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RLDRFH Chapter 123

Seeing that these plants were really lured over, He Zizhong decided to wait two days. “Wait a few more days. We will collect things after these plants leave.”

“What if they keep refusing to leave?” Fang Hao confronted He Zizhong with a smirk on his face.

Helpless, He Zizhong raised his hand to squeeze his face. “Then I have to give these weapons to these plants.” As he spoke, he hugged his lover into his arms.

“I haven’t finished watching the show yet! I don’t know which mentor he chose…”

“We’ll watch it tomorrow. Let’s finish important things first.”

The next morning, when the two got up, He Zizhong was refreshed, while Fang Hao, who couldn’t get up, hit the bed bitterly.

Humming to the popular tune of a pre-apocalyptic song, He Zizhong went to the kitchen in great spirits to prepare hot milk, toast, fried bacon, and an omelette for Fang Hao who was still recovering from his “wounds”. He can at least prepare presentable versions of these simple foods.

After breakfast, they let Tuanzi go to back to the arsenal and confirm that the mutant plants have not evacuated, and the alarm is still active. He Zizhong then returned to the villa bedroom under Fang Hao’s lead. Fortunately, the two entered the space in the bedroom last night, and it happened that Fang Hao can take a rest at this moment.

As soon as he came out, he heard someone knocking on the door downstairs. The person in the window was Zhang Xiaoming, so He Zizhong hurriedly walked downstairs.

“Slept in? I knocked on the door for a long time.” Zhang Xiaoming complained first, then looked behind He Zizhong suspiciously. “Where is Fang Hao?”

“Hasn’t gotten up yet.” He Zizhong replied without any outward change, and received a lengthy contemptuous stare from Zhang Xiaoming. “What’s the matter with Guo Bing?”

“The weapon issue. Our boss asks you to go over.”

Fang Hao was left to recuperate at home, and He Zizhong followed Zhang Xiaoming to the Samsara villa alone. Having team members staying at the base is really useful for inquiring about the news and understanding the direction of the base.

On the way over, Zhang Xiaoming spilled the beans, recounting everything he learned recently. “I heard that there is a healing ability in the base. What are they bluffing about, claiming it’s the only one. A healing ability is rarer than any other ability… huh.” He snorted twice. This is why he really wants to see Fang Hao today – so he can take Fang Hao and mock them together.

“They must be extremely popular.” He Zizhong smiled again.

Zhang Xiaoming snorted again. “I heard that as soon as the healer entered the base, there was a long line outside where she lived that night, and no one could see the start or end!”

“This is a good thing. With such a healer on base, everyone has a place to find someone after being injured.” He Zizhong nodded with a smile.

Zhang Xiaoming rolled his eyes. “As if! I heard that they disappeared in the middle of the night last night. Many people are stuck outside the house where she lived, still looking all over for them!” Today’s medical facilities are very rudimentary, and the hospitals in the base are used strategically. It’s much more troublesome for ordinary people to see a doctor than before the end of the world.

Not to mention the high price, many diseases are not effectively treated. Not to mention the medicines, either this one or that one are missing.

Now there is a healing ability in the base. Although they’re still mortal and have a prideful temper, they can treat all kinds of injuries without medication!

Nowadays, trauma patients in the base aren’t considered. When returning to the base, as long as a person is confirmed to have a major injury, they are denied entry and killed. Many people were obviously seriously injured and urgently needed to go to the base for medical treatment, but because of their wounds and the fact they were denied entry, things directly dragged on, killing them.

People like military personnel or those with special identities can still go directly to the base for treatment. But ordinary survivors do not have this kind of treatment.

Therefore, most people lining up outside the door for the healer are patients who have no trauma but have various diseases.

After the end of the world, the availability of previous is greatly reduced. There were endless days with rain, and many people with very ordinary bodies suffered from various diseases. Coupled with the lack of food and clothing, people who are already sick cannot survive. Most people waiting in line for treatment these days are such people. It’s a pity that the base’s current system is destined not to let such a special ability out. In just three days, this ability person and the people in her team disappeared.

“The person vanished?” He Zizhong raised his eyebrows. He knew that this healing ability person later appeared under a certain force in the military and was very well protected. If there is a disaster, people from other forces had to beg them for treatment. As for the other companions of the female healer at the time, He Zizhong didn’t know — he had never heard of them.

“That’s right.” Zhang Xiaoming blinked at him and smiled smugly. “Our boss said that we will go to find someone to inquire more today.” After all, healing abilities are so special, if Guo Bing doesn’t care at all, it will make people suspicious.

The Samsara villa was very lively, and there were a lot more things inside. Obviously, those who stayed at the base were not idle. They were also actively going out when Guo Bing and the rest went out on the mission. Seeing He Zizhong, everyone greeted him with a smile.

“Arrived? Where’s the other member in your family?” Guo Bing asked smoothly.

Seeing He Zizhong hadn’t spoken yet, Zhang Xiaoming stretched out his head and coughed twice: “I heard… he hasn’t gotten up yet.”

Guo Bing raised his eyebrows, smiled and patted He Zizhong’s shoulder hard. “Okay, powerful enough!”

He Zizhong shook off his arm calmly and walked over to the sofa to sit down. “What’s the news?”

Chen Ning was already sitting on the sofa and was drinking tea a mug. After Guo Bing sat down, he explained to He Zizhong: “From yesterday’s inquiry, the military basically acknowledges the contract we signed with them before. But also said that they can only agree to the contents of the document. They will only freely give out weapons from the first batch to individuals who personally participated in the mission. Other members of the same team who did not participate are not eligible to get weapons for free. The matter of buying weapons will be determined after the base determines the cost of production.”

He Zizhong sighed with relief and smiled: “That’s not bad. At least there is no denying the contract.”

Guo Bing also laughed. “It’s better than the worst-case outcome. If we can get weapons from the first batch, it’ll be safer when we go out later.” At least half the Samsara team participated in the last operation, so at least ten special weapons can be obtained. Not to mention that every time they go out to do a task, there are always some people left in the base to watch the villa, so those weapons can be allocated to those who are out first.

As for the couple of He Zizhong and Fang Hao? Both of them have a share, just one each.

“I saw the team leader yesterday when I was asking around.” Chen Ning paused and explained, “He is busy so I didn’t say hello to him. But he seems to have another mission and will leave the base soon.”

“Leaving so soon? He just came back?” He Zizhong asked in surprise. The cup he just raised also stopped in mid-air as he repeated the words. “Leaving the base?”

Guo Bing touched his chin, his eyes rolled and narrowed. “I thought of something before going to bed last night… maybe they are going back to that base again…”

“It’s possible.” He Zizhong nodded in agreement. “Although we brought back some weapons, what exactly is added and what is the ratio? All of these need to be verified repeatedly by experiments. If they can get information directly, it will be faster than slowly researching it step by step.”

“Yes, it’s not far away anyway.” Chen Ning said blankly.

If you want to increase your odds, you have to see if you have this kind of strength. Even if you don’t want to make money with these things and keep them as your own life-saving capital, you have to see if you have the capital to completely keep these things secret.

If it weren’t for the village base being so close to A city’s base, and being so small in scale, it is unlikely for the base leaders to have such an idea. Instead, they’ll let experts study and research the sample weapons and not bother them.

These people can roughly guess the fate of the small base. But it is only a guess. Maybe the team leader has other tasks? No one can tell.

After discussing the weapons, Guo Bing mentioned other things: “The base has recently put the collection of crystal nuclei as top priority, and has begun to vigorously collect crystal nuclei inside the base. Many people are also hoarding them secretly. We suspect that the military and certain teams already know how to use crystal nuclei.”

“This is normal. After all, how to use crystal nuclei is not too difficult.” He Zizhong didn’t find it strange. After such a long time, the number of abilities under the military is not small, so it is normal to discover the method of use. On the contrary, the possibility of a small team, like Samsara, accidentally finding how to use it is very low, and can be ignored.

“Yes, there are a lot of capable people in the base. There are also second-level abilities now.” Guo Bing pointed to the depths of the villa area. “I heard that people are currently studying ways to inspire abilities…” As he spoke, he looked at He Zizhong and said in a low voice, “I heard that several waves of people arrived at the base’s new healer’s residence in the middle of the night. There was a fight in the middle of the night, and even half the building they lived in collapsed.”

“Do you know who took them away?” Zhang Xiaoming didn’t know these details, only a rough idea. He Zizhong estimated that Guo Bing might have learned more details.


Rule of thumb in the apocalypse: don’t go around showing off your abilities, skills, or uniqueness, unless you’re certain you can protect yourself.


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