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TVLMS Chapter 16

The villain is the scheming boss (16)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

“Dear passengers, please note that your flight is about to arrive in city B of country F. The plane is preparing to land, please fasten your seat belt…”

Gu Xiyu opened his eyes amidst the sweet announcement of the flight attendant. The windows on the left and right rows of the plane had been opened and the warm sunlight slipped in, staining the cabin with vibrant colors.

Ji Chen next to him had just put the tablet away. He closed his eyes and pinched his brows, showing noticeable fatigue on his face.

Ji Chen turned his head to see Gu Xiyu. He said, “I’m going to see a client right after I get off the plane. If you are tired, I can ask Jin Ke to send you back to the hotel first.”

Gu Xiyu grabbed the blanket that he didn’t know who had put on him: “I slept quite comfortably. I’m not tired.”

The character of the big devil was actually not as bad as he had expected and the task does not seem to be that difficult. But why did the people who were sent to perform tasks in these small worlds where the big devil’s soul fragments were always needed to flee in embarrassment?

After another half an hour or so, the plane finally landed smoothly.

There was a blond girl sitting two rows away from Gu Xiyu. When everyone was preparing to get off the plane by taking out their luggage, she kept lying on the chair to watch him. The little girl was about five or six years old. Her face was round and tender, her eyes were big and she smiled sweetly at him.

It’s normal for children to be curious. So Gu Xiyu didn’t care too much. It was later that he discovered that other passengers seemed to look at him from time to time too. They would cover their mouths and laugh in a low voice to communicate with their companions around them. He could vaguely hear them mentioning words like ‘cute’.

Although those smiles were kind, he felt a little strange.

Until he and Ji Chen left the plane with hand luggage, through the reflection of the passage glass window, he saw a red thing on his head.

It was a strawberry hairpin that little girls use.

After receiving Gu Xiyu’s death gaze, Ji Chen explained immediately: “It was that cute child on the plane. She had been walking next to you when you were asleep. After pointing at you and saying you looked like the ‘Sleeping Beauty’, she gave me the hairpin and said she wanted to give it to you.”

“To make her happy, I put a hairpin on your head.”



After meeting with Jin Ke and the bodyguards who had come in the same plane as them but were in a different cabin, they arrived at a restaurant in the exclusive car that had been waiting outside the airport.

It happened to be noon at the country F, so there were a lot of people in the restaurant. The waiter led them to one of the special rooms to isolate them from the crowd.

The brown-haired man in the room with his greasy head stood up to greet them warmly when they came in. His deep blue eyes blinked at Ji Chen vigorously and he jokingly said something in F country’s native language.

Ji Chen gave Gu Xiyu a meaningful look and replied in fluent F language: “Thank you for your congratulations. I originally wanted him to go back to the hotel to rest, but he was clingy and insisted on coming. See! How much he loves me?”

The uncle named Mike with a furry beard smiled and said, “ohho! What a cute relationship you guys have? I really envy you. It’s rare for you to come to this romantic place. You guys must have a good time here!”

Gu Xiyu’s low laugh attracted the attention of the two.

He stretched out his hand to Mike friendly and said in the F language: “It’s nice to meet you. My name is Gu Xiyu and you can call me Gu. Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely enjoy this journey.”

「Did you understand them?」

Gu Xiyu answered his system in a good mood: “I can speak a little.”


「It’s surprising.」

Ji Chen obviously reacted like that but there was probably no such word as ”embarrassment” in his dictionary. Even when he was caught red hand saying those false ”romantic” things, there was no trace of panic on his face.

Ji Chen has a large-scale company branch in country F. His company’s products are also very popular in country F. Mike is one of the shareholders cooperating with his branch. Listening to the content of their conversation, Gu Xiyu could understand that they were talking about making the final confirmation of the new products that will be launched in the next quarter. Jin Ke had also held a document in his hand.

Gu Xiyu didn’t know anything about business matters. The foods in that restaurant were served one by one, in a very slow manner. Seeing that they were not talking about important things, he went to the toilet.

The door of the cabinet was gently closed. Listening to the sound of footsteps outside the door, Ji Chen put down the fork in his hand and directly started another topic: “You said that the people of the Ji Group contacted you that day?”

“Yes. There are so many companies under the Ji family and they were all handed over to a young guy who seemed to have little experience. Many high-level staffs wanted to take this opportunity to make trouble. But the young owner of the Ji family wasn’t too stupid. I heard that he has already suppressed the less troublesome staffs under him. The Ji family’s company in Country F has many problems going on. He urgently needs to find a partner who can help him stabilize the situation and re-arrange those high-level staffs.”

“He had contacted my father but he didn’t know that you had done a favor to our family and we have a close cooperative relationship in private. After all, he is in a company that is in competition with your Feng Ming, so I thought it was necessary to let you know their company’s situations in country F.”

Ji Chen nodded slightly: “My little nephew….. he really is someone who is in constant competition with me.”

“He wants to take care of the Ji family’s business and get rid of other people’s doubts, but the business of this century-old family is not something anyone can handle.”

When Gu Xiyu was passing a certain cabinet on the way to the bathroom, the door of that cabinet slightly opened, accidentally letting him see Fu Nian sitting in the corner of the room. He was holding the red wine glass in his hand and shooking it slightly, facing the men and women in formal wear at the table. His lips were slightly opened. He didn’t know what he had said to them but his aura was different from what he had seen before.

Gu Xiyu didn’t know if he had recognized the wrong person but the looks of one of the people in the room looked familiar.

Gu Xiyu was still washing his hands thinking about this, when the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open from outside.

“So I was right, you are really here.”

He raised his head and looked at the person behind him through the mirror, with a dazed look in his eyes, as if he was very surprised by the appearance of the coming person: “Fu Nian?”

Fu Nian’s eyes flickered: “It’s a coincidence. I just saw you passing by, so I came over to confirm it. Why are you here?”

Gu Xiyu’s tone was natural: “Ji Chen said that his schedule for this week is a bit loose. So, he brought me here to relax as our honeymoon.”

“How about you? How come you are in country F?”

Fu Nian shook his shoulders: “I’m here to represent my dad to talk with some of his business partners. I actually don’t like to do such things.”

“It sounds really difficult.” Gu Xiyu said as he left the bathroom with him.

Fu Nian put his hands in his pockets. He looked at him with a smile, and said: “I met you again after a few years, I think you have really changed a lot.”

Gu Xiyu asked him: “How was I before?”

Fu Nian thought for a while and replied: “You were more impulsive and irritable. You had no patience but your heart was very fragile. You really needed the spiritual support and encouragement from others.”

“You are more calm and confident now.” After a few seconds of pause, Fu Nian added with a smile, “You have become more attractive.”


When Gu Xiyu returned to Ji Chen, he and Mike were already chatting about a different topic with each other. When the waiter saw him back, he immediately went to the kitchen to serve his meal.

Ji Chen asked him: “Why have you been there for so long?”

“I met a friend.”

He remembered the person who he had thought was familiar. It was the person who had come to meet Ji Chen that day but hadn’t been able to, Lan Yue, the president of Liyang Group.

Gu Xiyu received the doubt from Ji Chen, so he did not hide it from him: “It’s Fu Nian.”

But he didn’t mention to him about seeing Lan Yue and Fu Nian together.

After a brief silence, Ji Chen uttered a chuckling sound.

“Ahhhh……………I see.”

After the waiter put the plate full of steak in front of him, Gu Xiyu calmly cut off a piece of meat. He skewed it and sent it to the mouth of Ji Chen, who was obviously a little angry.

Ji Chen, who wasn’t ready for this sudden care, opened his mouth slightly and took a bite of meat unexpectedly. After that, Gu Xiyu quietly began to enjoy his food and ignored him.

The chef in the kitchen might not have seasoned Ji Chen’s plate of meat with sauce. That piece of meat given by Gu Xiyu felt a bit sweeter than what he had just eaten.

Mike took a sip of the drink of his glass. He watched them with a smile without saying a word like a proud father. Jin Ke looked down his head professionally and read the documents, pretending that he hadn’t seen anything.

Gu Xiyu’s coaxing attitude was really perfunctory. Only a fool like Ji Chen would be happy by this kind of stupid method of coaxing.

Just when Ji Chen was feeling great by getting the ”care” of his dear husband but at the same time feeling that Gu Xiyu’s caring wasn’t enough, an automatic notification popped up from the system panel that he and Gu Xiyu shared.

「The target’s risk value is -1. The target’s current risk value is 45.」

Ji Chen: “…”

Hey, there is definitely a problem with the evaluation procedure of this damn system. His mood couldn’t get better by only eating that piece of meat. Of course, if he could eat someone… someone’s meat then…………hahaha

It was already afternoon when they separated from Mr. Mike. It was winter there and when they arrived at the hotel wearily, the sky was completely dark.

“I still have things to do the day after tomorrow. The day after that, only after finishing the company’s meeting, I’ll be free. If you don’t want to be involved in these business things, I will ask Jin Ke to take you to some nearby places to go.” Ji Chen took out his VIP card and put it on the hotel counter. At the same time, the hand of another person beside him did the same action as him.

Ji Chen and that person subconsciously looked to their side, but both of them were shocked to see familiar faces.

Ji Chen and Ji Zixuan probably did not expect that one day they would meet in the same hotel abroad.

“Xi Yu?” Before Ji Zixuan could speak, the girl standing next to him asked in surprise.

It was Cheng Qianqian.

To be honest, Gu Xiyu was a little bit shocked.

Unexpectedly, in the time when he hadn’t contacted Ji Zixuan and Cheng Qianqian, the two of them had already gotten on the line.

Unlike the two people on the side with a bit of a cold atmosphere, Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian were talking very happily. He liked the heroine’s down-to-earth and generous character.

“I learned later that you encountered such a bad thing at the Si Ji Hotel. Fortunately, you had Mr. Ji by your side.” Cheng Qianqian heard about that incident and was even more depressed than him. “But the level of service in that hotel was indeed lacking. I felt suffocating after drinking their drinks that day and felt very sleepy. Fortunately, I met Mr. Lei’s daughter Lina. She saw that I was in a bad condition in the corridor, so she kindly sent me back to the room.”

“The most annoying thing was that they accidentally gave me the door card of the room that had been already given to others, and caused a big …” This matter might have involved the embarrassing part and Cheng Qianqian looked at Ji Zixuan uncomfortably. She glanced there and stopped talking about the topic, “Let’s not talk about these things. Why are you here?”

Gu Xiyu explained to Cheng Qianqian a little bit, “What about you? Why are you here with Mr. Ji?”

Cheng Qianqian smiled cutely: “Mr. Lei has recently cooperated with the Ji family’s company. So he had asked me to do an internship in Ji’s Group for a few months to learn something.”

So they were on this business trip together.

Now that the male and female protagonists met as scheduled, there should be no major problems with the plot line for the time being.

The chat between Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian did not last long. They quickly registered and took different elevators to different floors.

He and Ji Chen had departed from their country in the early morning. They were very tired after taking a long-distance flight for a long time. Especially Ji Chen hadn’t even closed his eyes on the plane, so the first thing they did when they returned to the room was to take a shower and prepare to rest.

The overall layout of the suite prepared by the hotel for them was very heart-touching. There were also some small candles that could enhance the erotic atmosphere. Even the lights around the room were ambiguous.

Perhaps because the atmosphere itself was suggesting erotic things, Ji Chen put down his mobile phone after he climbed into bed and said to Gu Xiyu: “Speaking of which, you should know that the couple who has obtained the marriage certificate will do some ”important” things in the hotel in their honeymoon.”

Gu Xiyu stopped arranging the bedding. He hesitantly said: “I heard that you had an accident before. Not only did you hurt your leg but you also lost ”that” ability.”

Ji Chen: “?”

Why doesn’t he know about ”that”?

Afterward, Gu Xiyu asked seriously: “Besides, with your current mental state, are you sure you still have the energy to do ”that” thing besides sleeping?”


The author has something to say:

Ji Chen: You are questioning my ability as a superior Gong.

Gu Xiyu: I am concerned about your mental state.


Missions of the general task performers:

Assassinating the target or wounding him to reduce his combat ability

Becoming a successful spy by spying the target

Destroying all operations of the target’s company

Cooperating with the target’s enemy to frame the target and prevent the target from developing

Stealing the private information of the target’s company to help the protagonist develop

Commander Gu’s missions:

Coaxing the target to be happy

Going on a honeymoon with the target

Hugging and feeding the target

Sending flowers to the target

# This is why you should never trust that evil system#

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    “Fortunately, I met Mr. Lei’s daughter Lina. She saw that I was in a bad condition in the corridor, so she kindly sent me back to the room.”

    Oh dang, so what Gu Xiyu said to Lina actually got through to her.

    Also I chuckled pretty hard at Mike and Jin Ke’s reactions to Gu Xiyu coaxing Ji Chen. Usually side characters act like they’re witnessing the most beautiful love story of all time, not going “haha dumbass” in their heads 😂

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