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RLDRFH Chapter 122

The couple drove back to the villa area. The difference is like the difference between a slum and a high-end villa community — but that’s only for now.

The streets in the villa area are still orderly, but the courtyards of some villas are busy. Many people use their yard to try and plant crops. In addition, some people’s villas don’t have enough rooms, so many boarding rooms are set up in the courtyard for people to use.

After all, a miniature team like He Zizhong and Fang Hao’s Fengche team can hardly survive in the base nowadays. They were either swallowed up by other teams, or were completedly destroyed.

It’s been a long time since they went home. Both teams were in a hurry to go home and rest, so the two groups didn’t say much more and went their separate ways.

There is a faint layer of dust in the rooms that have not been cleaned for more than ten days. This villa still looks no different from an original model home. Although the young couple was tired, they still endured the exhaustion and cleaned the living room and bedroom. As for the other rooms? Talk about it when they wake up tomorrow.

Everything in the room was the same as before they left, nothing more, nothing less. After cleaning up a little, Fang Hao flashed into the space first. As for He Zizhong? He was afraid someone came to look for them. For example, the Samsara team. It’s better to have someone watching outside. Anyway, the one who the rebellious Tuanzi wants to see at the moment is Fang Hao, not himself.

In the space, Tuanzi was already going crazy.

It hasn’t been able to go out for nearly six or seven days. Even if it feels that there are delicious third-level crystal nucleus outside to eat, it is not allowed to go out by itself… Papa really is the smelliest in the world! Shutting itself for confinement just for those messy things!!

It plunged into Fang Hao’s arms, unwilling to leave, taking on the stance of someone who would rather die than leave. Helpless, he had to hug it and go to the bathroom. Take a bath first, then go out and rest with his dear. After staying outside for a long time these days, his body was almost stiff.




“Reporting sir, these are the things found from the space abilities of the Overlord team, and their cars.” Seeing the leader come in, one person hurriedly saluted, and then reported the results.

Wu Shao sneered, circled around the pile of things, and pointed: “That’s it? Didn’t you say that there were at least half a truck’s worth of stuff?”

“They confessed that they hid the rest In a cellar of a farmhouse in a village northwest of the base. General Song has already sent people there.”

Wu Shao clicked his tongue. “Forget it. Watch the members of that team tightly…. By the way, where are they locked up?”

“It’s in the No. 1 Detention Center.” The so-called No. 1 Detention Center is a temporary prison built near the villa area. The prisoners here are all more important prisoners, not anyone can just come in. Even if they have abilities, they’re at least a powerful ability person in the base.

Wu Shao turned his head and walked out.

In another room, General Song, one of the major powers in the base knew Wu Shao learned the news after he visited the rooms the weapons were held. He waved the person away after hearing the news, and they backed up.

“Dad, do you really want to marry Qiaoqiao to that prodigal son?” Song Xianghong is the current person in charge of the direct line of the Song family. But everyone knows that if there is no Mr. Song, this so-called direct line is nothing.

General Song glared at him and cursed in full anger: “Would you rather Qiaoqiao find that useless little white face instead, with her temper?”

Song Xianghong’s face twitched, adding: “But the one from Wu’s family. …”

“That’s better than the little white face with a chaotic private life.”

“But Allen is also one of the most capable people in the base now…”

“Capable sure, but what about the batch of arms he intercepted?!” General Song stared again.

Obviously, the father and son are very similar, with big eyes and big torsos. But even then, Song Xianghong was like a weak chicken in front of his father, not daring to make another sound.

To be honest, he was also quite concerned about the actions of Allen and his team. The equipment, munitions, and petrol that were retrieved this time were similar to those of the major forces. If it weren’t for Allen taking advantage of the situation while they were in danger and running off with things, this batch of things might not have reached the hands of the Song family. Someone else might have intercepted them as soon as they entered the base.

Has ideas, has guts, and can get things done. If it hadn’t been for the base developing an instrument to scan the contents of the space of those ability people, Allen and them would definitely be the team with the most benefits this time.

It’s a pity that his father doesn’t like the boy’s appearance and behavior before the end of the world, directly dismissing his daughter’s intention.1For clarity, Mr. Song/General Song = grandfather. Song Xiaohong = father. Song Qiaoqiao = daughter.

Of course, before the apocalypse, he also looked down on these kinds of popular stars. But since Allen was able to show his current strength and his daughter also likes him, it’s not unreasonable to use this method of marriage to attract a strong person. Unfortunately, the old man disagreed.

“Okay, let Qiaoqiao be more obedient. Falling in love as soon as she sees a new face, what kind of girl is like that? Also liking those little white faces who look like women. Really can’t get used to it!” General Song scolded again. After a couple of sentences, he returned to the main business on hand. “Regarding the special weapons, we had a meeting just now to discuss it. Tomorrow, we will send a team out to bring back those people and ask how the weapons were allocated. The rest requires careful testing. The sooner we put it into production, the sooner the soldiers on base can use it.”

“Okay, there is no problem with this. Let the team leader leading the team last time send a few more armored vehicles with heavy weapons.” Song Xianghong disapproved of this approach, but it was a matter of cost-benefit ratio. However, the base has to bring back as many people as possible, which is considered a vital force. After the last wave of zombies, the base has successively received many survivors from nearby small bases. There are not enough houses in the base, and to stuff more people in now – it’s really… I don’t think there is enough space to live!

“There is also the healing power… we must try to get it! Ask someone to investigate this matter again. If it doesn’t work, just take the person away. Such a precious ability absolutely can’t fall into the hands of others…”

“Don’t worry, we will definitely be able to bring people back in one or two days at the latest!”




The couple took turns entering the space to wash up. After confirming that no one will come to the door today, they quickly returned to the space.

“Our cattle can produce milk!” Fang Hao took He Zizhong out for a circle. There were too many mature crops in the fields and mountains. They had no time to take care of these things at the moment, so they simply turned a blind eye. Instead, running across the stream, to find many animals had begun to give birth to the next generation.

Baby chicks, ducklings, and young geese were chirping and running around under the leadership of their mothers. Even the calves and lambs were numerous, bowing their heads and eating the vegetables in the field.

“You are… going to milk them?” He Zizhong looked at the swelling udder under the cow. Seeing an unweaned calf around him, he felt a little guilty in his heart.

“Try it! We haven’t drunk fresh milk for a long time.” There are some dairy products in the space, but there isn’t much, and fresh milk in bags has long since disappeared. When Fang Hao saw the cows this time, he thought of their nutritional value. It has been continually raining outside, meaning they consumed more energy than normal – he had to help his dear to make up for it.

Milking is a technical job. Cows will be painful if it’s too strong, and nothing will come out if they use insufficient strength. Plus, they need to compete with the calves for the right to milk. Fang Hao took out a big iron bucket and placed it under the cow. After a few tries, before it could be squeezed out, the cow flicked its tail and walked two steps forward… out of the range of the bucket.

Waiting for He Zizhong to help hold the cow, Fang Hao was almost squeezed into the iron bucket by the calf again…

It took a long time for the two idiots to finally get half a bucket of milk. They happily brought it back to the kitchen to boil and sterilize. After drinking the extremely fragrant milk that night, Fang Hao asserted: “The milk we usually drink must have been mixed with water. How thick is this?”

“Well, we can squeeze more early tomorrow morning and put it in the space below.”

After drinking milk, the couple did not rush to rest, but let Tuanzi leave the space to observe the situation of the three underground floors of the arsenal.

They have to say the electrical equipment here is really powerful. Last time everyone hurriedly escaped before turning off the lights. However, the lighting facilities on the third basement floor haven’t stopped working.

Tuanzi wandered around again. After the two of them were sure that there was no danger for the time being, He Zizhong took our a few “small” things that were found from the lower-level warehouse.

These little things are a kind of explosive that can be attached to a door lock, and can blast these doors with strong anti-theft locks. He Zizhong secretly entered before and confirmed that these doors must be opened with special keys. If they are blasted forcibly, they will definitely cause an alarm to go off, and the passageway door will be completely locked.

However, given that the stairwells on the second and third floors of the underground have long been completely sealed, no one will be able to come here again. Nor will anyone report it to the police.

Flashing into the stairwell, and sticking all the mini-bombs to the door locks of each room as quickly as possible, He Zizhong then flashed back to the space. The mini-bombs were set to explode after five minutes. If the plants did not go far, they should come out again soon. After about seven or eight minutes, they can send Tuanzi to investigate the situation.

After leaving the arsenal, he accompanied Fang Hao to watch a variety show from before the end of the world for a while. They then let Tuanzi out to see the situation in the third basement floor.

Sure enough, the doors of those rooms were completely blasted open, and the alarm was constantly blaring. Not long after Tuanzi entered, they found countless mutated plant vines drilling in from all directions…


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    For clarity, Mr. Song/General Song = grandfather. Song Xiaohong = father. Song Qiaoqiao = daughter.
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