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RLDRFH Chapter 172

“Major, leaving them there… is it okay?” The adjutant asked a little nervously in the slightly shaking car.

Yan Xin’s expression remained unchanged. “Don’t leave them, do you want to bring them along to make trouble on the way?”

The adjutant shook his head quickly. “No, it’s just…” As he spoke, he pointed to the map hanging on the wall.

Yan Xin stood up. “Oh, you’re talking about this. Forgot to change it.” He walked to the map and stretched it out… It became different from before!

Although the general terrain and main roads are correct, the small roads specially marked out before and the secret small roads hand-drawn on the map were completely different!!

The adjutant’s mouth widened, and then couldn’t help covering his mouth and laugh. This picture has been hung there for many days. Although Yan Xin said that he would go to the marked target to fetch weapons, he never asked the driver to come and study the route together. It just hung there.

Lieutenant Zheng on the other side couldn’t help but laugh out. Wu Geng has not been pleasing to his eyes for a long time. He’s also a second generation. He rushed out to seek help, even losing a leg on the way, but he worked hard to fight and increase his strength, striving to become strong. What about that Wu Shao? Bringing the crystal nuclei collected by his parents, easily rushing to level 2. Let alone going out and using crystal nuclei to improve his strength, he’s not even willing to get off the car! Such a person doesn’t even have the blood of a man, that is to say, he’s just playing in his own nest in the base. What trash!

Now being pitted by Yan Xin is purely because he asked for it!

Yan Xin remained expressionless, turning his head to look outside the car. “Although Miss Song found me before leaving the base and asked me to find a way to kill Wu Geng on the way, I didn’t plan to actually do it.” His voice was ice cold without a trace of feeling. “If he didn’t ask for trouble or deliberately seek death, I will naturally not move him. Since he has these thoughts now, I don’t need to protect him.” He never owed Wu Geng anything. Him not doing anything to kill him is because everyone was in the same boat. If one more person lives, they might be able to help him later. There was no conflict between him and Wu Geng, and Yan Xin himself did not have any feelings for the Song family daughter either.

If he didn’t owe Old Song a favor, Yan Xin would not be classified as a member of the Song family, nor pushed the task now. Of course, if he can leave the base to increase his strength, he will not turn down such a chance.

“What you did is right. This time cleared the nails in the team and those who don’t want to complete the task properly.” The adjutant quickly persuaded.

Yan Xin nodded slightly, and lightly tapped his fingers on the side of the table. “Let each team count all the people with logistics-like abilities. Starting today, the former logistics team and those people will be merged together. Each vehicle will have their own people responsible for logistics and such.”


The convoy passed through a tattered toll gate, driving towards the county without seeing signs of zombies on the highway. The urban area of ​​this county is actually not very large, but the  highway where they stayed was actually very close to the periphery, so many zombies from scattered villages were attracted over.

Once the convoy drove through the sparse fieldside buildings, the number of zombies gradually increased after the tall houses were gradually seen.

Someone with speed abilities turned on an alarm clock, and ran back after throwing it in the designated spot. The command vehicle ordered: “All units ready– attack!”

A county near the mountainous area that was unknown before the end of the world was very lively at this time.

A group of 700 to 800 people occupied a pre-apocalyptic office building, dividing into several groups to fight the endless wave of zombies.

Their car did not stop downstairs, but was placed in the courtyard of a nearby connected office building. Some of these connected courtyards are the original county office buildings, some are police stations, and some are scattered corporate office buildings.

The convoy chose the office building of a certain bank. It was the tallest building around. Earth abilities sealed off the doors and windows on the second floor, and then began to defend. If there is no way to stay, everyone can use the next few buildings to go directly back to their cars and rush out.

They have been guarding for a full three days, and the dead zombies below have almost piled up into a hill during these three days. Everyone’s strength has greatly enhanced. More level 3 abilities appeared one after another, and all level 2 members of Samsara have reached level 3 by now.

Originally, when everyone wanted to occupy the high ground to fight zombies, they were still a little worried about how to pick up the zombie crystal cores below. Every once in a while, those will earth abilities will raise the ground outside, cover the zombie corpses, lifting them to a height they can reach, and then quickly dig out the crystal nuclei.

But such the movement is too large, and it is also consumes a lot of energy. In their current defensive situation, earth abilities can make full use of soil thorn traps to cause significant damage to the zombies. Asking them to use their abilities this way is too wasteful.

Fortunately, several space abilities upgraded at this time.

People with space abilities have no offensive power at level 1 or 2. There is only a space to hold things. Without without much physical strength are the best candidates for a proper logistics team.

But when their abilities reached level 3, the situation changed completely.

The space’s of the two space abilities in Samsara did not increase after reaching level 3. But Chen Ning has an extra attack skill – space slash, which has high lethality, and causes high damage to the target, irrespective of weapon sharpness.

The other member, Le Tian’s ability increased the endurance of the entire team – fetch things from the air!

He can open a space channel in front of him, leading to any place within a ten meter radius with him as the center!

The space channel is not big, and no bigger than a man’s palm. But with the assistance of fire abilities to burn the piled up zombies, using this ability to pick up crystal nuclei is simply trivial!!

The zombies downstairs are basically dead. As long as he opens a passage, confirms that there is a crystal nucleus on the other side of the passage, and asks a physique ability person to hold a small shovel to remove the crystal nucleus and ashes on the opposite side, how troublesome is it to pick out the crystal nucleus?

Although it also requires him to use his ability, Le Tian did not have much offensive strength to begin with. Opening a space channel doesn’t take much energy either. The most important thing is that only a few logistics personnel are needed to assist him. Combat abilities are not needed at all.

Everyone is now stuck in this building. Melee abilities are not very useful, but how much more efficient is letting a physique ability help him?!

Le Tian leads people around on the ground floor, collecting loot and crystal nuclei everywhere. On the second floor, some earth abilities stood guard, ready to repair the wall at any time, and occasionally using soil thorns and pits to kill the zombies outside. The third floor is guarded by a group of power abilities, and 2 plant abilities. The plant ability users are responsible for planting trees, and the power abilities are responsible for turning the trees into sharp spears, and using them as javelins to hit the zombies outside.

The guard on the fourth floor use ranged fire abilities to kill zombies. Once the wooden speaks accumulate to a certain level, they will throw down a big fireball. Both the wood and zombies are violently burned, which conveniently lets Le Tian harvest crystal nuclei.

The higher up, the farther one’s abilities reach. Those with melee abilities are not idle either. They are busy transporting crystal nuclei, swapping with those at the windows, helping the logistics team prepare meals, and delivering food and water to everyone.

Fang Hao and other speed abilities are responsible for running upstairs and downstairs. Such a tossing will consume a lot of abilities. The crystal nuclei that is absorbed every day is several times more than compared to staying in the car and doing nothing. The same is true for other logistic type abilities. Everyone tried to find ways to consume their abilities and increase the speed at which they absorbed crystal nuclei.

Everyone in the team has created a consensus – the more an ability is consumed, the faster crystal nuclei are absorbed, and the quicker one is likely to upgrade.

Even the two healers will take the initiative to help those with disabilities treat any sequelae when there is no one with injuries. The reason there are 2 healers is because one is Wang Tong’s wife, and other is a healer originally brought with them who had a level 1 ability when he left the base.

There was originally a second female healer, but when Wu Geng was arguing about splitting up, she was persuaded by him, and joined those who were left behind.

This level 1 healer has already reached level 2, and with a constant supply of crystal nuclei, he is rushing towards level 3. He heard from Wang Tong’s wife that once they reach level 3, they can detect if there is a zombie virus in the human body! This is simply a big killer! Won’t any healer want to reach level 3? Such a thing will be highly sought after once they return to base!

The number of zombies that died downstairs accumulated more and more. The place they chose was relatively close to the center of the county, and was not the primary residential area. Although there are many zombies, they are still barely able to cope.

What was more of a relief is that He Zizhong did not find spirituals zombies among them. Maybe there is, but at most, they are only level 1 or 2, and are killed before they can launch any mental attacks.


Ranged abilities at 5 stories or above… that’s quite high up.


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