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RLDRFH Chapter 113

The group of people who finally escaped stopped on high ground not far from the arsenal, each of them looking at the distant compound they had just left.

Black vines protruded from the gaps in the building, stretching hideously in all directions. After the tentacles swept every part of the yard, they reluctantly retracted into the building.

No one asked about the situation of those left inside, and no one asked to go back and see the situation. Go back? I’m afraid they’re seeking death. God knows where these mutant plants come from!

He Zizhong stood on the roof of his car and looked at the courtyard grounds with binoculars. Many others followed him to do the same; after all, the terrain was not much higher than that of the courtyard.

The ground in the courtyard has once again recovered the calm appearance they first saw when they entered. Even the broken glass and collapsed debris were swept to the corners by the vines, knowingly or unknowingly, like what just happened was a dream.

The bodies of those who died in the courtyard all vanished. Some residual roots lingered on the surface in several places – no one knew what they were for.

“What’s the situation with those plants?” Fang Hao also climbed to the roof and took out another pair to see this scene.

He Zizhong thought for a while before whispering: “The places where mutant plants are seem to be places where people died before.”

“People died? Are they removing traces?!” Remembering the clean grounds, apart from some dust, they first encountered, Fang Hao’s scalp went numb.

“I am afraid there is still blood left there. They might not be actively cleaning the traces.”

Fang Hao nodded. This kind of plant is bloodthirsty and flesh-thirsty. They just instinctively “eat” everything that can be eaten – It’s just that this instinct is equivalent to cleaning up.

“So, when they leave the ground, their behavior of ‘sweeping the floor’ is also subconscious… Maybe they just ‘feeling’ the ground if there is anything to eat on the way back…”

He Zizhong nodded slightly: “Let’s go down. We’re still too close. I’m afraid it’s still not safe.”

In the command vehicle, after confirming the mutant plant would not chase them for the time being, the commander released a huge breath. Looking at the box with classified documents next to him, he said: “No wonder the people who came before never returned… we’re lucky to escape this time.”

Because the adjutant has always been with the commander, the same is true for him. “The upper level of the base originally planned to look at the situation here. If the situation there is not good, use this as another backup base. Now it seems…”

“This place has been completely occupied by mutant plants. Don’t talk about it, even the base side…” Thinking of the mutant plants that suddenly appeared after the zombies besieged the city, his head was numb, and he quickly ordered: “Quickly check. How many pieces of equipment were retrieved? How many were used? How much did the personnel lose?”

Fortunately, all the things that had been moved out and loaded into the cars were kept. The biggest losses among the cars were ability vehicles of those teams that followed on this mission. The military only had two ground combat vehicles that could leave the yard and were violently pulled back by those terrifying mutant plants.

The soldiers who went deep into the underground base… were completely wiped out. Most of the soldiers who stayed on guard, on standby, carrying weapons and loading the vehicles survived. But the number…

“Let’s count the number and vehicles that survived. Car staff should be prepared. We can’t stay here for long, and have to leave here before night!”


After the statistics were tallied… There were more than 700 people who set off on the mission, and more than 500 people remained after the animal night attack. But now… the military and teams are added together were less than 200!!

Among them, the Samsara team did not lose one person. The other team that had the most survivors turned out to be the Overlord team…

That’s right, the people who were evading moving work at the time. No one knew what they were discussing, but the people who escaped from the windows were from the Overlord team.

“There are three main players missing?” Allen’s face was black as he looked at the two white-faced girls huddled together in the corner. When the mutant animals attacked at night, because these girls had no fighting ability, they survived by hiding in the car. This time they had to go down and do heavy physical labor? They said they were weak, and wouldn’t have any effect if they went, so they escaped because of this? What is the use of these women? If he didn’t need their water abilities to help him enhance his attack power, how could he lose three main attackers for nothing this time?!

In this post-apocalyptic world, there are more or less people with abilities. It is only because the vast majority of ordinary people died after zombies appeared and the proportion of ability users among the survivors remained fairly large, so they seem to be everywhere. But how difficult is it to cultivate a real, combative superpower?!1T/N: rhetorical question here that it IS difficult to train up a strong ability user.

Yin Dong pushed his glasses with a blank expression. “Our team’s loss is not the biggest. I have observed that at least four teams’ cars have not kept up. They should have been completely destroyed.”

“That also included our people…” Allen closed his eyes tiredly. Mixing2As in, mixing or socializing and finding allies in the end of the world really isn’t easy. It’s not just about having abilities and the strength to call the wind and rain without fear. There are all kinds of forces from before the end of the world, and new ones are springing up like bamboo shoots. The main attackers he brought out this time are all first-class members in the team, but who knew…

“This time, being able to return safely is the biggest gain. The team members we arranged after the break have tallied the things obtained this trip. Except for the equipment that we can’t keep, if the remaining ammunition can be kept…”

Allen’s eyes flashed at Yin Dong as he leaned in to discuss with him in a low voice. “If these things are shipped back, I’m afraid we won’t have our share. Even if they can be distributed to us, the quantity will be absolutely not as much.”

“Then let Jiang Feng3He’ll show up in the next chapter, take action.”

“…What if we meet zombies again?”

Yin Dong looked out of the car. The rain stopped but the world was still faintly drizzly, the earthen and blue-grey world seeming very gloomy. “It doesn’t matter, as long as we move fast enough. It doesn’t matter if we are discovered. There are so many powerful teams here, even if the military knows, they can’t be sure it’s in our hands. And if we meet zombies-then it can be said their life is ill-fated.”


Fang Hao took out a few rice balls, some made of glutinous rice and some made of rice. The rice balls were still warm. Along with seafood soup and various crispy pickled vegetables, the meal is rich in nutrients and filling.

He Zizhong told Fang Hao to eat first before switching. The operation commander has not decided where to camp and rest. They can’t be too close to the arsenal, nor too close to city P for fear of having another accident. It’s hard to know where they’ll go.

Looking at the bored Tuanzi flying around in the space, Fang Hao’s lips curved: “It’s clever.”

He Zizhong also laughed and sighed. “Isn’t it? When the mutant plant first appeared, it was caught. After being hit, it went straight back to the space, where those things couldn’t hurt it.”

“Even if you don’t feel pain, it’s still uncomfortable being hit a few times.” Fang Hao defended his son as he took a large mouthful of the rice ball in hand. The glutinous rice was mixed with peanuts, shiitake mushrooms, and minced meat. It was tasty and filling – they can only eat other foods produced in their own space when they alone, and have to use the red bean cakes when eating with others. No matter how delicious it is, it’s hard to continually eat for a long time!

Although the convoy did not stop near P city, they still passed through the periphery.

Like other urban areas, scattered zombies can be seen wandering around on the road outside the city. After everyone passed by, He Zizhong, who was in the passenger seat eating dinner, suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked out of the window.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao looked at him while driving. Driving in the apocalypse… who cares about traffic safety?

“Nothing.” Zombies chasing is a normal thing when cars pass by. It was only because they. had been near a mutant plant before. Mutant plants hunt zombies, so the area before was very clean. Seeing a zombie chase them now, he only looked at it more.

The group increased the throttle and drove away from P city. Finally, after the sky was completely dark, they prepared to camp on the highway.

By the time they stopped, the mighty convoy had shrunken by more than half. Many teams did not escape the underground arsenal at all. Some teams did not leave anyone watching the car, and they were completely wiped out. There are also many vehicles left with only people who can barely drive… the rest of their teammates all died in the hands of those terrifying mutant plants. Some were lucky that because of previous injuries, they were able to remain and escape.

The army organized manpower to watch the night. He Zizhong and Fang Hao were not called on at this time. After simply exchanging information with Guo Bing and the others, they returned to the car to rest.

“Are you going there tonight?” Fang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little worried when he saw He Zizhong re-instruct Tuanzi to leave the space and return to the underground passage to investigate.

“Let it see the situation first.” He Zizhong didn’t plan to go now. These mutant plants were alerted already today. Who knows if they will stay alert? Will they move as soon as someone enters?

Tuanzi floated in mid-air, wandering the underground passages. Because the mutant plants came too fast, the lights and power was still on. The only problem is that the locks between the second and third floors is intact and can’t be opened at all.

Floating inside, Tuanzi surveyed the passage from beginning to end. He Zizhong let it return to the space with a little depression, and opened his eyes. “It’s best not to act rashly now. It’s better to wait until returning to the base before acting.”

“How?” Fang Hao asked, somewhat puzzled.


How else? Abuse of group workers! (Tuanzi)


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  • 1
    T/N: rhetorical question here that it IS difficult to train up a strong ability user.
  • 2
    As in, mixing or socializing and finding allies
  • 3
    He’ll show up in the next chapter,
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