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TVLMS Chapter 11

The villain is the scheming boss (11)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

When Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen were on the way to the hotel, he[GXY] had accidentally found a folder hidden in a corner of his mobile phone, which contained several files that seemed to be special.

After skipping the photos and videos of a few naked men, he finally found something different.

“You should be very clear in your heart by what methods you had acquired the equity from the former shareholders of PAP”. After Gu Xiyu finished speaking, he pushed Ji Chen away again and watched him hit the wall of the corridor neither lightly nor heavily.

He didn’t know what the original owner was involved with in the first place, but Gu Xiyu unexpectedly found some confidential information about some companies from his mobile phone that had never been made public before. Among them was Fengming, which happened to have some evidence and proof of what Ji Chen had done earlier to eliminate his rivals.

Although most of them were not maliciously fabricated black materials, many large companies and small businesses with a little backing were involved.

Ji Chen sorted out his tie and looked down at him slightly. There was no hesitation and fear of someone holding his secrets in his eyes. On the contrary, he still had a mysterious smile: “Since I’m a businessman, How can I get what I want if I don’t go wild when necessary?”

“The public may not be able to accept things that seem innocuous to you. Do you want to take a gamble, President Ji?”

Ji Chen leaned against the wall with his arms folded and looked at him for a long time. The smile in his eyes was about to fade when he suddenly caught a corner of the black cloth that was accidentally exposed in front of him.

He helped Gu Xiyu tidy up and took out a light blue card from his pocket. He raised his voice and said to him: “Actually, as long as you ask me, I will very much like to gamble.”

Gu Xiyu raised his head and rolled up his sleeves unhurriedly.

Ji Chen continued with seriousness: “But because you are good-looking, I won’t make it too difficult for you.”

It seems that the people who wanted to kill Gu Xiyu do have something to do with the business circle. Since he has gotten the information of Feng Ming, there may be something in his hands that will put pressure on those people.

Ji Chen looked at Gu Xiyu’s sober and seemingly apathetic eyes. Instead of handing the card to him directly, he went upstairs with him.

It is strange that Gu Xiyu’s eyes seemed to be obviously drunk apart from being affected by certain drugs. But when he was very close to Gu Xiyu just now, he didn’t smell the wine on him, instead, there was a very sweet and light fragrance.

After the elevator arrived, the door opened with a ding sound. Ji Chen pulled his collar loose and walked out. Behind him was the sound of Gu Xiyu’s very light footsteps.

“The bathroom and toilet are on the right, and the bedroom is on the left.” The suite that the Si Ji hotel had arranged for him was a large suite with a small bar and kitchen. During the day, you can see more beautiful scenery from the balcony.

Ji Chen’s original plan was to send Gu Xiyu to the room safely, then go back to the venue after drinking a glass of cold water to reduce his discomfort. As a result, he hadn’t even drunk the water when suddenly there was a heavy noise from the side.

{Congratulations to the host, the side mission has been completed! }

Gu Xiyu was sitting on the floor rubbing his aching head. His struggling thoughts became clear again because of these words.

He is a non-drinker and has never touched a wine glass. Moreover, the Time and Space Administration requires the main staff in the bureau to stay awake at all times, especially when he needs to travel for urgent tasks at any time, so he has developed the habit of not drinking.

He had thought that Cheng Qianqian’s drink was juice.

Gu Xiyu was waiting for the system to report further down when Ji Chen’s polished leather shoes suddenly appeared in front of him.

The owner of the leather shoes looked at him condescendingly: “I overestimated you. You cannot even stand properly and fell on the flat ground.”

Gu Xiyu looked up at him. His head was buzzing.

Ji Chen looked at the person sitting on the floor who didn’t want to get up. He was finally convinced that Gu Xiyu had drunk, but the amount might be small, probably not more than a glass.

But it was his first time to meet someone who couldn’t even stand after drinking such a small amount of wine.

Ji Chen had to personally pull the person up and throw him on the big bed. Perhaps because the action was too intense, the hotness that was finally eased rose up again. He bent down to pick up the phone that had accidentally fallen from Gu Xiyu. He tried several times and couldn’t unlock it, so he put it on the table.

When he turned his head, Gu Xiyu on the bed was staring at him intently. His eyes were cold and arrogant, like the posture when the cat didn’t want to talk to people.

The blush on his face has spread to the place under his neck. The purity and calmness in his eyes make people want to destroy it.

Ji Chen, who had never been interested in anyone, suddenly had strange thoughts at this moment. He didn’t know if it was because of the trivial effect of the medicine, or because the person in front of him had something special to him.

It was an intuition from the soul.

Ji Chen stared at Gu Xiyu in silence for a long time, then suddenly leaned over and asked in a deep voice: “You should know what kind of person I am. But now you yourself voluntarily came to my bed. Are you not afraid of what I will do to you?”

Gu Xiyu blinked slightly. Then Ji Chen heard Gu Xiyu’s voice in his head.

「What about the risk value?」

The sudden question disrupted his[JC] thoughts. He pondered for a while but he could not figure out the answer to this question: 「What is the risk value?」


「Very Good.」

Ji Chen listened to the calm response. He still didn’t understand what Gu Xiyu was talking about. The other party suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him out of bed like a wrestler.

He immediately reacted and wanted to counter Gu Xiyu, but his foundation was much deeper than he had expected. Under the resistance of going back and forth, the two of them finally smashed to the floor together.

That kind of damn charming atmosphere or maybe….umm the illusion caused by the effect of the medicine, was gone.

Gu Xiyu had finally endured the pain to complete the so-called side mission, but after waiting for a long time, the garbage system even pretended to be stupid with him.

Since he couldn’t beat the system, he’ll just retreat and cast his anger on this damn target.


“Then did you hear what they were talking about?”

At a surveillance blind spot on a certain floor of the hotel, a man dressed as a waiter was talking on a mobile phone with a somewhat confused expression.

He lowered his voice: “I heard a part of it. The content sounded like…flirting. I don’t know if President Ji knew something about our plan.”

“Flirt……….ing? Ha !!! It’s rare, are you really not lying to me?”

The expression of the person holding the mobile phone instantly became tense: “This servant dare not. They…. they both seemed to be hugging each other. Mr. Gu’s state did not seem to be sober. It was probably the effect of the sleeping medicine.”

“He is still with Ji Chen now?”

Hearing this question, the waiter’s expression became even tenser: “President Ji is very careful in handling things. It may also be because he had already found me, so he used some tricks when taking the elevator thus I failed to follow them back to the room.”

The other side was silent for a while, and then said lazily: “I see.”

In the lively venue, the lights came on again after the emotional dance music ended. A mature and stable middle-aged man walked up to the high platform. There were rounds of applause one after another. He began to express his company and business-related remarks. The interested people were listening attentively.

A few rounds later, a man with a black camera that had worn thick-framed glasses walked around the crowd. He walked to the middle-aged woman who was picking up the trash in the corner, and asked her unhappily: “Didn’t you tell me that there was big news? I waited for a long time. This is obviously just an ordinary business party. Are you lying to me?”

“Sister, I only believed you because I had known you for more than ten years. My team leader is already impatient.”

“Wait, you have to give me some time to confirm with my daughter.” The middle-aged woman said, pulling down the mask on her mouth.

She squinted her eyes and scanned the venue, but she didn’t find the person she was looking for. But she also didn’t see the girl in a white dress named Cheng Qianqian.

If calculated by time, the effect of the drug should also occur.

She opened the note in the palm of her hand, which read the four numbers ‘2022’.

The crowds who were talking in low voices suddenly raised their voices. After the company’s chief executive left, the high platform remained vacant and no one went up.

“Where is President Ji? Did he leave early?”

“No way? I just talked to him just now and asked him some Fengming-related questions. He said he would say it later. He is not someone who would left early.”

The woman next to the cart clenched the note in her palm and suddenly said loudly: “Are you looking for Mr. Ji from Fengming Group? I just saw him taking a girl upstairs.”

These words completely captured everyone’s attention. When the Ji family members heard these words, their expressions were even more exciting, especially Lin Fangru’s face turned pale.

The person accompanying Ji Chen over was obviously a male, how come he became a female?

In the 2022 suite, Ji Chen leaned his forehead against the wall outside the bathroom. The clothes on his body could only be described as messy, with several buttons torn off.

Listening to the sound of water coming from inside, Ji Chen felt that the chaos just now seemed to be a dream.

Some people are usually quiet and low-key and become coquettish and soft and cute after being drunk. Some people look calm and gentle but once drunk, they will not only become fierce and indifferent but will also beat others.

Gu Xiyu was obviously the latter.

Ji Chen laughed angrily as he thought about it, he shouldn’t have helped this damn guy.

“I have heard of people allergic to seafood, peanuts, and even wine. This is the first time I saw that there is a physique that actually even has adverse reactions to medicine.”

The frosted door of the bathroom was opened from inside. A boy with curly hair that had the temper unmatching with his face came out: “Probably because you have too little knowledge.”

Very good! His drinking ability is very poor but he could wake up very quickly.

Gu Xiyu adjusted himself in the bathroom for a long time and finally managed to suppress the discomfort similar to when he had first transmigrated. Thanks to the side effects brought by this medicine, his drunkenness has also disappeared a lot.

Ji Chen walked to the solo sofa and sat down. His collarbone was exposed with his collar open. After drinking the water, he said in pity: “I won’t let you use this medicine in the future. It makes things boring.”

“?” Gu Xiyu was confused.

Ji Chen smiled like a gentleman and handed him the empty water glass: “Go and bring me a cold drink.”

When Gu Xiyu saw Ji Chen’s face, he thought of the risk value that he was cheated on. He was depressed. Before he could refuse, the sleepiness with the shock of dizziness suddenly rushed up.

The line of sight in front of him was black for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, his original line of sight looking down at Ji Chen instantly changed to looking up.

He was feeling sleepy.

How many fucking things were in that drink?

Ji Chen on the sofa stared at him in silence for a long time, then withdrew his hand.

He didn’t know until today how terrifying the visual impact of a person like Gu Xiyu who has a soft appearance but is actually warm and abstinent, with that kind of eyes kneeling and sitting in front of him was.

「The target risk value is -10. The current risk value is 67.」

Gu Xiyu suddenly heard the notification in a chaotic state. But before he could react, a red unclear code flashed across the panel that popped out in front of him.

The unclear code jumped fiercely a few times and then disappeared, so fast that he couldn’t confirm if he had read something wrong.

The door of the suite was suddenly opened forcibly from the outside. Many people rushed in a hurry and some even picked up the camera to take pictures of the room.

The flashes made his eyes a little uncomfortable.

“The chief executive of the great Fengming Group, is actually a beast dressed as a gentleman, who towards innocent girls does…………..ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?”


The author has something to say:

Innocent girl. Ha!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Mier says:

    Ah… The super cliché of framing someone – drugged and being ambushed by reporters.
    That’s a disgusting trick that dumb villain loves to use. Which failed miserably at the moment.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      welcome 🙂

  2. Avatar canlah says:

    I just know the next chapter is going to have me in stitches
    thanks for the update!

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      welcome 🙂

  3. Avatar Ilikethisbook says:

    More please! Thank you for the chapter!

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