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TYFWWC Chapter 34

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The fact that Lin Jianlu switched his class from liberal arts to science and went to class 14 became a sensation in the school!

Although the school has never banned the transferring of classes, throughout Luze High School, there have been only a very few people who have changed subjects halfway through because of possible difficulties that might occur in the later college entrance examination. After studying for more than half a year, when the students suddenly switch to another subject, most of them wouldn’t be able to keep up with the courses. In fact, no one dares to play like this so easily. So only a few people do it like this.

However, Lin Jianlu was the school’s most talented guy, and whether he could keep up with the courses after he goes to the science class or not, everybody clearly knew that.

What really shocked the entire school was that the distribution of scores and the difficulty level in exams of liberal arts and science classes were obviously too different. This practice of inserting him into a science class based on his liberal arts scores was obviously not suitable.

It was rumored that Lin Jianlu had even specifically talked with the grade director this weekend about his transfer. He seemed to be indifferent to which class he went to. So he suggested that, for the sake of fairness, the school could simply exclude his scores of the three subjects of politics, history, and geography.

And after Lin Jianlu’s scores of the other remaining three subjects were added, it came out just lower than the last ranked of Class 14 and higher than the first ranked of Class 15.

After comprehensive consideration, the school finally put him into class 14.

“That is to say… this straight-A student can beat our scores with just three subject’s scores?!” The students from Class 15 were deeply shocked and unable to extricate themselves from disbelief!

“Yes, I heard that Lin Jianlu got perfect scores in maths and English in this placement test! He couldn’t get full marks in Chinese only because it is impossible to give full marks in it!”

“MY GOD, why didn’t the school put him directly into our class but instead squeezed him into class 14?”

“It should be because the school thought that our class is full of jerks and assholes, so…but making him the last ranked of 14th class………… How can my male god be subjected to this kind of grievance!”

“You think too much. This is temporary. Your male god will go to Class 9 after the next placement test.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to say that I can only be a neighbor to the male god for half a year


Regarding the incident that the male god came to the third floor, other classes had different reactions–

“Well, somehow, Lin Jianlu is on our third floor this semester. I will be able to see the male god at any time hahaha!”

“…Did you forget that he is a disciplinary committee member.”

“Oh yes…”

Class 9——

“Have you heard that the student of the liberal arts has transferred to the science class? He was transferred to 14th class just based on his score in three subjects!”

“That Lin Jianlu? I heard that he scored 446 in three subjects, and got full marks in both mathematics and English. If he could get the same marks in Chinese, then…”

“You mean that our class has a competitor?”

“It’s not necessarily true. Lin Jianlu’s mathematics is already good. He had won a prize in the competition. To be honest, I’ve always been shocked at how he went to study liberal arts.”

“My stupid brother, you wake up!!!  Having good math skills shows that his thinking is logical. Do you think such a person can’t learn well?”

In reality, this incident was so discussed that the anonymous forum completely exploded.

“Speaking of which, why did the male god suddenly switched to science!”

“Is it hard to guess why? You didn’t read the transcript published by the school?”

“Could it be because of that…”

“Hee hee you know!”

The class 14 student’s reactions were even more intense than that of those other classes.

Since Lin Jianlu knocked on the door and entered their class, when he said that he was assigned to their class, the whole class exploded for a moment and fell into a heated discussion atmosphere. Their class teacher could not hold them back at all.

Leaving others aside, Wen Juerong almost jumped off the building because of the extreme happiness.

Why did the great things keep happening today! He was originally ranked last in this class but now because Lin Jianlu was here, his rank has changed from last to second to last in an instant!

Although he knew that it was all temporary and he might be kicked out of Class 14 in the next exam, but he couldn’t help being excited.

——Who would have thought that one day he would be ranked higher than the school’s most talented guy?

Who cares about other things now! Luck is also a kind of strength! He is not a loser anymore. Somehow, he has now result better than the study god. HOHO HOW CAN I BE SO LUCKY!!! This semester, he is a great man with scores more than that of the most talented dude!

Returning home, he told his father that there was no need to worry about giving him pocket money for the next six months!

It’s not just him who had these kinds of thoughts. Everyone felt like they had experienced a……………………… Legendary thing today?

First, they knew that they were in the same class as that extremely beautiful flower who was recently being very popular on the forum. They just knew about it yesterday…………………… they were feeling so excited that they could dance like a clown in front of everyone.

Now knowing that the school’s most handsome, most talented and most popular guy was also their classmate…………imagine how they were feeling you losers? !

What kind of luck were they born with! What a magical day! It’s as if living in a dream!

There were still a few minutes before the class could end. Most of the students in Class 14 were caught in an extremely excited mood.

Among them, only the extremely beautiful flower was feeling depressed. ”She” couldn’t get excited at all.

Looking at Wen Juerong’s expression, Yan Han finally felt that such dramatic things could actually happen in real life. It’s not that God is helping Wen Juerong to achieve success, instead of that, God is trying to push Yan Han to death!

Today is not a magical day, but a black magic day!

Lin Jianlu suddenly becoming his classmate was already a huge shock, what was even more annoying was that when he was about to choose a desk, he had been called away by the broadcasting speaker. At that time, he hadn’t had time to choose the desk and the seat, but he couldn’t let everyone wait for him to move. So Yan Han’s desk was placed in the last row of the classroom. The class teacher had said that she would arrange for Yan Han when he comes back.

The number of students in Class 14 before Lin Jianlu came was odd. Yan Han’s desk was in the last row beside a window. He didn’t have a deskmate.

Now that Lin Jianlu had just arrived, Su Linpei brought a few people to bring their boss’s things in. It was especially logical to put things on the only vacant desk of Yan Han…

Yan Han: “…”

Su Linpei found out that his boss was at the same desk as Yan Han. He was so shocked that before he could react to it, he unconsciously made a moaning sound “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

With this long and far-reaching sound of “Ahhhhh”, he looked at Lin Jianlu, then at Yan Han, then at Lin Jianlu, then at Yan Han. His extremely complicated expression was really stupid. He finally gave Lin Jianlu a distressed look and dramatically ran away at the speed of light.

Yes, he ran away.

Very dramatically.

Yan Han felt even more dazed.

“…That student Su, what’s the matter with him? Is he suffering from a tragedy?”

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu replied. Then he began to arrange his things calmly.

He didn’t have many things. In addition to a few books stuffed in the desk, there were two additional carton boxes in which all of Lin Jianlu’s belongings were neatly placed.

Yan Han rushed to see him unpack the carton boxes, sorting useful things, and placing them on the desk. After arranging all of them, Lin Jianlu picked up a carton box, looking like he was going to put it in the storage room. At this time, Wen Juerong ran over like a dog, “Big Brother Lin, can I help you?”

Yan Han beside:…

Yan Han gave Wen Juerong a ”what are you doing bro” kind of look. But he saw Lin Jianlu giving Wen Juerong a polite smile. He said, “Then I will trouble you.”

Then he raised his leg and walked towards the storage room.

“Well, no trouble, no trouble at all.” Wen Juerong picked up another carton on the ground and followed. Yan Han was still standing by the window, falling into silence for a long time.

At this time, the class bell rang. It was officially time for the break. The teacher who had tried to organize discipline before seemed to have given up completely. The students around talked even more unscrupulously.

The topic of course still revolved around Yan Han and Lin Jianlu. Yan Han guessed it from the eyes of other people looking at him from time to time.

But he doesn’t care about that now.

What he is thinking about now is that Lin Jianlu is also in Class 14 now. He is even at the same desk as him, so they’ll have to get along ………… Can he last for two weeks for that damn coquettish plan? !

After a while, Wen Juerong and Lin Jianlu returned.

This rascal Wen Juerong! He really is gifted with the talent of socializing. He could even talk with this Lin Jianlu so easily.

Seeing two people walking back to the classroom talking eagerly, he didn’t know what were they talking about. But Wen Juerong was happy as if he just heard that he was going to be a dad.

“Ohhho, Big Brother Lin, you are so kind to others, hahaha!”

Lin Jianlu’s expression was calm: “You’re welcome.”

Yan Han: “???”

At this time, Wen Juerong, who had already walked to the back of the classroom, said, “Hahahaha! Brother Lin has a full set of X comics. He said he will give it to me next week! Hahahaha!”

Yan Han:…

When Yan Han had left, neither Wen Juerong nor Qin Siyu had selected their seats. Their results were similar, so they formed a team and sat in the last row consciously.

Now Wen Juerong and Qin Siyu’s table was separated from Yan Han by an aisle. Although his Brother Yan wasn’t sitting with him, Wen Juerong was quite satisfied with their seat arrangement.

“Brother Yan, I’m so happy today!” Wen Juerong said as he sat down, pressing his own chair into a “creak” sound.

Yan Han: “…”

When Wen Juerong sat down, Lin Jianlu was already sitting in his place.

Space in the classroom is limited and the space left for the back row is not large. Lin Jianlu was so tall that he had to lean completely against the back wall if he wanted to stretch his legs out of the back of the chair.

In this way, Yan Han was completely trapped between him and the window sill…

“You…” Yan Han was still a little unwilling. He couldn’t help but tentatively asked: “You decided to sit here?”

“Do you have any problem with that?” Lin Jianlu asked him after sitting down, raising his neck.

The sunlight was hitting the opponent’s handsome face. Yan Han’s breathing became stagnant. He wanted to say of course there was a problem! And that problem was really big!

But when it came to saying these words, he couldn’t say it.

——He had just decided to tolerate all the weird characteristics of the other party, including his superior IQ, and treat him as a brother. But at this moment, he couldn’t tolerate it. Yan Han felt that this is not good.

Besides, Lin Jianlu had decided to come to Class 14. He has no right to say anything. He will not be able to avoid Lin Jianlu after this even if he didn’t sit at the same table with him. He must put the task of that coquettish plan on hold for now.

Taking a step back and meditating a bit, when he thought of giving up that coquettish plan, Yan Han not only did not feel regret but also let a long sigh of relief.

He is not a person who gives up easily, but he will not fight to the end for an inefficient thing and let himself do useless work.

At first, he just wanted to try it. Now his life is on the right track, he can wait for the summer vacation to restart the task.

Thinking of this, Yan Han suddenly became enlightened.

That’s right! As long as he gives up that plan, Lin Jianlu will be like Wen Juerong and the others for him. Lin Jianlu will become his best buddy!

Speaking of this, Lin Jianlu’s maths, Chinese, and English were so strong. If he will sit with him, he won’t have to think about one question for a long time, he can directly ask the male god for answers!

Besides, Lin Jianlu has just changed his subject. He shouldn’t have learned Physics, Chemistry, and Biology before. Even smart people have to have a learning process, right?

Yan Han doesn’t think he can help him at this level, but he can still do it when two people study together.

Learning is originally a long and boring process, and if he partners with this study god…

Yan Han had already made a major decision before anyone else noticed it.

He said, “No! I’ve no problem. You can sit here.”

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu replied and said to him, “Thank you.”

With his permission, the other party immediately began to arrange things.

Putting the things on the desk together one by one, Lin Jianlu’s movements were very quick and organized.

Then Yan Han saw that he took out a neatly folded piece of…cloth?

It looked like a tablecloth.

Lin Jianlu’s slender hand stretched out the tablecloth flexibly and laid it on his desk carefully.

Not to mention, that tablecloth was pretty cute.

After spreading the tablecloth, when Lin Jianlu began to organize the things on the desk again, Yan Han saw a cartoon giraffe with a bare bottom printed on the tablecloth.

Then, Yan Han looked down at his own desk that had many books that he had violently stuffed. The thick papers and exercise books on the desk almost overflowed because of the irregularities in the stacking. Yan Han suddenly felt that maybe at this moment, if he hadn’t given up that coquettish plan, it would have been expired now.

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