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RLDRFH Chapter 121

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“Please leave your vehicles temporarily for disinfection and inspection. Everyone will line up to enter from here.” A brave-looking soldier said to the passengers in each car, asking them to disembark and line up to enter through another passage.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao gave He Zizhong a worried look.

He Zizhong shook his head slightly. Seeing Guo Bing and the rest get out of the car, they went over, and asked in a low voice, “Is everything important and troublesome dealt with?”

Guo Bing was stunned for a moment, then nodded: “It’s already been collected a long time ago.”

“Leave some normal supplies outside… Also, try not to leave any eye-catching things in the two spaces.”

Guo Bing was even more puzzled, but he still nodded: “They only kept the seeds we left behind, and some food and luxury goods that are afraid of spoilage.” Guo Bing was reluctant to put things like tobacco, alcohol, and tea in his jade piece. Although time passes slower in there, things will definitely change their flavor after a long time. So they were all put in Le Tian and Chen Ning’s space.

He Zizhong no longer said anything, so he asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter? Did you find something?” He Zizhong’s ‘intuition’ has had a life-saving effect several times. He didn’t believe He Zizhong was just asking casually.

He Zizhong’s eyes swept through the other door and the crowd in front of the gate before whispering: “Although they also asked those people to get off, they were not as tightly guarded as here. I suspect they are looking for those weapons.”

“You mean… the other people from the military have returned?” Guo Bing suddenly realized.

He Zizhong smiled. “The number of people participating in this mission is quite large. Even if the refinery blows up a few vehicles, it is very likely that it will only be the last vehicle. Even if the military vehicles passing through the refinery are destroyed, there were quite a few people. Not only did we see smoke bombs that night, but even we could guess the problem with a little more brainpower. It couldn’t be done by the zombies, right?”

“You say, who would do that thing?” His mouth was asking, but Guo Bing’s eyes were already looking at a group of people not far in front.

He Zizhong spread his hands apart helplessly. “Who has this kind of strength? Has this kind of courage? This kind of courage?”

Guo Bing also smiled and nodded: “It’s really courageous.”

Everyone lined up and walked in. After individuals entered, they first reported their basic information such as the team they belonged to, and then were grouped into different teams.

This yard is different from the other entrances. Everyone felt that something was wrong after entering. They were all frightened, but did not dare to resist. There are two rows of soldiers on duty with guns and live ammunition. God knows what the matter is.

There is an instrument in the courtyard. Everyone who comes in will go in and walk around one by one according to the number of people in the team. It looked a bit like a modified conveyor belt with a safety door. The instrument itself looks large and heavy.

But fortunately, seeing the few people who went up earlier didn’t have any reaction, everyone felt that this thing didn’t seem to have any effect on everyone, and were half relieved.

Suddenly, after a person went up, several people monitoring an instrument on the side began discussing something in a low voice. It made the person walking passed the instrument not dare to leave — What’s wrong with him?!

“Okay, go ahead.” The few people didn’t say anything, and waved the person through. All members in their team passed the instrument and could leave.

The man was relieved and hurried back to his team. Seeing it was all right, the small group walked out from another door.

The following teams passed through the strange instrument in turn according to this rule. After some people stand up, those who monitor the instrument will gather together, while most people will not.

Guo Bing suddenly got together with Chen Ning and whispered: “You say, the few people they are responding to, it seems that several of them are space ability people?”

Chen Ning’s eyes flashed with a gleam of light, and he nodded slightly. “That’s right. ”

Most of the stronger teams will specially train a few space ability members. Although space abilities are relatively rare, they are not extremely rare. How else can there be one or two members in better teams? It is really rare that a team the size of Samsara has two space abilities.

Because space abilities generally do not participate in battles but often go out with the team, the deputy captain Chen Ning who is responsible for collecting all aspects of intelligence naturally understands the most about them. Those few people just now were obviously the space abilities of other teams.

The Overlord team hadn’t noticed the problem. It was their turn to come forward and be checked.

Allen, several women with water abilities who were his personal favorites, other combat ability players, and…

A person in charge of the instrument suddenly raised his left hand, scratching his head. There was suddenly a loud commotion. The soldiers who were suspected of being on duty staring at the inspection results immediately surrounded all the members of the team.

Taken aback, Allen said in a cold voice: “What are you doing? Did my members cause any trouble?”

The person in charge who was staring at the monitor said coldly: “Captain Allen, don’t worry. Let the remaining members of your team finish checking first.”

Although Allen has guessed a certain possibility… is it really possible? Was he was just deceiving himself?

He didn’t order it, but his team members had to stand on the inspection platform one by one under the threat of firearms. Before long, another man and a woman were arrested from the team.

Three space abilities.

“Take them away.” The commander didn’t need to say anything. It was already obvious. If there was only one space ability in the team with suspected stolen weapons, it might be a misunderstanding after things are taken out – for example, a weapon taken from the base.

But all three of their space are filled with suspicious objects. Even if it is a misjudgment, they must have problems. After going out for a full half-month mission, how can they have so many weapons? No matter how powerful their abilities are, this is impossible!

After the Overlord team was escorted away, a soldier ran in and whispered something in the ear of the overseer. The man raised his eyebrows and sneered: “Gather them together. We’ll solve them all in  a while.”

With the Overlord team as precedent, the remaining teams did not dare try anything. After a group of soldiers escorted the team away, the group of soldiers reentered the courtyard, taking up their previous positions. Letting them know as long as they dare resist the slightest bit, they will definitely use the guns!

After a while, another person with a space ability was called out. The official asked him to take out all the things in the space on a stand. The man didn’t know why, but luckily, the military didn’t take him away directly, and it didn’t matter if he took things out.

One piece, one piece, until he took out two rifles which were checked by the military. After checking, they returned everything to him, and the crowd suddenly realized what they were looking for.

The Samsara team was at the end of the convoy, so it was their turn at the end.

The team’s hearts are inevitably uneasy. They have picked up a large number of stolen goods! If this is found out, wouldn’t they have the same fate as Overlord?!

Can they see their boss again?

Guo Bing’s face was as open as if he were in his own yard, without the slightest worry on his face. He was as comfortable as if he was taking a leisurely stroll. His face was so thick and his heart was so strong, it was really embarrassing.

When Guo Bing went up and came down safely, everyone was relieved. Even He Zizhong was the same. Although he estimated that the space would not be scanned… it was just a guess.

Guo Bing went up and walked around without any problems, and there was no problem with the two space abilities either — their space was filled with seeds and food. The instrument only scanned the rough shape of objects. Who will check these if it’s not arms?

After that, the He Zizhong, Fang Hao couple also had no problems, so they were released smoothly.

After they left the yard, their car was parked not far outside. The firearms on the car were checked, but He Zizhong and the others only kept normal weapons exchanged from the base before, which won’t cause any problems.

“Damn! Even the cars have been turned over. Fortunately, I was mindful of things that were not afraid of being lost.” Guo Bing circled his car for several times before he was relieved. The important gasoline and other things were also sent to the space ahead of time. Even if someone took advantage of the opportunity to take things, their loss would not be too great.

“I’ll go to the team leader I’ve worked with before and ask about the weapons. You should go back first.” Chen Ning said to Guo Bing and the rest after confirming that there were no problems with their vehicles.

“Okay, you go first. Confirm that the agreement we signed is valid, and then wait for them to make something.” Guo Bing waved his hand and turned his head to He Zizhong.  “Let’s go home to see the situation?”

“Okay, it’s time to go back and see.” He Zizhong smiled. Guo Bing and them are staring at those special weapons, so it’s not a problem. The two of them need to go home quickly to enter the space – they need to clean up the collected things. Not to mention they need to find a way to get weapons from the arsenal.

Driving out of this yard with a special function, the people who returned to the base which seemed like a world away.

Don’t know if it is an illusion, but it feels like there are a lot more people in the base. The number of privately constructed buildings on both sides of the street has also increased.

The roadside is full of stalls. Some people who can’t afford a house just sit under the eaves of roadside buildings and wrap themselves in random clothes. Fang Hao also saw two six or seven-year-old children standing side by side. sitting in the corner of a makeshift home, holding a can of meal replacement powder, and digging inside to eat.

A woman was standing by the side of the road, scratching her head. Her clothes were drenched by the rain, revealing her beautiful figure, as she winked at the man who was holding two packs of instant noodles not far away.

Many people spread pots and pans all over the streets to catch rainwater. It turned out that the water falling from the sky is much safer than the water from the river. Although it is not clean enough, it only needs to be precipitated and disinfected. After boiling, there hasn’t been news of anyone who turned into a zombie after drinking rainwater. But there have been many cases where the underground drinking water was not handled properly and people turned into zombies.

Almost everywhere on the street had a look of decay, which makes people melancholic. But human beings are highly adaptable animals. No matter how hard the life is, they can always find ways to adapt.


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