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RLDRFH Chapter 173

He Zizhong closed his eyes and “looked” around using the eyes of Tuanzi who was floating outside. The tail of the army of zombies drawn over can be vaguely seen at this time. The dense number of zombies from the residential area were not lured over either. Its likely everyone will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief before the evening.

Fang Hao took the food and hot soup he had just received and went to the highest floor they occupied, walking over to He Zizhong’s side. “Let’s eat.” As he spoke, he quietly took things from the space and replaced them.

He Zizhong just started his break, taking the food, and sat down by the wall with Fang Hao for dinner.

He whispered to Fang Hao about the situation he had just “seen”. Fang Hao also smiled in relief. “We can finally get out.” Although it is very efficient, effective, and safe to fight zombies like this, for someone like Fang Hao, this kind of defense is completely useless. He will definitely feel bored after a long time.

He Zizhong smiled and took a sip from the cup containing soup. Inside was the old hen soup that Fang Hao had snuck into the space to cook in the past two days. The previously prepared soups were 70-80% used up, so as soon as he was able to, Fang Hao immediately found an opportunity to enter the space, kill two hens, and use a pile of bones saved from before, to stew large pots of broth.

Peeking at the food Fang Hao returned to the space, the food the logistics team made today was actually quite good. There is a main carb1As in grain or rice and vegetables, but no meat.

Of course, its still those multi-grain cakes, which have become harder after leaving the base for so long. Don’t know who was defending, but a pancake fell from the window accidentally before and happened to hit a zombie’s face. The floor where the man was standing was a bit high, and the zombie that raised its head was only level 1. It turned out the zombie with an open mouth had it’s chin smashed when it he looked down! It shocked everyone – this thing turned out to be a murder weapon!!

As for the dishes – today’s dish is pickled cucumber strips.

There are plant abilities in the convoy. Several vegetable seeds were also given before the mission, and kept in the spaces of several people Yan Xin trusted. There are also pickles brought from the base, so vegetable seeds have not been needed yet. After the pickles are eaten, everyone can eat meals made with fresh vegetables.

Although the Samsara team has plant seeds and plant abilities, their seeds are basically all kinds of foodstuffs. They only have carrots, white radishes, green radishes and garlic seeds (the last time they went to fetch seeds, they mostly collected all kinds of high-yield radishes). Now that they have the opportunity to plant these plants, they asked Yan Xin for a few seeds, and stuffed them into Chen Ning’s space.

Yan Xin is not as strict as the base in managing seeds. Not to mention Samsara is currently very strong. He is more interested in drawing them in, and will of course not care as much about these seeds – as long as they are left to the team to use later.

So the Samsara team finally got spinach and cucumber seeds, both of which are good things. As long as they don’t mutate, these are absolutely nutritious!

The soup made in the past two days is spinach soup. Although there are no shrimp skins, eggs, or such, everyone is satisfied that they can drink spinach soup and supplement vitamins.

The two of them were sitting in the corner. Everyone was very tired at the moment. They were too lazy to face others during the meal. Fang Hao took the opportunity to take out two small wraps with meat and vegetables, and handed them to He Zizhong. Winking his eyes, he asked him to eat quickly . Although the homemade red bean cake tastes good, no matter how delicious it is to eat every day, it will kill people after a long time…

He Zizhong can use Tuanzi to see the situation, and he can also use the wind ability to detect the situation outside. Yan Xin had to rely on Jiang Feng’s abilities to help him judge the situation outside. Jiang Feng also recognized that the zombies attacked outside was nearing its end, which made everyone in the temporary meeting room breathe a sigh of relief. Although everyone came here to fight zombies, no one has rested for 3 consecutive days. Even the melee abilities are very busy, let along those with ranged attacks?

“Well, everyone will sleep a little longer tonight. Arrange someone on duty in the evening.” Yan Xin rubbed his temples tiredly. How many days have it been? He hasn’t slept much since leaving the base. Although the conditions on the command car were pretty good at the beginning, there was another person in the car who could have a convulsion at any time, Wu Geng. When they finally separated, they entered the county, and he was still unable to take a good rest.

Three hours after the meeting ended, apart from a few scattered zombies, the last of the zombies army also fell into the fire that just ignited.

Those in the office building can’t help but cheer in low voices. They don’t dare speak loudly, what if they bring more?

Except for the person on duty, everyone else covered their heads and fell asleep. Even Le Tian was the same, dangling some sore shoulders and slowly walking towards their usual resting place, before being hugged by someone. he was so scared that he almost punched the man, but as soon as his hand was raised, he turned and saw – oh, Guo Bing. So he went to sleep.

Dumbfounded, Guo Bing watched Le Tian blink his eyes and fall asleep in his arms after he almost punched him. He didn’t even have the mood to kiss, so he had to lie down with a bitter face while hugging someone in the nest he had just prepared.

On the seventh floor, in the meeting room that was still full just now, only Yan Xin himself was left. The door opened and Yin Dong walked in. “Going to fetch things tomorrow?”

“Well, tomorrow… at noon.” The location they chose was very close to their target this time. They were in the office building of a certain bank, and the bank’s business hall was diagonally across the street. Things like gold and silver are stored in the basement. In addition, there are two large shopping malls and a gold store nearby, all next to the county police station compound – a very safe place before the apocalypse.

“Are we going deep into the city to fight zombies?” Yin Dong walked to his side and pushed his glasses. “According to Jiang Feng’s detection, the number of zombies there is probably more than the number of zombies we killed in the past three days. Much more.”

Yan Xin breathed out slowly, raised his arm around Yin Dong’s lean waist, and leaned his head on his abdomen. “At least one more fight is needed. Some level 2’s have reached the critical point of upgrading. I checked, but the types of level 3 crystal nuclei collected are not complete.” Few people can be as lucky as Samsara, or very people can obtain all kinds of level 3 nuclei like Samsara.

“Then be careful. We can’t attract too many. We must be ready to retreat at any point, otherwise the whole team will fall here.” As he said, Yin Dong touched Yan Xin’s cheek with his hand. Neck,  and then down along his neckline…

Suddenly, Yin Dong’s hand was held down. Yan Xin didn’t seem to have any fluctuations in his voice: “If I remember correctly, the last time before leaving the base, you were above. It’s my time now.”

Yin Dong’s expression froze, and his hand subconsciously lifted to push his glasses. Mid-motion, his glasses were taken off: “Are you sure you want it here? Aren’t you afraid of your subordinates coming to find you?”

“I have lived here these past two days. The other rooms have not been cleaned up. Or do you want to go to the public hall below?” Yan Xin stood up and reaching his neckline with his hand. “I thought performing in public was the hobby of your previous employer.”

“He has never acted in public and slept with someone, or are you saying you saw it?” Yin Dong’s expression was clear, as if he didn’t care about Yan Xin’s molestation.

Yan Xin bent down and leaned forward to take a bite on his neck. “Are mental abilities so annoying to talk? You speak much more than before the end of the world.”

On the sixth floor, He Zizhong and Fang Hao had a meal. After hearing that they could rest, the two immediately opened the bedding in the corner, wrapped their bodies and leaned together into a state of filling up on sleep.

All floors and rooms of the building have entered rest mode except for defensive personnel.  Apart from some who need to go downstairs to pick up the crystal nuclei that fell outside, all those with a partner are now with their partners and enjoying the peace. Most don’t even have the energy to do certain sports.

In the early morning of the next day, the logistics team finished sorting the scattered nuclei picked up last night. It’s just when the team lead went to report to Yan Xin, he didn’t dare raise his head. Even if he raises his head, he only dared to look at him secretly.

It seems that because of a good night’s rest, Yan Xin, who was extremely energetic, didn’t notice that person’s face and asked him to divide things among the responsible persons.

There are still occasional sounds of killing zombies downstairs. These zombies are the scattered handful that swayed over this morning. Even if there are level 3 zombies, those on duty can handle it.

The person broke out in a sweat, and then turned around to distribute the crystal nuclei. In fact, these things were counted last night, but when he went up, he heard some voices at the door of the conference room… As a normal man who hasn’t driven2had sex in a long time, the movement is really unbearable, he is also curious – who is the other person in the room? The groaning movement was obviously not made by the boss. It was very seductive. He almost rolled down the stairs with stiff limbs. In the end, I didn’t dare to disturb the boss’s good deeds.

Regrettably, the mysterious lady didn’t show up in the end. The person in charge swept the team N times, but no suspicious person was found, so he could only temporarily leave it aside.


Who guessed it? Yan Xin and Yin Dong. And they switch.


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  • 1
    As in grain or rice
  • 2
    had sex
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  1. Jacq says:

    I did not expect that!!!!
    Well they do consult each other a lot… And Yan Xin seems to trust Yun Dong in some level…
    Still… That came almost out if nowhere…
    Oh well… Congrats for them I guess!

    Thank you fir the chapter!!!!

    1. komorebi says:

      Lol. There’s actually a tidbit of it during one of those times that Overlord has a tussle in the villa area and is arrested. Someone inquires about Yin Dong in passing.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! YD will find someone useful to sleep with no matter what, lol.

    1. komorebi says:

      Yeah, don’t ask me what’s going on with that pair. 🤷‍♂️

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