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TYFWWC Chapter 11

Although he was prepared in his heart, he did not expect Lin Jianlu to be such a straightforward person!

So what exactly did he see?

Although he was shocked but he still was able to stabilize his emotions. Yan Han smiled and asked, “What did you see?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu said, “I basically know all the children in that orphanage. It’s because I didn’t consider it well before. No one will bully them in the future.”

“…” Yan Han this Big Boss was almost suffocated to death bacause of nervousness and almost fainted. Yan Han had no expression on his face: “Oh.”

“Classmate Lin,you ………what do you mean?”

“I just told you that from now on, if any other bad boy goes to the orphanage to make trouble, someone will take care of it. Don’t worry about your fight earlier. That little gangster has no strength and no evidence. He can’t harm you.”

“Huh? Ahhhh…”

Yan Han tried to analyze Lin Jianlu’s words. He knew that this person was from a wealthy background. He hadn’t been in contact with the nobles before, so if Lin Jianlu took care of this matter, there was really nothing to worry about.

He said, “Thank you, classmate Lin.”

“But fighting is not a good thing after all.” Lin Jianlu said again, “You see that you are all injured. It is best to think about whether there is any other better way to deal with it.”

Yan Han: “Oh.”

“Is your arm seriously injured?” Lin Jianlu asked again.

“It’s okay.” He subconsciously said that it was okay. Thinking back, he felt that his answer was too strong. Yan Han forced himself to pretend to be pitiful with a stiff expression: “It should only be some scratches. The bleeding has already stopped. I just don’t know if it will leave scars, ah! ahh ahhh ahhhhhhh.”

He pretended to grunt twice, and at the same time deeply thanked Xiao Wu for reminding him of scars.

Otherwise, he didn’t have a reason to pretend.

Yan Han consciously acted very naturally, but he didn’t expect his actions like this would cause Lin Jianlu’s greater reaction.

“Where did you practice such a good skill?”

Unlike Ji Changdong’s worship, Lin Jianlu’s current words were full of inquiries.

Yan Han’s…… cold sweat was almost dripping down. He couldn’t say that he was the ace fighter of his group back then. Since he was a child, he has naturally practiced kung fu.

The reality was that it’s okay to have him fight but it’s not okay to ask him to make up nonsense stories because he really couldn’t do it.

Exposed to Lin Jianlu’s unblinking gaze, Yan Han had no choice but to calm himself down.

He calmly analyzed the current situation. Even if Lin Jianlu thinks he is strange, ordinary people shouldn’t think that this strangeness is strange in terms of gender, right?

Apart from the issue of gender that cannot be exposed, other speculations were harmless to him.

Even if he was skeptical and had doubts, would Lin Jianlu, this cleanliness addicted freak come and touch him? As long as he doesn’t betray his own identity, he doesn’t believe that the other party could see through his identity.

Yan Han cleared up his guilty conscience and said clearly: “I did learn some kung fu when I was a child, but I never used it in actual combat. I was too anxious just now. I was afraid that they would hurt the children in the orphanage. I didn’t expect I could beat them…”

Lin Jianlu: “en.”

Y E S ! ! ! Who the fuck told you that girls must not be able to fight and they must be weak?

In Yan Han’s opinion, it’s normal for girls to know how to work hard. it’s normal to know some tricks to defend themselves at least. Them having aggressive personality and rough behavior was within general behaviour too. In the past, his right hand buddy whom everyone feared was also a woman. She was only second to Yan Han in terms of strength.

Speaking of his right hand buddy, she also happened to have the surname Sun, so they all jokingly called her Sun Er Niang [a fictional character of a novel, she was famous for poisioning her guests and collecting their possessions LMAO]

As soon as he thought of this Sun Er Niang, Yan Han felt as if he had a motivation and his heart stabilized.

At least from the current point of view, he has passed this level.

Lin Jianlu only hummed and didn’t speak any more. Yan Han exhaled, subconsciously trying to pat his chest with his hands to comfort him.

Later when he thought about it, classmate Lin seemed to have suspect that he had no chest before.

Wasn’t it all exposed in that fight?

In this sensitive situation, he couldn’t give the other party even a little hint!

Yan Han abruptly stopped his movements. He leaned back in his chair, pretending that he didn’t want to talk anymore because of exhaustion and made a posture of looking up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, trying to present his most beautiful side to Lin Jianlu.

In any case, Yan Han still had confidence in his appearance.

He didn’t believe that when someone sees his face, anyone would still be free to think about other things.

As expected Lin Jianlu was indeed looking at his profile and he indeed did not speak anymore.

The large vehicle shuttled all the way through the busy traffic. The driver in front was very skilled, and the two quickly returned to school.

What’s amazing was that this car turned out to be a registered car. You can enter the school gate directly and driving smoothly all the way they finally came to the school infirmary.

Yan Han opened the door with one hand and jumped down. Lin Jianlu got out of the car shortly thereafter and said to the driver, “You go back first.”

Looks like you still want to accompany me to the infirmary? !

Yan Han said, “I can go in by myself, thanks, classmate Lin.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Jianlu said, “You are injured. It’s the weekend anyway. Let me go in with you.”

Yan Han: “…”

He actually didn’t want Lin Jianlu to accompany him in at all.

Anyway, Li Hongqing was the only person on this campus who knew his identity. So let it be, at least he wouldn’t always have to think that he was wearing women’s clothing in front of him[LHQ].

Pushing open the door of the school infirmary, Li Hongqing screamed out: “Finally you came! Let me see you quickly…”

The sound stopped abruptly when he saw two people appearing.

Yan Han didn’t have time to see Lin Jianlu’s reaction, so he could only wink at him desperately.

Li Hongqing reacted quickly. His expression quickly recovered calm, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m injured.” Yan Han said very cooperatively.

“Where are you injured, ..come and sit down.” Li Hongqing in a white coat instantly entered his role.

“My arm was cut by a knife.” Yan Han sat down. He was injured on his forearm. The wound should not be deep. He had cover it in the car for a long time and it was no longer bleeding, but he still didn’t dare to struggle.

”What caused this scratch?” Li Hongqing asked while checking Yan Han’s…sleeves.

He was wearing a sweater with tight cuffs. Although his sleeves were loose, his arm was hurt, and he obviously couldn’t push up his sleeves.

…It’s even more impossible to take it off.

Lin Jianlu was still watching and he hadn’t wore anything inside!

Yan Han blinked again desperately to wink at Li Hongqing. Li Hongqing pretended to ask, “Are you wearing clothes inside? It will be more convenient for you to take off the clothes.”

Next to him, Lin Jianlu stood motionless. His eyes was fixed in Yan Han’s direction and nobody knew what was he thinking.

After Lin Jianlu entered the room, he only stood and did not sit. Yan Han didn’t know if it was due to his hygienic addiction or not. Li Hongqing didn’t care about him either.

But Lin Jianlu who stood still like that gave people a sense of oppression for no reason.

It was normal for people who were not talkaholic to not speak. But looking at Lin Jianlu’s eyes and expressions, when he is not talking, he definitely doesn’t look like he is in a daze but more like he is thinking something.

Now the other party stared at him commandingly, making Yan Han’s neck hair to get goosebumps.

Yan Han didn’t dare to delay, and shook his head violently to cooperate with Li Hongqing in acting: “I haven’t wear anything, I haven’t wear anything inside. Or should I push it up, it doesn’t matter. My arms are thin…”

“Is it okay just to cut off your sleeves?” said Lin Jianlu, who was silent for a long time next to him.

“Yes, you can!” Li Hongqing almost clapped his hands and applauded, “This method is okay!”

Yan Han: “…”

It can……….. be a fart! Lao zi is poor, except for school uniforms, there are only two fucking clothes that are not skirts.

But this dress was also torn, and there was a lot of blood on the sleeves, so it was really not suitable for wearing again.

Yan Han had no choice but to let Li Hongqing cut off his sleeves.

When a piece of white jade-like arm was exposed, even Li Hongqing couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw the injury.

The wound was long but not deep, and it was not hideous to look at.

But when this blood clotted wound appeared on such a piece of fragrant muscle and jade-skinned arm, the feeling that the visual impact brought to people was truly extraordinary.

Not to mention Li Hongqing, even Yan Han thought he couldn’t blame Xiao Wu for coming out to beat him before. If there were so many scars on such an arm, it will be like a blemish on a naturally carved jade. Yes, it will really hurt.

Yan Han said, “You can’t leave scars.”

Li Hongqing gave him a look that said”what’s the use of it now”, and then asked, “This this this what the hell caused this scratch ?”

I accidentally scratched myself…Yan Han wanted to say so, but Lin Jianlu next to him had already spoken: ” He got it when he was being brave for righteousness.”

“…Okay.” Li Hongqing took the disinfectant and smeared it on him. After checking it carefully, he said, “The wound is not deep and no stitches are needed. I’ll wrap it up for you. If you recover well, no scars will be left. .”

Yan Han gritted his teeth in pain and trembled under the stimulation of the disinfectant: “Okay.”

The pungent smell of potion permeated the infirmary. After packing, because there was Lin Jianlu between the two, there was no way to communicate too much. Li Hongqing told him to come to change the medicine the next day and then gave him some do’s and undo’s suggestions in this situation.

Li Hongqing’s technique was very good and the medicine used was also very good. After the wound was wrapped, it was not hurting anymore.

Seeing that Lin Jianlu was still there, the two dared not communicate.

It’s already dinner time after leaving the school infirmary. The students who went out on weekends were all back. The playground had become crowded by the students playing golf and walking. The rest time was always several times more leisurely than usual. It was also very lively, indicating a new week was about to start.

Yan Han moved his shoulders, thinking that he would have to wear a school uniform and skirt tomorrow. He couldn’t help but feel a little bit resisted.

But he was about to leave Lin Jianlu soon. He felt relaxed again in his heart.

He cheered up again to thank Lin Jianlu, and said goodbye on the way.

But before he could say goodbye, Lin Jianlu, who walked with his hands in his pockets, suddenly said, “Let’s have dinner together.”

What the hell? You want to have dinner together? !

Yan Han subconsciously refused: “Ah no, I…”

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think of any reason to shirk. Yan Han had to force himself and said: “I’m on diet.”

“Even while dieting you’ll have to eat something, especially when you are injured.” Lin Jianlu seemed very insistent, “It’s okay if you don’t want to eat. You can pack a meal and take it back to the dormitory.”

“I… still don’t want it.” Yan Han shook his injured arm with only half a sleeve left, “Me going to the cafeteria like this is too eye-catching, it will cause a sensation, okay???, I’ll go back… ”

He was whining inwardly. Yan Han hadn’t thought of how to response afterwards when Lin Jianlu took off his jacket and put it on Yan Han without speaking a single word.

Yan Han: “…”

As the weather was gradually getting warmer, Lin Jianlu had wore a dark blue baseball jacket outside and only a half-sleeved T-shirt inside.

He was very tall and he looked more upright when he took off his jacket. But his shoulders were wider than the average man. If you look closely, his figure was also burly. Even the bare arms had beautiful muscle texture. Obviously, he doesn’t miss the gym often.

Not to mention, this kind of Lin Jianlu was more handsome than the time when he wears his school uniforms neatly.

He didn’t felt it outside before, but now when he was standing on the campus and looking at Lin Jianlu, it seemed that the other party was no longer the school discipline committee member. He simply had a down to earth temperament.

If it wasn’t for his still calm temperament with no expression, Yan Han would have thought that he[LJL] was a competely different person.

After staring at the muscular arm of the other party for a short time, he glanced away. Yan Han felt that afterall he was a gay, and Lin Jianlu this handsome man with his casual sense of fashion was just exactly his type. If he looked too much at a certain part of the body, biological reactions were prone to occur and that effect was not good.

It just happened that he was a little hungry, anyway, he had to pass by the cafeteria when he returned to the dormitory.

He tidyed his clothes and said, “Then let’s go.”

To get to the cafeteria, you have to cross the playground. Yan Han felt that someone had been looking in this direction all the time, but he didn’t know what happened, so he could only classify it as Lin Jianlu’s idol aura.

The sun gradually went down, and the temperature dropped sharply in the evening of the setting sun. Yan Han couldn’t help tightening his jacket tightly.

Lin Jianlu’s height visually measured over 1.85 meters and the clothes he wore were two sizes bigger than Yan Han. It was enough to cover his entire upper body, which was quite warm.


“I will wash it cleanly and return it to you.” Yan Han said.

Lin Jianlu glanced at him and said, “No need to give it back.”

“No… Don’t worry, I’ll personally put it in the cleaner for you and I’ll also pack it up after washing, so that you won’t have to touch it.” Yan Han said again.

Lin Jianlu said nothing at all.

Two people walked to the cafeteria and went directly to the third floor.

The first and second floors were for the ordinary takeouts. The environmental sanitation was actually quite good, but it does not match the compulsive standard of Master Lin.

Third floor’s cafeteria was a bit reserve that only served few people and the price was slightly more expensive. Yan Han had not came here yet, so he didn’t know the specifics.

But now it’s exactly the meal time. Even on the third floor there were quite a lot of people.

Of the two of them, one was obsessed with cleanliness and couldn’t make contact with people, and the other was still smelly with the smell of mud after an arm injury. It was not convenient to squeeze into the crowd, so they could only stand in the corner and look at each other.

Yan Han was suddenly curious about how Master Lin usually eats.

“I just can’t get in touch with people. The cleanliness of the food… doesn’t require much.” Lin Jianlu explained to him.

“…” What kind of strange cleanliness addiction was this?

A person as rough as Yan Han was obviously unrelated to this disease. He didn’t know the specific situation. He was just curious: “No one can touch?”

Lin Jianlu turned his head and glanced at him, then nodded, “No one can.”

“…Isn’t that miserable.” What if you fall in love with someone in the future?

Yan·Virgin·Han suddenly felt pity for him.

They stood side by side on the third floor where people came and went. They were squeezed in the corner, but it was still quite crowded.

Although there were fewer people at the windows on the third floor, there were many people eating.

Almost all the seats were full of people just within some seconds.

Yan Han found out that someone took out their cell phone to secretly take pictures of them.

There were also people who were looking at them from time to time and whispering. He didn’t know what were they talking about.

Although most of those glances were from girls, some of them were also from the young boys.

If he were a few years younger, he might still have enjoyed this kind of attention.

It’s a pity that he was not of that age anymore, and the gender was also…not that gender.

Everything was a bit dull, and it made him care less about other people’s eyes.

“You wait for me here.” Lin Jianlu said suddenly.

When he said that, he took his long legs and walked in one direction.

“Oh.” Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief. He was tolerating the fact that he was so eye-catching because he stood with the legendary classmate Lin Jianlu.

In fact, he the Big Boss, even if he was stared at, it was nothing.

But he couldn’t stand it, where his role in the school… was not of a man.

This journey was very scary.

Lin Jianlu returned back soon within two minutes, holding a cup of milk tea in his hand.He then passed it to him.

A series of gasps suddenly sounded all around.

He didn’t know if the quiet aura around Lin Jianlu was too strong but Yan Han felt that this time’s gasp was particularly loud.

Then under everyone’s gaze, he took the milk tea from Lin Jianlu.

He took it with both hands.

The cup was really big.

Yan Han said stiffly, “Thank you.”

“Drink first, your face looks very bad.” Lin Jianlu said, “I didn’t know if you liked sweets or not, I let someone add some sugar.”


He really doesn’t like sweet things.

He had never touched milk tea before.

But he didn’t know if it was because of the bleeding, Brother Yan was really dizzy right now.

Accepting the other party’s kindness, he stiffly inserted the straw into the cup. Yan Han took a sip, and a warm milky fragrance poured into his throat, accompanied by these sweet red bean particles…

Yan Han’s eyes widened.

—It turns out to be of red dates.


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