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RLDRFH Chapter 110

Fang Hao let out a sigh of relief and laughed at He Zizhong. “Listening to his confidence, it must be okay.”

He Zizhong also smiled. Even if no one inspires an ability, the Samsara members should at least be fine. Though, given Guo Bing’s joyous voice, the first possibility is still very high.

As soon as the two got into the Predator, the pair was bear hugged by Guo Bing. He excitedly patted both of them on the back without saying a word.

Finally He Zizhong smiled and asked: “How is it? Are you okay?”

The large-capacity car was crowded again. All the members of the Samsara team were packed in. Unlike the pale-faced wounded patients from yesterday, today, everyone’s face is full of silly smiles like Guo Bing’s.

“Ah? It’s good thing!” Guo Bing said as he stretched out his hand. There was a ‘kela’ sound as a ball of electric purple light appeared in his palm.

Lightning, physique, and fire… Most Samsara members are similar in temperament, but they didn’t expect that they even shared a certain tendency toward abilities. None of them are auxiliary types, all of them are attacking abilities.

In comparison, Le Tian and Chen Ning, the two space abilities, are simply oddities among oddities

Seeing Liu Zhi, who was newly inspired an ice ability, He Zizhong smiled at him: “Practice your abilities more. It probably won’t be long before you can catch up to Allen.”

Guo Bing put an arm around Liu Zhi, who was also smiling. “Don’t worry, we will surpass them sooner or later. After Le Tian and Chen Ning upgrade, we are ready to go all out to upgrade everyone!”

Le Tian also smiled and nodded. “Don’t say one Allen, by then, it’ll be okay to hit ten of them!”

Breakfast was made by Samsara again. Because of his good mood, Guo Bing took out his precious treasure, an old vintage, he had cherished for a long time and was hidden in Chen Ning’s space.

It is said that this wine was originally collected by Guo Bing himself. After the apocalypse and discovering Chen Ning’s space, they went back to Guo Bing’s home and took out these treasured wines.

Complaining about drinking wine early in the morning? It can be seen that their brother is really dizzy. After being persuaded by He Zizhong and his wife for a long time, he decided to wait until they returned to the base and prepared some good dishes before opening the bottle of wine. Only then was it pressed down.

“Inspired… new abilities?!” The commander was a little excited, and quickly got up. “Go, go to truck no. 4 to see the situation!”

How can ordinary people gain abilities? This is what all survivors now want to know. While there is still a direction to try studying the evolution of abilities with crystal nuclei, there are no inroads to understanding how to let ordinary people gain abilities at all.

The collective fever before the end of the world caused most of the people to become zombies, and a small number of people gained abilities. But even if someone suspects being infected also has a possibility of allowing ordinary people to activate abilities, no one dared to try it for themselves.

There were some rumors in the base. Some people even secretly tried to inject the zombie virus into the body of ordinary people in an illegal experiment, but the subjects all unsurprisingly turned into new zombies.

In the last days, many people have been accidentally scratched or bitten by zombies thus far, but there were no known cases of gaining abilities because of it. Of course, maybe someone has successfully activated the ability this way, but once someone knows that they have been scratched or bitten by a zombie, who would dare cooperate with them even if they had ability? Which base dares let them in?

Most of these accidentally activated abilities were swallowed by the zombies around them shortly after being activated, abandoned by their companions, or even killed by their companions before they successfully inspired abilities.

Even if someone gains an ability because of this, they dare not tell others the experience of obtaining it.

And now, they seem to have found the right way to turn people into ability users.

“How many wounded are there in total this time?” The commander’s mood calmed down after seeing the soldiers who had triggered the abilities, and he confirmed with the adjutant in a low voice.

“There are thirty-three in our army.”

His eyes sank, and the commander sighed in a low voice: “Thirty-three…only two people in total got abilities…” This ratio is too low. The remaining people turned into zombies one after another like before.

There were originally five people with a low-grade fever last night, but three of them finally turned into zombies. Only these two people stimulated their abilities.

“Let the accompanying military doctor sort out this matter, report it back. Pay attention to their situation at all times and see if there are any differences from other abilities.”

Because of those with low-grade fevers, the departure time was slightly delayed. But soon, the various teams set off again to keep up with the command car and head towards their destination.

During the mission this time, almost all the members sent by each team were the main players, with most of these so-called main players referring to those with abilities. Therefore, after being attacked by zombies this time, only the military and the Samsara team had a large number of ordinary people injured and infected with the virus.

After this attack, even if ordinary people were infected by the zombie virus, even if they might trigger abilities, most of them were dealt with along the way either openly or secretly.

No one wants to use their own safety to bet on this possibility. What’s more, the blood of most of the wounded turned black, and should have turned into zombies.

The Samsara team did not rush to share news with the outside world. Naturally, the members of the military had to keep it secret too. Therefore, except these two groups that knew, the news did not leak out.

As for the extra abilities of the Samsara squad – fortunately, many ability holders originally chose to conceal their abilities when they didn’t know the base management’s attitude was unclear. Is there a problem with relying on thermal weapons to solve the problem and willing to pretend to be low-key?

The convoy drove for more than two full days before finally reaching the periphery of city P.

They didn’t enter the city, but detoured from a side road outside the city to the northwest.

The land is sparsely populated, and in these post-apocalyptic times, there are no crops. From a distance, it’s all lifeless dirt in the fine rain.

Fang Hao raised his binoculars and observed the situation in front of the convoy. “There are some buildings over there.” The buildings are not tall, and they don’t have the feeling of a “base” or “army factory”.

“It should be over there.” Those inconspicuous buildings may be the destination of this trip. Military bases, of course, should not be built too conspicuously. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be discovered by other countries long ago? How else can they ensure security and confidentiality?

Also because these bases were built very concealed with the assistance of the secret forces, ordinary survivors would never seek to find out the location of these hidden military bases, or obtain the weapons.

As they guessed, behind the inconspicuous wall was indeed the target of this operation.

The military factory is not built on the ground, but underground.

After the convoy arrived, apart from leaving some people outside to guard the vehicles, everyone else was brought into the base under unified military regulations.

Most of these people are people who haven’t suffered too much injury after encountering zombies last time, as well as those with some strength.

The commander’s eyes swept over people who had obviously not suffered any injuries, such as He Zizhong and his wife, and the Overlord boss and former star, Allen, who the base was paying more attention to.

“The following situation is still unclear. We need quick-acting ability users to join the first team to enter the base and work with our scouts to find out the situation. Wind and speed abilities -please take the initiative to come out the line.”

He Zizhong nodded slightly to Fang Hao beside him, and the two of them stepped forward and walked out.

Speed ​​abilities are still relatively common. Almost every team has one or two. This kind of abilities is fast enough and often lives the longest when encountering danger, so most of them survived the last attack by zombie animals.

On the contrary, the weird Samsara team didn’t even have a speed, or even wind ability. Fortunately, He Zizhong and Fang Hao have always been regarded by other teams and the military as subordinates of the Samsara team, so no one found it strange.

After counting up the speed and wind abilities, there were actually more than twenty of them. Together with the military’s scouts, the number seems to account for more than half.

Everyone entered from a building on the side of the courtyard. This seemingly unimportant building was actually the correct way to enter the base? The two glanced around to see debris piled up on the window side of the hall. Who would think of that this was actually the entrance to the military factory?

Inside, everything is quiet. From the courtyard just now to the building, there is no shadow of half a zombie. In this calmness, people can’t help but give birth to a feeling of worry. How can there be places that are not lost in the last days?

Confirming that there is no problem with security, the team leader of this operation stepped forward and opened a room at the end of the corridor on the basement floor with a magnetic card and a code lock. This is the real “door”.

“Confirm the safety in the passage.”

“The stairwell is confirmed to be safe. No zombies or mutated animals have been found.”

“The hall on the basement floor is confirmed to be safe. No zombies, mutated animals, or signs of human survival have been found. You can enter.”

He Zizhong and his wife first followed the team into the hall on the basement floor. It was relatively empty and had a high ceiling. It was about four or five meters long. The stairway they came in was about west, and there was an elevator room with a large door to the north. There is also a dark stairway leading to the lower level, and on the east side of the hall is a door almost as large as a whole wall.


Any guesses what happens next? Heheh.


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