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RLDRFH Chapter 92

Second additional release. Expect 2 more normal releases later this week.



“After the end of the world, people with abilities have a fever before they appear. My fever was different from others. People only burned for one night, but I was feverish for a long time, and had to wait for many days before it finally subsided. Afterwards, I discovered that my abilities seem different from other people’s first-level abilities.” He Zizhong knew that he and Fang Hao were much stronger than ordinary people. The members of the Samsara team were not ordinary people, so they could naturally see that the two of them have some skills. But even so, their team is not without abilities, and yet the pair of them are obviously stronger than the ability players in their team, which is a bit abnormal.

If they don’t say it and others don’t need to inquire that’s fine. But if someone is suspicious or guesses something randomly… it is better to give them an answer in advance to avoid any suspicion when cooperating afterwards.

“No wonder… Ah! I heard that some others also have a chronic high fever after the end of the world. Your situation is somewhat similar. But they are feverish for a few hours a day, and the rest of the time have no strength to physically move.”

Sure enough, there were others?!

He Zizhong was excited for a while. He felt that his previous high fever was not a special case – other people must have similar conditions.

“Oh? Who is it?”

“In the army, it’s what I heard what my former comrades say.” Guo Bing has some ears in the army, but the relationship is not strong enough to ask for favors easily. He had planned to use his relationship if he couldn’t find a house for a while, but he didn’t expect He Zizhong to help them.

“If the fever every day is short, maybe they will recover later than me… If lucky, maybe those people will be able to directly activate a second and third level abilities as soon as they recover.” He Zizhong smiled. If his guess is not wrong, in about September or October, those people may recover and stimulate second-level abilities, just like his previous life.

Of course, he didn’t rule out the possibility of early recovery. Anyway, before he left the base in the previous life, he heard that the base has a second-level ability – maybe it is one of these people with a chronic high fever.

“Then count then lucky. I heard that those people thought they hadn’t changed, and were brothers with a pretty good relationship, so they were quietly raised in the special ward… second-level ability, ah.” Guo Bing sighed, normal people will always admire those “special powerhouses” with abilities. Fortunately, their skills are not bad; much better than ordinary weak chickens who have abilities.

When the three arrived at the Samsara team headquarters, the Samsara team was ready to go. A large truck parked in front of the villa, and more than a dozen modified bulletproof off-road vehicles, large and small, were parked in the large yard. Among them, Guo Bing’s predator was particularly powerful and conspicuous.

“The car is here? Okay, let’s go!” The Samsara members traveling this time were packed up, and only a few housekeepers remained. He Zizhong glanced briefly and found the rest. There are three 14 to 15 year -old boys and two women. One is a young woman in her twenties, and the other is an aunt in her fifties, whose family members are unknown. In addition to these few people who were obviously powerless, Samsara also left three combatants to take care of the house.

When going out this time, Samsara allocated half of the staff to collect beds, cabinets, furniture and other things, and the remaining people and He Zizhong were responsible for clearing zombies together.

The group did not save much ammunition. Of course, if they encounter a small wave of zombies, they will still focus on close combat. When encountering a big wave of zombies, He Zizhong, Fang Hao, and the Samsara members will practice distant shooting together.

This operation lasted for three or four days. Except for the first day when they returned to the base to send back some furniture, from the second day onwards, everyone went out to fight zombies. After two days, there are countless crystal nuclei.

In the meantime, the dry food brought by the Samsara team really included those cakes produced by the base that were so hard and could kill people. The “pseudo brick cakes” that Fang Hao made in advance were mixed in other foods and was really not conspicuous at all.

On the evening of the fourth day, everyone temporarily settled in a slab building close to the base. He Zizhong held it and looked into the distance, observing the situation outside the window somewhat solemnly.

“A good thing.” Guo Bing held a tin of tea in one hand and two cigarettes in the other. With a happy expression, Chen Ning, who was sitting next to him, staggered in the opposite direction with extremely contemptuous eyes.

Turning around, He Zizhong sat back beside Fang Hao: “The zombie situation outside is a bit wrong.”

“Huh? What? Are there mutant zombies?” Guo Bing was taken aback, and quickly stopped the awkward movement of rubbing his face. They have been collecting nuclei outside the city near the base these days. For unknown reasons, they have never encountered high-level zombies, only a steady stream of first-level zombies have come to send crystal nuclei.

He Zizhong shook his head and said: “It’s not the mutant zombies, but the number of first-level zombies.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Giving the binoculars in his hand to Guo Bing, He Zizhong explained: “Whether we entered the city before to find something or kill zombies in the periphery these last two days, generally speaking, there are a limited number of zombies in one place. After cleaning it up, it will at least take some time before zombies from other places go to that place. But after killing so many of them, the number of zombies flowing in never decreased…”

Guo Bing was stunned. He just thought that they had dealt with the zombies quite smoothly these days. There are always zombies sending themselves to the door, such that everyone can go all out to clean them up. Thinking about it now, something is indeed wrong.

He picked up the binoculars and looked outside. After the end of the world, the urban area was completely dark. There were no stars in the sky and sporadic light rain, but even this could still not mask the surging and moving zombies on the ground. They…almost all came slowly in this direction!

“What’s the situation?! Why are so many zombies pouring in our direction?!”

Chen Ning also got up and walked to the window to observe.

“Perhaps… not our direction.” He Zizhong said solemnly.

Before he could explain, Chen Ning suddenly said: “It’s the base!”

“The base?” Guo Bing looked at Chen Ning and He Zizhong in confusion.

He Zizhong nodded: “Yes, I also think it is the base.”

“The base? Why?”

Chen Ning frowned, “There are many people in the base. Maybe the zombies are targeting the people in the base.”

He Zizhong nodded again. “In fact, when we were fighting with zombies before, we found that these ordinary zombies not only responded to sounds, but are also very sensitive to smells, just like the 31st warehouse we passed through in the warehouse area. There are so many people in the base. gathered together. Presumably for the zombies, it should be like several large meals packed into a single plate, right?”

Guo Bing’s face also sank, and he put the tea can in his hands on the table: “I am afraid there are no more living people in the city now…”

“Teams going out will also leave smells along the way when they go back.” Chen Ning said, “Before it was just a small group of zombies appearing around the base from time to time, but now…” Outside, in the dark night, the zombie train resembled a long river of turmoil rushing towards the base in an endless stream.

“It’s no wonder that the base will change the regulations, and there is also a deliberate addition of ‘Once the base has a crisis, everyone must be forced to participate in defense and protection’!” Guo Bing waved his fist, sneered, and shook his head. “It seems that they foresaw such a possibility long ago, but did not directly raise the issue.”

“What should we do now?” Chen Ning looked at him.

“Go back as soon as possible!”

Several people estimated the speed of the zombies, combined with their location and the performance of their own vehicles, and decided to leave for the base at 5 o’clock in the morning tomorrow morning. Let the team members fighting zombies get a good rest and cultivate spirits before driving.

Early morning the next day, as several people speculated, the number of zombies outside returned to the previous day… No, it should be said that there were more zombies than the previous two days!

As soon as the group got downstairs to get into the car, the zombies not far away became excited collectively, waving their arms and rushing towards them.

“Get in the car, don’t fight, go back to the base immediately!” Guo Bing made a decisive decision.

A group of people ran into the cars in a hurry. Two of them moved slightly slowly and were almost caught by the zombies. Fortunately, the people in the car next to them found them and knocked down the nearby zombies after a few shots.

“Ah! It hit me in the arm!” A person suddenly fell into the car clutching his arms.

The convoy set off and drove quickly towards the base.

Knowing from the walkie-talkie that someone in the team was injured, Guo Bing immediately ordered: “First bandage him to see if the bullet is left in the body.” Guo Bing was relieved when he learned that the bullet was only a scratch, but his brows fell, and can’t help wrinkling.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ning asked in a low voice, seeing his expression was not so good.

“Don’t forget the rules of the base. Injured people have to wait outside the base for six hours even if the zombie virus is not detected… But the zombies behind…” The number of zombies has increased. If they wait six hours after rushing to the base, once those troops stationed outside evacuate, those who stayed in the waiting area…may not be able to return to the base!

Chen Ning’s face also changed, and could only comfort him: “Maybe we can make it through. But if it doesn’t work, we will find a way to find someone to help in…” As he said, suddenly his eyes lit up, “Ask where he was hurt. We might be able to get in if it’s a little bit tight.”

The injured person was Zhang Xiaoming. The child was not physically the best and ran two steps behind the others, so he was shot by his companion…

“Boss, don’t worry, he has no bullets in his arm. I will tie him up and change his dressing so he can get in.” The teammates in the same car responded. Then there was a cry of ghosts and wolves from the intercom—”Wang Tong, you bastard, it’s not your arm so you don’t know feel distressed?! Using such strength to strangle me to death?!”

“Okay, hearing your confidence is so strong, it is estimated that you will not lose too much blood.” Guo Bing laughed, and the people in the other cars immediately relaxed.


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