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TVLMS Chapter 14

The villain is the scheming boss (14)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Gu Xiyu sat in the meeting room for about an hour before Ji Chen finally returned. When he came in, he was followed by an angry Director Li, who seemed to have already believed that he was the person who had betrayed the company. It was just because of his identity that he could not directly curse at him like other staff members.

“Give me the phone.” Ji Chen came to Gu Xiyu and stretched out a hand towards him.

Gu Xiyu paused for a moment. Then after unlocking the phone, he gave it to Ji Chen.

Ji Chen expertly found an app on his mobile phone. He opened it and turned the screen to him: “When you and I were in the hotel on Sunday night, there was a reminder to log in with an employee number on the mobile phone.”

Feng Ming has mobile phone software for employees of the company. He was helped to download and install it by a young man named Chen Han from the Human Resource Department on the day he had come in.

So, can this tip be used as evidence to prove that the information leak has nothing to do with him?

Ji Chen seemed to have guessed his thoughts: “But even with this notice, it cannot directly prove that you have no other crime partners. Especially this kind of private login account behavior, from the point of view of someone who has either something to do with you or someone who is trying to frame you, the other party must have dealt with it in advance and will not easily expose himself.”

After finishing speaking, Ji Chen lowered his head and flipped through his mobile phone. He suddenly showed a mysterious smile: “It will take some time to thoroughly investigate this matter. Your mobile phone, personal computer, and some private data accounts need to be temporarily handed over to the company for safekeeping. You can prove your innocence only by ensuring that there is no exchange of private information related to Feng Ming with other people.”

“And……………….hehe during this time, you should take a vacation.”

When Gu Xiyu heard Ji Chen’s words, he instantly understood the meaning of his smile.

The investigation was probably an excuse. His real purpose is to take the opportunity to grasp the information he has, right?

“Okay.” Gu Xiyu didn’t struggle.

He didn’t believe that Ji Chen would really clean up his ”wrongdoings” so so so kindly. After the hotel incident, Ji Chen must have begun to be on guard against him. This is a good way to get him out of the company.

Gu Xiyu stayed in the control room of the Administration Bureau all year round with computer data. Even if Ji Chen had refused to help him find the person behind the scenes, he could have done it himself.

In order to prevent Ji Chen from secretly analyzing the files found in his mobile phone, he had transferred them to the USB flash drive as soon as he had left the hotel and went home. He had temporarily put them together with the files which were locked with password. As for the personal laptop, the contents are already gone. Although he did not log on to the cloud account, if it was such an important thing, the original owner should not have been too stupid to upload it directly to the place where it would be easily discovered.

So he can safely hand over everything to Ji Chen for inspection.

As for Fengming and Ji Chen, he did not pay attention to the internal operation of the company when he was at work these days. The thing that was giving him a headache was that Ji Chen was too careful about the facts and had high demands on his company’s both internal and external factors. Ji Chen seemed to have been ”shocked” because of not finding anything on his phone.

If Ji Chen really wants to take this opportunity to expel him from the company, he can just take what he has in his hand and join the Ji Group to help Ji Zixuan stabilize the situation, and try to keep him from falling into the trap that Ji Chen has woven.

Ji Chen squinted his eyes and after handing Gu Xiyu’s mobile phone to Director Li, he suddenly raised his hand and rubbed the top of Gu Xiyu’s hair like a kid. He gently said to him, “Baby, don’t be angry, I’m just doing my job as a company’s president. You must know that I really believe you.”

Gu Xiyu was startled.

No one has ever offended him by touching him so intimately.

He could even feel the cracked expressions on the faces of Director Li and the secretary at the door.

Gu Xiyu lifted his hand and grabbed Ji Chen’s wrist. Just as he was about to use his strength, he suddenly remembered that the old housekeeper of the main house had mentioned to him that Ji Chen’s hand had been seriously injured when he was a child.

After a second of hesitation, he still withdrew his strength without changing his face. He held his hand and looked down and said, “I’m not angry.”

However, his retreat encouraged Ji Chen to do something more intimate. Ji Chen bent over and kissed his forehead: “Don’t worry, I will definitely find out who wants to harm you.”

Blue veins started to emerge on Gu Xiyu’s hand that was holding Ji Chen’s wrist. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He squeezed Ji Chen’s wrist using a little bit of force and then let it go, using it as a silent threat.

Ji Chen’s eyes seemed to have a deeper smile. He was obviously being challenged by someone but he seemed to be very happy.

And exactly at that ”cute” moment between them, the system suddenly released out an automatic notification.

「The target’s risk value is -1. The current risk value is 46.」

Gu Xiyu listened to the notification from the system. He recalled that he had literally done nothing. So, he couldn’t help but comment: “Ji Chen is really sick.”

Obviously he should be in a bad mood now and his risk value should have been increased but it decreased instead. And usually, when he should be in a good mood, his risk value always increases.

「I think so too.」

Gu Xiyu was afraid that if he continued to stay in the same room with Ji Chen, he could do more and more intimate things. He packed up his things and left first with the excuse of going home, leaving Director Li and Ji Chen with sad faces inside. They then continued to discuss company matters.

He got the attention of countless people when he returned to the office. But because it was working time, everyone was worried that the topic was too sensitive. Even when they saw him packing things, no one dared to ask him directly.

Before leaving the office, Gu Xiyu tapped on the desk of the female colleague next door and pushed a note in front of her: “I will take a vacation for a while. If someone from the technical department comes to check my computer and wants to know the passwords of some of my accounts, you can give them this piece of paper, thank you..”

After the female colleague took the paper, she asked in a low voice, “Are you just on vacation, or were you expelled? Did President Ji blame you? Xiyu, we all believe you won’t do anything like that.”

Gu Xiyu’s work attitude has always been very good since joining the company. His learning speed is also very fast. He has already mastered everything in just a few days. The colleagues in the office treat him very well. Even the serious female supervisor in their department later treated Gu Xiyu in a much more relaxed manner.

He was suddenly accused of betraying the company and everyone’s first reaction was surprise and disbelief. Now that they heard that there is still room for change, they all hoped that everything will end up being good.

Gu Xiyu accepted the kindness from his colleagues. He smiled gently at them and left the office without looking back.

When he took the elevator to the bottom floor, he happened to run into He Rong who had just finished taking the mail and was going to go back to the office. He Rong hadn’t expected to meet him so coincidentally at this embarrassing moment, so his eyes avoided him a little.

After He Rong and Gu Xiyu passed into the elevator, before the elevator door closed, Gu Xiyu suddenly turned around and asked him: “You majored in computer in university, right? You are capable of working at Fengming, so your operating skills should be very good.”

He Rong shook his shoulders when he heard the words. He looked up at him in shock, as if he didn’t understand why he suddenly asked him that way.


Ji Chen sent two people who looked like bodyguards to take Gu Xiyu back to Gu’s home, saying that he had to monitor him. He must very honestly hand in all the laptops and tablets that they can find at his home to cooperate with their investigation.

Although with the power of Fengming, it was obvious that the truth could be found out even without these things.

The car was still a bit far from Gu’s villa when the billowing smoke coming from the residential area not far away caught his attention.

He was just thinking that who was so careless to burn the house so miserably when the car turned into the community. He then realized that it was his house that was on fire.

Gu Xiyu: “…”

“I had gone out to buy something. How come the house was suddenly on fire when I came back?!” In front of the crowd, Xu Caiting’s voice cried heartbreakingly.

Gu Xun stood beside her with a cane. He was motionless like a wooden man, staring blankly at the villa surrounded by the fire.

That was their only remaining house and most of their net worth was in it. Gu’s company was already facing a huge financial crisis and this kind of thing happened at the same time now. Xu Caiting cried and even fainted a few times.

When Gu Xun saw Gu Xiyu, it was like seeing a life-saving angel. He hadn’t expected to see him at home during work hours. He embarrassedly took his hand and pleaded, “Son, you are the only support for parents. You must help us, you must help Gu family!”


【Gu Xiyu: I will spend one night at your apartment tonight. I am telling you in advance, thank you. 】

Before leaving Fengming after getting off work, Ji Chen received a message from Gu Xiyu.

He only remembered that the two people who were responsible for sending Gu Xiyu home today came back and reported to him that they could not get his other personal belongings because the house was burned down. He happened to have a video conference to attend, so he didn’t have time to ask in detail.

Ji Chen picked up the coat hung on the chair and left the office. He was just about to call Gu Xiyu when he suddenly remembered that his mobile phone had been handed over to the company’s supervision department. He could only go directly to the apartment.

When Ji Chen returned to the apartment, Gu Xiyu was sitting on the sofa and playing with his cat.

To be precise, it was the white cat Xixi who usually ignores everyone except him[JC], that was playing and enjoying. He licked and circled around Gu Xiyu who was equally as enthusiastic as it. The cat almost turned bald due to Gu Xiyu’s continuous rubbing of its body.

There were a few dishes on the table that looked like freshly cooked dishes. The ”cook” had also specifically prepared tableware for him[JC] very kindly as if the ”cook” had known that he would come over a long time ago.

“I happened to be living here these few days.” Ji Chen explained smoothly.

Gu Xiyu had guessed that Ji Chen was living here these days as soon as he came when he had seen the cat.

“What’s the matter? How come your house suddenly caught fire?” Ji Chen felt that this incident made him a little bit dumbfounded.

Gu Xiyu replied: “It was said that my mother forgot that she was boiling the water when she went out and didn’t turn off the fire. But my mother said that she doesn’t have the habit of boiling water at home at all. It is impossible for the kitchen to catch fire because she forgot to turn off the gas. ”

Obviously, things were a bit weird.

Ji Chen walked to the living room and leaned against the wall with his hands on his chest and asked him: “Did you not say before that someone wanted to kill you?”

Gu Xiyu touched the head of the white cat who jumped into his arms. After a moment of trance, he avoided Ji Chen’s question and said bluntly: “My dad said he wants to see you.”

Xu Caiting’s mood was unstable. After the house burned down, he had temporarily arranged for them to stay in the hotel.

Ji Chen probably knew why Gu Xun was looking for him: “You should be free the next night. You can bring them over.”


Ji Chen looked at Gu Xiyu who didn’t pay attention to him after replying. He asked, “Is staying for only one night enough???”

Gu Xiyu paused touching the cat. He put the cat down and replied: “Yes. We still have some money. I temporarily booked them a room for a week.”

Then, he heard Ji Chen’s low laugh.

“I mean, You.”

“Is it enough for you to stay here for only one day?????”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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