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TYFWWC Chapter 24.2

The First Time I Came To The Bar, I Wouldn't Be Able To Get In Unless I Followed Lin Jianlu

But why the hell was he drinking juice at a bar? He dragged the electronic menu to open the juice page…………128 Yuan per cup! The cheapest was 88! Fucking hell! It was more expensive than wine, it’s too much!

He was just about to complain when Su Linpei saw a tall and beautiful lady passing by through the private room door that was only half closed.

…That silhouette looked a bit familiar?

! !

In the past two days, he had had a nightmare and he would not recognize the wrong person.

“Boss! I seem to have seen that woman that day!” Su Linpei suddenly jumped up.

“Huh?” Lin Jianlu was playing a Sudoku game on his mobile phone. So, his tone was a little casual.

“It’s her in the school hospital!”


Su Linpei had already started to chase that person in a hurry. When Lin Jianlu went out, he saw that Su Linpei’s entire body was stiff. The place where his line of sight was on the tall and beautiful lady who was sitting at the bar’s front desk.

With long and black hair straight down, the delicately managed bangs laid on the forehead cleverly. This person also had put on makeup.

But no matter what he looked like, he couldn’t conceal his overly masculine facial features and the prominent Adam’s apple on his neck.

Lin Jianlu: “…”

Su Linpei was stunned. His eyes widened for a long time before he could react: “…At last, this motherfucker is actually a man in women’s clothes! It seems that I have recognized the wrong person. It’s truly a nightmare.”

Touching the back of his head, Su Linpei was a little embarrassed.

Seeing that his boss didn’t respond, he turned his head and looked over. Lin Jianlu pursed his thin lips. His eyes shone like a cold knife, and muttered, “In women’s clothing?”

It seemed that the most important point has been picked up and the broken clues in his brain were automatically reorganized to form a meticulous web.

Those clues were all sorted and stored in his brain. Lin Jianlu didn’t usually put them out to study repeatedly.

But when this key point was found, it was as if cold water splashed into the oil pan. His mind exploded for an instant, that is, at that instant he had automatically deduced a result.

…When all the evidence pointed to a result, even if it was unbelievable, it must be believed.

“Yes, I heard my sister say that this is popular now. There are so many gay bars, but I didn’t expect to encounter them here…” Su Linpei was interrupted when Lin Jianlu muttered to himself: ” I seem to know.”

“Huh?” Su Linpei was even more confused.

But the law was still the same. If his boss said that he seems to know it, he basically is already certain about it.

“Boss, what do you know?” Su Linpei asked inexplicably.

Lin Jianlu raised his lips slightly and said.

“That variable.”


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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