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RLDRFH Chapter 120

He Zizhong and Fang Hao couldn’t recognize the other party because many people had changed so much in these post-apocalyptic days. Having some familiarity was already pretty good. But the reason why the other party can’t recognize them is entirely the fault of the sunglasses they wore. Wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day can at least be said to prevent the blood spray from zombies. But wearing them in the base… unless they’re very familiar parties, who can recognize them?

After more than half an hour, Guo Bing and his colleagues left the home of the village head. Sure enough, as He Zizhong expected, the other party did not mention their weapons at all. Instead, they asked about a bunch of A city. They confirmed that A city still has power, the base management is still powerful and in charge, the tolls for entering the base, and how one can at most form their own team. No matter who a person is, they need to spend their own money and points to exchange for it… given this, there’s no interest in going to A city.

This is a matter of course. They have no shortage of land and manpower here, and they have weapons that can restrain zombies. They can happily be their own emperors heres. Who wants to go to someone else’s territory to be controlled by others?

When the military team leader asked why they are so relaxed when dealing with high-level zombies, they simply replied: “The few people you saw today are all superpowers, and of course their skills are pretty good.” It was clear they would not reveal the secrets of their small base.

Since they didn’t find out, everyone was ready to figure out a solution after they came back. In the evening, several people in charge got together again to discuss in a low voice.

“The weapons in their base are very important for future battles against zombies. After all, there are a limited numbers of thermal weapons. If you can obtain the method of refining such weapons, it will be useful for the future development of the base, fighting against zombies, and ensuring safety. It’s of vital importance!”

A team captain participating in the discussion couldn’t bear this kind of high-sounding rhetoric, and waved his hand impatiently. “We know this thing is very important, so let’s just discuss what to do.”

The captain was a little embarrassed and quickly coughed: “What we need now is an experimental sample. We don’t need to pierce the window with them, as long as we can get a sample.” They are not strong enough. Although there are many abilities in the convoy, these people do not listen to his commands. He can’t directly find the person responsible for refining weapons here and bring them back to the base. Fortunately, as long as they can bring back one or two weapons, after returning to the base, they can use existing scientific and technological means to study what substances were added to their weapons.

The primary mission should be a failure. Although the base may not be hold them accountable, it is obvious that there will be no rewards! But even though the mission failed, if they can bring back such important news from this small base…

The team leader’s heart burned with enthusiasm. He remembered that the base is still studying how to produce more powerful weapons to deal with zombies. This time he will succeed, or he won’t go back!

The captains of several other teams also hold the same thoughts. Although there are quite a few people in this village, it’s not a problem for those from A city. The most important issue now is to get a sample, and it’s best not to get into conflict with this group here.

After all, they are still on other people’s land. And if the other side has abilities, they will be the ones who will suffer by then.

In addition to this, there is another problem. Of course it’s okay to help the military obtain samples, but how will the benefits be distributed?

Although these weapons here have special effects against zombies – everyone has seen them – but those weapons are very crudely crafted. In the future, once the base masters this technology, the products produced will definitely be well-made, good things. If they take this opportunity to sign a cooperation treaty with the base…

They still highly value the ability of the current person in charge. He is only the highest-ranking person in the two armored vehicles. If they wait for him to return to the A city base, even if they’ve reached an agreement, he may not admit it!

But if they don’t agree to cooperate, they may not even be able to get such weapons. What if these ability teams are unhappy and run to the other side?

The two sides tussled back and forth for  a full hour, and finally reached an agreement. Once the base can produce this type of weapon, it will be provided to everyone who has participated in this mission for free. And the few teams present can buy 10% more weapons than other teams.

As for how this temporary commander will report back to his superiors after this mission, it is not something other people present need to consider.

It should be said that the people in the temporary team with He Zizhong are too strong? Or is the opponent’s defense not rigorous enough?

In short, around three o’clock in the morning, a few team members with good hands and feet – it’s suspected they had done related work before the end of the world – successfully obtained a few weapons.

No matter how cautious the people in this village are, it’s impossible for everyone to remain vigilant of all of them. In order to increase combat effectiveness, even women, children, and the elderly are equipped with this weapon. Several of them took the opportunity to enter a widow’s house, a left-behind old man’s kitchen, and an intimate couple’s living room… It’s really not easy to steal these things that have hardly been out of the gate since the base was established.

“Is this knife still usable?” One person in the room asked when he saw a weapon with obvious flaws on it.

“As long as it’s usable. Either way, we’re not using these things to hack zombies.”

“We should make sure these are the right kind of knives?”

“Look here, isn’t this the same as what they held in their hands during the day?”

“But we still need to test it first. What if it’s not real? Go back and lie to the military…”

After discussing, everyone decided to go out tomorrow and try fighting some zombies with these weapons. They don’t feel as powerful as weapons they usually use… maybe they took the wrong ones?

Early the next morning, the thieves who clearly stolen things from others were bold enough not to leave the owner’s home.1As in the temporary convoy didn’t flee and stayed in the village base. Each team volunteered a member with the best skills to leave this small base, nicknaming it as – searching for gasoline.

Who had them tell the people in charge of this village they didn’t collect gasoline before?

Although they are suspicious of what this group of visitors think about their own base, they naturally can’t say anything when people out out to find their own oil and don’t cause trouble in your home base. They can only watch them go out and watch them come in.

“Is it effective?” Guo Bing asked when He Zizhong came back. Because He Zizhong’s skill is currently the best among the people Guo Bing knows, and the safety of him going out is also the highest, they sent him out to experiment with it instead of someone else from the Samsara team.

He Zizhong nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “Yes, although the weapon isn’t sharp enough, hacking zombies will make their wounds emit white smoke. It is not clear whether there is a corrosive effect, but the lethality is indeed better than ordinary weapons.”

Guo Bing breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help smile. “That’s good. They have discussed it, we’ll leave as long as the weapons are okay.”

Seeing He Zizhong and the group carrying a few empty buckets when they went out, although they couldn’t see what was inside when they came back, it seemed that there was something in the bucket. It was hard for those people to come over and open the bucket to take a look inside.

Seeing the military people are leaving, they will not take the initiative to keep them.

After getting the samples of these weapons, the teams no longer had the intention of collecting materials. Hurrying back to the base to let the base study the secrets, enabling them to equip their teams with these special weapons sooner, is more important!

Seeing that everyone shared the same opinion, the Samsara team didn’t force it, and agreed to return to the base as well. Of course, the military vehicles did not object.

Everyone sped up their journey and hurried back to A city. In less than two days, they had entered the sphere of influence of the base and could see the city wall far away.

In the evening of the first day, they ran into another team that had separated from them..

That team is also composed of several different teams, and the biggest force among them is the Overlord team that can’t die no matter what. Judging from the appearance of this convoy, they should have collected some supplies first before rushing back to the base.

“It looks like the city wall is taller?” Fang Hao asked with some confusion as he saw that the city wall in front getting closer and closer.

“It’s taller. I’m afraid it is over eleven or twelve meters now?” He Zizhong rechecked his eyes and confirmed that these city walls had risen to the height he had seen in his previous life.

If he didn’t make a mistake, it’s already mid-June. They spent nearly half a month outside the base for this mission. That said, there is a big difference between this life and the previous one. In my last life, I just arrived at A city base in early June. At that time he saw Allen who had just returned from a mission. In this life, Allen has not been in the base for a long time… because of the butterfly effect, it’s hard to tell how much things have now deviated from his previous life.

When they reached the gates, seeing there were military vehicles in the convoy, a group of soldiers ran out and rushed to the two armored vehicles first.

The two groups exchanged some unknown words in low voices. After verifying their identities, the person in charge of greeting them waved, giving priority to let the two armored vehicles to enter through the special passage. On the other hand, someone led the remaining vehicles down another passageway.


They’re finally back to base!

And it’s a wrap for this week’s 2 normal + 4 add’l releases. Phew, it’s a doozy.


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    As in the temporary convoy didn’t flee and stayed in the village base.
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  1. Avatar Tania says:

    Why don’t they want to share the secret of the weapons if it is for the good of other bases? Mmm 🤔
    Ugh, they finally got to the base, I really hope they can’t see what’s on the necklace and don’t discover them.
    It’s getting more exciting aaaa 😆😆

    Thank you for the chapter!!! 🔥✨

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Self-protection and lack of trust. In the post-apocalyptic days, everyone is selfish and there is a strong insider/outsider mindset.

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