes, which made people want to destroy his pride even more.

Ji Chen’s lips twitched. He said in a deep voice, “You should look in the mirror to see how attractive your expression is now.”

After hearing his words, Gu Xiyu’s eyes bend shallowly and he was dumbfounded for a moment that he didn’t even notice that he was kicked to the other side of the sofa.

The strength was quite heavy. He was thrown mercilessly.

Gu Xiyu got up and left the sofa to tidy up some wrinkled clothes on his body. With a lightly hooked finger, he pulled up his torn-off collar to cover his beautiful neck. He stood and watched Ji Chen’s eyes a bit arrogantly: “SAY IT AGAIN???????”

He looked really fierce, Ji Chen thought helplessly.

However, he seemed to like his(GXY) this look even more.

『The target’s risk value is -10. The current risk value is 40. 』

Gu Xiyu listened to the notification of the system. His eyes paused slightly and a thought suddenly flashed in his mind.

The best way to accomplish his task is to reduce the risk value of the target. The target’s behavior of hurting others after he becomes desperate happens when the risk value reaches the critical point. Judging from the current situation, the more he directly starts to destroy Ji Chen’s career, the more he will increase his risk value.

If only this way can please him, wouldn’t it be even worse if he’ll give out the USB flash drive to others that might destroy Fengming’s future and push Ji Chen into the abyss?

Gu Xiyu returned to his room with hesitation. He locked the door and opened the laptop again.

He just wanted to continue processing the files in the USB flash drive when a pop-up window with a red exclamation point suddenly popped up on the screen.

[Because the browsing time exceeds the set time limit, the automatic destruction program has been triggered. The document is being deleted—]

The files on the USB flash drive disappeared one by one in front of him without warning.


The author has something to say:

#Dear commander Gu is slowly being affected by the ”blackened” system#

I almost forgot to say that, in order to make it easier to distinguish between the automatic system and the replies of the big devil, from now on, I’ll use a different dialog box to separate them.

「」Conversation in this box is what the big devil (the primordial fragment of each small world, such as Ji Chen in this world) said.

『』This is the automatic reply/notification/task update set by the main system that has nothing to do with the big devil.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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