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TYFWWC Chapter 1

Yan Han[颜晗] was not actually called Yan Han[颜晗].

His surname was YAN [闫] . HAN as in cold [寒] character.

People from Xia San City and those from younger generations liked to call him Brother Yan, and those who were of the same generation as him and were familiar called him Yan Lao San [third oldest].

Yan Han has been hot tempered since his childhood. He was a martial artist who fought fiercely and showed loyalty in brotherhood.

That year, just because of this word ‘friendship’ he dropped out of school. At that time there were not many people who could make such a big move. That’s why the bystanders admired him and called him ‘big brother’.

It’s a pity that ‘Big Brother’ also somtimes stumbles because just now he slipped.

When people were unlucky, they stuffed their teeth even while drinking cold water[meaning nothing goes smoothly when one is unlucky], he hit the cold ice, as he laid on the ground, he felt like something was beating his chest.

The back of his head was still in a painful state, and there were few people around him chatting endlessly like little birds, making him feel irritation.

Yan Han didn’t have the good fortune to say, “Scram to the side and stay there. Don’t come around Lao Zi [arrogant way of saying me or I ].”

The surroundings were finally quiet for a moment.

But then, more serious comments broke out;

“This four-eyed freak isn’t going to get smashed silly, is she?” A female voice said.

“Isn’t it just being hit by a basketball, and still getting a concussion? I think she’s just faking it!” another female voice said.

“Faking an accident? Or does she wants to take the opportunity to attract Wei Ningxin’s attention?” The third voice came out unceremoniously. What was even more exaggerated was that she also tapped his[YH] shoulder with her finger, “Ugh you speak up, is there a problem or not? Say something.”

Who the fuck was Wei Ningxin? Yan Han was really impatient, but because the other party was a girl, he subconsciously didn’t want to be bothered with it.

He barely opened his eyes, the sun was shining in through the semi-open window, and he saw few school girls in school uniforms turning around his bed in the interlaced light. He was already a little dazed and now he felt even more dizzy.

Before he knew what was going on, a school doctor in a white lab coat came over, “Don’t gather around! The patient needs peace! Ugh, which class are you all in? Don’t stay here, go back to class!”

After being shouted by this doctor with a loud voice, the girls who were circling around Yan Han scattered, and none of them stayed.

But Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it was finally quiet.

But in the next second, he realized that his entire body felt different.

Where he was now, seeing all kinds of equipments told him that this place should be an infirmary.

There was nothing wrong with it.

However, there was a full body mirror placed on the side of Yan Han’s bed. At the moment he was sitting on the bed, most of his body was reflected in the mirror, and when he saw the scene in the mirror, suddenly, Yan Han exploded and jumped up!

His dark hair was shoulder length, and the hair quality was not very good. The hair ends were dry and curled up, making them messy due to negligence.

The bangs were so long that they almost cover his eyes.

Underneath the bangs were a pair of rimless plastic glasses. The glasses were extremely light making it difficult to even notice their existence, but it was also hard to hide the fact that they were ugly.

This kind of look was really both tacky and scary at the same time.

What was creepier was that, it was a school uniform skirt he was wearing!

Dark red uniform top with black and red plaid knee-length A-line skirt ……

Yan Han felt that unless he was crazy, how could he wear such a thing!

But this body was his own, he knew it.

The person in the mirror was undoubtedly himself.

Yan Han stretched out his hand and touched his body…

It was confirmed that there was no mistake.

Instead of feeling settled, cold sweat broke out.

…… What the fuck was this?!

 Yan Han fell back on the bed, he yanked off the pair of rimless plastic glasses and threw it far away, causing a momentary blur in his eyes.


There was nothing wrong with the body being his. But his hair has never been so long, and he was not nearsighted.

The most important thing was that, by the corner of his right eye, there was originally a hideous scar that had been hanging on it for several years, but now it is was clean as ever, without any trace of injury.

The situation was too bizarre, but Yan Han couldn’t care less because at this moment a voice suddenly sounded in his head.

[Welcome to the beautiful dream world. 】

[[Ultimate Beauty] skill is activated. 】

[[Fragile Body]] skill is activated. 】

[Body modification in progress , please wait…]

Yan Han:? ? ?

The series of electronic sounds that exploded deep in his mind tinkled straight away, deafening to the depths of his soul.

Almost at the same time as the sounds fell, Yan Han felt his eyes roll over, and he directly fainted.

Fainting wasn’t exactly accurate.

His consciousness was detached from his body, but he was awake.

The electronic voice was introducing him everything about the beautiful new world.

To put it simply, he had an accident, and before he died, his body was caught in this world by the Lord God, it was repaired and integrated with a student named Yan Han in this world. Now he must live here in his capacity and complete a series of tasks assigned to him by the Lord God.

The task content was very long, Yan Han’s mind was out of his wits, and he didn’t know what the other party wanted to do for a while.

But he was quite clear about one thing.

…… he was most likely to not return to his original world.

When consciousness took over his body again, Yan Han sat up violently from his bed.

After the system’s transformation, his vision became clear again, but Yan Han, who was already not nearsighted, didn’t notice the change.

As soon as he woke up, he was startled by a shriek.

“Ah! Student, are you awake? How are you feeling?”

Yan Han looked up and saw that it was the infirmary teacher who he had just met with earlier.

This youngster looked quite young and handsome, but he didn’t know why he was so startled.

It was already evening outside.

After accepting his new identity and learning that he had returned to the high school, Yan Han was still faintly excited in his heart no matter what.

Dropping out of high school was the most regrettable thing in his life.

The regret was that he was young and reckless.

He hated himself for not making progress.

Yan Han had no attachments to his world. Now getting another chance, he would treat it as a pie from heaven and accept it according to the order.

From now on, he was Yan Han.

But even so, Brother Yan was still Brother Yan, and Yan Han didn’t like being stared at.

The infirmary doctor who was quite strict as he chased the other students away was somehow stuttering when he saw him this time. He[YH] was obviously fine already, but he[doctor] was still treating him differently.

“That, how are you feeling now, student? You don’t seem to be the same as before? Your name is Yan Han, right?”

Yan Han smiled politely at this doctor and said, “I just got hit by a basketball and slept, I’m fine now, thank you, I should get back to class.”

“No, wait a minute…” The young doctor in a white coat tried to stop him, but he was a little bit confused. He seemed to have forgotten what he wanted to say.

The other party couldn’t make it clear, so Yan Han naturally didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He waited for a while and got a little impatient, so he could only say, “I’m a student of Class 17 of the first year, if the teacher has anything to say, come find me.”

He then left the infirmary.

The young doctor opened his mouth slightly and saw the slender, thin figure step out of the infirmary.

What was still reflected in his mind was the other party’s gorgeous and stunning face-…

Strange, he wasn’t a face-con, but someone that good looking and of that level of value should have been spotted by him when he arrived! Why did she look so different after taking off her glasses and sleeping!

Did wearing glasses or not wearing glasses really affect a person that much? …… Right, glasses!

“I remember now, oh student! Your glasses are here!”

This world was still a bit too fantastical for Yan Han.

Just receiving information about “Yan Han” in a coma, Yan Han walked forward as he sorted out everything the Lord God had just told him.

The beautiful dream world wasn’t the real world, although it was realistic as if it were, but “Yan Han” was just a role.

One set as a female classmate, but she was very rustic, introverted, with poor academic performance, no special skills, and no friends, which was almost a transparent existence in the class.

Now Yan Han’s task was to act as this female classmate, turn the tide, and complete the Five Great Criteria’s achievements in moral, wisdom, physical, beauty, and labor.

As for what was the Moral, Wisdom, Physical, Beauty, and Labor?

The Lord God had told him quite a bit, and Yan himself summed it up, meaning he has to be awesome.

What study? What sports? What work? Everything he would do must be awesome.

It was actually nothing.

For him to return to school, it could be regarded as a challenge full of temptation. Yan Han felt that even if the road ahead was long, it didn’t matter if there were many difficulties.

But why was it necessary for him to dress up as a female student? !

Although Yan Han couldn’t say he was eight feet tall, he was definitely very tall.

To have a big tall man disguised as a woman at school?

Wasn’t that a bit too fucking much!

Yan Han was now also a bit dazed as to what he should do.

He was so entangled on his side that he didn’t notice that he had already left the building where the infirmary was located and arrived at the playground.

The bell had already rung, and at five o’clock in the afternoon, it was already dinner time.

However, as a closed school, Luze High School still had evening classes and private study after dinner, so the playground was bustling with activity at this moment.

It just so happened that the first and second grades had a basketball game today, many people simply did not go to the canteen. They just bought bread, milk tea and snacks in the supermarket and went to the playground to watch the basketball game.

The second half of the semester had just begun, the ice had melted, the weather was warm, people went out to move their muscles and bones and have a good time.

And the campus was always full of life and energy.

In addition to entering the stage of preparation for the college entrance exam, other grades students were still filled with the breath of youth, the first quarter of the basketball game had just begun, in addition to the boys, the others watching the game surrounded them, cheering for their favorite basketball players —.

“Wei Ningxin! Wei Ningxin!”

“Ahhh Wei Ningxin is so handsome!”

“Senior Jingchen! Go Jingchen!”

But Yan Han, who was still thinking about the setting, was obviously out of place with this group of people.

He saw a crowd in front and subconsciously bypassed them, although he was still young, but at twenty years old he dropped out of school early. So he was not an enthusiastic and innocent student anymore.

Yan Han didn’t watch the match, and no one of his classmates who were focused on the match noticed him.

But at this moment, Yan Han suddenly heard a rapid whistle, accompanied by an exclamation from the surrounding people, he looked up and suddenly saw a basketball flying high and slamming in one direction …


Seeing that the ball was about to hit a girl’s head from his side view, Yan Han didn’t wait to think too much, he walked forward, stretching out his hand, and with a bang, the basketball speeding came into contact with his palm, so Yan Han lifted his other hand and firmly fixed the ball between his hands.

The audience became quiet in an instant!  

His series of movements were so fast that the others hadn’t reacted yet.

Yan Han had already asked the girl who had almost been hit, “Are you okay?”

His voice had always been hoarse, but it wasn’t low.

His tone was lazy and sounded androgynous.

“It’s fine ……” the female student who was almost smashed looked up at him and whispered.

Yan Han didn’t notice anything more than a little bit of panic in her eyes.

Yan Han wanted to throw the ball and leave, but then suddenly heard the crowd erupt in a discussion, “What’s going on?”

“Is it Wei Ningxin? What’s wrong with him today?”

“What’s wrong with Wei Ningxin today, he’s so angry, didn’t he just smash a person this afternoon, can he play well or not? ……”

“That’s how you give back the basketball team. ……”

At the same time, someone in the court shouted roughly, “Fuck! What are you looking at? Where’s the ball? What are you waiting for, pick up the ball!”

Immediately afterward, the crowd was violently scolded, and a boy who appeared to be more than 1.8 meters tall and wearing a basketball uniform walked towards Yan Han irritably.

This boy had a normal face, with a burst of acne, and it was hard to tell whether he was handsome or not, but he had long arms and legs and a well-proportioned body.

He was very upset by Wei Ningxin yelling in public but didn’t dare to openly resist, so he had to grumpily come out to pick up the ball.

But when he reached Yan Han, this boy suddenly froze again when he saw his[YH] front face, and after a while he reached out, trying to maintain the momentum he just had, and said domineeringly, “Give me the ball.”

This shift made his tone a little awkward.

Yan Han, on the other hand, took a fixed look at him, and not only did he not give him the ball, but he used the path he had just passed by to walk into the basketball court.

Although he was a bit older than these people, he was still pretty bloody-minded.

What was more, Yan Han had a problem, and that was that in some ways, he ……

  couldn’t swallow his anger.

Yan Han, who stepped into the court field, asked, “Who is Wei Ningxin?”


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