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RLDRFH Chapter 111

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A while after He Zizhong and the advanced scouting group arrived at the basement level, the people behind also arrived one after another.

“There are no zombies in the room?” The commander whispered to the captain of the investigation team when he arrived.

The captain shook his head: “No, nothing.” There are no zombies, no mutant animals, or even traces of battle.

This is unreasonable.

The commander frowned, raised his hand, and gestured to the soldiers beside him. Soldiers armed with explosion-proof shields and thermal weapons immediately surrounded the gate.

The people in the military know very well that three groups of heavily armed people were sent out before. What’s surprising is there was no news from them at all.

Their purpose was to retrieve thermal weapons and equipment, but they all vanished. Those in the base don’t know that the situation is, but they all knew there must be danger here!

Magically, the password lock gate in the military base was still working. As the gate slowly opened creakingly, the dark warehouse was finally illuminated by the lights in their hands.

A soldier fumbled around the wall for a while, and with a “pop”, he turned on the light.

“It’s really an armament factory, there is still electricity now!” an ability person exclaimed, as others nodded in response.

Because it was originally an underground building, the lighting problem must be considered. Coupled with the importance of this place, the energy reserves and preventive measures here are naturally incomparable to other places. Even if half a year has passed, there is still electricity here.

Some teams are not clear about the situation, but the military understands that, in addition to the personnel who came later, the military personnel who were stationed here before are also missing. But now…

The weapons and ammunition to be taken away were stored in this warehouse are stacked around the warehouse. There was nothing in the whole warehouse except the dust that fell on the ground.

Seeing those boxes containing ammunition, everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Go to the second floor underground first. The machinery and equipment are there. Confirm that there is no problem on the second floor before getting the finished product.” The commander ordered and counted out a few soldiers to stay behind. “Count the number of things in this room.”

“Yes!” The named soldiers saluted and began to take orders.

Still spearheading the investigative force, walking slowly down the dark stairs, He Zizhong dispersed his abilities and explored all directions with the wind as much as possible, but found nothing…

If there are zombies, zombie animals, or mutant animals, as long as they move, he can perceive it through the wind. But now there is nothing… really nothing.

This is really weird.

The two cautiously followed in the middle of the team, and walked down the long stairs to the second basement level. The distance between the first and second floors was quite far – it was as high as the third or fourth floors of an ordinary building. However, considering the purpose of the base here, such a height is normal.

The second underground floor was somewhat similar to the first underground floor with some differences. The area of ​​the hall is relatively small, and there is a huge door facing the stairs, so people subconsciously ignored a small hidden door next to the stairs that almost blended into the wall.

After opening the door and turning on the lights, inside is a production room divided into several floors inside and outside.

Everyone entered a long, wide corridor. Materials are stacked in some rooms, with different production rooms blocked by the same wide door.

There were no zombies in the room either, and a fiery light appeared in the eyes of everyone who saw these machines. The last wave of zombies almost depleted the ammunition in the base. Once the equipment is retrieved, the base will be able to produce its own weapons and equipment, and the price of those weapons and ammunition should come down, right?

In accordance with the targets specified by the military, everyone began to prepare to move things. Don’t look at the number of people here this time. The military and various teams together total six to seven hundred people. But some people died on the road because of the zombie animal attack, and others needed to stay behind to guard the vehicles. The remaining three to four hundred people were not close to enough to move everything in this underground base.

The underground building is very large. Someone standing here alone would look puny if looking from the ceiling.

Following military instructions, everyone came to a room marked with a number plate and prepared to dismantle the equipment. One person wondered: “With so many rooms, how come we’re only taking these things?”

“Save the rest for the next time. Can’t you see that each of these equipments are very big? They can’t all fit the five trucks above.”

After confirming that it is safe and there are no zombies, everyone’s mood couldn’t help but relax. He Zizhong still followed the team in silence, closing his eyes from time to time and walking for a while. He was still wearing sunglasses on his face, and no one could tell his eyes were closed.

Only Fang Hao, who was following him, knew.

After they came to the second underground floor, confirmed the environment here, and discovered the almost invisible door, they kept an eye on it, and quietly released Tuanzi, letting it wait invisible by the door.

Sure enough, while the vast majority of people entered the room to dismantle the equipment, several military leaders led a team of elite teams to open a door and enter the hidden third floor.

Tuanzi floated behind the group of people. Unlike the warehouse on the first floor and the production room on the second floor, the lighting switch did not seem to be on the stairwell this time. Instead, they used emergency lights to explore the way. Thus, they didn’t see Tuanzi who’s invisibility had improved a lot.

There was a long, winding stairs, and it took a long time for the team to reach the third floor.

The defense of the third floor was much stricter than that of the first two floors. The group opened three times on the way down.

Some required special instructions, passwords, pupil information to confirm identity, fingerprints, and even some special “keys” before they can be opened.

After descending to the third floor underground, there is another a small hall. Opposite, there is a much smaller door than the second floor, and the overall structure was somewhat similar to the second floor with doors next to each other along the way.

The difference from the second floor is that the buildings here are all built with a special tempered glass, and the insides can be seen. He Zizhong saw piles of various colors in a certain room – explosives, grenades, landmines!!

There are a lot of weapons and ammunition in the warehouses on the third floor. Obviously, the weapons and materials placed on the first floor are those weapons and materials that will be delivered soon, but the ones on the third floor are not needed temporarily after production.

There are many high-end weapons in other rooms, but what He Zizhong cares more about is the stacked boxes of explosives in the first room. Although there were some on the first floor, it’s unknown how much they can get after returning to base.

But now…

Whether to take it or not is a question. If the military will not return, then He Zizhong will definitely take these things without any pressure. But… let’s just wait and see the situation.

Tuanzi followed the group to the final destination – a room with a silver door. After spending a long time opening it, He Zizhong could see from Tuanzi’s eyes—this is a room. There are many seemingly expensive equipment in the sophisticated research room.

Seeing that those people started to organize documents and disassemble some equipment, He Zizhong sent instructions to Tuanzi to hide somewhere on the ceiling outside this room and not to expose himself.

Withdrawing his energy, together with Fang Hao, he began disassembling the huge screws on the big guy in front of him. The machines were installed very tightly in order to prevent their movement from affecting production, so it took everyone a long time to fully take it apart.

Physique abilities showed their huge advantages at this time-they were good materials for coolies.

They carried the machine parts and walked out. When He Zizhong and the others returned to the outside lobby, the elevator had been debugged by the army technicians and could be opened and used!

He Zizhong and the others lined up behind the other team and waited for their machine parts to move up one floor before entering the stairs. Guo Bing and the others also moved their machine and followed behind He Zizhong and his team.

The two groups of people waiting for the elevator whispered a few words by the way. Soldiers with guns stood around the hall and were responsible for maintaining order and vigilance.

“Can all the weapons in the warehouse upstairs be shipped back?”

“It would be nice to get these machines back.”

“Although there is no place on the truck, we still have a lot of space in our cars. Open space!” Many people have made up their minds to make room for the car in advance, so it is best to move back more things.

“Who knows, it depends on other people’s arrangements.”

Many people rolled their eyes waiting to see if there was a chance to sneak up to the warehouse on the first floor. Although there was a warehouse on the second floor, most of it was unprocessed materials and almost no finished weapons. The other finished weapons are on the third floor underground, but judging at the troop behavior, they are not ready to transport those things together.

After a short while, the elevator came down again. He Zizhong and several people went up the elevator with their things. They only found out when they were on the ground-the troops had organized manpower to transport some of the weapons and ammunition in the basement floor when everyone was disassembling the machinery and equipment.

The wave of people who came up earlier stood by the building watching the excitement. Most of their eyes were fixed on the weapons and ammunition. After defending the base last time, the teams showed great strength but eventually got nothing. But this time, the base side can’t even think about sending away the teams that came on the mission so easily.

Everyone worked together to transport the equipment onto the truck, and the elevator at the back also brought Guo Bing and others up. Most of the people who finished moving had to sit on the ground for a while to regain their strength.

During this break, the two teams simply formed a team, until the soldiers in charge of the guard came to urge them, and then walked towards the building together.


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