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RLDRFH Chapter 94

Yes, there is a steady stream.

Most zombies came from the urban area, and they almost filled all the gaps. Many teams that went out on missions encountered them, and some were even involved in the zombies tide, as they rushed to the base.

The team that arrived first was able to find a way to enter the base before the gate was closed, but the vehicles behind were completely buried by the zombies…

Screams, cries, and depressive atmosphere enveloped everyone in the base.

If the base hadn’t discovered it early, it may have caused even greater losses. Fortunately, it was discovered in advance that the behavior of the zombies outside in the past few days seemed to be wrong – there are more and more zombies coming to the vicinity of the base. The upper management of the base have been psychologically prepared in advance, so as soon as the problem is discovered, they deployed people.

The first to respond to the enemy is the first defensive line outside the gates and ditches. But because there were too many zombies, this line of defense quickly retracted into the wall. Only five minutes after the alarm sounded, there was a notice from the military that all teams and adults must go out unconditionally to defend against the enemy. This is the obligation of every resident living in the base. After half an hour the base will conduct investigations and count after the event. Once someone is found to evade responsibility, compulsory measures will be taken.

Even children and the elderly who have no fighting capacity must join the logistics department.

It is because in this wave of zombies…there really are too many! !

Because He Zizhong and Fang Hao’s Fengche team was promoted to the first squad earlier, they were ranked in a good position. The eastern wall. The most devastating position in the war.

The Samsara team is also in charge of this gate, and the group of talented people who just separated and reunited. The Samsara team’s attitudes were much more polite and affectionate than before. He Zizhong and Fang Hao guessed that Guo Bing should have mentioned the treatment to his team members after they returned. Perhaps not in detail, but everyone saw Zhang Xiaoming’s injury. After the two of them went around for a lap, his injury was gone… A fool can also guess right, okay?

They only hoped that this matter will only be circulated within their team, and not widely in a short period of time. Fortunately, like the secret of crystal nuclei, the news has not been transmitted outside their team until now. It seems that their confidentiality should be okay.

Everyone can receive some weapons and ammunition after they get on the wall. If it is used up and there is no ammunition available before the prescribed shift time arrives, then it is necessary to rely on ability users to stop the zombies in their own way.

The surrounding walls around the base were not too high, only seven or eight meters tall. In addition to the top platform, a shooting hole was opened at four meters and six meters in the middle of the wall. Troops and soldiers shot outside from there.

The situation here on the eastern wall is the most dangerous. It faces the urban area of city A, and the dense wave of zombies that can’t be seen in a glance, all came from this direction!

However, these zombies are not all the zombies in A city. He Zizhong knows that there will still be a lot of zombies in the future, and can be encountered wherever they go. This operation did not clear up many zombies.

If there is no way to eliminate these zombies in the future, humans can only be like domestic animals locked in cages. Sooner or later they will be completely submerged by the huge dark tide outside the cage.

The two need to hold on for two hours, after which someone will take their place. After going down and resting for two hours, they will return and continue to hold on. This is the task they are assigned before the tide of zombies recedes. Yes, it is a task that has to be continued until the tide of zombies recedes.

They received weapons and ammunition, of which there are only 20 grenades per person, a machine gun, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, a shotgun, thousands of ammunition, plus ten bundles of explosives… Using only this to defend the enemy for two hours? What a joke?! A machine gun can fire a thousand bullets in one minute. How is ten thousand rounds enough?!

In fact, the base officials didn’t expect these people who had never used real guns before the end of the world to drive away the zombies with hot weapons. What they expected was abilities, especially long-range abilities.

Any team with melee or support-type abilities, if the abilities have special effects, will be requisitioned by the military at the beginning to be responsible for other tasks. However, information such as Fang Hao being registered as a “speed ability” has absolutely no meaning in this battle. Speed abilities can only be used as scouts when placed outside, and placed on zombies… in such a tide, can only run away quickly.

After weighing the light submachine gun in his hand, He Zizhong was not ready to use it. His ability can attack from a long distance. Instead of letting these bullets scatter around aimlessly, it is better to throw them one by one with your hands to get a high hit rate.

Fang Hao picked up the shotgun. When He Zizhong uses his abilities, he needs to use this. The two shotguns and corresponding bullets were all owned by him.

The zombies roared, about to spill over the moat as they climbed over one another. The battle finally started!

Except for ability users, because people had just touched a hot weapon, their brains were filled with blood and fired. But soon, within five minutes of starting, some people found that more than half of their machine gun bullets were consumed! ! More than half? Five minutes! What a joke!

After discovering that the bullets were not enough, the abilities players could only switch to their respective abilities. For a time, various firework-like abilities ignited around the wall.  Brilliant rays of light rushed to bloom, intertwining with the gray, black and yellow colors, the city walls was decorated like gorgeous canvases.

Low roaring came from all directions. Zombies gathered tirelessly towards the city wall, waving their broken arms, raising their heads, and letting out eager growls towards the city wall where bursts of fragrance were emitted.

The people on the wall suddenly felt like a ghost standing on the edge of hell, hopelessly struggling in the abyss of hell. There was a cold feeling in their hearts.

“Stop them, don’t let them cross the cordon!” One person held a big horn above the city wall to boost morale, so that the defensive personnel who subconsciously hesitated did not stop attacking..




Various abilities blasted below the wall. In addition to a trench outside the wall, there is a moat. Now these two lines of defense are almost completely exhausted by the brave zombies. The bodies that feared death were filled, and the remaining zombies stepped on their heads, shoulders, and bodies and continued to walk under the city wall.

The power grids outside the base were completely overturned at this time. People could only use firepower to forcibly kill those tireless guys and try their best to stop them at a position about three meters in front of the city wall.

Everyone’s defensive range is regulated. Where to stand and the range of activity to focus on, this is all planned in advance. He Zizhong and Fang both defended an area together. Although Fang Hao’s shotgun killing effect was not good at first, fortunately, He Zizhong can use the most energy-saving method to integrate wind and gold abilities. Sending bullets to the brain of any target is much more labor-saving and labor-saving than directly shooting with a gun! It also saves bullets more than a machine gun.

At the beginning, those who were afraid of base management discriminating against abilities did not report they had abilities. But after facing the current situation, they gradually let go and tried to use various remote abilities to deal with the zombies.

It’s a pity that most of the abilities can’t control their mental power output well. They throw abilities out like money, until they are dizzy and dizzy.

“Not enough!” “The bullets are gone!” “Change hands, change hands! Can’t support it!”

It had not yet reached the time to change shifts yet. Because the ability users can’t do anything, the two rows below with heavy firepower finally began to show off. But because the density of zombies is too high, even heavy firepower can’t stop these living dead who don’t know pain and fatigue.

“Give you a five-minute break! Continue holding on for two hours before you can change shifts. You can plan your own abilities and don’t throw them down all at once!”

“Five minutes is not enough!”

“Obviously I am in charge of area 31. Who was it just now who threw an ability to my side? Why don’t you hit straight then talk? Wasting an ability attack!”

“What should I do if my ability is inaccurate?”

“Captain, I am an earth-type ability, standing so high and can’t reach the ground…”

Various problems continue one after another, no matter how strong one’s abilities are, they can’t get rid of the status quo of a mob at this time. Not to mention that those with abilities now don’t know how to cooperate to make attacks more effective. Even He Zizhong, who is born again, doesn’t know how to defend effectively in this situation. He did not encounter a zombie siege in his previous life. Even if he encountered small waves when going on missions, he will try to shield his breath and avoid them.

Two hours of bitter difficulty finally passed. In the end, a steady stream of bricks, stones, and wooden sticks were transported onto the city wall and thrown into the pile of zombies vigorously by physique ability users. The leaders even brought in a lot of gasoline and other things, thrown into the pile of zombies, and then ignited by the fire-type abilities from a long distance.

Needless to say, other people’s energy is dry and ammunition is empty. Even He Zizhong used up all the bullets on hand by the last half and hour. Fang Hao directly took out their own explosives and ammunition from the space to resist at the last moment. He Zizhong directly converted to using wind and gold abilities together, killing zombies for nearly half an hour. In the end, his abilities were completely consumed, and he could hardly even move.

Fang Hao, whose shoulders were completely unfeeling due to the recoil of the gun, helped He Zizhong with difficulty and retreated together. The two sat on a corner of the city wall, took out the space water directly from the backpack, closed their eyes to restore their physical strength and mental strength.

There are many others who retired to rest as well. Many of them landed on the ground, finding a place to recover their strength. They didn’t even want to say a word.


Chapter 3 out of 5 for the zombie wave. 2 more to go.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! What a lack of preparation & adequate ammunition…

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    this is super hard ah TT jiayou to our couple!!! thank u for the chapter~

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