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TVLMS Chapter 17

The villain is the scheming boss (17)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

At around nine o’clock at night, the light in a certain hotel room was still on.

In the toilet, Gu Xiyu was repeatedly rubbing his hands and gently washing them under the faucet.

The water was cold but the color of the palm of his hand was glowing hot red. After that, he lowered his head and washed his face that was still dripping with water. The skin on his face was extremely red because of repeated washing.

Ji Chen personally proved that certain function of one of his body part was indeed okay. It’s just that he had used Gu Xiyu’s hand for the process that made Gu Xiyu’s hands a little numb from fatigue. Fortunately, they didn’t do ”that”.

Gu Xiyu turned off the light and returned to the bed. The person who had angrily told him that his body was very energetic and healthy just now, had fallen asleep with his back turned to him. Like dude… are already tired by only showing the process, do you even have stamina left to do……” that ”? Geez!

Ji Chen hadn’t had much rest for almost two days, so it was normal for him to sleep early.

Of course, if the people in the time-space management sub-bureau knew that their great commander’s those two perfect, distinct, and impeccable hands that were only used to launch battleships, control all systems in the control room, and to use weapons to kill the enemies were used by the Big Devil to prove his ability to ”that”, then huhuhuhuhu…………… they won’t be able to take that. His innocent and cute hands were now contaminated by that devil.

The first three days of coming to Country F were destined to be busy days.

On the day of Ji Chen’s company’s meeting, Gu Xiyu, accompanied by the two bodyguards assigned to him, came to a dessert shop near the hotel.

He had just picked a few small cakes and was about to pay when he accidentally saw Cheng Qianqian who was sitting alone in a daze staring at the table with only a cup of hot cocoa.

Her eyes were a little red and swollen as if she had just cried.

Gu Xiyu carried the exquisitely packaged small box and placed it in front of Cheng Qianqian. She was so scared that she immediately raised her head. She was relieved to see that he was the person there.

Cheng Qianqian wiped her tears with embarrassment: “It’s a coincidence, we are really destined.”

Gu Xiyu smiled and didn’t reply.

Encounters with male and female protagonists are not something that should be celebrated. Generally speaking, there will be some special plots where both of the protagonists are present. He doesn’t know what stupid incidents he’ll encounter in F country.

He opened the small box that he had pushed towards Cheng Qianqian. The box contained a lemon-flavored little cake, which was designed in the shape of a yellow kitten wearing a straw hat.

“Since it’s a rare encounter, please do me a favor and eat it.”

“This…” Cheng Qianqian was somewhat embarrassed. Seeing that she wanted to refuse, Gu Xiyu took a cup of iced coffee and sat down on the other side of the table, and said again, “I bought it with Ji Chen’s money. Please don’t be polite with him.”

Cheng Qianqian was amused by him and didn’t push it anymore. Looking at the ice drink in his hand, she was confused: “It’s still snowing outside. Aren’t you feeling cold?”

“I’m not feeling cold.” Gu Xiyu even ate an ice cube to prove. Watching this, Cheng Qianqian subconsciously tightened the thick jacket on her body.

He really can’t feel the feeling of coldness. So he especially likes to drink cold drinks. The temperature outside was just right for him.

Gu Xiyu didn’t ask Cheng Qianqian about the reason for her being here alone but instead, she suddenly felt a little frustrated after eating a few bites of cake: “I can’t even do a small thing like accompanying my boss to see a client and help him socialize, aren’t I too bad?”

Things were about the same as he had guessed. Cheng Qianqian had a conflict with Ji Zixuan at work.

“I obviously dealt with the things according to the way he had said. I tried my best to help him, but he still said those things about me. I have never seen such a harsh person. In the company, he always scolds me stupidly and says that I can’t do anything well. Today, he even inexplicably accused me in front of the client. President Lei is much better than him!”

“I was too angry, so I ran out by myself. But I couldn’t find the way back to the hotel…” Cheng Qianqian said, her tone becoming a little guilty.

Gu Xiyu’s requirements for the people under him at the Time and Space Administration were actually very high: “He has just taken over the Ji family business. If he can’t suppress the people in the company from the beginning, it will be easy for others to find opportunities to climb to the top positions. I think he is very optimistic about your personal abilities, so he expects a bit more from you.”

Cheng Qianqian’s temper came quickly and went quickly, exactly as stupid as someone someone’s……

The two of them happened to have no schedule next and they didn’t want to go back to the hotel, so they just wandered around together.

The bodyguards that Ji Chen had arranged for Gu Xiyu always kept a safe distance from them. They would not let the target of protection attract the attention of others and they could also rush to the other side to protect him in time when an accident happened.

Originally, it should be like this.

When Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian walked into a retro handmade art shop, a few teenagers on skateboards suddenly appeared on the street. They went crazy on the sidewalk and accidentally ran into the two bodyguards and a few people near them.

The scene was chaotic for a while, and the kind-hearted people passing by came up to care about the situation. Some people even started to take out their mobile phones to call an ambulance. However, the bodyguards’ physiques were stronger than that of ordinary people and their reaction ability was very quick, so they didn’t suffer any harm.

On the contrary, after the crowd dispersed, two men in gray coats came to them and asked in a serious tone: “Did you see your master come out?”

They were stunned for a while, only to realize that the other party was from Ji Zixuan’s. Perhaps they came here to look at Cheng Qianqian in secret.

Hearing this question, they all shook together in an instant.

The door of the craft shop was locked. After they kicked the door open, they only found the shop owner who was tied under the counter desk. There was still a rag in his mouth, which prevented him from making a cry for help.

As for Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian who were still wandering in front of them just now, they were naturally gone.

When Ji Chen received the call, he was on the way to the meeting.

Although the meeting was about to finish, they were just talking about the last thing that needed to be finalized. The major shareholders and senior executives in the conference room were still arguing because of their disagreements. As a result, after their boss answered the certain call, he just said “The meeting is over” and walked out, leaving them so dazed that they even forgot to continue their fight.

Ji Chen opened the software on his phone that could track Gu Xiyu’s tracker signal for the first time. When he saw that the signal hadn’t been disconnected and the signal was still heading toward a remote mountainous area on the map, he felt a little relieved.

Ji Chen pondered for a while, remembering that he still had a system to contact Gu Xiyu.

「Gu Xiyu, where are you?」

The voice from the other side soon came over.

「We should be in a vehicle. The female protagonist and I were taken away. I guess, there are only dozens of them.」


Ji Chen anxiously asked him again: 「Then did they injure you or not?」

Gu Xiyu paused before answering, 「I thought you could observe the health indicators and conditions of my body?」

Another pop-up window with dense data quickly jumped off on the panel in front of Ji Chen which included Gu Xiyu’s electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and body data.

All were green, which meant that he was healthy.

There was also a framed sentence in the upper right corner that said “Soul State: Stable”.

‘boom-! ’

Ji Chen was observing Gu Xiyu’s health data when his fast-moving car suddenly collided with another silver car that was also seemingly running in a hurried state at the intersection.

“…It’s you?” The person who collided with him turned out to be Ji Zixuan.

Ji Zixuan’s expression was not very good-looking. There was a bit of anxiety between his eyebrows and he was tightly holding his phone in his hand. Ji Chen glanced at him and found that the screen of his mobile phone was also tracking a certain signal, but the one in his mobile phone had stopped moving.

“Uncle I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry. Since it’s just a small collision, this won’t affect the performance of the car. I will pay you back later.”

Before he left, Ji Chen shook the phone in his hand and asked with a smile, “Your signal is broken. Do you still know where to find her?”

As expected, Ji Zixuan stopped abruptly and looked back at him.

Their eyes had similar coldness and aura, but one of them was looking colder while the other was smiling with ease.


Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian were blindfolded and they were thrown in the back seat. But Cheng Qianqian was still under the control of the kidnapper’s medicine and hadn’t woken up yet. As for him, he pretended that he was also affected by the effects of the medicine, and leaned on the back of his seat motionlessly, paying attention to the movements of the people in the car.

The people in the car were taking them somewhere and they had just finished talking on the phone. He estimated that there were about a dozen of them based on the content of their conversations and the noise from the mobile phone.

The problem was not that big. HAA!!!

“Search for their things. Take out all their wallets and mobile phones and turn them off. Also, destroy any trackers you’ll find.”

The personal belongings of Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian, including their mobile phones, were taken out. Even their mobile phone cases were removed: “We turned off their phones. No other things were found.”

They were taken to a small wooden house in a remote area.

“What the hell you guys did? This man looks completely different from the target in the photo. Did I ask you to kidnap him?” When the blindfold was taken off, Gu Xiyu heard a male voice yelling.

“But……. but boss, you were talking about a tall and handsome man who was together with that girl. I saw that your description matched with this guy, so I kidnapped him.”

It turned out that the person they wanted to arrest was Ji Zixuan.


“Uh, boss, what are we going to do with this person now? Shall we throw him out to feed the wild boars?”

“Forget it! Now he’s already kidnapped, you-”

Before he could finish speaking, one of the men behind him suddenly let out a muffled grunt and fell to the ground.

The people in the room stopped their discussion.

“Excuse me, do you have a knife?” The thin and tall boy who had just raised his foot and kicked their companion away asked politely.

The blond man who felt that his authority was challenged spit out an angry smile putting his hands on his hips: “We have everything that can send you to the hell, you dumbass!”

The moment his words fell, everyone else in the room showed their knives and stared at him fiercely.

Gu Xiyu thought to himself, he only needed one knife to untie the rope on his hands but these people were too polite and took out several knives. That’s cute!

There were a lot of ”cute” people who rushed up and wanted to give their knives to Gu Xiyu through their attacks, but their attacks would never hit him. It seemed that they were always lacking a bit than him.

Especially, that blond dude wanted to send Gu Xiyu to hell relying on his huge body. So, he took out his knife like a boss and headed towards Gu Xiyu. Unexpectedly, not only did he not stabbed this person, but he was also robbed of the knife in his hand.

Gu Xiyu’s movements were quick and that rope was easily cut by him. Before the blond man could react, he turned around and grabbed his arm, and dislocated his arm.

“I’ll show you something interesting.” Gu Xiyu said quietly and took that man’s dislocated hand back with a ”pa” sound.

Blond man: “???” OHHo

Then, Gu Xiyu twisted his hand under the horrified and startled eyes of the other party. Then he seriously asked, “It’s very interesting, isn’t it?”

The blond man was so scared that he couldn’t control his voice: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The dozens or so thugs who could walk sideways in the underground circle of Country F never dreamed that they would be beaten to death by a young boy who seemed incapable of fighting. The opponent was like a veteran with many years of fighting experience, with extremely agile speed and accurate predictive ability. They fought against him to death but they were the ones who were almost sent to hell.

The crying blond man realized that they had accidentally kidnapped their ancestor.

This unilateral fight didn’t stop until someone came out of the cabin interior clapping his hands.

“Ji Chen is really good at cultivating talents. I haven’t seen you for only a few days and now you can even fight.”

What appeared in Gu Xiyu’s sight was Lan Yue, the current president of Liyang Group.

He stopped his movements for a while thinking that the original body and that man really knew each other.

Lan Yue put one hand in his trouser pocket and raised his eyebrow. He said, “This wrong kidnapping of yours brought me the person that I wanted to kidnap the most.”

Gu Xiyu watched Lan Yue pass over the man lying on the ground with a painful face. He then walked to the chair and sat down.

Lan Yue raised his head. He rubbed his hand on his lips and said, “Gu Xiyu, you are too capable, right? You suddenly disappeared with the information. So, I thought you were hiding somewhere. I didn’t expect you to marry Ji Chen.”

“I once even thought that you were the spy that he had arranged by my side. But now, he doesn’t even seem to know our previous plans.”

“Xiyu ah Xiyu……You, on the one hand, seduced Ji Chen and made him love you to death, while on the other hand, you kept avoiding me making me feel unbearable. What exactly do you want, my love?”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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