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RLDRFH Chapter 114

“All rooms where things are stored have doors and locks.” He Zizhong is not sure whether his power can easily break the tempered glass. Even if it can, it will definitely cause a lot of movement, and awaken those mutant plants.

Fang Hao nodded. “Let’s go back and study how to unlock it. But Tuanzi can’t come out temporarily.”

“Why do I feel like you are gloating?” He Zizhong smiled as he squeezed his cheeks with regretful eyes. Glancing into the space – well, he actually had a gloating look.

Floating in space, Tuanzi felt the ‘hairs’ rise up on its body. What’s the situation? Looking to the left and right with big round eyes, isn’t there nothing but itself in space? But it’s really boring, when will papa move things? Still want mama’s hugs to sleep!

Knowing that he didn’t need to move things tonight, He Zizhong simply lay down beside Fang Hao and hugged him. “I suspect that the reason why these plants appeared so late today is probably because they were not near the base at the beginning, or they were originally deeper underground and came out after hearing something.”

Fang Hao frowned as he considered it. “Very likely. In our previous encounters with mutant plants, they attack as soon as they’re alerted. There is also a possibility that they were there at the time, but fell asleep and only attacked after we awakened them.” As he poked his arm. “Like the big flower we encountered when we took seeds last time!”

“It’s possible.” He Zizhong smiled and kissed his forehead. “In the future, we must be more careful when acting. These plants are getting more and more weird, even those zombies are the same…” He Zizhong suddenly froze with a serious expression. “Something’s wrong.”

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Fang Hao asked quickly.

“Zombies.” He Zizhong sat up abruptly. “There were a lot of zombies following our motorcade when we passed through city P today, but no zombies came around after we stopped here!”

“Huh? No zombies came around after we stopped here?” Fang Hao was a little puzzled, and didn’t figure out what he meant for a while.

“Yes, we saw some zombies on the road before we parked, but those zombies didn’t surround us after we parked…” He Zizhong reopened the car window and sent his wind abilities out as fat as possible to explore all directions.

Before, he had always shrouded the detection range around the convoy before, and did not reach too far. But now He Zizhong, who is trying his best, gradually received feedback from the wind…Zombies, an unknown number of zombies, are slowly moving here!

Picking up the walkie-talkie with the green label, He Zizhong called up Guo Bing, who was about to relax and get a good night’s sleep.


“How’s it going?” Allen looked at the other person in the carriage with concern. The person looked a bit wretched in his thirties, and was closing his eyes in a cold sweat at this time.

The girls in the car have been sent to another car, and now the people inside are all elites in the team.

“They are just behind. I’m trying to control their position. For the time being they won’t be too close… ahhh!!!” The man suddenly screamed, and bright red blood came out of his mouth and eyes.

“Jiang Feng, what’s the situation?” Allen was taken aback and asked quickly.

“Yes. There is something… I, I can’t perceive…” Jiang Feng took a few breaths, then opened his eyes and looked at Allen and the others in a dazed manner. “I think there is something in my mind. After it attacked, I lost control of those zombies…”

Yin Dong’s face was gloomy, and a white gleam appeared on his glasses as he made a decisive decision: “Grab the No. 2 truck immediately and rush out of the encirclement immediately after getting the car.”

“But they are all awake now!” Someone protested immediately. If the base people find out that they did it, will they be able to return to the base in the future?

“Even if they’re awake, I’m afraid it’s not easy to escape.” Yin Dong looked at Allen. “I suspect that there may be zombies with a spirit system similar to Jiang Feng that can manipulate zombies. If this is the case, there should be danger tonight.”

“Go! “Allen abruptly stood up, but couldn’t fully straighten because of the roof. “Cover your faces and act in the dark!”


“Fucking zombies, coming now to join in the fun.” Hearing this kind of information just before getting ready to rest, the commander of this operation couldn’t help but complain.

They heard the news reported by the ability team and immediately sent scouts to investigate who quickly confirmed the authenticity of the news. The commander had to admit that these abilities are indeed weird and come in all types – some are tasteless, but others can really save lives.

For example, perhaps the first person who discovered it has a hearing ability? Maybe there is a sensory system? But no matter what the ability is, they can get news before zombies surround the team.

“Attention all units! There is a big wave of zombies surrounding. Be prepared…”

Before the voice on the walkie-talkie was completely finished, a loud “bang” came from the camp!

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“Prepare to evacuate!”

“Commander, the situation is wrong, it seems to be a smoke bomb!”

“Weapon, somebody wants to grab a weapon car!”

After the voice, everyone hurriedly ordered people to check the weapons car, but found out the zombies also arrived!

“Mutated zombies, there are mutated zombies. So many zombies!” The level 2 and 3 zombies were so grandiose that they brought a group of first-level brothers to the crowd!

“Damn it! Where the hell is it…” Knowing that it was probably an ability team that saw the weak defense around the truck and wanted to snatch it. But the sky was dark and the other party deliberately used smoke bombs. Then they encountered a zombie attack… If they didn’t know that the thieves were real people, it would really look as if someone had conspired with zombies to perform this show!

Contact with the big truck carrying weapons quickly lost. Everyone was fleeing for their lives, so the Overlord team’s actions went unexpectedly smoothly. They didn’t even have to snatch some weapons, but the entire truck lost resistance and belonged to them!

“Go east, rush out of the ring of zombie before making plans.” Seeing the large number of attacking zombies, Yin Dong decided to give his order, and the team and looted trunk rushed eastward. Except for some cars that rushed to catch up by mistake, this group suddenly broke away from the military’s surveillance!

On the other hand, a sudden attack by high-level zombies disrupted the entire situation. Coupled with the sudden attack, the convoy team was forced to disperse. Some even blindly headed toward the city P when they came.

As a result, the vehicles were scattered. Only most of the military vehicles were still together. He Zizhong and the members of the Samsara team got together in advance because they discovered the situation at the beginning, and also drove eastward. It wasn’t until a fork in the road that they lost contact with the military vehicles under the dark of night.

“Level 3 zombies.” He Zizhong calmly saw a few zombies running several times faster than ordinary zombies in the rearview mirror. The movements and speeds of those zombies were obviously faster than level 3 zombies. He has encountered a level 3 zombie once.

“Can you get rid of it?” Fang Hao was also a little nervous. After all, he hadn’t really faced level 3 zombies before.

“Drive for another half an hour or so. If they can still catch up… let’s go down and practice.” He can detect their movements using the wind. Because the convoy was completely broken up, not that many zombies actually followed. Along with the level 2 and 3 zombies, there were also some level 1 zombies. If they’re not too strong, it’s worth stopping to fight and harvest crystal nuclei.

That’s right, they have now reached level 3 and need level 3 nuclei to upgrade. Now that Tuanzi is confined in the space, throwing some snacks from time to time is also a good way to comfort it.

After discussing it with Guo Bing and others through the communicator, they had no objection either. This time, they hadn’t obtained anything except some gasoline. The weapons are in the military var, and now that they’re scattered… who knows if they’ll still give them after returning?

At this moment, since they can make some extra money by hunting nuclei along the way, no one will have any objections. Especially now that the whole team has triggered abilities, and more than a dozen people are waiting for nuclei to be credited.

The people in Samsara were more active than He Zizhong and Fang Hao in the matter of crystal nuclei. After half an hour, they drove the car into a compound where half of the wall had collapsed, eagerly waiting for the zombies to take the initiative to send themselves to the door.

“There are level 3 zombies in this time…”

Before He Zizhong finished, Guo Bing said: “Those level 3 zombies, you two are the main attackers. The crystal nucleus will belong to you after the fight. We will mainly deal with those at or below level 2.”

He Zizhong nodded. Without saying anything, he and Fang Hao each took out their weapons.

The level 3 zombies rushed over with a couple of the faster zombies excitedly. Fortunately, there was no wind zombie that He Zizhong had encountered last time, but the fireball of the fire zombie was a fight frightening. One of them hit the courtyard and left a big hole with a diameter of five meters! Fortunately, these zombies are still so simple and straightforward even if they are upgraded to level 3, they don’t use many tricks.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Those b**** actually brought in the zombies & the plants just to steal!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      To be clear, the zombies were already headed their way. They just timed it / took advantage of the situation.

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