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TVLMS Chapter 19

The villain is the scheming boss (19)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

【Ok. 】

Gu Xiyu looked at the reply he had just sent. He was not sure if Ji Chen had really calmed down. He tentatively said: 【OHH, By the way, I want you to investigate someone. 】

Big Devil: 【Who??? 】

Gu Xiyu looked at Ji Chen’s reply. He reluctantly tapped his finger on the screen a few times before typing to answer: 【Twenty years ago, my parents had taken me to the fortune teller. 】

The tragedy of the relationship between the original owner and his family had begun at that time. If Gu Xiyu wants to resolve the grievances and knots between him and his parents, he’ll have to find out that fraud.

Ji Chen readily agreed to Gu Xiyu’s request. He then asked Gu Xiyu to wait for him at six o’clock tomorrow night and return to the apartment together after dinner.

A new mail’s incoming notification popped up in the upper right corner of the laptop. He clicked and looked at it. It was just advertising spam.

When closing the page, Gu Xiyu saw the USB flash drive icon on the desktop icon again. After hesitating a few times, he still didn’t click on it. But he didn’t pull it out from the laptop. After closing the laptop’s lid, he put it aside and laid on the bed to sleep.

The next afternoon, Gu Xiyu packed up and prepared to bring back the luggage to the apartment. He held the black U disk and thought for a long time. He finally went to the contact list and found Cheng Qianqian who had recently been added to his contact list. He then sent her a message: 【 Are you free this Saturday? 】

Something big like ”kidnapping” happened in Country F. So the mission of the honeymoon must have failed. This must be the reason why Ji Chen’s risk value remained unchanged. And inside the U disk, there was something that the original owner wanted to give to Fu Nian. If it really has the information that can be used to deal with Ji Chen and his company, it will definitely help Ji Zixuan prevent the Ji Group from being infiltrated and destroyed by Ji Chen. It seems that it can help him to complete the task.

Cheng Qianqian might have been busy at work. She didn’t respond to him.

“Mr. Gu.” A polite greeting came from the half-open door.

Gu Xiyu put the U disk and mobile phone in his pocket and walked out the door: “Uncle Zhang, are you looking for me?”

The old butler was hesitant to speak. He finally asked cautiously: “Have you quarreled with the young master recently?”

Gu Xiyu’s hand that was against the door moved slightly. He said, “No.”

It was Ji Chen who was throwing tantrums unilaterally.

The old butler looked out to make sure that Ji Chen hadn’t returned yet. He whispered, “Come on, I’ll show you something.”

At the very end of the corridor, there was a room that was locked. Gu Xiyu had never entered that room.

When the old housekeeper brought him over, the door was rarely open, as if he had just finished cleaning. There were a lot of things in the room. There were many children’s toys and storybooks, including game consoles, cards, and furry dolls, and some character models that were well placed everywhere.

Most of them were of the same type of design and they were biased towards the style of starship executives. They were dressed in exquisite and meticulous interstellar military uniforms, handsome and sassy, ​​with a kind of inherent arrogance in their cold eyes.

Gu Xiyu looked a little surprised.

“All of these things represent his childhood. He will come in and sit here all day if he is in a bad mood. I saw him in and out of this room these days, so I guessed you guys must have some troubles.” The old housekeeper said.

Unexpectedly, the legendary Great Demon had such a side.

The old housekeeper walked to the small shelf and picked up a tattered amulet: “I gave it to him when he was ten years old. At that time, I thought this child had a rough time. So, I hoped to see his better future.”

”The person who had done wrong things was his mother. He had nothing to do with her wrongdoings but he was cursed and blamed by the whole world. Fortunately, he went through a lot of hardship and worked hard for so long, and finally, he has reached the height where he cannot be easily oppressed.”

As the old butler said, he wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. He was a little embarrassed: “Sorry, I told you so much about these things. It’s just that the young master never had anyone around him who could accompany him over the years. Although he doesn’t say, I think he cares a lot about you.”

“I hope that no matter what happens in the future, you can always stay with him by his side.”

Gu Xiyu faced the old housekeeper. His eyelids trembled a few times and he didn’t reply.

Speaking of which, Ji Chen really did not seem to have done any heinous or evil things in his entire life. The outcome of each character was indeed calculated based on the destiny system of the management bureau. But Ji Chen had obtained everything on his own going against the destiny system. He hadn’t made any mistake but………………………………………….. but for the world consciousness, his own existence was a mistake.

He was destined to be stopped by these task performers and become even more violent in the process of being repeatedly suppressed.

He looked at the message from Cheng Qianqian and realized that his replying hand was hesitating. He then realized that his heart almost didn’t want the destruction of Ji Chen.

Gu Xiyu narrowed his eyes. When he opened them again, the small hesitating waves in his eyes had started to calm down.


【EN. I have something for you. 】


Ji Chen went back to the small courtyard on time after getting off work. After Gu Xiyu had done everything he needed to deal with, Ji Chen drove him out.

Today, Ji Chen himself was driving the car. There were only two of them in the car.

When the car came to the city area, Gu Xiyu who was sitting in the front passenger seat, saw through the car window, the pink-filled design on the street, as well as pairs of passers-by. He turned on his phone and looked at it. The date on it showed February 14.

It’s Valentine’s Day in this small world.

Most of the guests in the restaurant were lovers. The air exuded the smell of sweet dog food[public display of affection]. Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen were led by the waiter to sit down at the reserved table.

Gu Xiyu had no problem with what he was eating. He asked for the same thing as Ji Chen. He then Ji Chen after the waiter left: “Why would you ask me out?”

“Weren’t you angry?”

After asking those questions, Gu Xiyu realized that these two questions sounded like he was complaining.

Sure enough, after listening, Ji Chen put down the wine glass in his hand and looked at him with a smile. He didn’t answer.

Ji Chen glanced at the panel that came up with his thoughts. The entire page above explained the relationship between Gu Xiyu and Lan Yue, as well as Lan Yue’s true purpose, which once again pierced his eyes.

Regarding the Liyang Group, he was indeed surprised. Lan Yue’s ulterior motives made him feel a little unhappy, but he was even more upset because of the love triangle going on between Gu Xiyu, Lan Yue, and Fu Nian. Seeing this information in Country F that day, he was once again severely reminded that Gu Xiyu’s existence was to stop his success.

He even thought that Gu Xiyu might take this opportunity to cooperate with Lan Yue and finally betray him together.

Gu Xiyu did so, but later told him through the system that he was actually playing with that Lan Yue. His mood recovered a little. So he wanted to have a candlelight dinner with Gu Xiyu tonight.

It’s just that although Gu Xiyu won’t cooperate with Lan Yue, there was no guarantee that he won’t use the things in his hand to help Ji Zixuan to complete his so-called ‘task’.

Ji Chen took out the small bag that he had brought down when he was getting out of the car. He took out a small gift box with delicate packaging from it.

He pushed the gift box to Gu Xiyu: “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Gu Xiyu was stunned for a moment. He stared at the box and suddenly he felt a bit guilty: “Sorry, I forgot that today is Valentine’s Day. I didn’t prepare any gift for you…”

“It’s okay.” Ji Chen suddenly became very understanding. He gently raised his chin to beckon him to open, “Look if you like it or not.”

The empty-handed Gu Xiyu didn’t really want to accept it. But he couldn’t bear Ji Chen’s persistence and could only open it.

There was a silver necklace in the box. It was simple and generous, very suitable for boys to wear. The pendant was a key with a unique style. It was about the size of a knuckle. The small dark blue gem was well integrated into the design without being too ostentatious.

Gu Xiyu raised his eyes to see that Ji Chen’s gaze was still on him. He said: “It’s pretty. Thank you.”

The corners of Ji Chen’s lips raised slightly and he did not speak. But then he reached out and took the glass of red wine and took a sip. His eyes fell on Gu Xiyu through the reflection in the cup. His eyelids drooped slightly, covering the uncontrollable dark color in his eyes.

He doesn’t know why but he seems to have a very strong desire for Gu Xiyu to possess him as if this person should only belong to him.

So no matter what choices and decisions Gu Xiyu will make in the end, he will never let him escape easily from him.

Just like that key-designed pendant, his prey Gu Xiyu is locked in the cage name Ji Chen firmly.

Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen had a very pleasant dinner. The two of them ended their cold war and returned to the state they were in before.

When coming out of the restaurant, a young girl selling flowers was standing outside with delicately packed red roses in the basket. Gu Xiyu remembered the small gift box he had put in his coat pocket. He walked over to ask her for one and then………………… gave it to Ji Chen.

He said seriously: “Sorry! I can only give you this flower now. I will definitely give you a better gift if I have the opportunity in the future.”

The Great Demon King is an ultra-high-level prisoner of the Time and Space Administration. After his soul fragments are consumed by the world consciousness, their energy will be weakened and they will definitely be sent to the time and space prison.

When the time comes, he will definitely use his assets to build him a high-level and magnificent prison, Gu Xiyu thought.        T/N : BWAHAHAHA

The notification from the system suddenly popped out.

「The target’s risk value is -5. The current risk value is 50.」

Gu Xiyu was startled. He looked up at Ji Chen who was looking back at him with a smile: “For me……. it’s enough.”

The atmosphere suddenly calmed down. Gu Xiyu subconsciously put his hand in his pocket, but accidentally touched an object underneath. His eyes flashed with slight hesitation.

Ji Chen suddenly said: “There is something I have always wanted to try.”

With that, Ji Chen took a step closer in his direction.

“Huh? Isn’t this President Ji and his ”MADAM”?” The sudden sound from the side interrupted their communication.

Lan Yue was standing with a few business partners. He was looking like he was just about to go to a restaurant to eat and talk about business.

Gu Xiyu looked back at Ji Chen subconsciously. The latter smiled like an old friend: “President Lan, it’s been a long time.”

“It’s true that I haven’t met you for a while.” Lan Yue glanced at Gu Xiyu unconsciously. He then said to Ji Chen with a smile, “I went to your company to discuss something before, but you weren’t there.”

Ji Chen said: “I was really busy at that time.”

Lan Yue waved his hand: “I understand. By the way, you got married and I haven’t even said CONGRATULATIONS to you yet. haha”

“Thank you.” Ji Chen said. He took Gu Xiyu beside him into his arms.

Lan Yue smiled terribly. He said, “I won’t bother you on such an important day today.”

“Okay, we will make an appointment next time.”

When watching Ji Chen and Gu Xiyu leave, Lan Yue was totally depressed in his heart. He couldn’t even hold the hand of the person that he loves so much, but for Ji Chen he got his whole life so easily.



After their ”date”, Ji Chen took Gu Xiyu back to the apartment. The white cat was left alone to eat cat food. It did not meet them when they came back, as if it was really angry with them.

Ji Chen didn’t mention what he had wanted to try. Gu Xiyu also didn’t ask him specifically and went to rest after taking a shower.

Saturday was the day, he had an appointment with Cheng Qianqian.

Cheng Qianqian sat down with him in a coffee shop and asked curiously, “Xiyu, the thing you want to give me… it something really important?”

Gu Xiyu was quiet for a few seconds before putting the bag in his hand on the table: “It’s not that important. I had bought some clothes when I went to Country F last time. I accidentally bought some women’s styled clothes. It’s useless for me to just keep them. Then I thought of you, so I wanted to give them to you.”

I mean, let’s wait for some time. That………..he’ll give that USB drive to her after he finds out what the hell is inside that.


The author has something to say:

#If the staff of the Administration saw this scene#

Subordinates of Commander Gu: Sir, why are you hesitating so much? ! You obviously would have dealt with us long ago if it were us. Why the hell are you hesitating so much right now when it’s him! (Distressed.jpg)

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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    Ji Chen: You are my prey, I will never let you escape and keep you locked up in my cage.
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