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TYFWWC Chapter 25

After strolling around with Wen Juerong, the two of them went back to the school for dinner and parted ways. Yan Han had to go back to study.

“Brother Yan! I had a great time today!” Wen Juerong, downstairs in the dormitory was obviously reluctant to part ways with Yan Han. He stretched out his chubby palm and waved his hand at Yan Han, wishing to go back to the girls dormitory with him.

“It would be great if Brother Yan could come to the man’s dormitary to sleep in.”

“…Stop your messy thoughts, don’t think about it.” Brother Yan was now very sensitive to any topic about boys and girls!

“Hehe, I’m joking! Then…bye bye.” Wen Juerong said reluctantly.

Yan Han was uncomfortable to be teased by him.

Wen Juerong was acting as if they were parting ways forever.


Yan Han waved at him. Then he quickly turned around and walked towards the stairs of the girl’s dormitary very elegantly.

In order to facilitate management, students of same grade were placed in the same building.

But the boys only lived on the top three floors, and the girls lived on the bottom three floors. After entering the gate, girls had to walk to the right and the boys had to walk to the left. The door to the stairs that was not of their gender was locked.

Yan Han stepped on the stairs and climbed to the third floor back to his dormitory. He locked the door and went to wash. He then continued to immerse himself in ​​study energetically.

Thursday and Friday was the day of giving placement test. There was not much time left for him.

Monday was another brand new day. Yan Han resisted his sleepiness and got up. He ran to the cafeteria to buy two steamed buns and then hurried to the classroom to study.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the cafeteria, he found someone watching him.

That person even whispered and pointed at him.

Yan Han remembered something like this happened the previous week too when he and Lin Jianlu were posted on an anonymous forum.

…So what’s wrong with these people again?

Instead of wasting his time to think about it, he might as well sleep in the dormitory if he has this time. Yan Han now cherishes his time very much. After buying the buns, he ran towards the teaching building.

After Yan Han ran away, several students got together. Someone took out his mobile phone to secretly glanced at the screen, which was the picture of Yan Han on the dancing machine yesterday.

The person in the picture was standing upright and heroically. Perhaps because of the shooting angle, the smiley expression with the corners of the lips curled up, looked evil.

The photo was obviously the candid one. The surrounding light was very strong. It was a little blurry, but it did not bury the stunning face in the photo at all.

“Is it her?”

“Looking at the photo, it seems to be her, ohho! Little sister is really pretty. She looks pretty even in our school uniform like this!”

“Such a killer little sister… No No No please hold me, I’m going to bend!”

Yan Han went all the way into the classroom under the eyes of others. He found that his classmates also looked at him with a strange look after he entered the room.

He was feeling inexplicable. But he still sat down on his chair and started to learn.

For gossip like this, he just have to wait for Wen Juerong to come and ask him. He doesn’t need to ask about it at all.

He was thinking like that when as soon as he sat down, the phone in the pocket of Yan Han’s trousers shook.

He sneaked it out and saw that it was a WeChat message sent to him by Li Hongqing.

——Come to my office when you are free in the morning.

Li Hongqing’s office was naturally the school infirmary.

Although this person sometimes does things unexpectedly, but he was also reliable. This was the first time he had taken initiative to call him. Yan Han knew that he had something to do, so he replied:

Got it.

Then he took out his books to study.

It was unknown whether it was because this time he was determined to study hard and change his past, Yan Han could now sit still and endure hardships better than before.

Yesterday, he did not go to bed until nearly early in the morning when he studied. Moreover he also slept only for less than six hours. He was still very sleepy at the moment.

People feel uncomfortable when they are sleepy.

However, he could resist this kind of sleepiness. He was quite devoted to memorizing English texts.

After learning, Yan Han forgot about the matter of the morning. He forgot to ask about that when he saw Wen Juerong.

When the second period was over, it was time for the flag-raising ceremony. Yan Han asked the head teacher for leave and went to the school infirmary.

If there was no any unexpected accident in the flag-raising ceremony, all teachers and students of the school had to participate. But the school infirmary still needed to have a teacher on duty.

Yan Han arrived at the school infirmary and saw that Li Hongqing was inside. So he closed the door and asked him, “Say? Why are you looking for me in such a hurry?”

“Of course it’s because of a good thing!” Li Hongqing had a handsome face today. He even had a pair of decorative rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose. “I asked you to come here to issue a task for you.”

“…Hidden mission?!” Yan Han also came back to his spirit.


Li Hongqing said, leaning against his desk, “When I was about to go to the bed last night, I suddenly got a reminder that you have triggered a hidden task. Don’t you think it’s weird?”

“Huh? What time exactly?”

”It was at around nine o’clock.”

“You went to bed at nine?”

“…This is not the point!” Li Hongqing tidyed up his white coat with an embarrassment on his face, “Don’t guess randomly! Yesterday was an accidental case. Brother’s usual nightlife is very enriched!”

Yan Han: …………..An innocent look.

He hadn’t think much about it!

Li Hongqing diverged the subject off and changed to a very gossip and weird expression and asked him, “So what did you do at nine o’clock last night?”

At nine o’clock last night…

“I didn’t do anything.” Yan Han was even more innocent.

He was studying at that time.

That’s right… So why was the hidden mission triggered?

“No.” Li Hongqing’s gossip soul was obviously still not extinguished. “No, no, you tell me honestly, did you secretly meet someone last night, that person…for example, the surnamed Lin?”

“What’s Lin, Gin, Hin? Lao Zi went back to the bedroom yesterday and started doing homework. I studied from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock. I didn’t went anywhere except for peeing!” Yan Han had no patience. “What is the task, just say. Don’t keep me guessing it.”

“That’s weird.”

Yesterday, the NPC assistance system suddenly reminded him that he had a new mission. Logically speaking, the triggering of the hidden mission will show the cause of the trigger to their npc.

But yesterday’s one didn’t.

Because this task was full of weirdness, he also asked the customer service whether there was a bug.

“You don’t know, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep well last night!” Li Hongqing pointed to the eye bags under his glasses frame and said, “Look at it! You are responsible for this!”

Yan Han was dumbfounded. Why did his hidden mission made Li Hongqing so excited?

Seeing Li Hongqing looking distressedly in the mirror to observe his eye bags, Yan Han had to remind:

“…You haven’t said what kind of weird task it is.”

Li Hongqing touched his chin and a light screen flashed in front of Yan Han’s eyes——

Task code: 120.

Task name: “21-day coquettish plan” (Full name: “role-playing coquettish beauty for 21-day plan”)

Task requirements: Play a charming beauty in front of the targeted person. Show a variety of charming and cute manners or be a timid and fragile girl. Do not expose any vulgarity, roughness or indecent things in the situation where the targeted person is located…

Yan Han:…

When he read the front, Yan Han’s expression was : ? ? ?

When he read the back, his expression changed to : ? ! !

Because behind the light screen, there was written–

Target person: Luze High School’s first year student, Lin Jianlu.

“What the hell? It’s not…” Yan Han was feeling like a fool at this time, “Xiao Wu! Come out here!”

[Coming! ] The doll voice sounded. Xiao Wu changed his body and cute girl fell from the sky, [What’s the matter, master? 】

“Tell me, what’s the situation?! What kind of weird task is this?” What kind of charming and coquettish? Even somekind of timid and fragile was also mentioned…Was it not afraid that Lao Zi will directly press and crush him!

But this was not the point…

“What’s the matter with you systems? How the hell is that Lin Jianlu even related to the task? Is he also your NPC?”

It didn’t matter if the targeted person was others, but it was this person!

Until now, Yan Han still feels scared at the thought of the other person’s silent thinking.

[Emmmm…] Xiao Wu made a long emmmmmmmm sound of thinking. It answered three seconds later: [I have verified it for you here, the task is not wrong, and [Lin Jianlu] is not our internal employee. 】

“Then why is the task related to him? Why do you want Lao Zi to act cute to him?”

[I don’t know this. Every hidden task is triggered for a reason. Rather than questioning Xiao Wu, host better think about what good things you have done outside! humph ! 】

The voice of the doll was as if it was wronged: [Furthermore, I am just an auxiliary system and this task was not released by me! humph !】


Yan Han: “It’s not the case, you two[XW and LHQ] are not from the same department?”

[Obviously not. 】The cute girl in a miniskirt stood tall: 【Just look at the appearance! 】


But this reminded him.

Yan Han turned his head and asked Li Hongqing: “Do you happen to know why this target person is Lin Jianlu?”

“How would I know?” Li Hongqing said innocently, “If I knew, would I ask you?”

“Don’t you know?” Yan Han snorted and approached Li Hongqing step by step: “But why do I always feel that there is a strange deal between the two of you?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh?” Li Hongqing opened his mouth wide, a little dumbfounded: “Don’t talk nonsense, although I am a gay and he is also a handsome boy, but the teacher and student’s relationship between us is very serious!”

Yan Han: “I remember seeing Lin Jianlu in the bathroom when I came to your bathroom on the first day.”


“In broad daylight, without any reason, why does he have to come to use your toilet?”

“Hey, it’s about that, hahaha.” Li Hongqing seemed to finally understand: “Then you are misunderstanding. The other day Lin Jianlu came to ask about his illness. He has a habit of cleanliness. It belongs to the category of psychology and came here specially to ask me for consultation.”


Yan Han was shocked: “Aren’t you a surgeon?”

“Cough cough, medical department , I am from medical department.” Li Hongqing corrected him: “I am a minor in psychology, so don’t underestimate me. I have a certificate, I’m telling you.”

Yan Han still felt that something was wrong, so he asked Li Hongqing: “Did you ask the customer service team that you suspected there was a bug? What did the other party say?”

“The customer service said that there is no problem. This task was released because someone triggered it. It is a confidential hidden task that will be automatically released by the system as long as it is triggered. The specific reason must be found from you. Otherwise, why would I be so excited! I thought you two had something unknown…”

“What’s unknown?”

“…Nothing, nothing.”

After Yan Han’s fierce gaze, Li Hongqing knew that he was thinking too much. He didn’t dare to think of it anymore. He felt that he would be beaten as long as he said it loud.

It’s just that a mission to act like a coquettish beauty was suddenly issued. There was even the name of target specifically mentioned. Wouldn’t this make people think too much!

Thinking about it… He gently felt wronged!

There seemed to be nothing suspicious about Li Hongqing’s reaction. Yan Han patiently continued to read the words on the light screen.

Task reward: a random treasure chest.

Note: It is required to play and maintain the image of a fascinating and charming beauty in front of the targeted person for 21 days. OOC will be regarded as a failure of the mission. If it fails, the host can choose to restart the task, and the time will be recalculated.

*OOC: OutOfCharacter, refers to the role played out of the character..

“So if this task fails, I can do it again?” Yan Han asked.

“Looking at the literal meaning, yes.” Li Hongqing replied.

Ah, that’s acceptable.

If he really has to perform a 21-day drama in front of a person, once his original form is revealed and it is regarded as a failure of the mission, he would hardly be able to do it again successfully.

It was better to give up directly.

It’s simply torturing him!

But if it could be done repeatedly, this task was still quite attractive.

Last time, a live broadcast system was opened in a random treasure chest. Although it hasn’t improved much now, at least he has made a little money by relying on the live broadcast.

And as Xiao Wu said, the courseware on the live broadcast system is very precious, some of which are simpler and easier to understand than the teacher explained in the class. He is also very motivated to learn during the live broadcast.

Therefore, Yan Han was still very optimistic about the thing in this random treasure chest. He didn’t want to give up easily.

Fortunately, he had nothing to do with Lin Jianlu and he doesn’t have to meet him every day.

He still can do anything when Lin Jianlu is not present. He is still that loud hero!

Thinking about it, 21 days are only three weeks. Excluding the two days of Saturday and Sunday, there is absolutely no chance of meeting. Then only fifteen days was left.

Yan Han does not guarantee that he will not be exposed within fifteen days, but this task can be restarted at any time. He can choose to do it again during the summer vacation when he will not meet Lin Jianlu at all and then comfortably and efficiently complete the task.

In short, he is sure to take this treasure chest.

“Can the mission start from now?”

[Yes. ] This time Xiao Wu answered.

“What are you waiting for, hurry up, start now!”

He can do it or not, let’s try it first.

It was unknown if it’s because of the task, Yan Han concluded from this moment, every second of not seeing Lin Jianlu is very precious to him.

He can be himself freely.

……The first step to be yourself freely is to release the urine from the bladder.

He hasn’t peed this morning.

When he was peeing, Yan Han was thinking about the whole task. His image in school is quite beautiful now, so the “beauty” has already been achieved. So there is no need to specially think about it.

But there was still a little detail that he ignored. He asked Xiao Wu: “What is the one you asked me to act like? Is there a reference? How can I act as a qualified… coquettish beauty?”

Forgive him, he got goose bumps just by saying the last two words.

[The temperament of a coquettish beauty requires a long period of fascination and orientation training, you… don’t expect too much, it’s almost like learning at the last moment. 】


For the mission, Yan Han swallowed his breath: “But still tell me, how do I do it?”

【Being both cute and charming is important. 】


[First of all, it’s the most basic not to swear, not raise your fists and to beat people. The expression should not be so fierce and evil. As for charming, oops, it’s easy. Haven’t you ever seen the kind of person who speaks and behaves sweetly and enthusiastically, who is sweet and kind when talking with others and even has own style of swearing and beating.】

…It seems he has seen it before.

After all, Brother Yan was considered rich in social experience. He has met quite a lot of people.

Yan Han freed his mind to think about it. The person who always talks and behaves very enthusiastically, who is very sweet and kind to others……Wen Juerong?

! ! !

He was clearly thinking about beauty here. He doesn’t know why Wen Juerong’s big smiling face popped up in his mind!

At the same time, his brain automatically assumed that if it wanted to learn from him, it would develop in his direction… Yan Han shivered.

Even little Yan Han[his penis], who had just released the urine, trembled.


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