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TYFWWC Chapter 41

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After reminding Yan Han, the young girls voluntarily left.

To the outsiders, Yan Han always looks like a cold person.

And because he is so good-looking, like snow lotus on an iceberg, people want to get close but dare not get close.

After they left, Yan Han automatically turned his attention to Teacher Hao who was talking to the girls by the pool.

…It is definitely not possible for him to take the initiative to mess with this teacher. Xiao Wu has repeatedly emphasized to him that the last time he got points despite doing violence was because he had gotten rid of the bullies of the school. If he takes the initiative to provoke him, his points will get deducted instead.

Besides, he really doesn’t know whether the things that those girls said were true or not. Currently, everything is just hearsay. He can’t use this as a reference to beat that teacher.

Yan Han will not act rashly before he is sure that this person is indeed ill-intentioned.

The swimming class was about to end. In order not to delay the next class, the teacher will let the students take a bath and change clothes when there are usually more than ten or twenty minutes left.

Seeing that all the classmates were going back to take a bath, Yan Han got up from the ground and walked in the direction of the swimming teacher, who didn’t need a bath.

He didn’t do anything deliberately. He just smiled at him and then asked: “Teacher, can I go back to class first?”

“There are still fifteen minutes left. Why are you so anxious?” Teacher Hao didn’t let him go but it also made sense. All physical education teachers don’t like students leaving the venue early.

The other students would take some time to come out. So the two of them had a conversation.

“How tall are you? Why do I feel that you are taller than me?” Teacher Hao asked him.

During the questioning, he also stretched out his hand, comparing it to the top of Yan Han’s head.

Yan Han forcibly pressed the twitching corner of his mouth and replied, “1.76m.”

“Really? Then you are one centimeter taller than me.”


Yan Han thought that you are definitely not only one centimeter shorter than me! But he still smiled and asked: “Swimmers don’t seem to be too tall, right?”

“My major is not to teach swimming. I used to practice gymnastics. I really can’t be too tall.” Teacher Hao obviously didn’t feel that his height was a shortcoming.

Yan Han talked to him about gymnastics again. Teacher Hao was obviously very talkative and showed him his figure excitedly which made Yan Han completely speechless.

Teacher Hao’s figure was indeed good. But because his eyes were blessed with a glimpse of classmate Lin’s figure before, he didn’t feel anything special when he looked at his figure.

In desperation, Yan Han had an idea. He said that he didn’t know gymnastics very well, but his dancing was quite good.

“What kind of dance? Traditional? Hip-pop? Ballet?!”

“…” Yan Han raised the corners of his lips as much as possible, revealing a stiff but still pretty smile, “Do you know how to play a dance machine?”

“Hahaha!” Teacher Hao thought he was joking. He smiled face-to-face, and said: “You should be the type that can dance everything.”

“I really don’t know other types of dance. I just like playing dance machine.” Yan Han told the truth.

“Then now that you have met me, I used to learn a little bit of modern dance. I will teach you when I have time.”

Yan Han: “…”

Soon, the first group of people who finished the shower came out.

Most of these people were boys. What Yan Han didn’t expect was that Lin Jianlu would have finished washing so soon.

They were standing on the corridor leading from the swimming pool to the washroom. Lin Jianlu was taller than ordinary people. So Yan Han saw him as soon as he came out.

…………….shouldn’t he clean himself slowly?

More and more people came out and his topic with this teacher Hao couldn’t go on.

But what was more magical was that the other party actually told him that he could come to the gym to find him! Does this count as…

Yan Han did not refuse, thinking about returning here to find him. Soon the bell rang and he went back.

That’s how the swimming class passed. Yan Han took the lead to go back. The classmates who had taken a shower before the class came back to the class one after another, all with refreshing water vapor.

Lin Jianlu at the same desk was no exception.

Lin Jianlu’s complexion was white. It’s the kind of skin that is not prone to acne. He has a smooth and flat face. His facial features are particularly three-dimensional and handsome. The perfection of his face makes it easy to overlook the whiteness of his skin.

But at this moment, it was unknown if it’s because he had just finished swimming and had taken a shower, the skin that has been soaked in the water for a long time was very fair. The handsome emotionless guy suddenly turned into the handsome god in an instant.

…He looked even more handsome.

Yan Han returned the watch to Lian Jianlu. He watched Lin Jianlu’s movements of gracefully putting the watch on his left wrist all the way… Yan Han tried his best to control himself from seeing Lin Jianlu.

But the other party must have sworn that he won’t let him look away from him. The elegant fragrance of shower gel pierced Yan Han’s nose. He couldn’t distract his mind at all.

As a last resort, he could only be distracted by his busy schedule. He raised his hand and opened the window.

The wind with the breath of spring flew in from the window. It was just right to blow away all the smell of Lin Jianlu’s body. Yan Han couldn’t help but sigh in his heart:

The weather today is so fucking good.

The weather has warmed up and it happens to be the hottest time of the day. He was not afraid that these people who have just taken a shower will catch a cold.

Besides, the distance from the gymnasium to the washroom is not short. The wind must have already blown the remaining water in their heads.

Yan Han went to class with the window open.

After the end of another class, Yan Han rushed to the next desk to study again. Lin Jianlu was about to finish the work that he hadn’t finished in the morning—arrange the desk for Yan Han.

Not to mention, the desk that was arranged by Lin Jianlu’s hands was much more pleasing to the eye than before, all the books were arranged neatly and flatly, which also increased the utilization of space. But nonetheless, Yan Han’s desk was still full. Now, there was still a high stack of books on the desk.

Almost everyone in the class has a stack of books on their desks.

But Yan Han’s pile was exceptionally high.

Lin Jianlu still felt awkward when he saw it. He finally asked Yan Han to pick out some of the things he didn’t use often and send them to the opposite storage room.

“They all are commonly used…” Yan Han said with difficulty.

He is happy to read in his seat after class. He will also take the opportunity to squint for a while and take a nap.

No matter what he doesn’t want to toss around during breaks to fetch things.

“Exercising more helps to invigorate blood.” Wen Juerong interrupted next to him: “Brother Yan, your buttocks will get bigger when you sit often.”

Yan Han: “…”

After a swimming lesson, Lin Jianlu became Wen Juerong’s male god for some reason.

When his male god said something, he must support him.

Yan Han hadn’t paid much attention to the situation at the swimming pool before.

But when he thinks about it, he knows that people like Lin Jianlu must swim very well. So Wen Juerong must have idolized him more and more……………….

Yan Han gave Wen Juerong a deathly glare. Lin Jianlu next to him said, “Then you can choose some of the less commonly used ones and put them in my desk.”


There were two “Ahhh” sounds in the back row.

One was from Yan Han and the other was from Wen Juerong.

Lin Jianlu said: “If my desk is empty, it will look a little bit inappropriate.”

Yan Han looked at the row of “barriers” in front of him. Yan Han: ”……” Why does he feel Lin Jianlu’s desk is not so empty???

He suddenly remembered that in the morning, Wen Juerong had told him that it was for him.

He wanted to ask him before, but when two people were called to the office, he probably understood the situation that even good students do not want to be called out by an unreasonable teacher. So it made sense that Lin Jianlu must have deliberately put the books on the table for himself.

It might not be necessarily for him.

Yan Han agreed with this idea and also agreed with Lin Jianlu’s proposal. He stuffed his not so often used textbooks and exercise books including the two folders full of papers in Lin Jianlu’s desk.

Wen Juerong who was next to him was almost drooling enviously.

How does it feel like to have a deskmate who is willing to give his own storage cabinet? Wen Juerong turned to look at Qin Siyu, who was doing homework and was not participating in their topic.

…Forget it, his sister Yu has more books than him.

Her desk is also messier than his.

Really!!! Girls nowadays…

Yan Han didn’t know what Wen Juerong was thinking about. Taking advantage of himself sitting in the position of Lin Jianlu which was very close to Wen Juerong, he asked him about the teacher Hao.

As the number 1 gossiper of the school, he has been in anonymous forums for a long time. If you want to know any clues, it would be most appropriate to ask Wen Juerong.

“Mr. Hao…” Wen Juerong touched his round chin and started thinking. Yan Han was eagerly waiting for him to answer. His attention was all over there and he didn’t notice that Lin Jianlu, who was setting up the table for him, turned his head and glanced at him when he asked that question.

His thin lips were pursed slightly. Lin Jianlu’s eyes were deep and full of thought.

But he obviously didn’t have the habit of interjecting when others were discussing things, so he listened silently for now.

Until Wen Juerong said: “I seem to have seen some of his posts on the forum, saying that he acted frivolously when he taught girls. He is already married. Many of his actions made people feel weird… Brother? Is he harassing you?!”

“Ah? No no.” Yan Han waved his hand. He thought maybe he should go to the anonymous forum after returning to the dormitory at night.

“Really?” Wen Juerong still refused to believe it easily. He has always been very keen on this topic. He was suddenly worried: “I saw him talking with you when we were in swimming class…”

“It’s okay.” Yan Han didn’t want to make things big. So he calmed Wen Juerong and said, “I just chatted with him. So I’m a bit curious about him.”

“Curious?” Wen Juerong didn’t know why. So he gestured to Lin Jianlu trying to ask him.

Yan Han thought in his heart: Even if this teacher indeed has a problem, after he will “process” him as quickly as possible, he might get a dozen points at most.

According to the requirements of the system, he can’t provoke him first and he can’t do his work deliberately. It is almost impossible to get more points on this person. In this case, it is still a bit unrealistic to get the treasure chest within a week.

So leaving Teacher Hao aside, he has to find another job.

It’s best to get that treasure chest before next Monday. Although he feels reluctant to wear a swimsuit, the things that should come will definitely come. Since he’ll have to wear it anyway, it would be worthless to deduct points for this.

Besides…………..glancing at the unopened cup of milk tea that was placed on the corner of the table by Lin Jianlu, he also wanted to quickly solve the problem of going to the toilet!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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