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TYFWWC Chapter 12

The red dates and milk were combined together without any other fancy flavours. It reminded him of the soy milk with a particularly impressive red date flavor that he drank when he was a child, but it still had a slight milky fragrance.

Not to mention, that smell really touched Brother Yan’s heart. He couldn’t help taking another big mouthful.

“Thank you.” Yan Han thanked Lin Jianlu again.

Looking up again, he found that the corner of Lin Jianlu’s eyes began to stare at him unblinkingly.

…This bastard! What was he up to?

After being scrutinized, Yan Han simply said, “I’ll go to order, oyee, what do you want to eat?”

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Jianlu said.

Finally, the two came to the window area with the least number of people. After a while, it was their turn. Yan Han ordered two meal set. Lin Jianlu also ordered what he wanted. The cash collecter flexibly brought the credit card machine. Yan Han said, “Let me pay .”

But before he could find the meal card from his backpack, Lin Jianlu had already pinched a card between his slender fingers and swiped it on the spot.


“Oh don’t don’t!”

Yan Han wanted to stop him, but he was a step too late. Why did he make Classmate Lin pay for him drinking milk tea and then for dinner. The Eldest Brother Yan felt a little embarrassed, so he could only take out his mobile phone and said, “Let’s add each other on WeChat. I’ll transferred the money to you.”

The school does not allow mobile phones to be brought during class but today was the weekend. Considering that there were many students who were not local and who wanted to keep in touch with their homes, this kind of time arrangement was good.

Lin Jianlu was silent for a second, then again looked at him.

Yan Han looked him back frankly. He had drew a question mark on his face.

He obviously overlooked one thing. Lin Jianlu, as a male god who could build high-rise buildings on an anonymous forum, was hard to find on WeChat account. How many people have used these kind of little tricks to add the male god’s WeChat. Did he just used one of these?

… He really just wanted to return him the money.

Or he can just scan the code face-to-face.

—–A second later, Lin Jianlu took out his mobile phone.

Two people spent a total of more than sixty Yuan for the meal. Counting the milk tea’s price, Yan Han chose an auspicious number and transferred 88 to the other party.

He meant it when he said he just wanted to transferred him money.

Lin Jianlu appeared to be polite and embarrassed to refuse his request of adding WeChat account. After adding it, he quickly put the phone back in his trouser pocket, and didn’t even read it.

Yan Han, who unilaterally transferred the money, just waited for him to collect the money, so he didn’t pay attention to this matter.

It’s not that he cared about the dozens of dollars. He just had a simple logic. He just thinks that he can’t let people who don’t know him spend money, especially Lin Jianlu who helped him a lot today.

There was no such logic in the world!!!

It didn’t matter who payed for the meal if it’s a real brother. But the future was long. It’s just about the matter of treating someone. But according to Yan Han’s point of view, he and Lin Jianlu were obviously not in such a relationship.

After getting the packed lunch, the two separated at the door of the dormitory, and Yan Han finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After returning to the dormitory, he simply cleaned up, and he researched about the live broadcast system while eating.

The school does not allow computers or tablets, and even mobile phones must be used secretly, so Yan Han had no choice but to log in to the live broadcast website with his mobile phone.

He first chose a relatively well-known live broadcast website in China. The live video clicked once would immediately play automatically. It’s a live broadcast of an online game competition. The comment barrage was swept all over the sky, and it was very popular.

After entering the homepage, the live video disappeared. Yan Han found out that there was a learning channel that was still on the homepage.

After clicking on this learning channel, the first thing he saw was a website announcement, indicating that the opening date of this channel was today.

Yan Han: “…”

So this channel could not possibly be specially created for him, right?

[That’s it.] Xiao Wu’s voice sounded, and with a “bang”, a burst of smoke surrounded Yan Han, and a big breasted girl in a miniskirt appeared immediately.

Yan Han, who has become accustomed to the various operations of Xiao Wu, didn’t even blinked his eyelids and said to him, “Brother Wu is still playing with special effects this time?”

Xiao Wu whispered: “Yes, or you wouldn’t be looking at me at all~”

Yan Han ignored it and turned around to learn about the live broadcast website again. Since it was a newly opened channel, there was only one live broadcast going on. Yan Han clicked on it easily. The content turned out to be the kind of recurring online course.

The unknown teacher on the screen was explaining the symbols that Yan Han couldn’t understand. Seeing that the title of the room was Calculus—Lagrangian Median Theorem, Yan Han only felt dizzy. It was possible for these symbols to know him but it was absolutely impossible for him to know these symbols.

This newly opened channel occasionally had a few barrage swept over—

What was going on? Was there any live broadcasts as his previous place which was interesting ? How come there’s only a learning channel !

Damn, he just wanted to watch the game live broadcast and relax, but he suddenly remembered about his test. He was really unlucky.

Not only in his account but he saw the learning channel on the different live broadcasting platform too.

He just came in to take a look with his new channel but It’s really poisonous here. Goodbye everyone!!!

The comment barrage was sparse, and it seemed that even if it was a newly opened channel, there was not much traffic .

Many users were unwilling to come even when they were curious.

Such a channel… Can you really make money from live broadcasts on it?

Yan Han went to another webpage and took a look, and found that the situation was similar.

He finally returned to the homepage.

“Xiao Wu, what is my account number?” He asked Xiao Wu.

[It is the host’s mobile phone number.] Cute girl sat on his table and swayed her two slender legs wantonly.

Yan Han entered his mobile phone number and received the verification code and logged in. After a long while, he found that things were exactly what he thought. This account simply cannot start live broadcasts on other channels.

“Because the host is underage, this account is specially registered, and the bank card is specially bound for you. The income can be directly withdrawn. The reward share is the same as that of other channel anchors. If you are hot enough, you can sign with the website to earn annual salary. The thing is that it can only be used on the learning channel. Otherwise, why do you think this is called the Straight A Student live broadcast system?” Xiaowu’s cheerful cartoon voice was a little contemptuous.

“…” Yan Han: “Okay, Lao zi knows.”

He felt a little frustrated.

If he wanted to make money from this, he knew that he won’t be able to until next few decades.

And let him live broadcast? He was not a schoolmaster, and he couldn’t teach, this bastard…getting such a thing for him was simply useless.

The only benefit was probably as Xiao Wu said. After logging in to this account, there was an additional section on the page of the channel that did not exist before. Yan Han clicked in to watch it. It was a teaching video of various subjects from the first to the third year of high school.

There were quite a few versions, and there is always be one that suits him.

Yan Han deliberately searched this on Internet, but did not find such a similar video.

…It could be regarded as a kind of comfort.

Yan Han quickly cheered up. This feature couldn’t make money, so he will get other achievement points as soon as possible, and strive to open more treasure chests as soon as possible.

Anyway, this thing was good and harmless.

As for the money, he won’t have to go to the orphanage next week, but he can go outside to have a look.

After eating the last bite, Yan Han simply tidied away the table. When he was about to take out his textbooks to study, the phone screen suddenly lit up…

[Wen Juerong] is requesting to have a video call with you. Would you like to connect?

His finger hovered over the phone screen. Yan Han did not expect Wen Juerong to look for him at this time.

He still clicked to accept, Wen Juerong’s chubby pie face immediately appeared on the screen. He smiled at him slyly: “Sister Yan~”

“It’s called Brother Yan.”

“Brother Yan!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Um… are you in your periods?”

“…W H A T ! ! ! ?”

Wen Juerong was probably eating out. The loudspeakers were full of the clashing and messy noises of tableware in the restaurant. It was a bit noisy, so much that Yan Han suspected that he had heard the wrong thing: “What’s the matter?”

“Did Lin Jianlu bought you Dodomi’s red date milk tea?” Wen Juerong’s smile became even more wretched because of gossip. It’s just that he had a straight face making his gossip not too much annoying.

“How did you know this?” Yan Han asked back.

“Lin Jianlu is so considerate! He is really a local tyrant. Dodomi’s tea is super expensive. A cup of milk tea costs RMB 20 for the lowest quality. Others’ teas are half cheaper than it, so no one drinks it…”

“No, what are you trying to talk about?” Yan Han was dumbfounded.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid.” Wen Juerong covered his mouth and smiled, his face full of excitement of holding the first hand gossip: “You two don’t be embarrassed, who am I? I’m your number one little brother! Hurry up, Brother Yan, are you in love? Are you trying to win over Lin Jianlu?”

Yan Han: ……………………..

Playing what??? trying to win over ? He really wanted to kill Wen Juerong with kaaaa chaaaaaaaa .

Rubbing his temples to soothe his headache, Yan Han felt weak: “Where did you hear about this?”

“Anonymous forum! Photos of you two are flying all over the sky now, oh hello, by the way, look at my story,” Wen Juerong patted his forehead, “I want to tell you that the big sisters in the fan building are now all thinking how to trouble you. Brother Yan, you have to be careful!”


Hang up the video! What was this all about?

He was dying for learning and earning money. Where can he have time to mess with those fans?

Besides, he and Lin Jianlu were just classmates at most, not even brothers, so who exactly was he trying to win over?

Suddenly a tall figure of Lin Jianlu wearing only a half sleeve in the evening of the sunset appeared in his mind. Yan Han suddenly felt that it would be really good if he could win over him. Even if not dating just a one night stand would do too.

Who doesn’t like a young and muscular energetic body?

Occasionally, the Eldest Brother is also addicted to crave lust.

Especially the Eldest Brother is still an old virgin now.

It’s just that Lin Jianlu was a cleanliness addicted freak otherwise except for that he himself was still…

So, he could only think about it.

It’s better to give up early.

The thing that went viral in the anonymous forum was just hopeless thing for Yan Han. He didn’t care what other classmates thought or said.

After reopening the textbook, Yan Han went to the website to find the corresponding online lesson video.

This semester has just started, and it was still too late to keep up. Yan Han decided to re-learn the previous courses, and then go back to learn the knowledge points that he did not know. Then he’ll use the highest efficiency to catch up with his classmates and strive to go to the first few classes during the placement test.

His current class was indeed too messy.

Similarly, Yan Han did not give up the opportunity of live broadcasting.

He doesn’t cares if anybody sees it or not, he’ll just do it and see what happens later.

Thus he opened the online lesson video and also started his own live broadcast.

Another function of Straight A Students’s live broadcast system was to provide him with a complete set of live broadcast equipment, which can be handed over to Xiaowu for safekeeping and will not be discovered by anyone.

Yan Han asked Xiaowu to help him adjust the equipment and adjust the camera’s vision making it facing his exercise textbook and the direction of his hand only.

He used his mobile phone to open his live broadcast room. On the screen were a slender fingers with distinct knuckles and a math book. The picture was very clear and his face would not be revealed.

Yan Han then began to force himself into the learning mode.

He didn’t know much about live broadcasting. Now there was no other live broadcast on the homepage of the channel except of his. Yan Han continuously felt that someone would come in to watch him study.

Even if someone came and left just glancing once, Yan Han told himself to be dedicated and responsible. He was even more concentrated than before.

He immersed himself in the study for three hours. The teaching videos provided by the live broadcast system were quite useful, and the explanation was simple and easy to understand, which was much more efficient than self-study.

Yan Han started from the mathematics he once hated the most, and sorted out all the knowledge points that he had missed before.

…As expected, great warriors really don’t fear starting from the beginning.

He had no good method to learn. He could only memorize formulas and theorems by rote, and he had to rely on later exercises to master such things.

But just sorting out the knowledge points was enough for Brother Yan to be bald for a while.

After taking a good note, he stood up and flexed his muscles a bit, picked up the hot mobile phone that had been driving the video, and took a look at it… There were unexpectedly people in his live broadcast room.

There were somehow a lot of people, at least much more than Yan Han had previously expected.

When he picked up the phone, a barrage flashed quickly across the screen—fuck it, He stared at the anchor’s hand and watched it for a long time!


Another function of Straight A Student’s live broadcast system was the smart management of the live broadcast room. Even if there was no screen recording, he could see all the video playback in the background as long as he wanted. There were also barrage statistics and search functions, and statistics on the time when visitors entered the room to watch. It was very convenient.

Yan Han now entered the background to look at the data, and found that he had received hundreds of points this evening just by barrage! —

Damn, the anchor’s hands were so nice !

…He wanted to know if the anchor was the brother or the sister? This finger was white and long, and ooh, Yan Han had some weird fetish for beautiful fingers and now his wish in this life was fulfilled!

The anchor was too much concentrated, He hadn’t stopped since Yan Han came in.

Before, He had been studying with the anchor for more than an hour. When he didn’t want to learn, he just looked at the anchor and took notes. It’s really positive! And the anchor was so quiet, it won’t affect learning…

Dear anchor please teach me more, let’s learn together, fighting !

Hahaha host, your handwriting is so special! So cute, my host is a cute girl!

Yan Han : ……………….


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