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TVLMS Chapter 12

The villain is the scheming boss (12)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

In addition to the reporters who were dying to get the exclusive news, those who broke into the room also included the green-faced Ji family members and the guests who wanted to watch the excitement.

Walking in the forefront was a middle-aged woman dressed in the costume of the cleaning staff. The words she hadn’t finished saying were stuck in her throat abruptly.

How come there was no innocent girl in the room? Only Ji Chen with a cold look in his eyes and a man kneeling on his lap with his eyelids drooping and lacking energy were present there.

The flashing lights of the camera stopped instantly. When the cup in Ji Chen’s hand touched the tabletop, a clear sound was heard, like a hammer that broke this sudden embarrassment.

He stared at the dumbfounded and stunned crowd. After clasping his hands on his legs, he looked at the tense-looking staff: “Is this the service attitude of the internationally renowned Si Ji Hotel?”

The woman with the bun hairstyle hurriedly bent over to apologize: “I’m sorry! It’s these people who rushed to the counter and said they wanted to report you…”

In the venue where the party was in progress, Ji Chen, who was supposed to speak on the stage, suddenly disappeared from the venue causing many people’s inquiries and suspicions. Then the woman in the cleaning suit answered their doubts loudly. Someone among the crowd again came up and said that he had also seen Ji Chen taking the person away, but in retrospect, he felt that the girl was in a wrong state, as if she had been drugged.

Those words were like a rock that ignited the waves. After the explanation given by the cleaning staff, Mr. Lei, who found that the girl’s characteristics were particularly similar to Cheng Qianqian, found that the person he had brought had indeed disappeared.

Mr. Lei, who has always regarded Cheng Qianqian as his own beloved daughter, furiously said: “Qianqian doesn’t know Fengming’s president at all. How could she go upstairs with him?!”

It is not uncommon for a high-ranking person to use illegal methods to harass girls without a background. Although Ji Chen never had those types of scandals, no one can guarantee that under that well-dressed image, there won’t be a beast hiding somewhere.

The hotel received reports from everyone and could only helplessly lead them to Ji Chen’s room. She originally wanted to knock on the door politely and wait for a response but she was squeezed by the crowd to the forefront. A woman who was too eager to watch the excitement directly snatched the master key card from her and said, “It’s important to save the girl. Just in case, if a minute of delay will cause the poor girl to lose her innocence, then can you bear the responsibility?”

So, a group of people broke into the room regardless of her obstruction.

The woman who had snatched the master key card choked for a long time. She then blushed anxiously and said: “They might have seen wrongly. This boy is obviously not in a good condition. He definitely is in this situation because of someone scheming against him. Both of them are disheveled. Even if their gender is the same, there is no guarantee that President Ji won’t think about something erotic and do something to him!”

Others agreed with this point of view. Only a few people from the Ji family had a slightly calmer expression after seeing the person in front of Ji Chen.

Lin Fangru took care of the long skirt on her body. She didn’t say anything, positioning herself as a cold-eyed outsider.

Gu Xiyu was still very sleepy when he thought of how this was very similar to the plot mentioned in the side mission. By now he should have already completed the task, but it was unknown what unexpected things happened in the middle, many people came to find them in the room.

Ji Chen on the chair suddenly lowered his head and chuckled at him: “I indeed was thinking of doing something erotic.”

Gu Xiyu was expressionless.

“It’s just that I didn’t know that thinking about my legal partner in that regard was a crime that needs to be sanctioned.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this.

Legal………legal partner????…….ehhh???

Ji Chen watched those people staring at him and Gu Xiyu stupidly. He said coldly: “What? Do you need me to personally take out the marriage certificate and show it to you guys, so you can believe that this gentleman is my spouse?”

The people gathered at the door of the room were instantly dumbfounded.

When did Ji Chen get married?!

The eyes of the reporter holding the camera brightened instantly. Hurray! This is a big piece of news too!

After Ji Chen got up and helped Gu Xiyu to sit down on the sofa, he called Jin Ke: “Help me make an appointment with a lawyer. I want to sue several people.”

The reporters who were eager to pick up the camera stiffened when they heard Ji Chen’s words. They dared not press the shoot button.

Ji Chen didn’t pay attention to the people beside him but stared at Gu Xiyu intently. It was not until the person on the sofa slowly closed his eyes after a tenacious resistance that he continued to speak. He accurately reported the names of the reporters and the news agency.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Chen turned to the hotel staff member and said, “Tell your manager, I want to complain that your hotel’s staff control is not strict enough, causing some people to take advantage of the loopholes and add something in my and my husband’s drinks.”

No matter how hard those people begged, Ji Chen didn’t mean to take back his idea. He let the hotel security staffs ‘send’ them out of the room.

The manager of the Si Ji Hotel later came to him personally and apologized respectfully: “I’m sorry Mr. Ji. This incident is indeed the negligence of our hotel. We will definitely investigate the matter and find out the person who used the drugs on you guys. If Mr. Ji has any further needs, we will also cooperate with the investigation. In order to show our sincerity, Mr. Ji will be our hotel’s special VIP in the future, with the priority right to stay in the presidential suite of this hotel. You will always enjoy the highest discount and all free additional services.”

Ji Chen took the golden card from the hotel manager and glanced at the manager’s frizzy hair. He replied: “As long as you can help me find someone, I won’t pursue the matter.”

After sending the hotel manager away, Ji Chen closed the door and went to the bedside of the bedroom. He silently watched Gu Xiyu who had fallen asleep on the bed.

In fact, he was not ready to officially disclose Gu Xiyu’s identity to the public today. This was an unexpected accident that he hadn’t expected. It can be said that this news will soon appear everywhere in tonight’s headlines. Based on the circumstances at that time, even if he hadn’t disclosed Gu Xiyu’s identity, Lin Fangru would have probably announced this to other officials.

Besides, if it weren’t for Gu Xiyu’s identity as his spouse, the media would have written more ugly words about him by then, which would have definitely greatly affected Fengming’s stock market situation and his multi-party cooperation.

Gu Xiyu’s mobile phone by the bedside suddenly had a message prompt sound. Ji Chen picked it up and glanced at it. It was a reminder of remote login[1].

It was Gu Xiyu’s employee account of Fengming that had logged in.

He tried to unlock the phone with Gu Xiyu’s fingerprint but this person was very careful and had canceled this setting. He couldn’t see what was hidden in Gu Xiyu’s phone. After rubbing his fingertips on the black monotonous phone case for a few times, he took out the phone.

Ji Chen put a thin object, the size of a little fingernail on the corner of the phone case before putting the phone back.


「You’re awake.」

The first sound Gu Xiyu heard when he opened his eyes was from his intelligent system.

He didn’t answer it immediately but opened the panel to confirm Ji Chen’s risk value. The expected value should be 67, but the number ’47’ in orange color was displayed on it.

He asked the system: “How long did I sleep?”

He only remembered that there seemed to have been major chaos. He was not very clear about the specific situation. He only knew that many people seemed to have forcibly entered into their room.

「It’s 12 o’clock at noon. Maybe you slept for around ten hours.」

10 hours of time meant around half a day. It means that he hadn’t overslept and hadn’t transmigrated anywhere. Then what the hell is going on with those 20 points that suddenly disappeared?

Gu Xiyu soon discovered that the second side task on the panel had disappeared.

He got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom. He didn’t see anyone other than him in the room: “The side task No. 2 is completed?”

The system replied: 「Yes. The signing of the PAP equity transfer contract between Andrei and Ji Chen failed.」

He subconsciously asked: “Why?”

「Because of you.」

Gu Xiyu: “…?”

The system finally knew a little bit more this time: 「Your father, he had offended Ji Chen’s trading partner, Andrei, for the company’s development in the early years. Your relationship with Ji Chen was exposed by the media last night. Although your personal information and photos haven’t been fully disclosed for the time being, he still found your identity and rejected the transaction with Ji Chen.」

Gu Xiyu’s hand that was pouring water shook slightly, accidentally spilling a few drops.

He looked down at the water stains for a few seconds, then silently took the clean cloth on the side and wiped them off.

The system also told Gu Xiyu that Ji Chen had asked the company for leave for him in advance because he was not sure when he would wake up. He calculated the distance to the company and found that he couldn’t keep up with the afternoon shift, so he simply skipped the shift.

“By the way, do you need regular maintenance?” Gu Xiyu asked the intelligent system.


“Last night, I seemed to have seen a garbled code coming out of you. I’m not sure if it was an illusion caused by the effects of drugs. If your system needs regular maintenance, remember to tell me because I don’t know anything.”

Dots in red color was bouncing rapidy. It looked like it was frustated and angry.


Gu Xiyu did not continue this topic. He turned on the phone and saw a small red dot on the chatting app. It was a message that Ji Chen had sent him in the morning.

[Big Devil: You can stay in the hotel for as long as you want. If you need something then call the counter directly, they will deliver it to you. Also you don’t need to pay. 】

He stared at the message for a long time and then asked curiously: “The lower the risk value, the better the target will become???”

It took a while for the system to respond to him: 「Who knows.」

Gu Xiyu looked down and typed a single word in the chat box.

【Thanks. 】

He will return to Fengming to work the next day.

Ji Chen probably gave him a sick leave. So he received warm greetings from his colleagues.

Not long after everyone in the office started to work, suddenly there was a crackling sound outside and a man’s roar was also mixed in it.

“If it weren’t for the leak of the news, Fengming would have taken down the bidding case!” A man of about 40 years old with a square shaped face strode into the office with a yellow envelope, still cursing.

Behind him followed He Rong with a cautious expression.

After the middle-aged man walked into the office, he slammed an A4-sized envelope on one of the desks. Everyone in the office stopped their work and several colleagues near Gu Xiyu gathered with him.

Someone asked in a low voice, “Isn’t this Director Li? Why is he so angry?”

”I heard it’s about a bid that Fengming was confident to get. But because someone inside the company revealed the bid amount, it caused the competitor to change the price and the bid was snatched away by them with a meager amount.”

“OMG!!! Is that so? There was another spy not long ago. There’s another one again?!”

During the conversation, Director Li turned his head and angrily said to He Rong: “You speak, did you find out who in this department had sent that email?!”

He Rong took a deep breath and pointed to one of them: “What I found… was his work code.”

Director Li looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a tall boy with a good appearance and good temperament.

He frowned, strode forward and directly picked up the work permit hanging around his neck: “What’s your name?!”

Before he had time to pronounce the name of the employee written on his work permit, one of the employee of the office who seemed to have been originally watching the news or the press conference accidentally torned off the headset connected to the computer because of being too surprised.

A voice that resembled the president of their company came from the computer.

“…It is indeed my husband in the photo. His name is Gu Xiyu.”

Director Li frowned even more.

How come the name that Ji Chen pronounced was the same as the name on the work permit of this damn spy?



[1] Remote login is accessing, writing to and reading from, files that are not local to a device.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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