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RLDRFH Chapter 174

Early in the morning, everyone received a large bag of crystal nuclei. Although they could also receive some over the past 2 days, although Le Tian can open a space channel, there will always be some omissions since they are blocked by a wall. Moreover, a layer of ashes accumulated after the fire, and many crystal nuclei were buried and are not easily seen. Now they have cleaned everything up, the harvest is naturally amazing.

High-level crystal nuclei are basically distributed to everyone according to one’s ability type. What is worth everyone’s attention is that Yin Dong’s mental ability also upgraded early this morning.

Le Tian took Fang Hao and Zhang Xiaoming secretly to gossip about this matter. “Why did his ability upgrade after the battle was over?”

“Yes… there weren’t any powerful zombies coming here, right? Doesn’t he have a mental ability?” Zhang Xiaoming also wondered.

Fang Hao opened his brain hole: “He has intellectual abilities. Maybe the way to upgrade quicker is to use his brain more?”

“But what kind of brainpower did he use early in the morning?”

Enduring back and butt pain since the morning, Yin Dong, who spent a long time trying to drive all the people he might encounter, secretly returned to the place where he should rest with a black face. No one from the team dared talked to him seeing the ‘don’t mess with me’ expression he wore.

Jiang Feng swallowed, resisting his desire to inquire where the level 3 mental1Can’t recall if it’s mental or spirit. If anyone remembers, lemme know! crystal nucleus came from. He also has a mental ability, and will need the corresponding level 3 nucleus to upgrade. But the team never got this kind of crystal nucleus! Who did Yin Dong trade with? He also wants to exchange for one…

“After breakfast, get the cars, and go to the opposite bank first.” After last night’s activities, Yan Xin was in a good mood as he listened to the report about yesterday’s battle. People have continually reached level 3 in the course of battle, and their future actions should be decided.

Most people have adapted to this kind high-intensity rhythm after the end of the world. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone can finally rest in the car when they were really on their way, I’m afraid they would protest no matter how much he ordered... But now everyone is in the city, and there are countless zombies wandering in the city not far away. It’s best if they can get what they need one day sooner and leave earlier. Even if they rest, who knows if some brutal zombies will come over whether they can leave alive?




“Commander! Weapon production can’t keep up…”

“Reporting commander, the situation in the east gate is in danger. Two special level 3 zombies have climbed up the wall!”

The situation inside A city base is fraught with anxiety. When people are outside… no, even when they are in their own homes, they don’t dare to speak loudly, for fear that their movements will bring in the zombies that are outside the city. Even ignorant children dare not cry loudly.

A group of old men in the villa area sat together with a troubled faces. One person raised his eyes and looked around, coughing: “It’s time to prepare… retreat.”

“Retreat? Where to?! The walls of the base are so strong, if breached, where else can we hide?!”

“Don’t get angry, Lao Zhang just offered an idea. After all, we have considered it before…”

“How about going to Tibet? Won’t zombies have decreased mobility when we reach the plateau?There are also very strong defense measures there…”

“Yes, yes, we can also evacuate to the grassland. There are also many underground bunkers over there. Even if the zombies can dig underground, they won’t be able to smell us!”

“Nonsense! Have you forgotten the zombie animals and mutant plants?!” Lao Song2Song family patriarch. Lao = old slapped the table angrily.

“It’s not like we’ve seen plants come in and catch people…” A person muttered in a low voice, in exchange for a few people silently agreeing.

Indeed, although mutant plants exist, have caused many casualties on missions, and even  appeared outside the base — no one has seen mutant plants invade the base!!

There are many teams that did not come back after going out on a mission. Both civilian ability teams and teams the base sent. How did these teams get eliminated? Were they killed by advanced zombies or mutant plants? God knows!

There are only a few teams who have escaped alive and have seen mutant plants. Therefore, even if everyone knows that this kind of plant may be terrifying, and just as lethal as advanced zombies, capable of causing great losses, people who haven’t seen them in person will never really think of them as bosses. These days, the biggest enemy is zombies. As for zombie animals, mutant animals, and mutant plants, after zombies are eliminated, will they obediently wait for humans to wipe them out?

What’s more, if people can clean up zombies with such a huge base, what kind of mutant plants are they afraid of?

Ignorance and arrogance.

After the meeting, the leaders issued orders to their cronies one after another-

“Send more people to make weapons immediately. If it doesn’t work, we will buy news of gold and silver publicly! Tell the people below, don’t worry about money! Don’t wait for zombies to attack and have nowhere to spend the family’s money!”

“Immediately inform our people to be prepared. The base may be dangerous, and be ready to escape after the walls break!”

“Yes, but… where are we going to escape?”

“Remember XXX city? There is an underground base there. It was built before the end of the world and went deep into the ground for tens of meters. The zombies can’t find it!”

“Gather all of our people and prepare to break out of the base.”

“Ah? Hard break? Now?!”

“Nonsense, otherwise won’t we be washed away when the base is broken and things are messy!”

“Yes, get ready now!”

“Quietly gather our men together and prepare. The instability in these two days is a good opportunity. If we take the opportunity to kill those old guys… we can all sneak into the villa area!”

Dark tides surged in the base. If looking down at the base from up high, dense dark shadows are visible, enclosing the base that was originally not too large. The densely packed black figures occupy more area than the base itself…




After a full week, the convoy finally left the county after reaping a full load of gold and silver, a huge number of crystal nuclei, and powerful members who have upgraded by at least one level.

They still didn’t dare to mess with all the zombies in the county. Even if they picked and chose the surrounding area carefully, they still managed to harvest plenty of crystal nuclei for upgrading, and were able to repair the vehicles.

When they drove back to the intersection they entered from, Yan Xin sneered at the empty highway without a trace of the car left before. “Go into the mountain.”


“Attention all units, the convoy is ready to drive towards the mountain. All units take precautions and be alert to possible situations at any time.”

What will happen after entering the mountain?

Mutant plants, zombie animals, mutant animals.

They have encountered at least two zombie mice attacks during their operations in the county these days. Once in the bank basement, and once in the auto repair shop.

It wasn’t just a few small rats, but a large number of zombie rats.

Jiang Feng felt that there was something there, but thought it was a zombie — zombies, like zombie mice, have no wisdom at all, and the brain fluctuations are almost the same in Jiang Feng’s eyes.

Had it not been for He Zizhong using his wind abilities to carefully investigate, god knows if they would have been seriously injured? Especially that second time, hundreds of zombie rats were hidden in that factory!

The vehicles turned into a road leading into the mountains. The road was deathly quiet. Not to mention the predicted mutant plants, even the shadows of zombies and zombie animals were not visible.

Looking at the mountains in the continuous rain through the gap in the tarpaulin, it looks particularly secluded and terrifying. Fang Hao glanced outside and leaned on He Zizhong’s shoulder: “How do you feel?”

He Zizhong shook his head slightly, letting the wind float outside and carefully checked the situation as much as possible. Tuanzi was also very dutifully floating in the air, watching the surroundings, and floating forward with the convoy.

The fact that He Zizhong’s wind power has a detection effect, Yan Xin now also knows – he knew it when he previously found the zombie mice.

However, after a large number of people in the team were promoted to level 3, everyone discovered that their abilities will also evolve in different directions according to each person’s personality and habits!

For example, Lieutenant Zheng, who was missing a leg, subconsciously wanted to use wind to help him move. After reaching level 3, he evolved a very cool ability that evoked He Zizhong’s greed. Wings of wind!

Although his wind blades have less power, flight is slow and lasts a very short duration, as long as there is a large amount of crystal nuclei to support him, sooner or later his wings will be as terrifying as those flying level 3 zombies!

How enviable it is to have a pair of wings in this world where even airplanes can’t fly!

As for others with wind abilities, some gained the ability to form small “tornados” that can entangle zombies. Although the offensive power was still… not very powerful. But given the same ability and different evolutionary paths, everyone naturally quickly accepted that He Zizhong’s wind ability can be used to explore the outside situation.

Among the abilities that have relatively few development directions, Fang Hao’s speed ability is one of them. Basically, apart from speed increasing, no special cases have been found so far. And this kind of ability is also one of the most common amongst ability holders in the convoy.

The convoy maintained a certain speed and moved in the direction of the target. At an intersection not far ahead, it turned once more to enter the mountain. When the Tuanzi floated directly over that turn, the eyebrows of He Zizhong’s closed eyes suddenly raised.

Fang Hao looked at him suspiciously. Seeing He Zizhong opened his eyes and blink at himself,  he quickly closed his eyes to see what Tuanzi saw.


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    Can’t recall if it’s mental or spirit. If anyone remembers, lemme know!
  • 2
    Song family patriarch. Lao = old
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