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TMSLCWP Chapter 6

His little chicken was surrounded by four men!!

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 6: His little chicken was surrounded by four men!!

Qiao Xi shrank down in the corner, trying to lessen his existence as much as possible. However, it was impossible for him to not attract the others’ attention. After all, there were only ten students in this classroom. Thus, the presence of a newcomer would immediately captivate the eyes’ of those ferocious beasts.

The tiger, the lion, and the leopard jumped on the desks, while the black bear staggered, with the python circling the black bear princess’s shoulders.

Thus, there was suddenly a massive shadow, enveloping Qiao Xi.

He was surrounded; the ferocious beasts were staring straight at him.

Qiao Xi: “…” He instantly felt it difficult to breathe, and he was at a loss for a moment. His feathers also silently bristled up.

One of the leopards greeted the little leopard: “Is this the bird prince that Jing Yan talked about? So small!”

Ke Lisi was lying on the desk and said lazily: “He is the same age as you.”

The leopard was actually his twin brother. They were both the same age, however, his brother had already experienced the ‘transmutation’ period. Hence, his animal form was as tall and mighty as Jing Yan’s.

The leopard looked at Qian Xi in surprise.

“He’s really small!”

“The bird race has grown into this sort of appearance? Isn’t this a little chicken?”

“I remember that all the members of the bird race have red feathers, why is only a part on his back red?”

The ferocious beasts began to discuss with each other. The python even beckoned everyone to gather together and look down at Qiao Xi’s back. At this moment, Qiao Xi’s back muscles started to tense up.

His hair almost exploded!

It was only at this time that Jing Yi hurriedly waved his paw, driving them away: “Disperse, disperse, why are you all scaring him?”

“Oh…” The ferocious beasts retreated obediently, leaving some space for Qiao Xi to take a breath.

“H-hello, my name is Qiao Xi…” With a polite attitude, he made a simple self-introduction.

These beastmen were not at all familiar with the bird race.

Qiao Xi was surprised to discover that the Three Meow Alliance was actually one of the king beast races. Although the python and the black bear race were not one of the king beast races, they were still relatively powerful among the other beast races.

So, it turned out that…the princes and princesses in the online class that Jing Yan had arranged were actually from the powerful races. While he was from the bird race, which was weak among the weak.

As for this group of ferocious beasts, they had just received a message from Jing Yan that he would send a little cutie from the bird race to class. They were all shocked when they learned about this; it was obvious that Jing Yan had never paid any attention to the bird race.

Nowadays everyone knows the situation in the bird race. They were clear about it in their heart yet none of them dared to say anything. After all, they weren’t close to the bird race royal family. However, the friend that Jing Yan approved of shouldn’t be bad. Therefore, they came to class filled with curiosity.

…Nevertheless, they had never expected it to be such a cute little chicken, no, a little bird!

The little bird was chubby and fluffy, which looked really comfortable when touching! Compared to those stereotypical red flamingos, this little bird was much more pleasing to the eye.

Princess Black Bear couldn’t restrain herself at all toward these types of cute and lovable things. Earlier, she was blown by Qiao Xi’s small and chubby appearance. Thus, she stretched out her bear’s paw to touch Qiao Xi’s head with a soft smile: “Qiao Xiaoxi, right? I heard that you are living with Jing Yan now? How about following this sister? And she will protect you in the future.”

Qiao Xi lowered his eyes and wagged his tail when he heard this.

“Hm?” Princess Black Bear glanced at Qiao Xi’s red tail.

Qiao Xi lifted his head and whispered: “Jing Yan also said that to me.”

When he spoke, his tail shook even more happily.

Princess Black Bear: “!!” She felt like there was an arrow piercing through her heart.

She hugged Qiao Xi, rubbing her face against him, and said cheerfully: “How about you come to the bear race? Eh? Aren’t you already eighteen this year? At this age you already can get married, this sister doesn’t mind the love between the older and the younger!”

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

The others: “…”

The little leopard, Ke Lisi, politely reminded her: “It’s best not to let Jing Yan hear this.”

Princess Black Bear bared her teeth: “Why?!”

Jing Yi flipped through his textbook: “My brother will go insane.”

Princess Black Bear: “Huh?!”

The others: “Oh…”

This meaningful ‘oh’ made Qiao Xi, who was blushing and unable to speak, look at them in doubt, and didn’t understand what they were talking about.

After getting along with everyone, Qiao Xi took advantage of the first lecture to go to the toilet.

At the same time, the little leopard, Ke Lisi’s twin brother, Ai De, said to the Princess Black Bear: “By the way, I heard that the bird race wants their second prince to marry you?”

All of them were unfamiliar with the bird race. In other words, their parents were too lazy to have contact with the bird race. However, the bird race obviously didn’t put all eggs in one basket.1T/N: It means one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.—what was the use of just currying favor from the wolf race? There was no way that the bird race could marry their sons and daughters into the wolf race since the relationship between the two races wasn’t really strong. However, the bird princesses and princes were still unmarried, thus it would be better to let them marry into other powerful beast races instead.

The bird race’s first target was the bear race.

Princess Black Bear said casually: “It was just them daydreaming; I’ve already met that second prince. He looked like a coward and his smile was too greasy!”

She paused for a moment before she wondered: “I thought the members of the bird royal family were all like that. However, I didn’t expect that there would be such a cute, little Qiao Xi. But, why haven’t I heard of him before? How many bird princes and princesses are in the bird race?”

“I’ve never seen Qiao Xi before either. Seems like the Bird Queen has never brought him out.” The leopard, Ai De, said thoughtfully.

Jing Yi mentioned: “Qiao Xi said he was the fifth prince, the youngest one.”

‘The youngest’. However, he had never been brought out by his parents into society and no one knew about his existence nor his name.

Because of his beast form. At present he was staying with Jing Yan—

Although the group of people on the scene appeared to be weird, they knew what they were doing in their minds. Just then, when they received the message from Jing Yan, they had long guessed something in their hearts. Without Jing Yan saying anything, they could somehow guess a certain thing.

“The birds are very interesting.” The python commented: “Their princess has recently also been in touch with us.”

This appeared to be a little shameful, and of course, the group wouldn’t say such a thing in front of Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi and his royal members shouldn’t be the same kind of people.

When Qiao Xi came online again, everyone stopped talking about this matter.

Qiao Xi didn’t hold much hope for this online class. After all, this was the online class for princes and princesses, which were typically different from what the ordinary people learned outside. Qiao Xi thought that just giving him a classroom environment, and letting him review what he had learned before, was enough.

Unexpectedly, the teacher from the butterfly race exceeded his expectations!

What the teacher taught was exactly the same as what Qiao Xi had reviewed. No wonder, the teacher that Jing Yan chose was unquestionably first-class. At this point, the lesson that Qiao Xi had been confused about before was finally explained, which made him understand everything.

Qiao Xi suddenly became more enthusiastic. His attitude made princes and princesses, who had never paid attention to class, surprised and curious. At the same time, they also felt embarrassed and guilty, thus all of them silently put away their games and phones. They then proceeded to become serious, or at least looking like they were paying attention in class.

When the butterfly teacher turned around and was met with those serious pairs of eyes, he pushed up his glasses and became silent for half a minute before turning back to calmly continue writing on the blackboard.

Everyone: Teacher, during your half a minute of silence. Did you say something in your heart? Even if you don’t say it out loud, we still know it!

It was almost evening when the classes ended. And it was also nearly time for dinner.

There were five log cabins in the forest. At this moment, Qiao Xi, Jing Yi, and the little leopard were in one of the cabins that were used for rest and pastime.

The little leopard took off the holographic earphones. When smelling the fragrance of the food, he sighed: “I haven’t eaten chicken for several days, I really want to eat it!”

Jing Yi heard this and his face changed. He hurriedly kicked the little leopard.

The other, who had been kicked, also realized something, hence he coughed in a guilty conscience.

Even if at that time Qiao Xi had said that he wanted to eat the chicken when dealing with one of the members of the bird race, everyone had assumed that he was just saying those types of things to scare the other party. 

Nevertheless, Jing Yan still notified them secretly that starting from that day onward, hunting or eating chicken was prohibited in the forest. Thus the little leopard had immediately fallen into a desperate situation.

His favorite meat in this life wasn’t pork, mutton, a mouse or a fish, but chicken!

Qiao Xi didn’t expect to hear this, he was bewildered: “Why don’t you eat it? I want to eat, too!”

Jing Yi and Ke Lisi: “…”

Jing Yi asked in surprise: “You really want to eat it?!”

Qiao Xi felt strange upon seeing the little black wolf behavior: “Of course.”

Jing Yi whispered: “Aren’t you afraid?!”

He, himself, didn’t even dare to eat dog meat. Just thinking of this, Jing Yi was already horrified, he even imagined that it was himself who was being cooked.

Qiao Xi’s face was relaxed: “I’m not, let’s eat it. I’ve never eaten it in the bird race and I also wanted to try it for a long time.”

The little leopard immediately jumped with excitement. He wasn’t aware of the current situation at all: “Then, let’s eat chicken!”

If they wanted to eat chicken, they could eat it at any time. It just happened that Jing Yan and Jiao Yue stayed in the palace and they won’t return for dinner. So, one chicken was probably enough for everyone, however, they were still worried about Qiao Xi.

When Ke Lisi volunteered to kill the chicken and pull out its feathers, the white rabbit, A Xue, gently said to Qiao Xi: “Don’t force yourself if you feel uncomfortable. Just tell us, it’s fine.”

Qiao Xi nodded and answered obediently: “I know.” Then he stretched out his wing to rub A Xue’s white head.

After he finished rubbing, A Xue also raised his paw to rub Qiao Xi’s head.

The little wolf, Jing Yi, passed by and happened to see this scene. He also raised his paw to rub A Xue’s head.

The butterfly, Hei Yu, watched them rubbing each other’s head silently on one side.

By the time they finished rubbing each other’s heads, the little leopard had already rushed over, holding in his mouth a branch with raw chicken on it before roasting it in the fire.

Roasted chicken wasn’t hard to cook. They just need to wait for the chicken to be heated, then sprinkle some seasoning such as salt, pepper, cumin and spicy powder. At that time, the aroma of the roasted chicken would leak out.

Ke Lisi’s eyes stared straight at the roasting chicken and he gulped.

The little wolf, Jing Yi, rolled out his tongue, laughing ‘Hahaha’ like a dog, saliva almost flowing from his mouth.

When the chicken was cooked, everyone would get a portion and one part of the chicken was given to Qiao Xi, who was about to open the door to a new world.

When Qiao Xi took the first bite, everyone was staring at him without blinking.

Qiao Xi chewed twice. After swallowing it—

He squinted happily before he said with an excited tone: “Good, this is delicious!”

The fragrance was so good! The flesh was tender! And it was flavorful!

“Yeah, you’re right. The chicken is the best!” The little leopard, Ke Lisi, finally felt relieved. He also began to eat his chicken leg!

The white rabbit said softly: “Then Qiao Xi, you should eat more.”

The little black wolf ate so much that his muzzle became coated in fat.

On the other hand, the butterfly, Hei Yu, was drinking the nectar with his proboscis.

It was a pity that Qiao Xi had a small appetite. Even when everyone kept on giving him more, he was still full after eating half of it. Qiao Xi collapsed onto the grass, using his wing to rub his chubby belly.

“Qiao Xi, your appetite is too small!” Ke Lisi was still eating the chicken.

Jing Yi was already wiping his mouth and he said naturally: “Eating less like this, your body will be weak. And it will be unstable during your transformation.”

Qiao Xi hiccuped and said: “But many of the beastmen will have a lot of instability during their transformation…”

“No.” Jing Yi said: “None of us!”

Qiao Xi was stunned, then he asked stupidly: “…huh?”

Ke Lisi swallowed the chicken and said: “None of us became unstable during our transformation. We all could transform safely at the age of sixteen.”

“…” Qiao Xi looked at white rabbit, A Xue, to confirm if it was really like what the little leopard had said.

A Xue nodded: “That is true.”

Qiao Xi: “???”

He’d heard that 95% of beastmen would become unstable during their transformation period. Was it possible that the remaining 5% were all here?

“By the way, we already saw your human form. Yet, you have never seen our human forms.” The little leopard was also full. He threw away the chicken’s leg and stood up excitedly: “How about we show you now?”

With that said, the little leopard began to transform. Jing Yi, A Xue and Hei Yu also looked at each other; in order to make it fair, they also stood up and began to transform.

Qiao Xi was stunned when he saw his little friends changing their appearances. They were elongated, with slender limbs, faces and hair. When Qiao Xi regained his senses, four handsome guys had already appeared naked in front of him, all with different faces.

The first guy, handsome and with blonde hair, looking like the sunny type, pointed to himself with a smile: “I’m Ke Lisi!”

The second good-looking guy, with black hair, pointed to himself and said happily: “I’m Jing Yi!”

The third, silver-haired man with a beautiful yet bewitching face, said softly: “I’m A Xue.”

The fourth handsome man had a resolute and upright character. He raised his brows, a deep and magnetic voice flowing out of his mouth: “I’m Hei Yu.”

All of the four handsome men possessed muscles and their whole bodies were shining so brightly, it could blind people’s eyes.

Qiao Xi was stuck in place: “…”

He tried to exert some strength by wanting to say something…but it was a pity that he suddenly became a motionless chicken.

In the end, Qiao Xi could only raise his head and watch the four handsome men silently.

Right at this moment, Jing Yan and Jiao Yue, who had been in the palace all day, returned.

In the flying car, both of them were in human form. Jing Yan rubbed his stomach: “I don’t know if there is any leftovers. I’m a bit hungry…”

While speaking, he walked to the window.

Then he saw four humans surrounding the little chicken???

Jing Yan’s eyes were about to pop out of their eye sockets. He opened the window and roared: “What are you guys doing?!”

The author has something to say:

Qiao Xi during the day: surrounded by the beasts and was at a loss.

Qiao Xi at night: surrounded by handsome men and was also at a loss.

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    T/N: It means one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.
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  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Fun fact: Chickens will totally eat other chickens. They will peck flock mates they don’t like to death and then strip them to the bones in a couple of days if you don’t keep an eye on them. As well as any bugs, mice, lizards, snakes, even small rabbits if they can catch them.
    A chicken lady I know even feeds eggs to hatched chicks as an important early protein source.
    Never forget, the chicken is the closest living animal to a T-Rex. Because they certainly haven’t forgotten.

  2. Avatar Nell says:

    Chickens will absolutely eat each other, there animals.

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