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TYFWWC Chapter 20

Yan Han returned to the class after having lunch with Lin Jianlu.

Only then did he understood why someone who had been hanging around on campus all day to maintain order could still be a Straight A student.

——Because everyone’s intelligence is not on the same level at all.

So accordingly, He himself didn’t know what Lin Jianlu thought, but Lin Jianlu seemed to know what he thought easily.

It can be seen from the love letter that he[LJL] had never known the original owner before. Other students who got along with each other day and night did not realize what was wrong. Lin Jianlu was able to find the problem through some logical errors and slight violations and inferred that there were…… he said that word…Oh yes, there were variables.

…Who can stand this much!

Who knows if he has discovered anything else!

… Suddenly, he said that Yan Han looked better in pants than in skirts. There definitely was a problem!

Taking advantage of this lunch break, Yan Han decided to make up for the last meal when Lin Jianlu invited him but didn’t received his red envelopes. But he remained quiet the entire time.

He absolutely couldn’t cause troubles, only could study wholeheartedly. He left the classroom door as little as possible and avoided that Lin Jianlu.

The time spent studying hard always flew very quickly. Yan Han once felt that he was just aimlessly leading a befuddled life.

When others were chatting and chatting, he was doing his homework. When others were reading magazines and chasing stars, he was memorizing texts and when others were secretly using mobile phones to play games, he was preparing for the next subject…

But even so, Yan Han still felt doubtful. He would forget many things after memorizing. He wasn’t able to adapt things making Yan Han feel very frustrated.

But he had just started to learn and there was no way he could learn everything. Yan Han chose to grit his teeth and insisted on learning.

It was too late to return to the dormitory after school at night. He was already very tired and wanted to go to bed, but Yan Han still started the live broadcast, planning to get rid of the unfinished homework first, and then follow the method of yesterday to apply the knowledge before the physics class and review it too.

One day later, his fans have changed from the original 19 people to the current 20 people. As soon as Yan Han opened the live broadcast, a barrage flew over——

”Ying Ying Ying Anchor, you are finally here, in order to do my homework with you, I played with my mobile phone entire time waiting for you for more than an hour!”

Yan Han: “…”

He did not intend to speak, after all, learning was obviously more important than the live broadcast.

What’s more, he had watched the live broadcast many times before. He knows that the anchor has to have his own personality and style. As for his style… he just won’t talk. After all, he couldn’t watch the barrage when he was studying, and he was destined to be unable to communicate with fans.

Yan Han opened the physics textbook in front of him and started today’s night reading.

The days go back and forth, but the busy life was still like a passing train, it rumbles, but it can easily send people to the destination at the end of the time.

Soon it was Thursday. In the morning, Yan Han glanced at the class schedule habitually, and was successfully attracted by the few words…

“…What the fuck is swimming class!” Yan Han asked Xiao Wu: “This school even has swimming classes?!”

[Yes, literally, you read it right. 】

Yan Han: “It takes dozens of yuan to swim outside at a time, right? This school is too wealthy?!”

[Fortunately, it is Luze High School after all.】 There was a sense of reason in Xiao Wu’s words.

Sorry, he was poor and it limited his imagination.

But this was not the point.

The point was how’ll he take swimming lessons !

Not to mention his ”washboard”[means figure of female with flat chest] like figure, just the pole[penis] under his crotch was enough… Can ordinary swimsuits really cover it?

Yan Han knocked on his head with a headache. Xiao Wu without fearing death reminded him at this time: [All of them must be in the form of women’s clothing! 】

… Was this not a nonsense ? !

Having a headache all morning, Brother Yan still forced himself to take the literature class first.

The swimming class was the first period in the afternoon class. Yan Han rushed to the school infirmary and found Li Hongqing.

It happened that the other teacher on duty left early this afternoon, and there was no one else in the school infirmary at the moment.

“This problem sounds very serious.” Li Hongqing touched his chin.

Yan Han half leaned on his chair, cross legged his legs in an unimaginative manner, and said boldly, “Isn’t your task to help me cover? Then tell me what should I do now?”

“Actually, I am more worried about your problems above your waist than you are worried about the problems below.”

“what is the problem?”

“The problem with the chest, it’s the boobs inside you…”

“Get lost! Haven’t you heard of chest pad? It’s just the matter of putting pad on it.”

“So you actually agreed to use chest pads?” Li Hongqing seemed to be frightened to a certain extent, “Ah no! So you actually know that there are chest pads?!”

“…” Yan Han took a deep breath: “Why do you think I won’t agree with putting on chest pads?”

In fact, he was not very happy.

But he already worn skirts, it won’t be too bad to put on chest pads.

It’s strange to say this thing. If you have to sum it up, it’s probably that his morals and lower limits were really wiped out at the time he wore a skirt.

Only then did Li Hongqing react: “Ohho, I hate it, I assumed you to be a big strong ”top” again.”

His appearance was suddenly shy and his voice suddenly became timid.

Yan Han: “…”

He continued to take a deep breath.

When Li Hongqing looked him before, he often kept his eyes glazed at every turn, so that Yan Han had no choice but to emphasize his attributes[sexual orientation] even if he didn’t want to emphasize.

Although he was rough and his heart was not soft, but he can’t be the one in upwards[he can’t be gong lmao].

Of course, the adjective Li Hongqing used above was quite appropriate though.

“The chest problem is solved. The bottom part is easy to handle. There is that kind of restraint belt.” Li Hongqing felt that he was a little genius.

“What the hell?”

“What ‘what the hell’, it is to bind and fix the bottom prolem. Although it is not used for this purpose, but at least it can be guaranteed that your pole won’t come out.[referring to his penis]” Little genius snapped his fingers.


Don’t know why, Yan Han felt a little pain below.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me and I will buy it for you after I’ll get off work.” Li Hongqing said, “I actually have it at home, but it’s used. If you don’t mind…”

“You’d better buy me a new one.” Yan Han felt horrified when he thought about the inner scene. “You buy it for me. When Lao Zi has money, Lao Zi will pay you back.”

“Oii Oii, hey buddy why are you mentioning money? ” Li Hongqing leaned in front of him again, and talked to him like some girl bestfriend: “Speaking of which, have you tried that kind of props?”

“What kind of props?”

“Just like that!”

“…No.” Yan said with a cold face.

Although he had explained his attributes, Yan Han did not want to tell him about his virginity.

He is not deliberately concealing it but it’s really………. it’s just fucking hard to say it!

Originally, Li Hongqing had suspected that he was an unromantic and rough old man. He was even mistaken for being a straight man at first. If he[LHQ] were to know that he was still a virgin man, he[LHQ] definitely would make it a big deal.

You know, the other side’s gentle and handsome appearance also had a gossip heart that was no less than Wen Juerong’s.

“Try it if you have a chance.”

Seeing that Li Hongqing was about to sincerely recommend things again, Yan Han hurriedly told him to stop. He still had some important things to say.

“Don’t worry, you are underage.” Li Hongqing said, “Anyhow I’m a teacher, I can’t influence children badly.”

Yan Han: “…”

“Coming to the point.” Li Hongqing coughed twice, “I will fix the props for you, but I won’t be able to get them until tomorrow. During this period…”

Yan Han had already thought of the method during this period.

He unbuttoned the cufflinks of the school uniform jacket and inner shirt one by one, revealing his arms wrapped in gauze, “You can give me a certificate, saying that my arm is injured and I can’t get into water.”

After a few days of training, the injury on his arm was already well but he couldn’t do strenuous exercise yet and he couldn’t take lessons like swimming.

“Han Han! You are so smart!” Li Hongqing was excited and rushed forward to hug him but was slapped back by Yan Han with a quick slap.

Yan Han couldn’t help getting goose bumps when he was called Hanhan.

“Come to the point!”

“What else is there?”

“This…I also can’t think of it anymore.” Yan Han said without embarrassment: “Then it’s okay. Let’s do it first.”

“Wait Hanhan! I remember!”

“What?” Yan Han asked, shaking the goosebumps on his arm.

“I have chest pads here, do you want to try it first?”

“…what ‘try’, give it to me and I will try it myself.”

“But can you really use this thing? It’s useless to stick on your hard pectoral muscles.”


“You have to squeeze it.”


Why was this thing so troublesome!

“It can’t be you’re feeling shy? Ohhooo, we are good sisters afterall, why are you being so shy?”

Li Hongqing said reaching out and touching in a drawer. He then found out a wig.

The wig had long and straight hair with bangs and he was wearing it skillfully on his head. After a little tidying, Li Hongqing seemed to be a different person.

The original delicate features, coupled with long waist-length hair, immediately became more solemn and delicate than before. His straight bangs and the hair scattered around his ears made his face more beautiful and his face immediately turned into a small V-shaped face.

With well-maintained delicate and tender skin, Li Hongqing took off his white coat and made a gesture of scratching his head… He was fucking more feminine than a woman!

So the system actually chose the wrong person, right? This man was more suitable to be a Big Boss in a women’s clothing!

“Don’t praise me so much, I’ll be shy!” Li Hongqing was obviously satisfied with the effect of his women’s clothing. In fact, he often wears this attire in nightclubs.

Yan Han has only been to a gay bar once. After entering, he was entangled by a few small shous[bottom]. He felt dull and frightened, so he never went again.

“Gay bars are usually full with shous.” Li Hongqing waved his hand indifferently, and fiddled with the long hair that hung on his shoulder. He deliberately pinched his throat and said: “A gong[top] is hard to find but a good quality gong is inherently difficult. If you encounter it, you have to chase it by your ability. You will know after your Brother takes you to see.”


No thank you.

“Okay, stop talking! Come here, there is no monitoring here.” Li Hongqing continued to pinch his throat and said, “It’s time to do business! Take off your clothes fast!”


Su Linpei didn’t know which immortal he offended today. He almost choked to death after drinking milk in the morning. After going to the cafeteria for a meal at noon, he slipped and sprained his foot.

The other brothers still had things to do, so he didn’t ask anyone to accompany him. He thought that he would drop by the school infirmary and buy a bottle of spray or something.

Unexpectedly, when he walked to the entrance of the school infirmary, he found that the door was closed.

As soon as he was about to knock on the door, he was silenced by a strange sound inside!

What does it mean to do business quickly? What business needs to take off your clothes!

Su Linpei was completely in a daze. He reacted after a while before remembering to put his ear on the door and wanting to hear what was going on.

As a result, he forgot to move while leaning. He then heard another voice inside saying:

“Fuck, it’s so cold.”

Huh? This sound was a bit familiar? …

He was wondering when the voice inside got louder:

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, be lighter!…Fuck, it’s so tight…”

“Shhh, keep your voice down and bear with it.”

“I can’t breathe… well…”

Su Linpei:……! ! !

His body bounced away uncontrollably. His back was pressed against the opposite wall and his hands and feet were stiff.

…So what was this called? Occasional sexual affairs in the school infirmary? Shouldn’t this..this..this matter be managed properly? Should he manage them? Who was inside…

His brain was blank and the whole person was in a state of death. Su Linpei has been a kind of upright young boy from childhood to most of the time. He has never encountered such a thing…

Boss… By the way, Boss!

He was already long accustomed to finding his boss whenever something occured. Su Linpei quickly took out his mobile phone.

Before he could dial the call, the door of the school infirmary made a sound. At that moment, Su Linpei was like a deer being chased by a tiger, acting entirely by instinct, and he ducked into the corner of the corridor.

The door of the school infirmary was opened again and he poked his head out from the wall to look out and at the same time he didn’t forget to record it all with his mobile phone.

If the person inside was a teacher, it’s okay. But if it’s a student…

Wait…Mother Fucking……….? ! Wasn’t that Yan Han!

So the other person in the school infirmary with her was………..a woman? !

Su Linpei couldn’t see clearly when he was too far away but he could see that the other person was tall with long hair!

So this erotic incident in the school infirmary… was actually a girl to girl version? !

Su Linpei’s brain knotted again. He then heard the woman say in a weird voice: “Old man, come here often when you have time.”

Yan Han, who had gone away, waved to her, looking a bit cold.

Mother fucking……. fuck everything!

Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Su Linpei was so scared that he forgot his sprained feet and immediately left the building with his stumped leg from the other side to find his boss.

He must quickly tell the boss about this!

His boss was a pure person! He will never allow it! He won’t allow the boss to be cheated the first time he fell in love!


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