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TYFWWC Chapter 40

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The school swimming pool is not open all day.

For safety reasons, students or teachers are not allowed to swim privately when there’s no swimming class. In order to save resources, two or three classes usually go there together. So there are only two teachers in charge of teaching swimming.

In the past, the swimming teacher of Class 17 was a female teacher with a top-notch figure, but when the new class was changed, the swimming teacher was changed to a male teacher.

Since it was the first class after the change of classes, the swimming teacher informed all the students to gather first and talk about their own rules of the class. The key point was to emphasize the safety issue, so the students were asked to change their swimsuits.

Yan Han did not change clothes but went to ask the teacher for leave with the two girls.

“You all have special circumstances?” The swimming teacher’s surname was Hao. He looked like he was in his thirties. He had a long head and an average appearance. He had a pretty good body but he was shorter than Yan Han.

Yan Han barely glanced at him and then didn’t look at him again. He nodded and the other girls also nodded.

“Then you can do your own activities but don’t leave here and mess around.” Teacher Hao seemed to be quite talkative.

“Okay, teacher.” As the girls said, they scattered away. Yan Han naturally walked to the place where he had studied last time, intending to continue to read.

Who knew he had just sat down when Xiao Wu’s voice suddenly sounded in his head:

【Intentionally skipping classes on the excuse of physical discomfort is not a quality that a student with excellent academic performance should have. Because this time the host was not prepared, it won’t count as a rebel. But if you do this next time, the host’s point will be deducted. By then, even Xiao Wu won’t be able to help you! 】

Yan Han: “…Fuck!”

How can he forget this harsh system!

Last time he was really injured, so it was normal to ask for leave and not take swimming lessons. From next time, it seems he can’t use the same excuse.

Fortunately, it didn’t directly deduct points, otherwise, the eldest brother would really explode right now.

But this didn’t delay him from getting colder.

He even used the period as an excuse. He was about to die of embarrassment. Did it think he was happy to use it as an excuse?

When he thinks of the various things that have happened during this period, it is impossible to say that there is no grievance in his heart.

Yan Han cursed: “Did I skip class on purpose? Isn’t it because of your jsjjfhfsd idiotic setting! If I have to swim, you tell me where should I go to change clothes?”


Yan Han revealed a cruel smile. His eyes were piercing fierce: “So do you want Lao Zi to knock down all the boys or knock all the girls out before changing clothes? And after swimming, I’ll have to take a bath? Then would I have to knock them out again?”

【…】Xiao Wu said weakly: 【This…………. Xiao Wu can’t do anything about this. 】

【However, host still had a lot of preparation time…】

“Prepare? How do I prepare?” His smile became colder.


“It was already troublesome to find an excuse to skip class and you, idiot system is still here to blame me.”

If Xiao Wu hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have thought of it. Now that it’s all up to the point, Yan Han grinned and said simply, “If you want my mission to fail directly, just scream earlier. Why bother? I really don’t want to do this task if it goes on like this! Just do whatever you can!!!”

Yan Han was not joking. His attitude was clear and determined enough.

He wants to live, but it doesn’t mean that he can accept the thing where there is no dignity and freedom. He is completely at the mercy of the system. If that is the case, he would rather not do this task!

So Xiao Wu was silent.

…For its entire life, it has been made speechless several times by this host!

【Uh uh uh, this question… does sound a bit serious? Or wait for a moment host, I’ll go and ask the superiors for your questions. 】


Yan Han, who was furious sat in a random position. He sat there boldly, waiting for the result. Suddenly he heard loud screams and discussion around him.

He subconsciously looked in the direction where the commotion occurred. He looked through the crowd of people and saw a person standing out in the middle. Whether it was the eight-pack abs or the healthy wheat complexion or maybe that pair of long straight legs and the third ”leg” that didn’t seem to be short inside the swimming trunks… all gave that person the reason to be the focus.

Such a person with excellent temperament but still an indifferent expression looked like a male model participating in a catwalk event!

Yan Han unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

At this moment, his beautiful peach blossom eyes were about to come out because of his long stare. Out of a state of appreciation and observation, his gaze was completely glued to the walking model and could not be torn apart.

Fortunately, there was a lot of noise over there at the moment and no one noticed him.

—This was the first time their newly established class had seen the figure of the study tyrant and school’s most handsome guy. It was understandable that they were surprised and shocked.

Everyone sighed while watching but he just sat down and glanced sneakily.

He did not feel guilty at all.

After all, it has been many years since Bother Yan has experienced such excitement seeing someone’s figure.

He can’t look away now because of the loneliness that Yan Han, the old virgin had suffered until now!

It’s just that the swimming teacher over there quickly calmed down the commotion and led everyone to do warm-up exercises.

What must be done before going into the water is some warm-up exercises to prevent underwater leg cramps and so on, to ensure safety.

Yan·Virgin·Han wanted to look more when no one was paying attention. But then he suddenly woke up feeling that he used to be an innocent guy.

How could he think like this about his own buddy!

Although he still wanted to think like that…………………..


Forcibly pulling back his thoughts and ordering himself not to think anymore, Yan Han forced himself to focus on the book.

…After all this time, he still thought of reading…

The eldest brother was very pleased with himself.

But in order to not see Lin Jianlu anymore and calm himself down, he devoted himself to studying like an old monk entering a cave to meditate. He became pure again.

He didn’t know that besides some people watching Lin Jianlu, many people were watching him too.

Most of those people were boys who were not interested in Lin Jianlu’s body. And of course, there were many girls too.

After all, girls actually like beautiful girls more than boys—

“I really want to see her wearing a swimsuit. This sister’s legs are so long. She must look great in a swimsuit.”

“Why don’t you say you want to see her in a bikini.”

“Hahaha, it would be better if it was a bikini!”

Yan Han was sitting in the corner to study honestly at the moment, so he didn’t feel people were seeing him too.

But he has been noticed by many people since he entered the club room.

Especially the students of other classes who were taking swimming lessons with them said:

“Fuck, what’s going on here? Is this class fourteen going to become the most beautiful class in the school?”

After finishing the warm-up exercise, Yan Han heard Wen Juerong’s loud voice from a long distance away: “Big Brother Lin, you are in good shape. Do you have special fitness routines?”

Well. Yan Han was also very interested in this question.

…After all, people with a body like Lin Jianlu wouldn’t have achieved this much if they hadn’t deliberately practiced and paid special attention to their diet every day!

Out of jealousy, he couldn’t help but straighten up his ears.

But it’s a pity that all kinds of voices echoed around the pool after this. Lin Jianlu’s voice was not as loud as Wen Juerong’s. So, Yan Han didn’t catch a word of what the other party said.

Looking in that direction unconsciously again, he saw Lin Jianlu who was looking damn fine……….. was walking towards him?

Wait wait wait! It seems he indeed is walking towards him!

His breathing was stagnant. It was unknown whether the other people around him also had stopped breathing like him, or it was because of the aura around Lin Jianlu, Yan Han felt that the surrounding area suddenly became quiet and there was no movement…

His gaze stuck to the good-figured person who was clearly getting closer and closer. He couldn’t move his gaze at all.

Yan Han forced himself to calm down. During this time, he forced himself to get up from the ground and change his sitting posture.

He turned out to be sitting on the ground cross-legged, draping the skirt on his knees with a grin. The leggings covering his legs had become tighter.

But as Lin Jianlu approached him, he seemed to feel that his third ”leg” was not feeling very good. He had a vague suspicion that it was going to stand up. He was afraid of it being seen by others, so he simply changed to squatting and squatted there honestly and waited for Lin Jianlu to come here.

As Lin Jianlu got closer, not only Yan Han was stunned, but other people also couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yeah? What’s going on?”

The people who had been looking at the body of the male god were stunned at this moment-why didn’t the male god who had finished warming up quickly go into the water, but walk to the person next to him?

In the eyes of everyone’s doubts, Lin Jianlu had already stood still in front of Yan Han.

Yan Han lifted his head and looked at him. Lin Jianlu slowly raised his arm and his slender fingers moved gracefully to remove the watch from his wrist. Then he lowered his body, squatted looking at Yan Han, and said with a deep voice: “Can you take my watch for sometimes?”

“I had forgotten to remove it when I was changing.”


In Yan Han’s sight, Lin Jianlu’s mouth was slightly raised with an elegant smile.

The moment he subconsciously took the watch, he recovered.

…Fuck, aren’t you here just to give me your watch? Why the hell are you making yourself look so attractive? !

He was feeling a little irritated for no reason. The eldest brother said to Lin Jianlu angrily: “Give it to me and go away!”

“Okay, thank you.” Lin Jianlu smiled at him again and stood up again. The visual impact brought by his good figure immediately struck again.

Yan Han: “…”

Well, in fact, maybe the other party didn’t do it deliberately. But he looked even more attractive now.

He should not blame him unnecessarily.

Yan Han subconsciously rubbed the hand with his fingers. There were still some water droplets on the cold metal strap.

-Before going to the swimming pool, the students had to rush to change first. But obviously, Lin Jianlu at that time didn’t take off this watch.

Yan Han looked down at this watch and felt that it did not seem to be the daily model that Lin Jianlu usually wears, but he was not sure.

They have become deskmates just recently, so he hadn’t paid attention to many details.

The brand of this watch was not a world-famous watch, but it was also a mid-to-high-end brand among the watches. However, the price was obviously very high, at least a few thousand yuan.

He didn’t know much about watches but knew that many expensive watches were not suitable for swimming, so he gladly helped Lin Jianlu carry them.

Many people next to him were stunned by Lin Jianlu’s action of handing over the watch. They couldn’t help but look at Yan Han a few more times, thinking that they must have a very good relationship. Otherwise, why did the male god give her the watch for safekeeping?

Yan Han was completely unaware of this.

Lin Jianlu thanked him and went back to the swimming pool. The noisy discussions around Yan Han sounded again. The pool near him was a deep water area. The moment he looked up, he saw Lin Jianlu jump into the pool.

Even if those who came to Luze High School did not know how to swim at the beginning, they would have learned it after half a semester.

So most of the teacher’s task is to look at the students to avoid accidents and the rest of the time, it is completely free time for students to play in the water. The teachers won’t disturb them to teach some fancy swimming postures.

In fact, the school’s swimming pool is only 50 meters long and has six tracks. It’s okay for students from two classes to enter the water together. If three classes go to class together, it’s almost like making dumplings. They would frequently bump into each other. It’s still somehow okay, but it’ll be difficult to swim more.

After Lin Jianlu went into the water, he was also smoothly submerged in the crowd. There was nothing left to see. Yan Han once again forced himself to withdraw his sight.

Xiao Wu’s visit was a bit long this time.

While waiting, Yan Han studied more. Most of the words he had just spoken in anger were actually stupid things he had said for fun. Although he was really angry at the beginning, he was just trying to scare Xiao Wu from beginning to end.

…He didn’t act too much ruthless, right? The system will really kill him if it knows about this.

Besides, this time it wasn’t that he was making troubles unreasonably. If it had to deduct points every time he didn’t take swimming lessons, then he really couldn’t do this task.

But through the communication during this period of time, Yan Han feels that this system is not unreasonable even though it’s a bit stupid.

So everything has to wait until Xiao Wu comes back.

Yan Han was still paying attention to his mini-book when the two coughs sounded above his head. He raised his head in response and saw Teacher Hao, who was only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, standing in front of him.

“Teacher.” Yan Han greeted him politely.

Teacher Hao simply squatted down next to him. He took a glance at the book in his hand and was taken aback. He asked him: “…is this a study book?”

“Yes.” Yan Han nodded.

“So hardworking? This is the first time I have seen a student who is so hardworking and looks so beautiful as you.”

Yan Han: “…”

Pulling the corners of his mouth slightly, he forced himself to smile. Yan Han didn’t understand what’s wrong with ”beautiful” people being ”hard workers”.

Besides, it’s this scene again. The classmates of Class 17 used to laugh at him for working too hard. Now he has jumped to Class 14, and people still………….

“Can you return the book to me?” Yan Han asked him.

Teacher Hao didn’t return the book to him immediately, but asked him: “Do you know how to swim? How come I haven’t seen you before.”

“It was not you who taught us before.”

“Oh, that’s right. Otherwise, if I had taught you, I definitely would not have forgotten.”

Teacher Hao thought he smiled brightly at Yan Han and then asked him if he could swim next time.

“Of course I will.” Yan Han was a little angry when he was interrupted in his studies.

“Do you swim well?”

“So so.”

Probably because of Yan Han’s cold and indifferent attitude, Teacher Hao did not entangle anymore.

He just smiled at him and said, “Then let the teacher see how you swim in the next class.”

Yan Han: “…”

At this moment Xiao Wu finally came back. The cartoon sound rang in his mind suddenly: 【Considering that the host’s situation is indeed very special, Xiao Wu has helped you apply for it. Your next random treasure chest will be replaced with a designated treasure chest. The treasures offered are guaranteed to be particularly awesome and can help the host solve all the problems of dressing up! 】

Yan Han: “???”

Are they just going to eliminate the whole swimming class from this school??

【That is impossible.】 Xiao Wu said, 【Luze High School has specially set up swimming courses to allow students to enjoy high-quality teaching services and become all-around development talents. It would be a shame not to go to class! 】


【Moreover, swimming lessons can also help the host to shape up and of course it is also an important bonus item! 】


Yan Han: “But why do I still feel that this is a bit of a disadvantage? What if my random treasure chest can open up extremely useful things?”

【No! This treasure is super practical! 】Xiao Wu called out in his mind: 【…….Here, I can reveal to you personally, the name of the treasure is [Portable Dressing Room]. 】

“It sounds useless.” Yan Han said blankly.

【…Is it not practical to be able to take a shower and change clothes anytime, anywhere in a separate space in a different dimension? There is also a bathroom inside. 】


This fucking…


In Yan Han’s opinion, the points being deducted for not attending swimming lessons is a secondary problem, what else is more important than going to the toilet? !

God knows he doesn’t dare to drink water in the classroom these days! He doesn’t dare to eat as his wish, for fear of getting an emergency problem.

If this problem can be solved…

Suddenly there is a goal and now it is the question of how to quickly get another box.

Yan Han’s eyes lit up that was visible to the naked eye.

After a while, he reacted again: “But that’s not right, Xiao Wu, you are not kind.”

【En? 】The sound of the doll questioning sounded in his head.

“Why didn’t I see you buy me a designated treasure when I worked so hard to find the toilet in the past? If I hadn’t been anxious this time, you would have just pretended to be dead, right?”


Xiao Wu’s reaction was clear-he really just pretended to be dead.

Yan Han didn’t bother to care about it now. After all, he had such unique conditions before and he also had no treasure chest to open.

Too much care is useless.

After checking his own scores, Yan Han felt that the situation was not very optimistic.

The highest of his five achievements turned out to be “Morality”, which has nearly 60 points, but how do you get the remaining 40 points? This is a problem.

The condition for adding 30 points last time was too harsh. He can’t guarantee that he would encounter such “opportunities” again in the short term.

For the rest, there is only the hidden mission “21 Days Coquettish Project”. If it is opened now, he will have to survive for at least three weeks, and he may not succeed…

So although the goal is clear, how to quickly get a treasure chest?

Yan Han was looking down and thinking. Two or three of the girls who had stood next to him walked over together. Several of the girls looked reserved and a little embarrassed. Only one of them trembled and said, “Um… you are called Yan Han?”

“Yes…. what about you?”

“I’m from Class 14, you may not have noticed me.” The girl smiled and said. She then again said, “These two are from Class 11. They are taking swimming lessons with us.”

“Oh oh.”

Out of politeness, Yan Han still talked to them first. He stood up and moved his arms and legs and asked a few girls, “What’s the matter?”

“Well, it’s like this, that teacher Hao isn’t the one who taught you before, right?”

“No, the previous teacher seems to have the surname Liu, she is a female teacher.”

“That’s right.”

Several girls looked at each other, and in the end, his classmate said to him: “We are here to remind you that this teacher Hao has a criminal record. There was a girl in my previous class who was harassed by him. Something bad happened to her at last and she had to drop out of school…”

Yan Han: “…”

“Yes.” The two girls had already clarified what his classmate had said and they started talking, “That was from last semester. At that time, we were both in Class 11 and we were roommates with that girl.”

“We just saw that he came to talk to you just now, we were afraid…….”

“Uh, don’t think too much about it, we just wanted to remind you to be safe.”


No wonder he thought that teacher was weird just now!

That girl is pitiful thinking about it this way.

Out of respect, Yan Han didn’t ask what happened, he just didn’t understand, “Since something has happened, why does the school continue to hire this teacher?”

“The girl didn’t say anything, after all… it is very bad to say it out. Even a few of us knew by accident.”

“Yes.” The girl who was standing beside his classmate energetically said, “Our roommate before was learning dancing and she looked very good-looking. You look better than her……… I had to remind you about this. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh…” Yan Han raised his eyebrows slightly, but suddenly he had an idea deep in his heart!

“I see, thank you.”

He smiled at them with exquisite appearance, and his smile was full of purity and light.

But his eyes were as sharp as knives which in the eyes of these girls became composed with a fortitude temperament, which made his handsome face look even colder.

…It was unknown why this thought came to them suddenly, but in a daze, these girls felt that this classmate Yan Han has an eagerness to try things out with that teacher.

T/N: It’s unknown what he wants to try out. Maybe his kungfu skills?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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