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TVLMS Chapter 15

The villain is the scheming boss (15)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Editor: Prasamsha Bhatta

Gu Xiyu took out a flat folded white paper from his pocket which had records of several addresses and contact numbers.

He said in a serious tone: “I will call the house owner to make an appointment to see the house tomorrow. As long as there is no major problem, I will rent it. So, one night should be—”

Before the word ‘Enough’ was said, the paper he was holding was suddenly taken away.

Gu Xiyu watched Ji Chen tear the strip of paper to pieces in front of him without hesitation. His words all turned into—?

It wasn’t until that paper containing addresses and phone numbers became fragmented and difficult to piece together that Ji Chen asked him again: “Is it still E N O U G H?”

His voice sounded quite like a sense of calm before the storm.


The Straight ……ummm… straight-thinking man, Gu Xiyu was stunned for a long time. Then only he realized that Ji Chen might have been wanting to keep him here. But he was confused. Why didn’t Ji Chen directly ask him to stay??? If Ji Chen wasn’t able to directly ask him to stay here because he was shy then he didn’t seem shy when he was tearing his paper. But if he wasn’t shy, then why wasn’t he directly asking him to stay???

After a short silence, Gu Xiyu softly said: “Let’s eat.”

He didn’t answer Ji Chen’s question directly but he didn’t raise the topic of looking for a house again.

“Did you make these yourself?” Ji Chen asked holding a bowl of hot rice in his hand.

Gu Xiyu was still thinking about his extremely absurd behavior just now. He lied through his teeth: “No, I ordered a takeaway.”

Mr. Ji, who was ready to throw a few poems of compliments was stuck in his thoughts for a moment by his words.

Gu Xiyu lowered his eyes to cover the flashing smile under his eyes. He was trying to uphold the attitude of not talking at all. He didn’t say a single word at the dinner table.

On the contrary, it was unknown why but Ji Chen seemed a little absent-minded.

Almost after dinner, Ji Chen suddenly said: “I asked the people from the Supervising Department. They told me that they could give me the results of your betrayal of company secrets within two weeks.”

“Two weeks are too long.” Gu Xiyu frowned, thinking that if he checked it himself, he might find the answer in two days.

Ji Chen said: “I think so too.”

Gu Xiyu just wanted to say how about letting him do it when he heard Ji Chen continue to say: “So I plan to take you out for travel before the results come out.”


The three words “Honeymoon” on the task panel suddenly jumped in front of him.

He almost forgot about it.

The fire in the house had a big impact on his mood today. He temporarily had forgotten about this mission, which was not very mission-like.

“It’s okay, you can arrange it.” Although Gu Xiyu wasn’t looking forward to it, he didn’t feel scared.

Anyway, Ji Chen hadn’t really obtained the marriage certificate with him because he liked him.

Moreover, due to business affairs next week, Ji Chen needed to go to Country F, which is called the country of romance. So he decided to spend their ”honeymoon” there.

Thursday was the day when he had made an appointment to meet with Gu Xun and Xu Caiting.

Gu Xiyu calculated the time and went out to pick up his parents before Ji Chen got off work.

Before starting the car, he opened the storage compartment of the passenger seat and took out the USB flash drive that he had left inside.

He has been thinking about whether the fire in the house has anything to do with this thing. It’s a pity that the house was burned down and he couldn’t confirm whether there were any signs of infiltration in the room. It was also a coincidence that he had accidentally carried it out that day after transferring the data. He only found it out when he had gotten in the car, so he had temporarily put it in the car. So, it was not damaged by the fire.

Among other things, if the person who wanted to kill him was the same person who set the Gu’s villa on fire, then this person would be worse than the mission target Ji Chen.

Gu Xiyu, who was getting a clear understanding of this incident, put away the USB flash drive and set off to pick up Gu Xun and Xu Caiting at the apartment. He has never mentioned to them that Ji Chen has an apartment with him. Even if they’ll meet there today, his explanation to the two of them will only be that ”this is Ji Chen’s house”.

When Xu Caiting helped Gu Xun enter the door, the white cat who had just taken a nap yawned and stepped on the entrance, like a king looking at the guest who had come in.

“Oh, our son-in-law also has such a cute cat at home.” Xu Caiting stretched out her hand to touch it. But when the cat snarled at her then she screamed loudly and quickly avoided. The cat only rubbed its body back and forth on Gu Xiyu’s legs as if asking him who were these stupids breaking into their three people’s lovely house.

Gu Xiyu said, “These are my parents.”

It was unknown whether Xixi really understood it or not but it didn’t show its teeth to Gu Xun and Xu Caiting anymore. It only hid far away not wanting to get close to them.

“This house is really big…” Xu Caiting held Gu Xun. Her cheeks were flushing with excitement, “I heard that the apartment in this building is really expensive, several times the price of our broken villa.”

“Haha.” Gu Xun smiled like a loving father. “It’s already very low-key to live in this place for someone as great as him.”

Seeing them sitting on the sofa, Gu Xiyu went to the kitchen to make tea and cut fruit for them, without joining their conversation. Mainly because he has nothing to say to them. The two people have never had any affection for him or the ‘Original Body’, living together like strangers.

Regardless of individual circumstances, Ji Chen can be regarded as a punctual person. He returned home at the appointed time again. When he entered the door, he was carrying several paper bags in his hand, which seemed to contain gifts to give away.

Gu Xiyu was bored and sitting at the table uninterested, holding a bowl of homemade salad in his hand. He was gnawing it bit by bit like a pure vegetarian.

“Oh, that, Ji…” Gu Xun stood up with the help of a cane. His mouth opened and closed for a long time but he couldn’t finish the sentence.

It was too unfamiliar to call Ji Chen ‘Mr. Ji’, but if he is asked to call Ji Chen directly, he always feels that the other party’s momentum does not allow him to call him that way directly.

Seeing Ji Chen carrying and putting a bunch of things on the coffee table in front of him and Xu Caiting, Gu Xun smiled again: “How can you buy so many things when we are just meeting to discuss about something? It’s too much of wastage!”

“No.” Ji Chen smiled at them. He said while taking out the things inside the bags, “How can the things I buy for Xiyu be called a wastage.”

Gu Xun, who thought it was Ji Chen’s meeting gift, stiffened his smile. Xu Caiting uncomfortably lifted her hand and tucked her hair behind her ears, and asked, “Ahh….are……. are all of these just for our Xiyu? ?”

“Well, it happened that a brand company that is cooperating with Fengming sent some gifts over today.”

After that, he took out a small box from a small bag and handed it to Gu Xiyu: “Your mobile phone is already very old even if you can get it back. I left the company earlier today and bought you a new one by the way. ”

Gu Xiyu glanced at the two people on the sofa whose faces were obviously not very good. He silently reached out to take the new phone that had been specifically given to him even including the phone case.

He turned on the screen and then again turned it off. He took off the phone case of the phone in front of Ji Chen and revealed the chip-like thing underneath: “This, did you get it from my previous phone?”

“…” Ji Chen put his hand on his chin in a contemplative manner, without replying.

Gu Xiyu had already discovered that Ji Chen had messed with his mobile phone the morning he woke up in the hotel. This chip-like thing should be a tracker that could allow Ji Chen to track his whereabouts.

Because he had nothing to let him know for the time being, so he hadn’t expose it.

Gu Xiyu carefully put the phone back into the phone case again. He suddenly smiled at Ji Chen.

“Thank you.”

Ji Chen wanted to move his fingers and take that chip subconsciously but when his line of sight caught the slight smile under Gu Xiyu’s eyes, he hesitated. He finally just pretented to rub Gu Xiyu’s hair.

He turned around and walked back to the living room: “I heard Xiyu say that father and mother have something to discuss with me?”

Gu Xun immediately recovered his senses and said with a smile: “Ah yes, I don’t want to talk around the bushes….. the point is… I want to say that Ji… Ji Chen, your company is very successful. Our Gu’s company has just encountered some problems recently. So, I wanted to talk to you.”

“I’ve heard about the Gu’s company a little bit. However, I heard that the specific situation of this incident seemed to be because you were conspiring to operate a less formal business. Some people raised the opposing opinions in the middle, which led to someone taking advantage of the chaos to take away the funds. If the information I received is correct, your company’s internal turmoil shouldn’t have been resolved yet?”

Gu Xun didn’t expect that Ji Chen could even find out the situation of Gu’s comapny clearly. All the explanations he had prepared were not needed, so he could only smile awkwardly.

Ji Chen added: “What’s more, your company has a record of leaking customers’ private information. Even when it was reported, it continued to do such actions in private. The most important principle of my career is to pay attention to integrity. ”

“So I won’t be able to help you with the trouble of Gu’s company, sorry.”

When Gu Xun and Xu Caiting heard that, they couldn’t hold back their smiles anymore. Xu Caiting’s glaring on Gu Xiyu started to become even more resentful. Regardless of Ji Chen’s presence, she asked directly, “Was it you? You must have told President Ji a lot about me and your father not treating you well before we came here. So now your bad words made him misunderstand us!

“How can this kid be so vicious?”

Gu Xiyu put the phone that he was repeatedly wiping clean on the table and asked Xu Caiting calmly: “Have you ever heard me mentioning something bad about my family to others over the years?”

Seeing Xu Caiting’s hesitation, he whispered again: “Obviously we both are your own biological child, why can’t you treat me a little better as you did to my brother?”

Gu Xiyu was obviously asking a question to Gu Xun and Xu Caiting but Ji Chen always felt that his gaze was more like looking through them and asking them for another answer.

Perhaps this was the first time that the Gu family had really brought this taboo topic. It was rare that Gu Xun and Xu Caiting did not violently scold Gu Xiyu but instead fell silent.

Ji Chen’s attitude was very tough. Gu Xun knew that it was impossible to get his support for the time being. After asking for the car key from Gu Xiyu, he took Xu Caiting and left. Life was revealing its vicissitudes back and forth.

After that, Gu Xiyu temporarily broke contact with the Gu family. The day of going on a ”business trip” with Ji Chen soon came.

Before leaving, Ji Chen gave him a bank card.

“Marriage generally requires giving something. I haven’t given you anything. There are tens of millions of funds in it.” Ji Chen said as he packed his simple luggage, “In my own opinion, I really don’t want to help that type of bad company.”

“But at the end of the day, they are your family members. Now the money is yours. You can decide how you want to use it.”

Gu Xiyu held the bank card that Ji Chen handed him. He was a little lost.

Ji Chen thought he was struggling. But in fact he was calculating in his heart all the assets he possessed in the space-time realm.

Help! This was just the first world but he has already owed the big devil a luxury gift packages.


The author has something to say:

Ji Chen: Does it mean you want to create an exclusive ♂ house of love for me?

Gu Xiyu:?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts.:)

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  1. Avatar Blank0_0 says:

    lol this is the first novel of world hopping that I read that the ML and MC’s romance still havent even take the first step. its already 12 chapters XD!! an ML who still havent taken an interest in the MC this long lol. well Ive read this one where there wasnt any happenings in the first arc between the main characters but the ML is well already atleast a little cray cray for the MC lol

    thank you for the chapter babe~! you have work hard dear~♡ 😚

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      haha welcome sister

  2. Avatar Iamakoifish says:

    Thank you for the hard work, ive seen systemXhost stories but this is a whole other thing. It’s very fun thus far and im very thankful you made this accesible for us who cant read chinese 人´∀`)

    Hope you can post loads more with joy

    Fighting! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  3. Avatar Rai says:

    The relationship level is still on level 1.. And is this a quick transmigration? I forgot. Thanks for the chapter~

    1. Avatar Rai says:

      Oh yep, it’s quick transmigration (*´ω`*) I saw the above comments

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