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RLDRFH Chapter 93

The blood-stained coat and the used cotton wool were all thrown out of the car by the Samsara team, so that they would not be found out when they returned to the base.

The group of people increased their horsepower and approached towards the base. When they were about to drive there, they saw a convoy coming from the west gate coming from the front-they were going to the city for a task.

“Boss, there is a motorcade coming out on the opposite side. Would you like to remind them?” Le Tian the co-pilot asked suddenly.

“Let’s see what team it is.” If you want to be successful in the base, you have to make more good bonds. Although they may not be affectionate, they can at least grow familiar with each other, so that everyone will not be embarrassed when working together in the future and is easier to deal with.

“I say, there’s no need, right? It seems to be the Overlord team’s car.” Zhao Long, who was in charge of driving, suddenly laughed.

“Ah? It’s really them!” Le Tian opened his eyes wide and snickered while covering his mouth.

“Let’s go, don’t pay attention to them.” Guo Bing was also amused. He didn’t expect that the the Overlord team was so hard-working. Even going out on this kind of day to do tasks?

Everyone in the Samsara team knew the news. At this time they all had a straight face, pretending that there was nothing wrong with the Overlord’s team.

Allen and the others don’t need to ask, they know from a distance that it was the Samsara team – a ramshackle group. Naturally they are not in the mood to deal with them. He was just released, and received a new task after returning home for three full days. He doesn’t want to have any conflicts with others before returning. Even stopping He Zizhong’s car to hook up with the beauty, they didn’t even think about it and rushed to the city.

After the Overlord vehicles were far away, all the cars drove all the way to the gate of the base, and waited in the line to enter the base.

Because there are a large number of people going into the base, the base is inspecting vehicles one after another. While everyone was waiting, two members went to the front to see the situation. It didn’t take long before they hurried back and climbed into Guo Bing’s car. Guo Bing quickly followed them out of the car and got into a car behind.

That car is in the car where Zhang Xiaoming is.

The two looked at each other, and Fang Hao asked in a low voice, “Do you want to…” help him?

He Zizhong is also considering this matter. From the situation just now, it seems that the base still has not relaxed the inspection of injured people. Even if Zhang Xiaoming’s injury is a gunshot wound, he cannot enter the base immediately. But the zombie wave outside…

This is the first zombie wave at the base, and the least experienced one, so the temporary waiting place outside very likely… will be attacked by the zombies.

After pondering for a while, He Zizhong whispered: “If you want to save, then start from now. If you don’t save, then you can never let them know…” If you don’t save now and are in danger, even if Zhang Xiaoming is fine later, if people learn that Fang Hao has this ability later, it will inevitably cause a rift. If you don’t save people, then don’t stretch out your hands from the beginning. This truth is the same whether before the end of the world or after the end of the world.

Fang Hao leaned his head on He Zizhong’s shoulders and waited for him to make a decision. All his actions are based on He Zizhong’s wishes, even if there was danger to himself.

The same is true with his healing ability. After he has this ability, he only thinks about how to help him. As long as he makes a decision, he will definitely act according to his ideas.

The big hand holding Fang Hao tightened tightly. Fang Hao knew that he had made a decision. He smiled and raised his head. “Are we going over?” If they help with this matter, the results will definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Especially considering their teams’ future cooperation opportunities. The Samsara team’s potential is obviously good, and future development may also be in a positive direction. Even if the ability to heal is revealed, the worst result is to attract competition from all parties. But if a balance can be found, it can also become an existence that transcends this. Even in the worst situation, they can hide in the space and pretend to be absent.

The door opened, and the two walked into the car where Zhang Xiaoming was. At this moment, Guo Bing frowned and said in a low voice: “…Don’t fight hard on hard with them.1As in use force to deal with force or argue/yell. If it’s really found, you can wait outside from a bit. After going in, I’ll look for my old comrade in arms…”

“What’s the situation? The door is strictly inspected?”

Seeing He Zizhong and the others come in, the team member who ran to the front to inquire about the situation quickly explained: “They made a new kinds of instrument that can scan to see if people have any wounds! Several people in front were checked and even if they were not scratched, they won’t let them in! That’s why the road ahead is plugged up.”

It turns out the wound detecting instrument was revealed at this time.

He Zizhong glanced at Fang Hao and signaled to Guo Bing. The two went to the door to say something in a low voice. After a while, they walked back quickly. Guo Bing drove away others in the car away and had Zhang Xiaoming reveal his injury.

Although Zhang Xiaoming was puzzled, he quickly took off his coat and exposed his arm.

The bullet scraped the outer side of his arm, piercing a hole in the muscle of the outer wall, and when the bandage was suddenly opened, blood flowed out again.

Fang Hao glanced at He Zizhong and raised his hand.

A ball of white light emerged from the palm of his white hand, which adhered to the wound with Fang Hao’s movements. Zhang Xiaoming watched this scene dumbfounded, until about three minutes later, his arm no longer felt pain. Only two shallow marks were left.

“This, this…”

Guo Bing glared at him: “Hurry up and give me your bloody clothes.”

The bloody parts were torn off the clothing. After Guo Bing went out, he asked the strength user, Xie Mengzi, to take advantage of bending over to tie his shoelaces to quietly make a hole in the ground, stuff it in, and filled it with soil.

The other members of Samsara didn’t know what happened, only that the convoy passed the inspection smoothly and everyone entered the base.

The group separated at the gate of the community. Of course, the crowded team had to rush back to the headquarters of Samsara, while He Zizhong had to return to their home.

Guo Bing shook the driving window and said solemnly to the two of them: “Thank you is insufficient for this kindness. If there’s anything in the future, just holler.” After he entered the door, he had asked someone to pass to his old comrades that more zombies were gathering outside. They have to let the base know in advance so that they can prepare for it.

He Zizhong: “Okay.”

The two teams didn’t say much, and drove the cars back to their villas.

“Are you okay?” This is the first time that Fang Hao has treated a wound so seriously. Before, he had dealt with small wounds at most, or used a healing power to relieve muscle soreness. It was the first time that he treated such a serious wound.

“I don’t feel much. I didn’t think I used up much energy, but I deliberately slowed down the effect in order to make them feel that this ability is not good, and it took some more time.” Fang Hao smiled and released Tuanzi from his backpack, then poured out the crystal nuclei placed in the lower layer of the backpack.

“That’s good.” He Zizhong was more worried about Fang Hao’s excessive use of mental power. Since he said it’s under control, everything is easy to say.

Both of their backpacks were full of crystal nuclei – a full two large plastic bags of them. They were afraid that this thing would be “swallowed” by the space as soon as it was put into the space, so since the space was upgraded to level three, they left the crystal nuclei outside.

It is worth mentioning that there are many secondary crystal nuclei this time.

Since Tuanzi was upgraded alongside the space, it’s feelings towards second-level crystal nuclei are like first-level nuclei – no interest at all.

It seems that it wants to eat third-level crystal nuclei now.

“What should we do with these crystal nuclei? Keep it or throw it into the space?” Fang Hao grabbed a handful (which had already been washed) and tilted his head to look at He Zizhong.

He Zizhong frowned, thinking about the problem, and took out a bottle containing well water from the space.

“I’m thinking, is it better to use crystal cores to upgrade our powers? Or use space water…”

The two of them had already experimented with the crystal cores they carried with them when they came back last time. A pile of ‘debris’ is left behind after absorbing crystal nuclei, but the debris can also be absorbed by the space. But perhaps it’s because they both have dual abilities, after they absorbed a crystal nucleus, they don’t have the feeling of “an electric current passing through the body” that Le Tian described. Maybe there is, but firstly the nucleus level is too low, and secondly, they have dual abilities.

His own ability being stimulated and Fang Hao’s sudden upgrade to level 2, all seemed to have something to do with space. And now, He Zi Zhong faintly felt that he was… going to upgrade soon.

It’s a feeling of inexplicable ambiguity. But he seems to know as long as he puts more force and works harder, he can break this barrier.

Fang Hao grabbed a second-level crystal nucleus. Second-level nuclei are different from the first-level nuclei. They are different colors and larger in size.

“Maybe the water is better.” Fang Hao said, and smiled uncomfortably at He Zizhong. “When I use the crystal nucleus to directly absorb it, I feel a little…uncomfortable.”

Perhaps there’s some other things inside the crystal nuclei. Fang Hao has a healing ability, and may be naturally more sensitive to these kinds of things. For example, the obsession of some people before death, the nature of zombies that only knows about eating and killing, and so on.

“Okay, let’s focus on space water then.” He Zizhong’s mind suddenly became clear. Since they have relied on the space from the beginning, there is no need to worry too much about it. Their path is different from other abilities, and the role played by the space water should be the same as that of crystal nuclei.

The two only rested for a while, when the base suddenly sounded an alarm…

The zombie wave. The first zombie wave after the end of the world, finally came.

First, a large number of zombies came to the west gate, followed by the north, then the east gate, and finally, even the south gate, which was never used by ordinary people, ushered in a steady stream of zombies…


I just realized how Halloween-y zombies are after working on the last few updates. 🤔


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    As in use force to deal with force or argue/yell.
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