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RLDRFH Chapter 112

The elevator is responsible for transporting things up, while the people who heading back down have to use the stairs.

As they were heading downstairs, they happened to meet several high-ranking military officers. They were those who went to the third basement floor to fetch things and were seen by Tuanzi.

The person in charge of the military was discussing something in a low voice. Upon seeing others, he stopped speaking. The two groups of people staggered past and returned to the hall on the basement floor.

Many soldiers were still moving things from the first floor warehouse. He Zizhong avoided a group of people carrying the boxes, and inadvertently glanced at the dust on the boxes, froze, and quickly looked down at the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao asked in confusion when he saw him freeze on the spot.

“You said… what situation can make the place where people have died return clean and leave nothing behind?” He Zizhong still lowered his head and looked at the surrounding ground.

“What? People have died but nothing is left?” Fang Hao was taken aback, and quickly looked to the ground.

The ground on the first basement level is fairly clean, but because no one has cleaned it for a long time, a lot of dust has fallen. Apart from the footprints from people passing by and scratches from carrying things, there is a trace of something that has slid by regularly in the corners and edges.

One by one, as if it was swept by something… swept?!

“What are you two looking at? Picking up gold?” Guo Bing followed the two of them and couldn’t help but ask when they hadn’t moved for a long time.

He Zizhong suddenly closed his eyes and communicated with Tuanzi in his brain to let it fly to a high place. He wanted to see if there were such traces on the ground of the third underground floor!

The condition of the third underground floor is similar to that of the first floor – there is dust everywhere. The officers hadn’t noticed when they entered, but looking around carefully, they found out it really is the same as the second floor!

“It’s a mutant plant!” He Zizhong suddenly raised his head and looked at Guo Bing, who stood by lazily questioning, and Fang Hao who was smiling beside him.

“Where?!” Guo Bing was also taken aback. He had suffered from mutant plants before, and he always remembered the horror of being powerless.

“It’s right here.” He Zizhong pointed to the ground with great certainty.

Their sounds caused a soldier in charge of security on the basement floor to come over. “What’s the matter? There are still things to move. We can rest and wait after things are moved…”

“We have something to report. It’s very possible that a mutant plant has appeared here.” Guo Bing immediately explained to the little soldier.

“Mutant…plants?” The soldier was a little confused, but didn’t react for a while.

He Zizhong suddenly felt that something was breaking through the ground from the deep ground!!

Before, he had been using the wind power to communicate as much as possible with all the underground spaces to detect if there was any danger. But now he found out—it turned out that the danger has always been there. It was only because the plants were hidden deep in the mud outside the building, and the air flow was blocked by the mud walls, so he could not find out in advance!

In the blink of an eye, He Zizhong “saw” the situation around the dumpling. The black vine broke out of the soil. When passing by it, many rhizomes hit the dumpling, causing it to roll a few times in mid-air.

“Run! Coming up!!” He Zizhong yelled suddenly, turned around and pulled Fang Hao and ran towards the stairs. The Samsara members were stunned, and Guo Bing waved his hand decisively. “Go back! Go up!”

At the gate of this building, several military leaders talked in a low voice as they walked: “The remains of the people who came before have not been found. We can’t rule out they were killed elsewhere.”

“What did the people who defended here say before??”

“Perhaps there were other accidents, and they were forced to evacuate the base.”

“Then why don’t we dispatch some people to investigate the situation at city P?”


Before the speaker finished, there a loud bang! It was the elevator. The elevator that was carrying machine tools up fell down!

Screams erupted in the corridor. Several people were stunned, and someone who immediately reacted shouted: “Quickly get back to the car!!”

He Zizhong grabbed Guo Bing’s arm, who was running upwards in front of him: “Wrap power around yourself in a moment. Don’t fight it, just run!”

Guo Bing told the people in front of him without saying a word. The people in the other teams headed downstairs because they didn’t know what they were doing. After being thrown back by, they became confused and yelled loudly.

“A monster is coming up! Run!!” Mengzi’s loud voice played an important role at this time. The stairwell was originally relatively narrow. Everyone was rendered dizzy from his roar everyone and turned around in confusion, chasing after the fleeing bodies.

At the entrance of the stairs behind him, the soldier who had previously questioned shouted: “You still have a mission! What monsters are…”

Before his words fell, a large mass of black vines erupted from the other side of the stairs leading to the second floor! As if wrapping dumplings, they surrounded all the movable things in this space from all directions!

The sound of the falling elevators filled the entire space, awakening to people who were originally confused to speed up their pace and escape upwards.

The black vines were not far behind. Feeling the draw closer, He Zizhong  suddenly burst in  golden and cyan rays of light. They intertwined and bloomed around him, protecting his body like a shield behind him!

He shielded Fang Hao in front of him, and whispered: “There are too many people. If you can’t get out, then go in first.”

Fang Hao nodded slightly. It wasn’t that he couldn’t speed past others, but they were at the end of the pack! There are too many people on the stairs in front, and there is no way to rush over for a while; let alone those in front were Samsara members!

He Zizhong condensed all his mental powers, projecting gold powers behind and using the cyan one to condense wind blades mixed with gold powers, strangling the black vines that rushed over!

When life and death were at stake, everyone’s strong desire to survive burst. It didn’t take long for them to rush out of the stairs!

Hearing the noise, the commanders who had already climbed rushed back to the command vehicle asked the soldiers to guard the entrance of the building with hot weapons. But the walkie-talkie couldn’t get in touch with the underground soldiers!

A group of people ran out. When the last one ran out, there was still a mixture of cyan and golden luster behind him, stunning the defenders momentarily as they wondered what the situation was. But soon, black roots and tentacles squeezed out from all the gaps, filling the skies. The defending soldiers hurriedly fired.

“Retreat! Evacuate! Use fire! Flamethrowers!” The commander yelled quickly after seeing what it was. He commanded the driver to immediately start their cars. The soldier next to the car was holding a gun; after reaching the vehicle, he immediately shot at the black vines with teeth and claws sticking out.

Seeing that there are still soldiers who are missing, Guo Bing advanced with guns in the direction of the entrance of the building, shouting: “If you don’t want to die, get in the car! Let these people and things get out of the yard first!” Then, he ran to his own Predator at the speed of light.

“Crash!” Not far away, glass shattered. A few people with abilities jumped out the window, embarrassed and covered in blood. They didn’t follow suit originally and continued to move things secretly from other rooms. Unexpectedly, they managed to escape because of this.

After rushing out of the door of the building, He Zizhong felt that the mutant plants behind him accelerated again, blindly rushing towards him! Turning around suddenly, raising his right hand, the cyan mixed gold finally won a big victory, as he cut off a large piece of the mutant plant that rushed over!

The golden light seemed to break through the world. Mingled with cyan wind, it broke through the densely intertwined black rhizomes behind him – just like breaking through the world!

He Zizhong’s blow added a lot of time for everyone to escape. The Samsara team’s movements are extremely fast. Like the He Zizhong and Fang Hao couple, they have not seen any zombies or living people since they came here, and worried. This is the end of the world. Even if they don’t see zombies, it’s normal to see some gnawed corpses in the building, right? But seeing nothing gave them a creepy feeling.

When they ran into the car and were starting up the wheels, another loud crash erupted from the building! The plant that was hit hard by He Zizhong accidentally destroyed a load-bearing wall in the building from retracting it’s vines too abruptly, causing it to collapse.

Some more astute and cautious people ran quietly in the direction of their car after hearing the change from the beginning. At this time, they got in the car and retreated even more without hesitating. In the end times, nothing is worth more than their own life!

Bullets and ordinary first-level abilities have almost no effect on these terrifying vines! Black tentacles stretched out, wrapping around the soldiers blocking then, while the rest of them penetrated into their veins. People weren’t dead yet, but their blood and flesh were sucked away by the vines. Soon, their struggles ceased and they withered away like corpses…

Even the bones were crushed by vines and will eventually be absorbed. Whether zombie or human, once entangled, they will be completely eaten clean and not a single bit is left over…

Several slower moving cars were also tightly entangled by the vines that followed and dragged back unwillingly…

Scalp numb, Fang Hao put down his binoculars down and looked at He Zizhong with a serious face. “They… don’t seem to be chasing us.”

He Zizhong nodded with an ugly expression. “They really hid well. I didn’t even find them at first.” He thought he could ignore all kinds of danger after reaching level 3 and being able to detect with the wind. But now it seems that he really underestimated these things.

Although the pair didn’t run very fast just now, it was absolutely thrilling. Those black vines were overwhelming, and would completely engulf someone as long as they stopped. It was lucky they could run out. Fortunately, they were only in the hall on the first basement, near the stairs.

After them, apart from those who broke the glass and ran out, no shadow of the living were seen escaping…


Think tangela but on steroids…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I wish I could see the special powers color effects, I bet it looks really pretty! (I was gonna say in anime format, but that show might end up as a hentai lookalike, so no thank you!)

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      That would be interesting. Gold, cyan, and a mass of black vines. 👀

  2. Avatar Fisukisuki says:

    I really like the Samsara Team when warned by He Zizhong to run, they would run. Trust a good person and your life would be good~

    Took me around 2 days to finally reach this chapter from the start. This novel is sooooo goood!
    The author really did Great job at writing Lovable MC and ML and their Slice of Life Happy Life and their Journey.


    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Welcome! I’m glad you found this novel and are enjoying it. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. 🤗

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