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TYFWWC Chapter 33 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

It was no use of regretting the matter until now. She actually wanted to say that it was better to let her die than apologizing to Yan Han. But looking at her broken mother and the angry father, she finally did not dare to say this hard.

But she knew that even if she stayed in this school, she was already over. The side of her that she didn’t want others to see would be made public like this. She would not even want to raise her head from now on.

Not only will her status among her classmates plummet, but in the days to come, she would have to pay for what she had done…

Yan Han nodded and said, “Let’s do it then.”

“Before the first and second grades are officially divided into classes, we will now announce a disciplinary decision. After school on Friday, Yu Jing from the eighteenth class of the first year called some unscrupulous students from outside the school to bully the students of our school. It has been confirmed that this situation is true and the school has given Yu Jing a suspension from the school. The remaining four students who had participated in her deeds, respectively…are all subject to a serious offense.”

The loudspeakers of the first to third grades and even of the entire school were turned on. There was a loud voice of Director Gu of the Teaching Department and everyone’s punishment was notified. Then a crying female voice said:

“I am Yu Jing from the 18th class of the first year… here… I solemnly apologize to Yan Han, Qin Siyu, and Wu Yabing from the 17th class for what I have done…”

From the moment the speaker sounded, everyone who knew them looked at each other.

Yu Jing ??? That arrogant, impolite, and uneducated Yu Jing?

She actually apologized publicly?

Qin Siyu, who was already sitting in the fourteenth class, was scared to death when she heard the announcement of the punishment decision on the speaker. Wen Juerong even pricked his ears to listen. When they heard that the person being punished turned out to be Yu Jing, at the time, they couldn’t help being a little surprised. But finally, when they didn’t hear Yan Han’s name in all the punishment lists, they were relieved.

It’s not over yet. When Yu Jing’s voice rang from inside, Qin Siyu’s eyes suddenly turned red when she heard her crying apology to herself and others.

Although she didn’t seem to care so much, everything she encountered in that alley that night became her nightmare.

All she saw in her dreams these past few days was her desperate self when Yu Jing and others were bullying her.

Qin Siyu felt that she did not need such an apology.

But when Yu Jing was confessing her guilt in the trembling voice in front of the whole school, it seemed that something had indeed hit her hard.

That thing seemed to make her have a firm belief in the words “karma is a bitch”, and she even more firmly believed that good deeds give good results and evil deeds give evil results.

It also seemed that the air around her seemed to be fresh after a long time and it seemed that all the grievances she had received after coming to this school became relieved.

It turned out that all she needed was such an apology.

She turned her head to look at Wen Juerong. Wen Juerong’s big face was already blooming and he gave her a thumbs up and made a grimacing face.

“Puff.” Qin Siyu burst into laughter.

She herself didn’t realize that she had just shed tears.

While Yu Jing was apologizing, Yan Han and Lin Jianlu walked from the office building back to the teaching building.

“You really don’t care whether the school expells her or not?” Lin Jianlu asked.

“I don’t care.” Yan Han said, “On the contrary, I think this is good.”

Lin Jianlu looked at him and waited for him to continue talking.

Yan Han stared and said naturally, “She was willing to apologize publicly only to stay in school. If she was expelled, how could we have had her apology?”

“But Yu Jing was the mastermind. If she doesn’t get expelled then no one else will be expelled. Keeping them in school…”

“Well, no one will dare to do anything stupid from now on for the time being.” Yan Han waved his hand and cut off his words.

As he said earlier, he didn’t care whether Yu Jing was expelled or not.

He just thinks that people like Yu Jing are both typically hateful and miserable.

It’s not that her past experience was pitiful, but that her act of building her pleasure on bullying and hurting others is actually an expression of surrendering and compromising to herself.

Her whole person is very miserable like a bug trapped in the gutter.

You shouldn’t even care about such a person.

He also understood that Lin Jianlu, as a school discipline committee member, felt that these people should be expelled. If it weren’t for the mess this time being huge, these people would have had gotten no punishment.

Faced with Lin Jianlu’s still looking gaze, Yan Han said: “Have you never heard of a saying?—-If people don’t offend me, I won’t offend people. If people offend me, I’ll forgive them for once but if they offend me again, I will totally eradicate them! ”

Yan Han sneered indifferently and said, “If they still dare to make trouble…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Wu coughed twice in his head.

…A warning!

Suddenly remembering that he still has to maintain himself, Yan Han quickly retracted his cold expression and smiled at Lin Jianlu: “If they still dare to make trouble, don’t I still have you, dear Lin Jianlu!” ”

Lin Jianlu: “…”

Yan Han also felt awkward.

In order to divert the subject, he suddenly asked, “Speaking of which…why did Yu Jing suddenly confess everything?”

Lin Jianlu glanced at him, “What do you think had actually happened?”

“I’m asking you…” Yan Han had just almost ruined his image and now Yan Han didn’t know how to talk to him. So he had to say truthfully: “In the beginning, I thought she was indeed going to confess but then she said she would rather transfer school than apologizing. So I just felt that she wouldn’t confess.”

“Well, she had indeed not told the truth when she was taken home from the police station.” Lin Jianlu glanced at him appreciatively. ”It’s just that it really was a huge incident. So everyone else had admitted it. It was useless for her to deny it alone.”

“Huh?” Yan Han thought that he really couldn’t keep up with Lin Jianlu’s thoughts.

“The boys from other schools that Yu Jing had found all confessed to their behavior. They confessed and the other girls confessed too that the mastermind was Yu Jing. The evidence was solid and everything became clear soon. “Lin Jianlu said.

“…” Yan Han turned to look at Lin Jianlu: “Those boys had confessed first?”

“Yes, two of them were high school seniors who have reached the age of 18. They did such a terrible thing, so they needed to be held criminally responsible, not to mention that they had previous criminal records. Only by their own confession could they be taken lightly.”

“…That….being held criminally responsible…..this thing…were you the one who had told them?” Yan Han finally understood what was going on!

And when he met Lin Jianlu’s eyes, he knew that his guess was not wrong!

On Friday, he found out that the boys were good at scaring people. In fact, they were all idiots, and they were not as united as others had thought. They were just a group of messy idiots.

In such a situation, Lin Jianlu went to destroy their ”unity” one by one…As long as one person confessed, others would naturally not dare to lie.

Yan Han was really shocked this time!

This kind of thing sounded like a huge amount of work. Not to mention going house to house and talking to them one by one, you have to play psychological tricks and get evidence… It can be said that Lin Jianlu had spent time on this case this whole weekend.

“Don’t worry, about those boys, Teacher Gu has already contacted their school. And the police are also paying attention to them. I guess…”

When Lin Jianlu was talking, Yan Han looked at him abruptly. It was impossible to say that he wasn’t moved by Lin Jianlu this time!

Although he had prepared some evidence there, it would have been troublesome if either Yu Jing hadn’t confessed or the school was biased.

What’s more, the ”forever honest child” Xiaowu had no experience in this aspect. When shooting the whole incident, the shooting angle wasn’t fixed making it look as if someone was just following him to record all those things. If he had shown the video and if someone would have asked this point, it would not have been easy to explain.

So Lin Jianlu was a big help to him this time!

This was not the first time. The other party had also stood firmly on his side in the last love letter incident…

If it were for someone else, Yan Han might only wonder why he had helped himself in this way.

But now the other party was Lin Jianlu, whose thinking style was different from ordinary people. Yan Han was even more curious: “How did you know that I was wronged?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“I won’t tell you.” Lin Jianlu said.


It was the first time that he had heard such childish words from Lin Jianlu. And Brother Yan, who was already planning to listen to some unique reasoning, was a bit embarrassed, to be honest.

But if he didn’t want to say it, it was okay. That was not very important.

The important thing was…

“Thank you.” Yan Han thanked him sincerely.

Lin Jianlu said: “It’s okay. After all, Teacher Gu had left this thing to me. How could I refuse him?”


Although the other party said so, Yan Han couldn’t just assume that nothing had happened.

He thought that this was not the first time the other party had helped him this way. And he wasn’t someone who was ungrateful.

So from now on, Lin Jianlu will be his dear brother!

The kind of brother that will remain together with him in both happy and sad times. They will go to hell together too.

This person…. although sometimes is too smart, he has different brain circuits unlike ordinary human beings, and his capability makes people fear him.

But being smart was not his fault.

Yan Han felt that he could not discriminate against him just because he was smart.

So putting aside all of his terrible capabilities and looking at this person, the other person was actually a good boy who seeks the truth and has a good heart.

At this moment, if it wasn’t for that coquettish plan, Yan Han would have really liked to hug this guy and ask him to drink a juice together.

However, that stupid plan was a long-term plan. There are still two weeks left for his coquettish plan. For these two weeks, he will endure it, and try to avoid this big brother as much as possible. He’ll wait until he finishes this plan and gets the treasure chest. Then he’ll properly thank him again………

When they were chatting, they had returned to the teaching building without knowing it. They walked all the way up the stairs to the third floor.

Yan Han was distracted and didn’t notice it at first until he found that Lin Jianlu had also gone up to the third floor with him. Lin Jianlu also walked to the door of Class 14. Yan Han felt strange and said: “What are you doing here with me? Hurry and go back to your class!”

Lin Jianlu looked up at the class board of Class 14 and said, “That’s right. I am coming back to class.”

Yan Han: “???”

Lin Jianlu turned his head to him and said, “I have transferred my class. And now I have been assigned to Class 14. I have been busy in the morning so I didn’t have a chance to move things. By coincidence, were you assigned here too?”

Yan Han:…

Yan Han felt that his brain was deep-fried.

He stared at Lin Jianlu in a daze. He felt that the other party’s thin lips had risen a bit showing a mysterious smile.

But when he came back to his senses, Lin Jianlu had knocked on the door and walked into the classroom of Class 14 with his long legs.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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