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TYFWWC Chapter 33 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Before coming, Yan Han had thought that he was going to experience another “bad battle”.

For example, Yu Jing would not admit that they were the ones that had messed with him first. For example, Yu Jing and the others reported their injury. Not only did the school would punish him, but also ask him to compensate them for all medical expenses. Otherwise, they would go to his grandparents who were far away in the countryside.

Yan Han had already thought of the solutions for every other possibilities-At the moment he had arrived, he had asked Xiao Wu to turn on the live broadcast equipment of Straight A’s live broadcast system and record everything in the alley.

Xiaowu was virtual, so naturally, it couldn’t hold his mobile phone. But it could hold the live broadcast equipment for himself.

It’s just that the equipment that comes with Straight A’s live broadcast system was not good, that is, content that is not related to learning cannot be broadcast live and will be automatically blocked by the system.

If a live broadcast is not available, it will not be broadcast online. And if it is not broadcasted online, it will not be seen by others and it will not become evidence.

In desperation, Yan Han had another plan. He asked Xiao Wu to take the live broadcast equipment to record the video first, and then he could find a way to save the video to his mobile phone. Then he could use that as a piece of evidence.

Although Xiao Wu said that this was illegal and Straight A’s live broadcast system could not be used to do this, Yan Han couldn’t help but say that it was not forbidden to use it, so Xiao Wu finally helped him with this favor.

Yan Han successfully saved the video on his mobile phone with the help of the live broadcast system.

In the video, it was true that Yu Jing’s group had come to “teach him a lesson” first. He was blocked in the alley by so many people and beating them was completely justified.

Of course, the part where he had stopped the opposite people from leaving has been cut off by Yan Han and deleted, thanks to the powerful post-processing technology that comes with the live broadcast system.

In any case, his plan was perfectly planned. He only had to wait for Yu Jing to act a bit today and he would have taken out the video so that he could get away.

But he had never expected that after entering the door, he would see Yu Jing’s face that was full of tears.

She did not have the arrogance of the past. Her shoulders were shrinking and the sides of her cheeks and eyes were red. She seemed to have cried a lot.

This situation was far from what Yan Han had previously imagined.

The sight now made Yan Han’s eyes widened. While looking at Yu Jing, he thought to himself: What’s going on? Did Yu Jing take the initiative to admit her mistake?

Yu Jing never looked at him from start to finish. The couple in front of him and the domineering Yu Jing were of completely different styles. To be honest, they didn’t look like…rich?

The woman was properly dressed but it was not that exquisite. Even though she wore makeup, she couldn’t conceal the traces of time on her face.

The man looked like he had experienced real-life affairs and he had gray hair on his temples.

Moreover, the clothes of these two people looked very ordinary. They had attitudes that were pleasing to the eye. They looked like the kind of ordinary people who work hard in society.

Yan Han had seen a lot of people like this. So he almost knew it just by looking at them… that Yu Jing’s family conditions should be considered ordinary at best. Her parents must have spent all their money on her, but she…

Looking at those parents who were humbly begging for forgiveness in front of him, Yan Han suddenly felt sad for them.

It was not necessary for him to think too deeply. The dean of teaching who was sitting behind the desk said: “Student Yu Jing has deeply realized her mistakes. The school will deal with this matter seriously. I called you today because she wants to apologize to you.”

“Does she really want to apologize to me? Will the school expel her if she doesn’t apologize?” Yan Han asked.

He didn’t seem to be softened by Yu Jing’s parents’ begging.

“Ohho, this student.” At this time, the other middle-aged woman who had been standing near Teacher Gu said, “Yu Jing really did something wrong this time. We can guarantee that as long as you are willing to forgive her, I promise you that in the future she will never bully students again in school!”

This seems to be Yu Jing’s aunt who was in charge of logistics at the school.

She was dressed up better than Yu Jing’s parents and she spoke more restrainedly.

But she didn’t seem to be ignorant of Yu Jing’s misdeeds at school.

So Yan Han didn’t respect her words at the moment.

Yan Han said: “If an apology is useful then why are there police uncles? This time I was lucky. If something really had happened, how would you have compensated me?”

As he said this, he also glanced at Lin Jianlu, who was standing next to him. He hadn’t spoken anything from beginning to end.

He didn’t know whether he should still act cute and coquettish at this time.

After all, he was almost assaulted! If he acts too calmly, will it…

He was thinking like this when Yu Jing’s mother suddenly stood up and said: “Student, I beg you. We are responsible for Yu Jing as parents from now on. If you don’t want to make things difficult for poor people like us, please let her stay here at school.”

She was about to kneel in front of Yan Han while begging for forgiveness.

Yan Han couldn’t stand her kneeling in front of him, so quickly, he squatted down to hold her on.

Although he looked slender and weak, he wasn’t lacking any strength. With his help, he directly helped the person up. Su Linpei and Yu Jing’s father were quick to hold the mother who was about to collapse.

Yu Jing, who was shrinking in the corner, started crying again. She seemed to have been crazy. Her cry was very loud, and her whole body collapsed. She rushed over to her mother and said, “Mom, let’s go home, let’s not beg her! ”

Unexpectedly, Yu Jing’s father who was by her side suddenly straightened his face and rushed up to give Yu Jing a slap in the face.

A slap in the face was not enough, he almost punched and kicked her.

“You little beast who only knows to cause trouble! Whom did I and your mother work so hard to make money for? Isn’t it all for you! But instead of going to school, you mix with other rascals and bully people! How old are you? You still don’t understand anything! Hurry up and apologize!”

Yu Jing seemed to be stupefied by this slap. To be honest, her dad sounded really cruel. Even Yan Han felt a bit painful when he heard it.

At this time, Yu Jing was sitting on the ground, twitching and crying. Her sharp and domineering outer shell was completely removed. Her family, her background, and everything about her was stripped naked and spread out. In front of the teacher and classmates, in front of Yan Han, even in front of the male god Lin Jianlu.

Her family background was indeed ordinary. Both of her parents were ordinary workers that had stable jobs.

That’s it.

But she was not willing to be ordinary. She was “smashing” all the way, relying on her cleverness and squandering her parents’ hard-earned money to make friends with many wealthy classmates. She successfully showed herself as a wealthy and powerful family member. She also established the kind of ”not easy to mess with” image.

But in the end, she was from an ordinary family background that had to depend on her aunt to enter this school. And once she is expelled, her parents will no longer be able to send her to other slightly decent high schools.

Yu Jing knew that this kind of herself was distorted and false. She knew this better than anyone else.

But while she despised herself, she also enjoyed the other’s clinginess calling her “Sister Jing, Sister Jing” and enjoyed the “respect” and fear of other classmates towards her.

She enjoyed all of that. Then she continued to act like that.

Although she faintly felt that these would not last long.

It was precisely because of this that she would constantly look for “good bullies” to target.

From the day when Yan Han was doing sensational exercises on the playground, she had been eyeing her.

It’s not the first time that she has done this kind of thing to gain recognition by bullying the losers. In addition to Yan Han’s unforgettable face, the more confident she was, the more she wanted to destroy her.

In class 18, she was accustomed to being with Wei Ningxin and the others. She didn’t put Yan Han in her eyes at all. That’s why she had troubled this person again and again.

She thought she must be the final winner.

But she never thought that the retribution really came.

And it came so fast.

Now, this layer of lie that she had worked so hard to disguise has been severely torn off. Ordinary and mediocre, yet selfish and ugly, this side of her was exposed that she had wanted to hide the most.

Yu Jing cried so hard that everyone in the office felt that the devil itself was singing a song in their ears for a moment. Even Yan Han frowned fiercely.

He didn’t come here to see how Yu Jing cried.

“Stop your act! You can ask me to forgive you.” Yan Han said: “But you have to apologize publicly to Qin Siyu and Wu Yabing (Qin Siyu’s roommate).”

After that, he said to the dean: “Whether this student will be expelled or not is the school’s decision. It has nothing to do with me and I don’t care. But I hope this kind of school violence will not happen again. So I still hope that the school can give us honest students an explanation.”

“I understand what you mean.” The dean nodded.

In fact, he is also a kind of selfless person. But Yujing’s uncle had a bit of right to speak on school matters, which involved a lot of things. And now, if it can be handled lightly, it will naturally be much more convenient.

But he was extremely disgusted with this kind of bullying this time and he will not easily let it go too quietly.

The dean of teaching said: “We plan to suspend her from school. This is also a warning to classmate Yu Jing. In addition, this is the last time. If something like this happens again, let alone me, no one can keep her! ”

“Yes, yes.” Yu Jing’s aunt quickly agreed, “I promise that there won’t be another time. If there will be another time, Director Gu, Yu Jing, she will do whatever you want!”

Yu Jing’s aunt had a smiling face but inside she was rolling her eyes.

She had heard some rumors about Yu Jing bullying her classmates at school, but she had thought that Yu Jing was an honest child. So when Yu Jing’s parents came to her door to beg her, she never thought that her niece could be so stupid and could provoke such a big disaster!

How many students are there that cannot afford to go to Luze high school? If it weren’t for Yu Jing’s parents who didn’t want her to transfer school crying and begging her, she wouldn’t have been so humble to forgive such a bitch!

If Yu Jing does this kind of thing again, let alone Master Gu, even she will not speak for this wench!

“Another thing.” Director Gu said again: “Just like how this student said, Yu Jing, you have to publicly apologize to all the victims of this incident.”

Yu Jing buried her head in muffled tears, not talking but crying.

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  1. Avatar Face-con says:

    I really don’t like how they handled campus bullying. Their student were almost raped, others got psychological stress but they just ignored all of it and want to go with one apology ?
    And this is famous school ?
    If I was MC I would really upload video on the internet and attract media attention to campus bullying as well as school turning blind eye to this

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