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TYFWWC Chapter 21

In the swimming class in afternoon, Yan Han, who had a wound on his arm and got issued a leave note for swimming class by school’s infirmary doctor, sat quietly and watched other students warm up and get into the water.

The school’s swimming pool was fully enclosed and was located on the top floor of the indoor gymnasium. The hollow glass above was pouring the afternoon sun at this time causing the azure blue water surface in the pool shine clearly and transparently.

It was really beautiful.

Seeing his classmates jump into the water one by one, Yan Han couldn’t help but develop a yearning in his heart.

In fact, he also likes swimming. He swims quite well.

The feeling of being able to use lightness to float on the water or to swing the limbs freely in the water, was really comfortable to think about.

Yan Han sighed again. He took out the simplified physics knowledge manual and began to continue learning.

After returning to the dormitory these two days, he always felt really sleepy. In addition, his brain was still hurting. His progress in reviewing physics knowledge manual was very slow, and he had not even finished it yet.

Actually, Yan Han wanted to memorize English texts in the swimming class but the English book was too big. He didn’t have a miniature version at hand, so he had to learn physics.

Swimming lessons were more relaxed for students who asked for leave. After all, they could do anything except for swimming in the water. They could move around freely, as long as they stayed outside the swimming pool.

So Yan Han found a corner to sit and read and no one cared about it.

But his behavior was quite shocking in the eyes of many classmates. So when Yan Han was outside the pool learning, some people complained about him from the pool.

“Wow, do you have to be so serious about studying.”

“She’s acting like it’s the college entrance examination tomorrow.”

“Puff, I won’t be as diligent as her for the college entrance examination even if it was tomorrow.”

“Isn’t she still in Class 17 even if she’s learning like that. I’d like to see how high grades she can get in the placement test.”

Sometimes the atmosphere and morale of the school is really important.

It’s not that many students do not want to work hard, but they dare not try their best.

Because no matter how high grade you once got, once you fail, you will be ridiculed in many ways.

Not just this, even before waiting for the placement test, some people were waiting to see his show.

But Yan Han really didn’t care about all this.

In the past two days, he was annoyed to hear such words. He was too lazy to talk or else he would have asked these people who were waiting to “watch his show”, ‘which class Lao Zi goes to, what does it matter to you?’

Yan Han completely ignored them. He sat cross-legged on the plastic non-slippery ground, sketching and taking notes on his notebook.

Ahhhh, it really was better to study science while reading and taking notes. Now he outlined the key points and he still has to write down notes when he goes back. It felt like a waste of time.

When he’ll go to the bookstore on the weekends, he’ll have to stop by to see if there are any simplified English textbooks.

Yan Han looked not so serious now.

Although the swimming pool was relatively closed and the indoor environment was very noisy causing Yan Han to occasionally be distracted by the noise, but every time this situation occured, he would force himself to concentrate on the books and not be affected by the external environment.

In this way, the people who ridiculed him at first discovered that he was still learning even after their mocking. They couldn’t help but be attracted by his serious appearance.

Particularly, Yan Han had lowered his head slightly. Few strands of his hair scattered around his ears dropping loosely and covering half of his cheek slightly.

From the side, they could see his bright and clean face, high nose bridge and piercing eyes, which looked more beautiful in the vagueness. Coupled with his focused and serious look, everyone nearby were staring him in awe.

Although dumbfounded but they still didn’t dare to look at him openly for long.

Because the scene was so beautiful, it felt blasphemous to look at it more.

What’s more, they had despised him just now.

“I have to say, Yan Han is so beautiful.”


Several people talked in a whisper. Although they didn’t admit it, they couldn’t help thinking that not only was she beautiful, but she also had a personality. No wonder so many people liked her.

This Yan Han was really good. If it was them, they would not have the courage to do such a maverick thing after being dissed by others, but she had been reading the book carefully from beginning to end.

She was really learning, not grabbing the attention or showing off.

She was also very strong and didn’t care about other people’s eyes…

On the other hand, Su Linpei dragged his disabled foot to find Lin Jianlu and told him what he had just seen.

“Really! Boss! I didn’t lie to you! Yan Han really is a lesbian! She was fucking with someone in the school infirmary! Although I didn’t see who that person was, she hadn’t wore a school uniform but she also didn’t looked like a teacher…”

Lin Jianlu turned the pen in his hand and looked at Su Linpei’s ankle: “Did you not go to the school infirmary to treat the sprain? Did you treat it?”

Su Linpei: “…Why would I think still about treating a foot injury after all that thing! As soon as I discovered the situation, I rushed here to tell you!”

Lin Jianlu: “Then why didn’t you go to the school infirmary to see who that person was and also treat the foot injury at the same time?”

Su Linpei: “…”

His voice stopped abruptly. He felt that not only his foot but his intelligence was also hurt.

But this time he reacted very quickly. He took out his mobile phone and started the video for Lin Jianlu to watch.

In order to facilitate communication, the school allows school disciplinary committee members to bring mobile phones but they can only be used for public use and cannot be used for other purposes.

The phone pixels were too bad. At that time, Su Linpei was far away and the light was not too good, so the image on the video was extremely blurry. They could barely see that Yan Han was sent out of the school infirmary’s door by a tall black-clothed person. They repeated the process and looked at it three times, but they could only see the long and straight side face of that person.

Su Linpei couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. After a while, Su Linpei said again: “I see! There is monitoring! We can watch the monitoring device!”

Lin Jianlu disagreed with this matter. He was looking at a document and said casually: “Dealing with right and wrong must be based on facts. The video will inevitably alarm the school. Furthermore we don’t even have enough evidence to prove it. If it is just a misunderstanding. What to do? This will have a very bad effect on the person involved.”

Su Linpei: “…”

After so long, his boss’s eloquence ability remained undiminished.

“I’m anxious for you, boss!” Su Linpei had expected more from his boss.

“Huh?” Lin Jianlu obviously didn’t understand what he meant.

“How can you bear that your woman is a lesbian!”

“She’s not a lesbian.”


“A person’s words and actions usually reveal some of their inner thoughts or orientations. She has no opinion on girls, and the probability of her being lesbian is no more than 20%.”

“That’s still a 20% possibility!”

At this time, Lin Jianlu looked up at him.

Su Linpei was silent immediately.

He knows the probability theory of his boss’s conservative estimate. If he says there is twenty percent chance,but in fact there may not be even ten percent of chance.

If he says it’s almost zero, then that thing is absolutely impossible.

“Okay, just assume I misunderstood her. But boss, you should also pay attention to it! You have no experience in this area, I am really afraid that you will be deceived.” Su Linpei did not forget to advise him.

Lu Jianlu didn’t reply again. Su Linpei lowered his head and saw Lu Jianlu pursing his lips slightly while looking at the side face that was frozen on his mobile phone.

It’s fascinating.


“Ah.” Lin Jianlu’s expression quickly recovered as before, “Didn’t I said that before, I don’t have that kind of relationship with that student.”

“Huh? But…”

The anonymous forum was exploding in the past two days. Some people even started to write CP articles for them. So, Su Linpei almost fell into the pit.

It’s no wonder that he thought too much. It is because his boss is usually busy with either school work or his company’s matter. He is very busy. Although he is an influential boy in the school, his boss has never been so frequently involved on the gossip with a person like this!

“We really are not, don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Jianlu retracted his gaze. He put the pen in his hand on the cap and said, “You can rest here for a while. I’ll go to the school infirmary and get you some medicine.”

“What? Boss, are you going to the school infirmary? Then I’ll go too!”

Lin Jianlu stood up, tidyed up his uniform and smoothed out some slight wrinkles on it, “Your foot…”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Su Linpei clenched his fist. “I have to go and see if I can find any clues!”

Of course, the clues was not found. When Su Linpei returned to the school infirmary, Li Hongqing had taken off his wig long ago. He had put on a white coat again and buttoned the button to the top. He was neatly dressed and handsome.

“What’s the matter? Sit here.” Closing the medical book in front of him, Li Hongqing welcomed the group in with a very responsible attitude.

As Su Linpei insisted on coming by himself, Lin Jianlu temporarily asked two classmates to help him over.

“It’s okay, Teacher Li, I just got my ankle sprained a little bit. It shouldn’t be serious. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

They all knew the teachers in the school infirmary. Especially this outstanding-looking, generous, polite, patient, and warm-hearted young teacher. He had a good relationship with them and Su Linpei respected him very much.

He took off his shoes and socks and gave Li Hongqing a check. In fact, Su Linpei wanted to ask him if he had any strange women here.

But remembering what Lin Jianlu said just now, he chose to remain silent.

This incident had to be temporarily escalated into a mystery.


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