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TYFWWC Chapter 14

The two girls were stunned on the spot. They didn’t understand that person… Why did even Wei Ningxin came to look for her? !

Seeing two people were not speaking, Wei Ningxin had already hurriedly shouted into the 17th class: “Is Yan Han here?”

“I’m here, what’s the matter?” After solving Wen Juerong’s question, Yan Han also planned to stop continuing and go downstairs to attend the physical education class. He stood up, glanced at the classroom door with his delicate and beautiful eyes. He didn’t recognize who this person was at first glance……

“Let’s go,let’s play basketball.” Wei Ningxin shook the basketball in his hand. “Isn’t this period physical education class?”

When it came to playing basketball, Yan Han remembered who this little brother was.

He just accepted it casually at first, but he didn’t expect this person to be so sincere that he actually came to play with him.

Yan Han walked out of his seat and walked directly to Wei Ningxin and said, “Don’t you need to go to class?”

The school may arrange two classes to go to physical education together, but the probability of putting together the 17th class and the 18th class shouldn’t be very high…

Wei Ningxin stared his eyes and said, “Don’t you know that I am a sports student?”

Yan Han: “Huh?”

He really didn’t know.

Wei Ningxin took a deep breath. Unbelievable ! ! !

He ‘Wei Ningxin’ no matter his body, appearance or family background, he was above average. He was even counted within the top 10 influential high school students of the entire province. This person actually didn’t even know? !

“So are you coming or not?” Wei Ningxin asked gritting his teeth.

“Let’s go and look at the physical education teacher’s arrangement. If we get permission then we’ll go and play.”

“Who the hell does not allow students to move freely in physical education class?”

“Then let’s go.” Yan Han was quite calm. He shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “You have to understand, I’m a good boy who listens to the teacher.”

He staggered and walked out of the classroom with Wei Ningxin.

Wei Ningxin reacted after a long time and shouted at Yan Han’s back: “Who do you mean isn’t a good boy!”

They completely ignored the two female classmates who were still standing in front of them in a daze.

The students during the break all ran to the corridor. Wei Ningxin went down while shouting. Yan Han did not even looked back, but many others looked suspiciously at Wei Ningxin.

“What the fuck you are looking at?!” Wei Ningxin’s temper has never been very good. He stared at them with a fierce look. Others actually did not dare to look.

“Brother Yan, you unexpectedly really…………..” Yan Han entered the storage room opposite the classroom. Wen Juerong, who came after him, gave him a thumbs up.

“Huh?” Yan Han didn’t quite understand what it meant.

“You even dared to mess with Wei Ningxin, he still endured you hahahahaha!” Wen Juerong laughed happily. Obviously Wei Ningxin’s embarrassment was a very happy thing for him.

“Is he that scary?” Yan Han asked.

“Yeah somehow…” Wen Juerong scratched his head. “The sports students in our school have always been very unreasonable. You must have known it. Moreover Wei Ningxin’s brother is a big scum tyrant in the school of another neighbourhood, so he’s even more unreasonable. If you really provoke him, you’ll just be beaten in the middle of the street.This happened before…”

Yan Han expressed he got it but didn’t take it seriously.

All he thought about was to perform well in physical education class. After all, he only had three achievement points in the “body” category.

While thinking about it, Yan Han walked to the door of his locker and suddenly froze.

The daily school uniforms of Luze High School were similar to the typical uniform style. The standard four-piece set inside and outside, although it was high-grade, it was very inconvenient for physical education activities. Therefore, the school had additionally customized sportswear for the students. Students had to change their uniform before the physical education class.

Some careless male students will change directly in the storage room. Out of a certain convention or tradition, girls will hold their clothes to the bathroom to change.

Yan Han felt that he could have been a group of people who changed on the spot, and now he had to go to the bathroom with other people to change in order to avoid to be suspicious.

But another problem was that he couldn’t go to the women’s bathroom.

Especially they all will be changing their clothes. If he’ll see something he shouldn’t see after going in…

Yan Han quickly took out his clothes from the locker. He had taken extra time to do the question earlier. At this time, it was too late to take the clothes to Li Hongqing to change them.

Besides, who’ll be this hypocritical.

He gritted his teeth and simply changed his uniform in the storage room.

Wen Juerong who was next to him, was stunned: “… Brother Yan, you are too rigid. You are a girl afterall, would you please pay attention to your image?”

Not resposing to him, Yan Han had already stretched his legs to lift the pants of the sportswear.

The sportswear was wide. He was wearing leggings inside and a skirt outside, so it would not reveal his inner skin.

It was the case, so what’s there to be stunned about him!

“You only know how to speak, why don’t you come and help me block it.” Yan Han raised his hand to call him.

“Huh?” Wen Juerong pointed at himself.

The other boys who were changing uniforms were also stunned.

Although Luze High School was a public school, it was not inferior to a private aristocratic school. The students inside were all educated by elites. The school rules said that boys should be gentlemen and girls should be dignified and elegant.

…Although many students were far from being one, students influenced each other afterall. What no one else has ever done, no one else will do it alone.

So female students changing uniform in the storage room?

This is really the first time they had ever heard of it.

It’s too……….too shocking!

Only Yan Han thought differently from them.

Not to mention that he was actually a gentleman, but even if he was a girl, as long as he didn’t go as far as to show anything, why bother to go so far to the bathroom to change?

It was troublesome ! !

Besides, if they wanted to be a real gentleman, shouldn’t they be making room for girls at this time?

He didn’t care what others saw or thought about him. Anyway, he was just this kind of wild person.

As long as the system did not deduct points for him and did not reveal his identity, Yan Han did not care about the opinions of others.

He fastened the trousers, untied the skirt and put it down directly into the cabinet. Yan Han called Wen Juerong again: “Don’t froze, come on.”

“Ah? Ahhhhh…”

The overall design of the school was very atmospheric and friendly. Each student from each class was equipped with a storage locker, which was opposite to the class.

The area of ​​the storage room was far less than that of the classroom. There were two rows of back-to-back cabinets on both sides of the door. The cabinets were divided into upper and lower floors. And there was the passage that only allowed one person to pass through.

Yan Han now walked to the innermost side of the passage and asked Wen Juerong to stand with his back to him.

There was no monitoring in the storage room and Wen Juerong’s generous body grid was fully functional at this moment. He just blocked Yan Han from behind by crossing the passage.

Yan Han took off his uniform jacket efficiently behind Wen Juerong and put on a wide tracksuit over the white shirt. His movements were smooth and as fast as lightning.

In many prospects, Wen Juerong was like a child who has not grown up yet. He was very playful, but he knew that there was a difference between men and women. At this time, he would never look back or peek away or suddenly walk away.

In fact, Yan Han was not afraid that he would peek.

He was just afraid that when he changed his clothes, others would find out what they shouldn’t.

For example… he had no breast.

Wen Juerong was inexplicably embarrassed to stand in front of him and also somehow found it particularly funny. His Brother Yan was so skilled that he couldn’t help laughing. His sturdy body trembled and he couldn’t help but laugh. But he had to endure, he had to help his Brother Yan block.

Outside the door, Wei Ningxin, who was holding a basketball, was looking them like a fool.

Those two girls of the back row of the class looked at each other. They all went into the storage room to get their own sportswear. Passing by the row of passage where Yan Han was, they stared fiercely in Yan Han’s direction then only went to the bathroom to change uniform.

“What the….There are so many boys there. But she still changed her uniforms so openly? Shameless!”

“I think she is grandstanding!”

When the two of them were muttering, there was a burst of laughter behind them.

Others who were still stucked in the storage room during the whole process, all joked at this moment:

“Wen Juerong, your grid body finally came in handy, your blocking technique was just right.”

“My god ! Brother Yan, your trick was really great, I will also change my uniform in the same way in the future!”

“Hahaha Yan Han tried his best to avoid walking a few steps!”

Wen Juerong rolled his eyes: “I have seen many lazy people, but never have I seen a lazy person of Brother Yan’s level!”

Hou Zi even shouted, “What the heck? My sister Yan is changing clothes in the storage room?!”

“What are you shouting for?” Yan Han had finished putting on his clothes at this time. He folded a pair of slender wrists, pulled the hem of his sportswear down and kicked the Hou Zi’s ass. At the same time, a person who didn’t know what was going on probed his head said: “Isn’t it a physical class? Let’s go quickly.”

As he said he glanced at the clock on the wall, there were only two minutes left before class, so they had to hurry up.

The weather has not officially warmed up yet, and physical education classes were all in the indoor gymnasium.

When the class bell just rang, Yan Han and Wen Juerong went to the gym and found their class to stand on the team.

Most of the high school physical education classes were ”stocking”.The weather was cold and there were no good activities. After the assembly, they ran two laps and there was nothing left to do.

This made Yan Han a little bit disappointed.

It’s okay. He didn’t have any extra points in the “physical” category. Afterall a small physical education class could hardly add many points.

As soon as the team disbanded, Wei Ningxin didn’t know where to play basketball. He pulled Yan Han over to play basketball.

Wei Ningxin was a physical education student and one of the more famous one. The physical education teachers knew him and he was also familiar with them.

The physical education teacher of Class 17 was a very young female teacher. Now she pulled him and asked: “How can you, a big boy look for a little girl to play?

Saying that she looked at Yan Han again. This student’s behavior was very prominent when she ran the lap. Most of the classmates ran the lap and dealt with things casually, but this classmate took it seriously from beginning to end.

In addition to this, what was impressive was the appearance of this student. She has been in charge of many students. But she has never seen such a beautiful person who could wear such a sportswear in such a beautiful way!

Because she was so amazing, the physical education teacher had a good overall impression of Yan Han. At this moment, seeing Wei Ningxin come to Yan Han, she was afraid that the little girl was going to be bullied by him, so she asked this question.

Although Wei Ningxin was usually quite tempered, he had a very good attitude towards these physical education teachers. He said: “She challenged me first to find me to play. I have to give her a face, right?”

“Oh?” The physical education teacher was also interested. She also really wanted to see.

Although she faintly knew how shameful Wei Ningxin was, she was different from the teachers in other courses. After all, student like Wei Ningxin with his strong physical power was still very hard to recruit. In the eyes of physical education teachers, he was not a bad student.

At this moment, Wei Ningxin’s buddies had gone to clear the field. The basketball court in the indoor gymnasium was just a field. It was usually used for training for sports students. Everyone has long been used to it. Wei Ningxin wanted to play ball and everyone voluntarily gave him the space.

And after hearing that a girl was going to challenge Wei Ningxin, there were more people around the basketball court than usual.

Yan Han wasn’t bother about it.

No one was willing to team up with him as a “girl”. 1v1 was fine for him.

But Wei Ningxin wasn’t, saying that it felt like he was bullying him, so he sent two people over. He also chose two teammates on his own side and played the 3v3 match.

The physical education teachers simply joined in the excitement and referred them as referees.

The game was about to begin. Wei Ningxin’s acne-covered little buddy came over and pointed in the direction of the crowd watching the game: “Brother Xin, you played the trick well, you have attract Gong Yuxue to the game.”

Wei Ningxin saw that there was a quiet and elegant girl standing in the first row of the crowd. It was Gong Yuxue whom he had been unable to pursue.

Gong Yuxue was a good student. She was not only a top student in the liberal arts class, but also the student commitee member of their class, and a top ten influential student in the school.

Moreover, she was reserved and cold. She simply looked like a moon that no one can have.

Wei Ningxin didn’t understand why he fell in love with her.

In order to win the attention of her, he often ran over to play when he was in Physical Education class in the 1st class.

But Gong Yuxue was obviously not interested in basketball and never watched his games.

… but she came today.

Wei Ningxin turned his attention to Yan Han, who was running in with the two players on the other side of the basketball court.

He hadn’t noticed it before but he still accidentally learned that Class 17 was in PE class with Class 1 on Monday, and that Yan Han was from Class Seventeen.

Now it seemed that looking for her to play ball seemed to be a very correct decision?

He knew that Gong Yuxue usually ignored him. But afterall who can be truly indifferent to his kind of pursuit?

Sure enough, now Gong Yuxue couldn’t hold back her sorrow when she saw himself playing with beautiful woman.

Wei Ningxin was overjoyed. But Gong Yuxue’s eyes on Yan Han were indeed full of hostility.

“Is that her?”

“It’s her according to this picture.”

The screen of the phone that Gong Yuxue was holding tightly showed a picture of Yan Han standing next to Lin Jianlu drinking milk tea.

She squeezed the phone so hard that her fingertips trembled without knowing it.

When she saw people fighting in the orphanage yesterday, she felt that Lin Jianlu’s reaction was strange, but at the time she thought that the other party was a boy, and didn’t think much about it.

This couldn’t be her fault.

This person has changed so much before and after, the movement and the stillness gave people the feeling that they were completely two people, so much that when the photos circulated, she did not recognize her!

God knew how shocked she was when she saw someone standing with Lin Jianlu in Lin Jianlu’s clothes!

Gong Yuxue felt itchy with hatred. At this time, her best friend next to her said: “Gong Yuxue, you calm down. Lin Jianlu will come after the meeting is over, then he’ll see who this kind of people are playing with! ”

On the field, before the start of the game, Wei Ningxin urged Yan Han’s teammates with a guilty remark: “You two have to take care of her. This loss has nothing to do with you two, just take care of her.”

He turned his head again and said with a chuckle to his teammates: “But remember, although we are playing 3v3, it’s not the usual casual basketball match.”

Wei Ningxin said that the rules of street basketball were relatively free. The goal was to get the ball into the basket. As for how to get in, it didn’t matter how you get in. You could even use violence.

They often played like this.

“Brother Xin, don’t worry, we promise not to foul.”

“It’s not a question of fouling or not.” Wei Ningxin looked in Yan Han’s direction. Regarding himself as a gentleman he said: “I mean you just play, don’t be rough, don’t play wild, you know?”


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