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TYFWWC Chapter 42

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After all the classes in the afternoon were finished and after the main class after dinner, Yan Han and others went to finish the last two sessions of the evening self-study.

Unfortunately, today’s self-study was watched by the teacher in person.

With things in the morning, the headteacher in the evening didn’t pick things up anymore.

In fact, she completely ignored Yan Han and Lin Jianlu’s table. In order to deepen the feeling that they were ignored, she took care of the students sitting near them from time to time.

Originally, evening self-study was just a self-study time for the students. She only had to take care of the students for a while from time to time. She should have taken care of them if they raised their hands or if they didn’t read the class books. But what was unbearable was that today, from time to time, she went down the podium and asked every other student whether they had finished their English homework…

It was so obvious that no one was willing to speak in the class. But she deliberately found a few people to accompany the chat. Not to mention others, even Wen Juerong was annoyed.

Of course, Yan Han, who had been reading and solving questions from the beginning to the end of the evening self-study, didn’t notice anything. He didn’t even realize that he had been brutally given cold shoulder by the teacher.

The only thing that made him impatient was that the teacher always talked loudly about random things from time to time, which sounded very abrupt in a quiet class. It always distracted him at critical times.

Lin Jianlu next to him was okay. As usual, he had only spread a book on the table. But this time his both hands were placed on the desk unlike his usual habit of placing his both hands under the desk. His slender fingers were pressing the pages on both sides of the book properly. He seemed to have not noticed the surroundings at all.

Yan Han, who was interrupted again, stretched his neck and glanced at the book… It looked like an extracurricular book. It had axes drawn on it and many mathematical symbols were written on it. But at a glance, it was definitely not something that they had learned in the class.

Out of curiosity, he really wanted to ask Lin Jianlu what he was looking at.

But his attention was quickly attracted by Lin Jianlu’s serious profile.

You might not be able to see it if you don’t pay attention, but you can see from the side that Lin Jianlu’s eyelashes were really long.

Those eyes with double eyelids and long eyelashes, the look when he turned his eyes slightly to scan the pages of the book was too attractive!


Isn’t this Lin Jianlu’s reading speed a bit too fast.

After staring for a while, Yan Han felt that two pages of such a complicated book must be studied as a whole lesson, but Lin Jianlu was turning the pages every few minutes.

It seems that the reason why his two hands were not placed underneath was probably because… the frequency of him turning pages was too high.

Just like this, Lin Jianlu had already turned another page.

Yan Han regained his senses abruptly feeling that he couldn’t watch it anymore.

——He neither has high efficiency nor has a high concentration. He won’t be able to turn pages like this dude in thousand years.

Yan Han was no longer distracted and kept learning until the end of the class.

The evening self-study for the first-year high school students consists of two consecutive sessions with a 10-minute break in between.

Fortunately, the headteacher was no longer in the class for ten minutes. Wen Juerong hurriedly got up to do activities. He was very uncomfortable being supervised. God knows he almost lost his temper and stood up to confront the headteacher just now.

“Ah, ah, why is she so annoying! She even told us to finish her English homework first. Damn it! Aren’t we supposed to submit our homework tomorrow? Why must I write her English homework first!”


“She asked every one of you?” Yan Han blinked. He had forced himself not to be disturbed by the outside world. After spending tons of strength and energy, he had finally gotten the result. He finally hadn’t gotten distracted and had paid attention to the homework.

“She asked all of us, except for you and Lin Jianlu.” Qin Siyu also said next to him.

But what she was worried about now was not the same as Wen Juerong’s.

Lin Jianlu finally retracted his eyesight from the book after the end of the class. He obviously didn’t notice all these things. At this moment, he and Yan Han looked at each other but no one spoke.

Regarding what happened in the office during the day, both of them kept it secret and never mentioned it again.

They didn’t think it was necessary to mention it again.

Although looking back now, they think that the headteacher probably had been trained by the grade head to let her leave Lin Jianlu alone. So she neither reconciled nor dared to take ”good” care of Lin Jianlu anymore. That’s why she is acting like this now.

Yan Han comforted Wen Juerong happily: “Then you should write her homework first.”

Wen Juerong glared and said, “I, the young master, won’t!”


To be able to provoke Wen Juerong, aka a docile and obedient child, their new class teacher is really something.

“Oh, nononono, I want to go out and get some fresh air. Big Brother Lin, won’t you go to the toilet?” Wen Juerong asked.

“Let’s go.” Lin Jianlu closed the book and stood up from his seat.

He was taller than Wen Juerong. He was so thin that he looked even taller.

It was quite conspicuous for the two of them to go out together. Especially when Wen Juerong twisted his body subconsciously in his walking posture, it seemed he was really happy to follow Lin Jianlu.

Although Wen Juerong left the seventeenth class, he was still on the third floor. Here was the same place where he was famous for making friends.

It was exactly the same as when he first started to stick to Yan Han. This time, many people wanted to learn about Lin Jianlu through him. As soon as Lin Jianlu and Wen Juerong went out of the class, the corridors became a lot more lively.

Only Yan Han and Qin Siyu were left in the back row. Qin Siyu simply said: “I think she is going to isolate the two of you and give you guys cold shoulder. Just now she has been talking to us…”


Her foundation was not as weak as Yan Han’s. Her current study habit is to prepare for the next subject after finishing all the homework. So just now when the headteacher came to ask her whether she had finished her English homework or not, she naturally said that she had finished her homework. She was even praised for it.

If this teacher is really giving them cold shoulder……………. Generally speaking, no matter how strong the psychological quality of a student is, s/he won’t be able to stand the cold treatment from the teacher.

Because first of all, the status of the two parties in the school environment is not equal.

The second is, no matter how uncomfortable the students are, they can’t fault the teacher.

The worst thing, in the end, is that if this student is someone who is very eager to learn but is targeted by the teacher, his/her studying mood will inevitably be affected by that situation…

Qin Siyu couldn’t help but worry.

She had witnessed this situation with her own eyes when she was in junior high school. A classmate did not apologize in time and even confronted the teacher. In the following days, she was subjected to isolation and cold treatment. That classmate’s grades finally plummeted. She never appeared again and others only heard that she dropped out of school.

She couldn’t help but look at Yan Han worriedly. But she didn’t know that what the big brother was thinking at this moment was that it didn’t matter to him!

Yan Han is a person who has been in society for a long time anyway. His perspective is different from that of ordinary students. In his eyes, the teacher is just a profession.

He is someone who is worthy of respect.

So even if he is a student now, he doesn’t think he should be afraid of that unworthy teacher.

Yan Han shrugged indifferently, telling Qin Siyu not to worry.

Soon the two male buddies who had gone to the toilet together came back.

Wen Juerong finally found a boy who was willing to accompany him to the toilet. Yan Han was a little pleased when he saw the scene.

……Although he actually wants to go to the bathroom with them………..

In the last session of evening self-study, the headteacher returned after the class bell rang. She still went around the classroom first and finally walked to the desk next to Yan Han and Lin Jianlu again.

Two of them were lying on the desk. One was holding a pen and frantically burying his head in solving the question while the other had a straight waist and was reading the “extracurricular book” on the desk. None of them raised their heads because of her stay.

Generally speaking, when the headteacher stands next to a student, that student will look up at her and ask for instructions.

But now the two people who were doing the questions and reading the book were too serious.

They never noticed anyone at their table.

The headteacher stood beside them for a while. Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, the expression on her face turned into embarrassment from indifference.

This time she spoke. She didn’t ask if the English homework was finished. Instead, she asked Lin Jianlu in an almost amiable manner: “What are you looking at?”

Lin Jianlu didn’t answer immediately. So she stretched out her hand to look through the cover of Lin Jianlu’s book.

Everyone in the classroom held their breath slightly.

Including Yan Han, he was shocked when he caught a glimpse of someone touching Lin Jianlu’s book. He then finally looked up at the headteacher.

From the size of the book that Lin Jianlu was reading, that book was not a textbook. That headteacher must have come thinking Lin Jianlu was reading some extracurricular book.

…She will probably create another trouble.

“…Popular String Theory?” The headteacher read the title of the book not very smoothly and then glanced at Lin Jianlu again.

“Yes.” Lin Jianlu said.

At the same time, he frowned slightly. He didn’t like others touching him casually.

The surrounding was so quiet again that the sound of needle falling could be heard.

Just now, Yan Han had seen the cover of that book when Lin Jianlu had gone to the bathroom. He barely knew that string theory was a book about physics. At this moment, he also pinned his hopes on the class teacher who only taught English that she won’t know that this book wasn’t a coursebook.

Otherwise, according to her style of doing things, this kind of book may be labeled as extracurricular books.

Didn’t you say you’re going to leave us alone?

Why are you here again…

“Continue to see..hehe… it’s okay. The teacher was just asking casually.” Unexpectedly, the teacher maintained the harmony of the class to the end. Not only did she not blame him, but also smiled at Lin Jianlu. Then she just turned and left.

But it is true that she never looked at Yan Han from beginning to end.

After the headteacher turned around, the students in the back row winked their eyebrows.

——Trying to tell Yan Han, ”She is not trying to give you two cold shoulder. She is giving cold shoulder to you only, Brother Yan!

Wen Juerong dragged his chin and blinked at Yan Han suddenly.

In fact, think about it. Although Lin Jianlu is low-key, he is an extremely rich second-generation kid. His family is rich and powerful. Only people with a brain disease will try to show their power to such a student.

But Yan Han is different. In the hearts of teachers and students, she is a person of ordinary family background and little backing.

What’s more, she is from Class 17, a class of uneducated students. Yan Han originally was labeled a poor student and his reputation in the school was not good. The headteacher would only look for someone like him if she wanted to vent out her anger.

After all, Yan Han was someone that had talked back to her and almost ”insulted” her in front of the whole class.

What is the experience of offending your class teacher?

Yan Han thought it was quite a cool experience.

However, outsiders couldn’t help but feel that he was pitiful.

The headteacher did not specifically target him. At least it was obvious that she did not go to other teachers to say bad things about him, but this may also be attributed to her not being very popular among the teachers’ group.

But in the end, in the classes of another day of school, all the teachers in the newly formed class did not deliberately leave him in the cold.


All the other teachers called him when he raised his hand and they also answered patiently when he asked questions. The math teacher who taught him in Class 17 even remembered him. Yan Han once again answered a difficult question in class. After that, he was even praised vigorously.

Only the atmosphere in the English class was a bit strange. The headteacher will deliberately ask the students around Yan Han to get up to read the text and answer questions.

She just won’t call Yan Han.

Yan Han was quite quiet on his own and didn’t think there was anything wrong.

It’s just that Wen Juerong and the others were quite worried about him. They always felt that the headteacher was waiting for him to make a mistake.

Once he makes a mistake, he is bound to be severely punished.

One must say that this method is indeed useful to target ordinary students. No one can survive more than two days in school after knowing that s/he is being targeted by the class teacher.

Just that kind of worry and anxiety about the possible future situation was enough to promote this war without gunpowder to form a one-sided situation.

But Yan Han really didn’t care.

If he were to use three words to describe his current mood, it would be – it’s so cool!

His three tasks in Luze High School, maintaining women’s clothing, achieving Five Great Achievements, and getting into X university with superior grades, it seems that none of them can be affected by the current situation.

Yan Han thought it through early in the morning. The barefooted people are not afraid of losing shoes. He has nothing to lose, naturally, there is nothing to fear.

With this indifferent attitude, in English class, he felt extremely relaxed and happy because he would not be called up to answer questions from time to time.

It’s just that the classmates around him had to suffer a lot because of him. In order to highlight that he was isolated, the classmates around him were generally called more often than classmates in other positions.

Wen Juerong didn’t dare to go to English class. When Lin Jianlu was called again to read English texts, he shivered subconsciously and he could almost guess that he was the next one to be called.

……..Is this bullying his brother Yan or bullying him!

Wen Juerong felt that he was going crazy!

Lin Jianlu’s spoken English was very good. It was standard American pronunciation similar to the courseware in the live broadcast system.

Recently, Yan Han, who now has a little bit understanding of English, feels that listening to Lin Jianlu’s texts is also a kind of pleasure.

After Lin Jianlu finished reading a text, it was Wen Juerong’s turn. Wen Juerong’s spoken pronunciation was equally standard and authentic as he likes to practice a lot. It’s a pity that the English teacher who doesn’t pay much attention to oral English did not praise him for it. On the contrary, she said that he should listen carefully in the class more…Wen Juerong could not even roll his eyes in private.

After the end of another class, it was time to exercise.

Yan Han didn’t go downstairs with Wen Juerong and others to get the essentials for the exercise. Instead, he went to the exercising ground early to prepare.

The lead performers of the exercises were two men and two women, both of them were senior elders of the second grade. The elder sister in front of him had suffered a foot injury due to an accident and another senior was trying to find a new person to replace her when she couldn’t recover for a while. So far, Yan Han was getting along very harmoniously with the other main leaders. The seniors were also taking good care of this kind-looking junior…….sister. So they had asked him to replace that injured senior sister.

When Yan Han got to the stage and greeted the senior sisters and brothers, Yan Han took advantage of the few minutes that students were taking to gather below to silently review the English text he had just memorized in class.


It makes sense to study new things by reviewing those. For novice students like him who know nothing about grammar and do not understand many sentence patterns at all, they can only rely on constant rote memorization and review to maintain their memory.

Yan Han was standing with the other leaders. So he didn’t appear to be very alone.

But he was always the most beautiful one in the crowd.

His face now looked extremely pleasant. Not to mention that when he is lost in thought, his eyes will look down slightly with no expression, but he has a kind of amorous feelings, like the kind of worldly masters who always stay away from the dirty affairs of this world.

So every time he appears, the students couldn’t help but look at him more.

Today was no exception.

Many people deliberately took a detour just to pass in front of him and to take a close look at him. Some even chose to exit from the small door of the teaching building on the side because it was close to the stage.

A few more girls passed by him with hands on each other. They were quite calm when they passed by. After passing by with Yan Han, they couldn’t help but talk happily, “Miss Sister is so beautiful today too! ”

“Miss Sister’s expression today is so cold!”

“Why does Miss Sister always look a little melancholy.”

“It’s okay… She should just be in a daze, haven’t you seen her smile?”

Yan Han, who occasionally couldn’t fully enter the state of learning: “…”

Wait, I can still hear you!

The gathering time was a bit long. Yan Han was still standing there in a daze. It happened that Teacher Hao passed by him and saw him at first sight.

“Why are you standing here on the stage?” Teacher Hao asked.

Interval exercise is an activity that all teachers and students need to participate in and the physical education teacher was no exception. However, the stage where Yan Han was standing now was not in the same direction as the gymnasium. He didn’t know how this dude came around in front of him.

Last night, amidst his busy schedule, Yan Han still went to the anonymous forum to search for posts about this dude. There actually were two pages that made complaints about him.

It’s a pity that there was no information about the victimized girl. Those two pages were not long and they were submerged in many posts. Yan Han searched it for a long time.

However, his content was indeed related to harassment. Yan Han also asked Xiao Wu about the situation. Teacher Hao was indeed married and his wife was even a teacher in their school. But she doesn’t teach first grade, so he doesn’t know her.


In Class 11 last semester, there was indeed a beautiful dancer female student who transferred to another school. Few people knew the reason for her transferring the school. But according to the information given by Xiaowu, she was indeed the victim.

It’s just that she didn’t want to make any announcements and took the initiative to transfer schools. This made that beast act even worse. No one knows about this until now.

To be honest, Yan Han feels that as he is born as a human being, he must do things that he can do.

What he despises most is such despicable and shameless people who harm people, especially minors.

If he hadn’t changed his temper in the past two years, he might have already shot the other party’s smiling face away.

Taking his points into account, Yan Han still smiled at him, “I’m the lead exercise performer.”

“So you really know how to dance.” Teacher Hao’s smile was also very bright, “Then I have to take a good look in the audience.”

Yan Han: “…”

He said two more sentences. Perhaps in front of everyone, Teacher Hao did not stay with him much.

Yan Han cursed a few more words in his heart. Not far away from the entrance of the teaching building, the disciplinary committee members who were responsible for spot checks on students’ dressing situations noticed Yan Han’s situation. One of them said, “Ah? Isn’t that our sister-in-law? How did she know that pervert Hao??”

Su Linpei raised his eyes and immediately exploded: “Fuck!!! That shameless pervert dares to tease anyone? See if I won’t kill him!”

“Big Pei, calm down!”

“We have no evidence yet!”

Others pulled Su Linpei. At this time, the background music stopped and the teaching director began to speak in front of the stage. It was indeed not suitable to make any more noise. Several people pulled Su Linpei aside and it did not cause any commotion.

Soon the prelude music of radio gymnastics sounded. Yan Han and other leaders walked to the middle of the stage.

Although the lead performers were two males and two “females”, they all were almost of the same height. But Yan Han was a bit taller than a senior sister. The four of them stood making two columns of two leaders each according to their heights. That scene looked quite harmonious.

Among the four, two performers were required to stand with their backs to the students below, in order to allow the students below to see the direction of exercising clearly.

Yan Han immediately volunteered to stand showing his back.

It was unknown when it started, the weather was getting hotter and hotter.

Although it was still a bit cold in the morning and evening, Yan Han suddenly felt a little hot while standing on the high stage against the big sun.

No matter how the students below do, the posture of the leader must be standard.

Because of a lot of effort, Yan Han was a little sweaty when he was halfway through the exercise. He was a little distracted and observed the seniors next to him. It seemed…everyone was jumping very vigorously. It was not hot as he thought?

Observing again, he doesn’t know what the senior brothers were wearing inside their trousers, but since this week, senior sister has taken off her leggings, revealing two long thin white legs…


Aware of this problem, Yan Han’s whole body was not good!

There is no doubt that this is only the beginning of April, and it will only get hotter and hotter in the future.

He couldn’t be exercising around in thick leggings forever.

That means… in the future, or a few days later, he will have to show his thighs too?!

It’s okay to expose his thighs, but…………….looking down at his knee-length school uniform and skirt, Yan Han suddenly began to worry about whether he will be able to exercise without wearing his leggings.

Thinking about the long summer and the various embarrassing scenes that may appear in the future, Yan Han’s face turned red in an instant because of the heat.

But in the end, he was still on stage. In order to ensure that there were no mistakes in his actions, he could only forcefully put the matter down and concentrate on exercising.

With the bonus of hidden tasks, now doing exercise, especially as a lead performer has almost become a very important bonus item. His “physical” point has almost reached 30 points, and the “Morality” point also gives him a part of the settlement every week. So he also cherished this opportunity very much and didn’t dare to miss the slightest bit.

Yan Han began to concentrate on the exercise. His back was facing the students below the stage. So he didn’t know that there was a little commotion in the team of Class 14 at this time.

The headteacher walked coldly from the start of the girls’ column to the end. She then looked back and finally asked a student: “Where is Yan Han?”

“Huh?” That student was not familiar with Yan Han. She was not the kind of student who likes to browse anonymous forums. So she was confused when asked, how will she know where other people go?

The headteacher recalled for a moment that when the class had just ended, she had helped two students in getting the essentials while exercising.

She obviously hadn’t seen that Yan Han at that time.

Neither Yan Han was on the duty of cleaning the class, nor she had come asking her for a leave. Now suddenly she is absent from the exercise class?

This is obviously messing up!

She even dares to bunk the group activities that everyone must participate…….The headteacher did not expect to get a chance to fuck this Yan Han up so quickly!

She has been teaching for so many years, this kind of student who is indifferent to school’s rule… This is the first time she has seen this kind of idiot!

This is simply being shameless and rude!

Sure enough, she is an uneducated student and her behavior is different from those of ordinary students.

This also made her more determined to drive this Yan Han out of Class 14.

The grade director just told her not to mess with Lin Jianlu, but she never said that this shameless girl should not be messed with too!!!

She will catch this bitch Yan Han red hand this time. It can be said that even the school can’t protect her!

People tend to be more inclined to believe what they want to believe. The headteacher was standing at the end of the girl’s column, nominally staring at the students doing exercises, but actually waiting for that Yan Han to come back halfway in order to catch her on the spot.

Unfortunately, she did not see Yan Han returning to the queue until the end of the intermission.

It means that Yan Han bunked the whole exercise class. She fucked up even more!

Hehe Very good……

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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