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TYFWWC Chapter 13

Don’t judge Yan Han’s learning ability. When he was a child, he used to practice a good style of handwriting script. It was neither regular script nor semi cursive script. If one had to say it, it looked like the modern calligraphy that became popular on the Internet later.

He just thought that form of script was nice and cute, so he imitated it and learned it. But after so many years, he was still at the level of a child.

Some people still told him it looked good?

…..That was not the point.

The point was that the Eldest Brother has neither revealed his face nor his skirt, so why do some people think he is a girl!

Yan Han began to wonder if he was under some kind of curse.

The number of audiences and the number of comments in the three-hour period was more than one hundred and less than two hundred. Although not many, it still could be counted as popular.

Compared with the popularity of the big anchors of other channels, although it was a drop in the bucket, it was at least a good start, which showed that he still had people watching his stuff.

With a little bit of motivation, Yan Han first ran to the toilet to pee, and then went back to the front of his seat to recite the English text.

The so-called collocation of arts and science, he was not tired from learning.

His brain has already been studying science for three hours making his reaction to logical reasoning not as good as before. It’s better to take advantage of this time to memorize some pediatrics.

English was also one of Yan Han’s most unfavourite subject.

He had had this problem since he was a child, and he could never memorize words.

It wasn’t that he didn’t had enough diligence, yes he had. His IQ was not enough, this Yan Han also admits that. He just couldn’t remember it. So he didn’t struggle much.

The Eldest Brother just simply gave up this subject. At that time, he did not learn well in other subjects too. Everything he learned was totally useless.

But now he wanted to do it again. Yan Han was still counting on this subject to serve him food, so he could only wipe away his tears and start again.

The courseware teaching of Straight A Students’s live broadcast system came in handy again. There was a special lesson in English-speaking learning methods. It said that in the case of insufficient time, it is better to recite the text instead of memorizing words.

It would not only cultivate his language’s sense but he would also be familiar with words. As long as he could learn the text backwards and then practice silent writing, the word would be naturally memorized after a long time.

Yan Han felt that the things mentioned in the courseware were very reasonable. That year he gave up this subject just because of his inability of memorizing the vocabularies. But still foreign language’s vocabulary was a very small part of the whole lesson although it was the foundation!

Turning the page of English textbook, he planned to recite the entire text from the first lesson, until he could recite it without thinking.

And he saw, every text was not very long. So Yan Han set a hard target for himself. He will recite a new content on the basis of reviewing the previous content every day.

Although the goal was ambitious, every step was full of thorns.

-Yan Han didn’t know many words, and he didn’t know anything about grammar and sentence patterns. He could only look it up word by word, look up the translation to check the pronunciation, and then translate the sentence pattern as a whole. The process was very difficult and the progress was quite slow.

When the audiences who watched the live found out what he was doing, the barrage once again blew up. Someone spurt out that he was illiterate and didn’t even know basic words.

But most of the people admired his seriousness and patience.

It takes an hour or two to look up a whole text, plus the effort required to memorize and memorize it. Most people really can’t do it like him.

Therefore, Yan Han not only gained 19 fans, but also received some tips.

He had no time to look at his phone at the moment, so he was completely unaware of this situation.

After memorizing it until 11 or 12 o’clock at night and accompanying several groups of people to finish their homework, Yan Han finally memorized the first textbook.

He was still not proficient in memorizing it, but it should be okay after he review it tomorrow morning.

After moving his muscles and bones slightly, Yan Han had planned to take another course before going to bed, but Xiao Wu suddenly appeared with a sledgehammer:

“Host will have symptoms such as endocrine disorders and hair loss if you stay awake too late. The system recommends that you wash and sleep immediately.”

Yan Han blinked. He was actually sleepy too. Moreover he would have to get up early for class tomorrow.

Most importantly… Being a well informed hair dresser, no one knows the horror of hair loss better than him!

He didn’t struggle, he directly followed Xiao Wu’s suggestion, let it shut down the live broadcast, and went to wash and climb into bed.

The intensity of activity on this day was too great, especially the excessive use of his brain. Yan Han fell asleep soon after lying on the bed.

The next day, he was awakened by Xiao Wu’s noisy voice.

“Don’t make trouble, let me sleep for a while.” Yan Han was still dazed and wanted to say more. When he finally was a bit sober, he glanced at the time. It was 6:40, if he wouldn’t wake up now he would be late for school. So he finally woke up.

Next to his bed, the big-breasted cute girl was holding a hammer in one hand, looking at him fiercely.

Yan Han was stunned again.

“What…what’s wrong with you?”

“I regret to inform you that because host has stayed up all night continuously…”

Yan Han’s heart sighed, “What?”

“Because you stayed up all night, you got a acne on your face!” Xiao Wu was still agitated while talking, and the big hammer in his hand was also swung out neatly: “If you continue like this, your points will only be deducted………….be deducted. !”

Yan Han:? ? ?

He lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. He deliberately went to look in the mirror. The skin on his face was still smooth and white.

After looking for a long time, he finally found a red acne on his right brow.

It was just bulging out a bit. It’s head hadn’t even appeared yet and it also almost blended with his eyebrows… Can this fucking thing also affect his appearance? !

[So Xiao Wu is just warning you now. ] Xiao Wu changed back to the voice in his head: [You are lucky this time, next time… Humph humph. 】


So it’ll check his face whether it has acne or not? So, if it reddens then the point won’t be affected but if it turns black, points will be deducted? !

Where can it make sense here!

This Brother Yan was a bit unconvinced.

“According to your statement, if I have a acne, you’ll deduct points. Then when will I be able to achieve the achievement of’beauty’? After all, Lao zi is already beautiful now!”

[This depends on whether the host is willing to work hard. ] Xiao Wu was even more angry than him: [It’s been a few days since you’ve been in this world, have you applied a mask? Have you ever done facial lifting exercises? Have you ever exercised? 】

Yan Han: “…”

Applying mask was okay, but what was facial lifting exercises?

Xiao Wu : [Have you ever had a bodybuilding class? Have you ever payed attention to drinking water and eating fruits? Essence water, lotion cream……..every day you go out and don’t even wipe your face. Aren’t you embarrassed to ask me about points? ! 】

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han was finally persuaded under the continuous fire spitting session of Xiao Wu .

Well, let’s pretend he had never asked this question.

There was no time to talk too much. After washing in a hurry, he reluctantly put on the school uniform and skirt with his eyes closed, and Yan Han began to run to the teaching building.

This was how the new week began.

The morning air had its own coolness, which made his brain awake a little.

He ran all the way, facing the first rays of morning light. Like an unbridled youth, Yan Han couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy.

No matter what, Xiao Wu’s wake-up service was still very timely. This time he reached the classroom before 7:15.

Class 17 students were very young and energetic early in the morning. A group of people routinely rushed to the classroom to copy their homework early in the morning. Others ate and messed around, so much that when head teacher entered the classroom, it was still very noisy.

The disciplinary lecture head teacher just gave them last week became trash words again. The head teacher simply called the monitor and the school committee member again and criticized them in public, because one of them could not manage discipline and the other could not lead the classmates to study.

It’s just that everyone was almost an adult, and they were all classmates. They were all equal to each other, so it was very hard to manage.

Most of the bad classes like Class 17 always produced bad students, who usually pretend to be decent in front of the teacher. Who will listen to the class representatives if the teachers were not there???

The representatives of this class also felt aggrieved.

Yan Han sighed a bit and silently reviewed the English text that he had memorized last night without listening to the pudgy class teacher’s training.

His arm was injured. So going school infirmary’s toilet became more dignified and upright. He didn’t feel nervous and he wasn’t in hurry to pee. He sat in his seat and studied and didn’t move all morning. He just went downstairs for the school flag raising ceremony.

His concentration was stronger than that of adolescent students, and he wasn’t affected much in the noisy environment of Class 17.

But occasionally when he looked up, he found that there were always a few people watching him, both boys and girls. When he raised his head and glanced at other parties, Yan Han felt a little inexplicable.

As for Wen Juerong, who couldn’t sit still, he came to him after class every day. He came to disturb him at first, but Yan Han didn’t bother with him.

Later, when Wen Juerong saw that Yan Han was really ignoring him, he still didn’t lost his interest. Instead, he took out his exercise book after the end of the class period. He fought with Hou Zi in front of Yan Han for seat and instead rode on the stool to put the exercise books on Yan Han’s table and asked him questions.

Yan Han didn’t want to talk about those useless babbles, but if someone wanted to study with him, he would not refuse.

And he must answer every question. Even if he doesn’t know much at this stage, he wrote down the questions he didn’t know and researched about it until he solved the answer correctly.

Wen Juerong stuck to him like this, everyone else could see it.

“I say, Wen Juerong, why are you so cheap, and why are you so close with people who ignore you?”

“Yes ahh, people should stick to Straight A Student when they have time. Don’t use your big face to stick to other people.”

The two girls sitting in the back row said so.

The class was noisy, but their voices were very loud.

Wen Juerong had a good personality and was very popular in the class. He could talk to any kind of person, saying that people have big faces and so on. Everyone usually joked with each other like this.

This was nothing abnormal.

But the two people who were speaking now were obviously targeting Yan Han.

Wen Juerong smiled and rounded it off: “Whatever you say, I will be happy to stick to my Brother Yan brother, and my Brother Yan is also happy to let me stick to him, isn’t it Brother Yan?”

Yan Han said nothing.

The fourth period was the physical education class, and they had to go to the gym to gather. Instead of taking care of this group of unimportant people, it was better to quickly work out this question without bothering with them.

Wen Juerong tugged him, pulling his attention back and stuffed the pamphlet over to give him a topic.

“I can solve this, look here…”

Wen Juerong: “Fuck!! you can actually solve this question? Brother Yan, you are too good!”

This kind of disregard made the two girls feel boring. Who were the first to make a scene, other people clearly knew at a glance. Moreover Yan Han’s disregard for them was more violent than a slap.

The two looked at each other and got up and walked outside the classroom together.

“I really didn’t knew, that Yan Han could exercise so good before, and even Lin Jianlu treats her…!”

“Speaking of it, when she provoked Sister Jing before…let’s go, let’s go find Sister Jing!”

Sister Jing was Yu Jing from the 18 class. Last time, due to Yan Han, she had lost her face and she was still thinking about how to get this one back.

At that time in the field, they didn’t believe that Yan Han could be related to Lin Jianlu, thinking that Lin Jianlu came to her just because he wanted her to be a lead gymnast.

Unexpectedly, it was only a weekend, and the photos of two people going to the cafeteria to eat together were circulated on the anonymous forum!

When Yu Jing saw those photos, her eyes almost fell out!

Although it was somehow okay for a study slacker to be with the straight A student, Lin Jianlu obviously couldn’t be compare with an average straight A student .

First of all, the handsome and overbearing look of the other party has made many men and women obsessed. What’s more, the other party’s family character, words and deeds all reveal a gentlemanly manner, who would not like such a person?

Originally, Lin Jianlu had never had any “gossip” with people because he was an indifferent and aloof male god. All of the confessions were always politely rejected by Lin Jian Lu, so all the girls in the school concluded that he did not want to fall in love. No girl dared to chase him.

But what was going on now!

Why did Lin Jianlu went to the cafeteria with a girl! To buy her milk tea? !

For some reason, from the morning, the former empty Dodomi tea stall because of it’s high price was suddenly full with the students. Both boys and girls were there, so much that every person on the table had a big cup of milk tea.

Coming to the previous topic, the two girls slunged and walked outside the classroom. As they were walking out, a tall shadow appeared at the door of the classroom, and the two girls almost ran into him.

A tall boy with a troublesome personality, wearing a basketball uniform and a sporty sunny breath accompanied by male hormones appeared. It was Wei Ningxin from Class 18.

On a cold day, Wei Ningxin showed his arms and thighs, and the two girls who almost ran into him couldn’t help but blush.

Those who were friends with Yu Jing were also familiar with Wei Ningxin.

One of the girls thought that this person was looking for them, and couldn’t help but eagerly asked him: “Why are you in our class?”

But they only heard Wei Ningxin said straightforwardly: “I’m looking for you classmate Yanhan.”


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