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RLDRFH Chapter 171

The number of zombies brought out this time was somewhat unexpected, but Yan Xin still ordered everyone to defend and counterattack in an orderly manner according to the previously customized plan. Now there are too many zombies, and they were divided into two groups. Although the convoy was still in two shifts, they couldn’t wait until the evening before taking action. Those in the evening shift were all waiting in the back at this time. When anyone in front had no ability to continue fighting, they would immediately rush to replace them.

The people in the back have enough rest and are responsible for replacing the people in front.

Although this rotation method is very tiring, it greatly stimulated everyone’s fighting awareness. It also allowed them to have time to rest and to replenish energy by absorbing crystal nuclei.

Yan Xin raised his binoculars and looked towards the county. There were endless zombies running over. Fortunately, most of these zombies came from the county. None were coming from other directions, giving them the opportunity to build appropriate fortifications. Otherwise, if there are enemies in all directions like last time, they won’t be able to use heavy firepower.

After several days of training and continual crystal nuclei use, at least half the convoy reached level 2. Adding on the small number of level 3 abilities, the ratio of ability users to zombies is roughly equal. Everyone coordinated to fight back, and were much stronger than the uncooperative zombies. Therefore, although there are more enemies, they can obviously seize the advantage!

The zombies who rushed over became sparser over time. Once the blood is exposed to air for a long time, there will be no more fresh smell compared to being freshly sprinkled. Plus, the blood bag has been trampled by zombies, so except for those with sensitive noses, there is no way to smell it anymore.

Because the zombies that arrived first all headed for the blood bag, a small hill of them formed after being bombarded and killed by everyone with their abilities. Later, they started to fight with the abilities. Now, the second team has fully replaced the first team who withdrew to the rear, taking out their own crystal cores to absorb and supplement their abilities.

In the command car, Wu Geng watched the fighting outside with bursts of black on his face. Obviously they knew where the weapons were placed, but they insisted on killing the zombies. Killing zombies… Isn’t it more efficient to kill them after getting the weapons?!

If someone doesn’t participate in the battle, they won’t be eligible to receive crystal nuclei. Even those in the logistics team will get some crystal nuclei because they are responsible for digging them and cleaning the battlefield. But he alone, the deputy captain sitting in the command vehicle, has never received a crystal nucleus from start to finish!

If it weren’t for the fact that he really didn’t dare to fight Yan Xin head-on, he completely ignored his own hypocrisy, and couldn’t open the safe where they stored the crystal nuclei…

Finally, Wu Geng’s gaze turned from the window back to the map hung inside the car, clearly marking the nearby terrain, landforms, roads, and a place marked with a red circle — a base in the mountains where weapons are hidden…

The door of the command vehicle was open for a long time. Wu Geng, who had never left out of the car, walked down and patted a person in the rear who was absorbing crystal nuclei. Turning his head, the man saw that the person was Wu Geng, and then confirmed to see if anyone noticed his behavior.

The team harvested nearly 7,000 crystal nuclei the first day, in which everyone received 10 or so. According to the rules, those in logistics receive half that of the combat troops. On the one hand, because they contributed less, and on the other hand, because they use their abilities less, they cannot absorb as many crystal nuclei per day. They didn’t use that much in the first place, so it was a waste to give them more. Plus, in their current situation, it is naturally more important to divide the combat troops.

Of course, the number of crystal nuclei allocated to the healers is not lacking, because they have greater responsibility. Of course, they can’t treat them poorly.

But in this way, some logistics members will naturally be dissatisfied. Although it is obvious that they contribute less, they feel like they are treated unequally.

Personnel are organized differently in logistics than other squads. Squads are broken into 3 smaller teams, most of whom are members from the same original team. Crystal nuclei are assigned according to vehicle, and the non-commissioned officer in charge will distribute it to the captains of the 3 teams. How the team leader allocates them next depends entirely on them.

Team leaders can distribute them at their discretion. They might be allocated according to their previous internal rules at base. If anyone has an opinion, they can only speak to to their own team and squad leaders.

But it’s different in the logistics team, which is comprised of people from various departments in the base. For various reasons they were forced on a mission most were unwilling to take on. Now when allocating crystal nuclei, once they feel unfairly treated, they will feel the team leader is targeting them personally.

Especially now that once the convoy stops, the people in other vehicles get a lot of nuclei. How many can each person in their car get? Many people’s eyes naturally glowed with red light.

The situation in the other cars is okay. After all, the captains of the various teams are in charge. However, even the squad leader in the logistics truck was someone kicked from above. In addition, there are many other forces deliberately squeezing the Song family, people disgusted the Song family, and wanted to prevent Yan Xin from completing the task. After discovering the situation, they jumped out, happier than anyone, and almost raised a loud horn to rouse people’s hearts.

On the third night on the expressway, Yan Xin and other leaders studied strategy and tactics in the command vehicle and decided to march towards the county early morning the next day. They have been fighting for three consecutive days, collecting a full ten to twenty thousand zombie nuclei. However, the number of zombies gathered this evening was not as many as in the first two days. Most zombies near this area should have already been lured over, so there’s no point in waiting longer.

However, it is useless for Yan Xin and the others to reach an agreement. There is another person in the car.

“I don’t agree.” Wu Geng tilted his propped legs, dangling the shoes half-hung on his feet, which exuded a strong smell. “We have so many crystal nuclei. Even if we enter the mountain and encounter mutant plants, we can deal with it. Not many people live in the mountains, how can it be dangerous? You guys are greedy for more crystal nuclei. No matter how dangerous the county is, I can’t ignore the lives in these cars. Why should everyone follow you in and die?”

After hearing the sound, everyone looked at Wu Geng with eyes calling him an idiot.

“You don’t want to go?”

“Yes, not only I don’t want to go, but there are many people who don’t want to go! Even if you are the captain, I am still the deputy captain! I have the right to put forward my own opinions!” Wu Geng looked blankly at Yan Xin. For fear of irritating him completely, and kicking himself out of the car, “I propose, all of you show your hands to vote!”

Yan Xin suddenly laughed and stood up. “A show of hands to vote? That’s not necessary.” As he said, he picked up the public walkie-talkie. “Attention from all units, all members get off the car immediately, and all members get off the car immediately.”

The next morning, the not-so-bright sun slowly rose behind thick, gray clouds. Only a faint light can be seen between. Dense light rain spread across the lands, covering the moving motorcade. The party headed west towards the county seat, but left a car in the same place where the convoy had stopped…

Moving from the sturdy and tight command vehicle to such a leaky, broken truck, Wu Geng gritted his teeth with hatred. He made a fuss last night, and ended up with such a result!!

Okay, Yan Xin, you are so good, daring to just leave like that! Just you wait!

“Wu Shao…” A person leaned over and looked at him sadly. “We… should we wait for them to come back here?” Just this a broken truck? Into the mountains? What if they really encounter a mutant plant!

Wu Geng took a few deep breaths and turned to look at the trembling man in the car. “Even if they come back, they may not come out from this intersection. If we can get that batch of weapons a day earlier, even if the number of people is small, we will be stronger than them. Much strong! After I get the weapons, I will lead us back to the base in city A. I, Wu Geng, can guarantee that the benefits of everyone going back with me this time will definitely be much better than those going south! Those SH guys sent people to A city for help because they can’t defend any longer. I’m afraid there’s only an empty city waiting for Yan Xin and them.”

After finishing speaking, he looked around the crowd. “If we can take those weapons back – we can definitely occupy a place in the base. Isn’t this better than them continuing desperately like this?”

Anyway, they have been left behind. God knows what will happen if they stupidly wait here?

People die for money, and birds die for food. Wasn’t their previous tossing and protesting all to gain more benefits? Now that they have been left behind, let’s fight for it!

Perhaps it is because there are no other people around to count on, so these people can only count on themselves.

One person rolled his eyes and smiled: “Wu Shao’s words, of course, we are already on the same boat. The earlier we get those weapons, the safer we’ll be, right?”

Wu Geng raised his chin and nodded somewhat triumphantly. “Okay, everyone report their ability and level!”

The answers turned out to be pretty good. Although most people are from the logistics team, they all have abilities. Among them, there are some who were not willing to fight, but also reached level 2. After doing the math, there was quite a good proportion of level 2 abilities.

Wu Geng was happy in his heart. He picked out a driver who could drive, got into the passenger cabin, and took out a simple map. He didn’t dare steal the one Yan Xin hung in the car, but he could draw a similar picture. There is roughly nothing wrong with it!


Another dumbass takes the stage.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I think the captain must have thanked his gods for getting rid of the fool who showed himself the way out!

    1. komorebi says:

      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading!
      Yes and no – he actually plotted that dumb kid.

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