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RLDRFH Chapter 91

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After settling the Samara team, He Zizhong and Fang Hao began to rest in a real sense.

After walking around the street stalls outside for a time and confirming there was nothing to buy, the two return to the space to continue their vacation…

Azure waters, blue skies, food, fruits, seafood… all of which can be enjoyed. This kind of vacation close to nature could only be found before the end of the world.

After swimming for a long time and eating a salt- and freshwater seafood barbecue, the pair finally decided to redesign the use of farmland in the space.

Because the poultry is consumed too slower, they now crowded between the back of the house and the pool. Instead, they decided to plant a variety of pastures, vegetables, and fruit trees on the other side of the stream, and release all the animals for free roaming.

Cultivate the land. Plant seeds. This time, the various agricultural vehicles saved in storage are also used. The two busied themselves for a full day, preparing the soil and “inviting” animals over. Later, all the railings around the original “ranch” were pulled up and sent to storage.

The original pasture was completely transformed into a medicine garden. Some herbs originally planted in the farmland were also transplanted and reclassified.

Several acres of farmland in the south near the creek were completely converted into paddy fields and stream water was introduced. The remaining farmland is sown with various vegetables, wheat, and other crops.

“Grow some grain first to use slowly.” The land is very abundant now. If they re-cultivate after each harvest, the things here can’t be consumed at all. So He Zizhong decided to take advantage of their leisure time to start cultivating, and then harvest patiently. If they get busy and can’t return to the space often, they can deal with that later.

“It will always be useful.” Fang Hao stared at the planned farmland with bright eyes, leaning on He Zizhong’s shoulder. “The taste of the crops in our space is different from ordinary ones, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe there will be a way to make people unable to taste the taste of the crops. Won’t these grains be sold then?”

He Zizhong smiled and nodded. Before, people bought all kinds of grain and fruit to try and produce tasty food. Now, they’re the opposite – they have to make their own food unpalatable before they dare sell it.

“I bought a pancake from the base today!” Fang Hao summoned a weird pancake that was dry, brown in appearance, and suspiciously gray powdery, and uneven.

He Zizhong was very familiar with this pancake. It was one of the most common foods in the base later. One point to buy two (later increased to one point for one). The taste was extremely dry and unpalatable, and the only advantage is that it is sturdy and hard to spoil. It’s also very hard and can be used to hit people.

“I’m going back to study with our grains and see if I can make something with the same appearance, but tastes delicious. This way, when we go out, we won’t attract other people’s attention!”

When going out with the Samsara team before, they dared not eat things like flatbread rolls in front of others. They can only use biscuits, instant noodles and the like.

After a while, even instant noodles and biscuits will become luxury items, and people will switch to this kind of multi-grain pancake. The moisture in the pancakes will not change after a month or two. It’s a weapon that can be used to defend yourself!

“…Sure, good luck researching. Our family’s food is enough for you to play with.” He Zizhong expressed his heartfelt support. In his previous life when there was a shortage of water and food, he really had enough of these brick-like “cakes” that could choke people to death. Especially when these things become harder in the later stage. If there is no water to send it down, one or two people will choke to death! But even clean water is not easy to find later.

Fang Hao, a young expert in the kitchen, lived up to his expectations and smoothly came up with a substitute in the morning— “Try it!”

“What is it made of?” He Zizhong asked in surprise. Taking the pancake, he gently broke it open.

“It’s mainly red beans, with some glutinous rice flour, sorghum flour, lard, and sugar.” Fang Hao blinked his eyes and motioned to him triumphantly. “Taste it?”

Sweet, glutinous, fragrant, and soft.

“How is this a pancake? It’s clearly a snack!” He Zizhong was taken aback. Smiling, he patted his hair, finishing the red bean snack disguised dry pancake in two bites. “Your creation is enough to open a specialty snack shop even before the end of the world.”

“I didn’t dare make too sweet, and I will try to see if I can put something else in it.” Fang Hao always thinks about He Zizhong’s nutritional balance. What if they encounter a day when they have to eat this kind of cake every day? He has to make more things in advance that combine nutrition and taste, and look close to the most common foods in the base.

“Okay, take your time. But it’s best to make some before acting with Samsara this time.”

Fang Hao nodded. He first made a batch without filling and put it in the space below for later. The rest of it was mixed together, and after adding more glutinous rice flour, he discovered he can add fillings!

Adding minced meat, shrimp, and vegetable scraps into the dough, steam it, and then fry it to make the skin harder, and it looks like the kind produced by the base.

Soon, this kind of pancake came in handy.

The second day Fang Hao developed this kind of imitation cake, Samsara had finished moving, and were preparing to find building materials to come back and build furniture.

“It’s raining again. We are ready to bring things back as soon as possible. We can’t let our brothers sleep on the floor all day long. The weather is too damp. What if they get sick after a long time?” Guo Bing came directly to their door. His lips couldn’t help twitching when he saw all kinds of furniture in He Zizhong’s home. “It’s better to have one’s own house. The one we chose is an unfinished house. Even the floor is still cement. There is no decoration. Fortunately, the doors and windows are still there. These days most of us sleep on the floor!”

“Is there enough space?” He Zizhong beckoned him to sit on the sofa, and Fang Hao had already taken care of bringing tea.

Guo Bing continuing to mutter after he sighed and drank the tea. “Your tea is saved from before, right? A good thing. Keep it, I think this thing will be more expensive than gold in the future, I am afraid that no one will be willing to give as a gift.”

“There are still ones that haven’t been opened, just drink it.” Fang Hao refilled the water and sat beside He Zizhong. When they passed the tea shop in the supermarket, their collection was very smooth. Anyway, no one else took it at the time. What’s more, there are fresh tea trees in the space.

“Everyone can live here, but there are no beds. We are preparing to collect things for beds and cabinets if there are not wooden boards or something.”

“Then you’d better get a truck when going out. We can’t fit such things in our car either if we find them.”

“Chen Ning went to rent one, he should be back soon.” Looking at the time, Guo Bing said to the two men, “We estimate that if we can rent the car before ten o’clock, we will go out today. And if we are not in a hurry, we will go out tomorrow. At that time, we’ll split into two groups. One group fights zombies to collect crystal nuclei, and the other group goes to find furniture. How about you?”

He Zizhong looked at Fang Hao beside him, nodded and said, “We have nothing to do in the past two days.”

“Then go to our place first?” As he said, Guo Bing drank the tea in the cup in one breath, and he reluctantly licked the two tea leaves, and said vaguely to the two people, “This time going out, we should also bring back some tea if we see it. Even if we can’t store it, we can drink it along the way.”

He Zizhong always vaguely felt that after he was reborn, he seemed to have an inexplicable fate with the Overlord team. Driving with Guo Bing to the the Samsara villa, they saw from a distance the Overlord boss who had just been redeemed. Allen and n sisters were entangled in constant comfort and jealous fighting.

Because He Zizhong deliberately detoured the Overlord villa, Allen, Xu Lili and the others did not see He Zizhong’s car. After they drove past, He Zizhong and Fang Hao could hardly breathe as they listened to Guo Bing in the back row with a smile.

“Be careful, don’t laugh yourself to death, we won’t be able to explain to your team members later.” He Zizhong teased while driving.

“No, it’s okay.” Guo Bing patted the back of the chair, inhaling a few breaths before returning to normal. “We wanted to find them for that incident last time, but when we returned to the base, I asked someone to find out. First, the Starry Sky people made trouble all day long, then the goods were taken away by the army. We have nowhere to start if we want to trouble them. It’s really…”

“You can arrange something with others.” He Zizhong did not hesitate to encourage Guo Bing.

Guo Bing shook his head: “There’s always a chance to deal with them later. We have too many things to do now, otherwise I’ll have brought people to the door sooner or later. Do they really think they’re the top because they have abilities? Our guns are not vegetarians1As in, they’re not afraid of fighting back.”

He then remembered something and asked He Zizhong: “By the way, have you upgraded after using the crystal cores? The few in our team have consumed nearly two to three hundred now, and there’s no movement yet.”

He Zizhong paused before explaining: “I seem to have had a second-level ability from the beginning.”


Guo Bing’s voice was so loud that Fang Hao’s ears were sore.

Before He Zizhong could explain it, Guo Bing suddenly realized, “That’s right, it’s no wonder that you two are so good. As expected, apart from martial arts and abilities, it’s also level 2… But how could your ability be second-level initially?”


200-300 crystal cores x 5 Samsara ability users = 1000+ zombies… That’s a lot of heads.


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    As in, they’re not afraid of fighting back
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