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TYFWWC Chapter 39

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Originally, Li Hongqing had prepared a full set of equipment for him for swimming class.

But Yan Han was not mentally prepared yet!

He was busy studying every day and he was also holding the mentality that he will prepare the next day then the next day of the next day and the saga continued. He has never used that equipment not to mention that they are still in Li Hongqing’s place!

The swimming class in class 17 used to be on Thursday but now it’s changed to Monday…

Yan Han’s whole body withered in a way that was visible to the naked eye.


“I won’t accompany you to go back. I’m going to the school infirmary later.” Yan Han said.

“Ah? What’s wrong with you, Brother Yan?” Qin Siyu asked nervously.

During this period, Yan Han has become a frequent visitor of the school infirmary due to the need to borrow the toilet.

He has a pale face and a thin body anyway. So he had deliberately pretended to be fragile a few days ago, so not to mention Qin Siyu, the other students have an inherent impression of Yan Han—he is a sickly beauty.

As for how a sick and weak beauty cleaned up the five big and rough men in the back alley of the school, Qin Siyu thought this was not a huge matter. Many girls now learn Taekwondo and Kung Fu since they are young, but the ones who can fight are not necessarily all physically fit. Well, maybe, at least, her goddess was of this type…

Qin Siyu had already started to imagine the scene of her goddess vomiting blood but still fighting a war like in a martial arts novel.

Although vomiting blood makes other people vomit food because of disgust, once the scene in the movie is replaced with the beautiful face of her goddess, you can’t help but feel that this combination really has a unique sense of beauty.

The goddess shook her head at this moment and said, “It’s okay, but I feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach.”

“Then how about I go with you?”

“No, it’s really fine.” Yan Han said.

He usually looks cold and cruel on the surface and his lonely presence carries a mysterious atmosphere, which makes people want to look closer but dare not approach.

Although she is unhealthy, the goddess is still too strong and independent.

Qin Siyu bit the chopsticks secretly feeling pity for the goddess, but did not force ”her”.

As for Lin Jianlu, he was busy with school affairs at noon. So the four of them parted ways after dinner and Yan Han went directly to Li Hongqing.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the school infirmary, he found that it was not Li Hongqing sitting inside, but another school infirmary teacher!

After asking, he found out that Teacher Li was taking a break today and he had a day off!

When Yan Han ran out of the school infirmary, the first thing he did was to call Li Hongqing in an empty place.

“Ah? I’m on duty this weekend, so I’m taking a break today?” It was noon and Li Hongqing on the other end of the phone still hadn’t woken up.

But when Yan Han explained the purpose of the call, he immediately became energetic, “Do you have a swimming lesson today? It’s too miserable! All your things are put in my cabinet and the cabinet is spare. The key was placed in the third flowerpot on the windowsill…”

“Wait, wait!” Yan Han interrupted him: “Now that there are other teachers there, how can I get things from your place? Besides, I had thought about it, but it didn’t work.”


“It’s okay, let’s talk about it when you’ll come to work.”

“Then what will you do today?”

“I’ll find a way to ask for leave.”

Yan Han hung up the phone. He looked around like a thief and made sure that there was no one nearby. And then he walked out again as if there was nothing wrong.

Although the school has paid considerable effort and cost in order to let the students experience a better school life, but! …

This swimming lesson is too troublesome for him!

Yan Han walked back to the teaching building with a dark face. Along the way, he already had some ideas about the excuses he would use to get a leave but he felt annoying, faintly repelled, and didn’t bother to think about it too much.

After returning to the class, he forcefully suppressed all thoughts and began to concentrate on learning.

Lin Jianlu’s work to clean up his desk for him has not yet been completed, but this did not affect Yan Han’s progress. He only needed to find the exercise book to continue to learn.

The lunch break was for two hours in total. Excluding the time he ate and messed around, there was one hour and ten minutes left. Yan Han usually leaves himself 20 minutes to take a nap at the end, which means that he has fifty minutes left to learn!

Fifty minutes! A class is only about forty minutes. And occasionally, there will be cases where the study time is passively reduced like the morning English class, which shows how precious these fifty minutes are!

Putting away all distractions, he used this time to finish the homework left by the previous math teacher. He also reviewed the question that he had asked Lin Jianlu in the morning to make sure that he has mastered this kind of question. When about 20 minutes were left, Yan Han started to take a nap on the table.

He has now formed the habit of almost being able to fall asleep and sleep soundly right after he finishes his studies. He slept lightly in twenty minutes. So that when the bell rang for class, Yan Han rubbed his mouth and sat up, and found that his deskmate had returned.

And at the corner of his desk, he didn’t know when there came an extra cup of milk tea.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, he heard Wen Juerong jumping from his seat and waving his brand new swimming shorts in his hands: “Swimming suit of duck style!”


Suddenly, he remembered about the swimming lesson again. At this time, Lin Jianlu next to him had already gotten up. He said “Let’s go to swimming class” and walked out, seemingly to go to the storage room to get a swimming suit.

Looking at Lin Jianlu’s tall and slender figure wrapped in a uniform, Yan Han swallowed his saliva at this time. He finally was able to realize that-it’s a swimming class, wouldn’t it mean that he could see Lin Jianlu’s…meat and body!!

He had been worrying about his own business before, which made him completely ignore that aspect.

That day when the other party had sent him to the school infirmary when the sun was setting, Lin Jianlu had only worn a half-sleeved T-shirt. Right now, Yan Han vividly remembered the sight of that good figure that was indistinctly revealed. Yan Han wiped the saliva that was leaking from his own mouth. His expression was a bit dull.

“Let’s go, Brother Yan, why are you in a daze?” Qin Siyu also came to call him. Wen Juerong held a cup of milk tea in addition to the swimming suit in his hand and shook it at Yan Han. He said with a smile, “Brother Lin treated us with the milk tea we drink, we all have a share. It’s from Do Mimi’s shop! This must be the blessing of Brother Yan!”

Yan Han subconsciously dropped his gaze on the cup of milk tea placed on the corner of his table. His vision became clear and he could easily see the label on the cup that read:

Red dates + original milk tea + red beans×2, light sugar, hot…

“Brother Yan, hurry up, we have to change clothes when we get there!” Qin Siyu, who had had a conversation with Wen Juerong at this time, urged him again.

“Oh, ok ok.” Yan Han stood up, not forgetting to put his mini-book in his pocket, and then climbed out of his seat and walked out.

“Brother Yan, aren’t you taking a swimsuit?” Wen Juerong and Qin Siyu next to him, holding a bag of clothes, walked right and left beside him.

“I won’t take.” Yan Han said vaguely, “I’m going to ask for a leave. It’s not convenient to get into the water today…”

“Huh?” Wen Juerong asked in a stubborn voice: “What’s wrong with you, Brother Yan?”


“Oh, Wen Juerong, why are you asking everything!” Before Yan Han could say anything, Qin Siyu had already stopped him. “Brother Yan, you are going to the school infirmary again at noon, are you okay? We didn’t dare to disturb you when we came back to see you studying there before.

“It’s……okay..” Yan Han said with difficulty. He really didn’t know what to say.

At this time, it was unknown what Wen Juerong thought of again. He suddenly made a sudden realization: “Ah! Brother Yan, your stomach hurts! You are on your periods again? Yes, I remember your……frequency of getting periods is too high?”

“Wen Juerong!” Yan Han hadn’t said anything when Qin Siyu had bypassed him and kicked Wen Juerong, “Why do you talk about everything!”

“What’s wrong?” Wen Juerong said while running away from her: “You are the last member of the Yan Gang, so you don’t know. Generally, Big Brother Lin buys milk tea for Yan brother, that’s because…hahahaha! ”

Wen Juerong ran a step slowly over there and Qin Siyu had already “punched and kicked” him on the wall.

Being tickled, he laughed loudly. His laugh cannot be described as melodious but a hysteric one. He succeeded in making everyone in the corridor afraid of his laughter. Now they will not see Wen Juerong in the same way again.

Of course, fortunately, it was the time of the outdoor period and there was no disciplinary committee member nearby, otherwise, they might have been excluded from the class.

Yan Han: “…”

With the shock and fear he was feeling deep inside his heart, he walked in front of them very calmly.

Yan Han was lost in thought.

——He hadn’t even said a word, he didn’t know why the two of them misunderstood? !

But at least inexplicably, these two people have already believed it.

So it seems…this week’s swimming class can be easily avoided?

He doesn’t even have to make up his own reasons?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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